Women’s Clothing Dropshippers for Trendy Products

It is a difficult niche, so it is important to source quality products from reliable suppliers for women’s clothing. Check out the best dropshippers of women’s clothing for your store.

10 Women’s Clothing Dropshippers for Trendy Products

Dropshipping women’s clothing is a lucrative business idea. It’s expected to reach $712.9 trillion in 2022.

It’s clear that this niche is highly competitive with many trends changing quickly. Therefore, it is crucial to find dropshippers who know what they can offer women’s fashion.

We’ve put together a list of ten dropshippers for women’s clothing to help you choose the best.

Let’s get started.


Spocket has thousands of dropshipping suppliers around the globe.

There is something for everyone, even trendy women’s clothes. Spocket ensures dropshippers have access to the most fashionable and trendy clothes on the market, including oversized shirts and formal black dresses.

Your online boutique details and logo can be used to brand the items.

The online platform can be integrated with multiple ecommerce sites for ease of access, including Shopify, Wix and Alibaba.

Spocket currently offers multiple packages, depending on how often you pay. Monthly payments start at $24/month, and yearly fees start at $29/month.

The majority of packages include the following:

  • Access to exclusive and premium products
  • Invoices with branding
  • Chat Support

Browse the platform’s catalogue to get started free of charge.


TPOP, a South French dropshipper that sells organic clothing is one of the few. All of the work is done in house: storage, printing, shipping and application development.

Dropshipper based in Europe sells 100 eco-friendly, France-based products that you can customize. They also offer fast shipping, which is a plus, since they don’t use any plastic packaging.

TPOP can be integrated into Shopify and WooCommerce as well as Etsy.

Your designs are all that is required to start the company. The following perks are included in their current packages:

  • Packaging slip and package label with logo
  • Social networks
  • Translation slips
  • Package inserts (e.g. flyers, thank you cards, etc.

Even more amazing is the fact that this dropshipping supplier offers a free start.


Modlily is a fashion boutique that sells fashionable clothing. This site is the best place to find women’s fashion such as swimwear and jewelry.

You can also find discounts throughout the year on the website and free shipping with a minimum purchase.

Modlily’s dropshipping program is open to anyone who buys regularly from the site. You will have access to more services if you become a member of the website.

Modlily also offers a points system which allows you to get discounts in different categories depending on how many points you have. The products you buy will be cheaper the more points that you have.

Dropshipping services for the store are available free of charge. They only require regular purchases, or a membership.

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This is how to join Modlily’s Dropshipping Program.

  • Submit a request to Modlily to inquire about becoming a dropshipper.
  • Once you have been approved, your customers can order from you. Just enter their names and addresses.
  • Wait for shipment and delivery


AliExpress was launched in 2010 by Alibaba and is a leading marketplace in the global market. Dropshippers and customers can buy directly from distributors and manufacturers in China.

You can find everything on this platform, including women’s clothing. You can also use their AliExpress Dropshipping Center for product research.

You don’t need to pay any upfront fees to test products in your store.

Dropshipping is possible on AliExpress . Register now to get started and browse thousands of women’s clothes products.

Choose the products you wish to dropship, and then choose your suppliers. These products can then be quickly added to your store and you can begin selling.

My Online Fashion Store

My Online Fashion Store, a sister company to CCWholesaleclothing is a leading dropshipper of women’s clothing.

This platform is located in the USA and offers similar products to those found on sites like Romwe and Zaful. You can buy quality wholesale women’s clothes at affordable prices, which will allow you to make significant profits.

Depending on the platform you choose, there are many dropshipping options available.

This is a step-by–step guide for Shopify users.

  • Get the app first and get your 14-day trial for free.
  • Log in to your Shopify account.
  • Go to the apps section, and then open My Online Fashion Store.
  • Add products to your shop.

You can also buy a dropshipping site if you don’t own a store. This website is ready for launch and already offers items that can be sold as soon as they are marketed.


Dropshipping is a lucrative business and it’s not surprising that fashion brands want a share of the profits.

BrandsGateway, a high-end platform for clothing, sells top brands like Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo and Dolce & Gabbana.

BrandsGateway offers discounts on products and sells them at affordable prices.

They are also trusted suppliers by TrustPilotSiteJabber, which ensures that their products will be authentic.

You must subscribe to their program to become a dropshipper on this platform. It costs $357 per month.

Although the subscription fee for this platform is quite high, it includes these privileges:

  • Worldwide delivery within 5 days for orders over 90,000.
  • Shopify and WooComerce automate integration
  • Worldwide currency converter and dedicated account manager
  • Access to over 70 luxury brands

Daring Diva

Daring Diva was founded by Remona Ayuob in 2015 to provide quality clothing for plus-size women. You can also find

The platform, which is based in Sydney, caters to sizes 14-28 and sources clothing, shoes and jewelry from the United States as well as handbags and accessories from the United Kingdom.

