Wholesale Ted Course Review

Sarah Chrisp Wholesale Ted Dropship Club Review

Wholesale Ted’s newest school, which goes by the name The Dropship Club, asserts that it is an authorised Shopify education provider and offers accredited classes. I’m not entirely sure what that statement means, but I do know that the training course costs $67 per month and includes forty instructional videos.

The course promises to provide a complete premium video training series on the process of building a dropshipping store from the ground up.

This course was recently selected by Oberlo as one of the best, despite the fact that it was only just introduced recently.

An Examination of the Dropship Club

The Dropship Club is the name of this product.

Wholesale Ted is the creator.

Guru: Sarah Chrisp

The Dropshipping Quick Start Guide is the type of product being offered.

Designed For: Beginners

The verdict is that the content is good, but it is lacking in a variety of areas.

The Dropship Club is an online training course that claims to be the most effective one available for getting started in the dropshipping business. It claims to be the best training school available for beginning a dropshipping business, and it has the support of people who are already successful in the industry.

The fact that it only contains 40 videos, however, means that it only scratches the surface of more complex traffic and scaling approaches, which are essential for online success.

Beginning a drop-shipping company does not present many challenges. Unfortunately, however, it is not that much more difficult to get people to come inside of a store.

It can be difficult to convert and convert visits into purchases, and a course that costs $67 will not teach you anything about conversion optimization or scaling strategies.

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What are some of The Dropship Club’s main features?

Over the course of this training, which is primarily presented in an over-the-shoulder format, you will receive more than ten hours of premium instruction from Sarah. For those who aren’t familiar with Sarah, she is the face of the company Wholesale Ted, and she has a sizable channel on Youtube in addition to a number of other social media platforms.

Wholesale Ted is recommended on all of the most popular shopping websites, including Oberlo and Shopify, as far as I can tell. On the other hand, it is not clear whether this is the case because the course is in fact the best available or because they have a partnership with the other company or profit-sharing arrangements for new signups.

The dropship club membership and complete print-on-demand training both include product research to help find new products to sell. The training also covers search engine optimization on Google and looks at two hidden traffic sources.

The Dropship Club as a Method of Advertising

On the sales page, Sarah, in an effort to persuade you to enrol in the course, portrays her life as one of luxury travel, just like the majority of courses that are offered these days. Permit me to be clear: you are mistaken if you believe that you can purchase a course for $67 and immediately begin getting the same results as she does. It requires a significant amount of commitment and strenuous effort, in addition to initial funds and several months of hard work.

Do not let yourself be deceived by the pictures depicting trips and seats in business class.

If the content is as good as it should be, gurus shouldn’t feel the need to include statements like these.

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The Dropship Club’s Strident Statements

The people who created the sales website for this course make some bold claims, including the assertion that their course is more comprehensive than other courses that cost $500. There is also the absurd claim that the majority of courses that cost $497, $997, or $1997 have hardly more than two hours’ worth of video content.

It is not clear how they came to this conclusion because there is no evidence to suggest that they have participated in any other types of training courses. After researching different classes for the past three years, I have not come across a single one that is shorter than two hours in duration.

Sarah has been marketing many of those $997 courses to her subscribers via email and on her YouTube channel; however, she is now introducing her course as a model that requires a monthly subscription payment.

It seems to me like a massive marketing strategy on their part. On the other hand, judging by the contents of the course, it appears to be a condensed version of several other courses that contain over 250 videos while she only has 40.

What Do You Get When You Join The Dropship Club?

The course currently contains over forty videos that are spread out across six different modules.

The purpose of this course is to provide instruction on a 6-step process that anyone can follow to establish a profitable drop shipping eCommerce business.

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Selecting a Specialty Area

Choosing Which Products to Market and Sell

Establishment of a Store


The Production of Traffic

Managing Your Store.

Module 1: Selecting an Appropriate Market

Sarah asserts that she has a three-step process that she follows in order to select a specialty for her shop. It is important to note that she begins with the intention of establishing the store as a recognisable brand. The majority of alternative dropshipping courses begin with the establishment of a general store. This gives you the ability to test products that may or may not have a future in the commercial market.

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There is a video that walks you through getting started and researching twenty different ideas before narrowing it down to the top five. In the third phase, you will learn how to select a profitable niche by making use of various data insights. However, the term “winning” is not the appropriate one to use in this context. The factor that determines success is not the market niche but rather the product itself.

Is the fact that McDonald’s operates within the fast food industry sufficient evidence that it is a profitable niche? Not at all, in fact. If I opened a fast food restaurant, there is a chance that I will fail. Consequently, it is not a lucrative niche.

You can find a video that will assist you in selecting a name for your shop here.

Module 2: Deciding Which Products to Market and Sell

The training focuses on the lucrative print-on-demand market as well as the sale of physical products through the Aliexpress marketplace.

The first video presents a discussion on how to locate highly viral products in your industry that you can sell.

If you chose a general store as your specialty during the research portion of this module, it will be much simpler for you to complete because you will be able to sell almost anything you find. If that doesn’t work, you always have the option of switching to a different product.

You could look into using tools such as these 17 different platforms to find products that are successful. You will then learn how to locate and steal winning print-on-demand designs, as well as how to hire artists to create them for you using platforms such as Fiverr. You will also learn how to find and steal designs from other print-on-demand platforms.

You will subsequently learn how to make your own designs for print-on-demand as well as designs that are already prepared to be sold off the shelf. In addition, there are videos that explain how to price these things, as well as additional material that reveals million-dollar campaign secrets.

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The instruction is succinct and straightforward. On the other hand, it does not devote a great deal of attention to the investigation of physical products, concentrating instead on print on demand. Underneath each video, if necessary, additional instructions in the form of step-by-step guides are presented.

Creation of the Store: Module 3

Setting up a Shopify store and installing a free theme is something that is recommended by the Dropship Club, much like it is by other courses. However, due to the fact that the majority of the free themes are quite poor, I would suggest going with a paid theme such as Shoptimized or eCom Turbo in order to achieve more excellent conversion optimization rates.

There are videos that will walk you through how to use Oberlo, how to install it, and how to customise the platform. There are also videos that demonstrate how to add products to your store by utilising the extensions that they offer for Chrome.

You will then learn how to create products with Printify and upload them to your Shopify store after the course shifts into print-on-demand mode (