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Dropshipping is done through this platform in the following steps:

  • Customers order first from your store.
  • Orders can be placed on the Daring Diva site.
  • Daring Diva will arrange the order and provide you with a tracking number once it is shipped.
  • Customers receive their orders at their doorstep.

Daring Diva is one of few niche platforms that pays dropshippers a 15% commission. Products are also available for same-day shipping on weekdays.


SaleHoo was founded by Simon Slade, Mark Ling and provides wholesale and dropship suppliers to customers at an affordable annual fee.

Since then, the platform has gained trust from thousands of customers due to their guarantee that they only deal with legitimate suppliers and offer high-quality products.

There are currently more than 8,000 suppliers that have been verified by SaleHoo after they were put through rigorous screening. SaleHoo offers support and guidance for sellers 24/7.

SaleHoo recently launched a dropshipping program that allows you to easily add AliExpress products to your Shopify store within minutes.

Annual subscription fees start at $270

This is already included in the fee:

  • Account
  • Automated dropshipping store
  • Permission to import AliExpress high-profit products
  • Email support by a personal email


Printful is a popular fulfillment and print-on demand company. In just one year, they have served thousands of customers.

This US-based company has shipped more than 10 million products. The numbers will continue to rise.

This platform is perfect for you if you are looking to start your own brand or create women’s clothing. You can design anything you like, from t-shirts and tank tops.

The following features are available on the platform at the moment:

  • For designing custom clothing, use the mock-up generator
  • Fast shipping from 6+ international warehouses
  • Integration into Amazon Etsy, eBay, and Wish is easy
  • Products that are eco-friendly and sustainably produced
  • Multiple printing options

These features are available for free. To get started, all you have to do is register on their website.


Dropshipping company Buy2Bee is located in the United States. The main offices of this wholesale website are located in Milan, Italy, and Los Angeles, California.

It is one of the largest ecommerce marketplaces, offering dropshippers access to inventory, quantities and HD photos.

Dropshipping clothes and accessories for children and men is possible, in addition to women’s clothing. Dropshippers are available worldwide by the company, with shipping costs that vary depending on destination and weight.

Dropshipping for Shopify with Buy2Bee is $249 per month. Here you can enjoy the following:

  • Shopify allows you to import products
  • Synchronizing quantities
  • Set your markup
  • Managing your listings
  • Within 21 days of delivery, you can get a refund
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This platform is unique because you must request your invoice to be updated at the end each month.

Frequently Asked Questions about Women’s Clothing Dropshippers

How do I start dropshipping women’s clothes?

Fashion, particularly for women, is a highly competitive niche. It requires extensive research and sometimes trial-and-error.

Here are three steps to help you get started with dropshipping.

Trusted Dropshipping supplier

It is essential to find reliable dropshipping suppliers or suppliers before you start your dropshipping business. Your partner is crucial to the quality of your products as well as your customer experience.

Choose one or more dropshippers for women’s clothing from the list above. They will offer you the products that you are looking for.

NicheDropshipping can also be your dropshipping agency that will help you source women’s clothing in the market at reasonable prices.

Create Your Store

After you have found great products, you can start building your store. First, make sure you choose an ecommerce platform you are comfortable using over the long-term.

Shopify is a top platform for dropshippers. Shopify already offers many tools to assist you in getting started. You can find everything you need, from domain name suggestions to themes for websites, right here.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Once you have a store and products in stock, all that is required to attract customers is a great marketing plan.

It doesn’t just have to be about the quality and ease of your products. You must reach your customers before selling.

Are there multiple dropshipping suppliers?

You can have multiple dropshipping vendors. There are two options.

Multiple Suppliers, One Platform

Dropshippers often have multiple suppliers on the same platform like AliExpress and Spocket.

Dropshipping is a great option for beginners. This option is also ideal for people who don’t have the budget to pay for multiple platforms.

Multiple Suppliers, Multiple Platforms

You can also source dropshippers from multiple platforms. Each platform comes with its own set of fees that can be costly, so budgeting is important.

It is possible to combine different items or clothes from different sources into one online shop.

To create a cohesive brand for your store, your products must complement each other.

Are there any reliable dropshipping suppliers for women’s clothing?

This list shows all of the trusted dropshippers for women’s clothing around the globe. They are reliable and offer high-quality products.

Select a supplier that you are comfortable with and then browse their catalog to find the products and suppliers you would like to work with.

The Key Takeaways

Fashion, particularly for women, will always remain a competitive market. The right supplier and the right products can give you an edge every time.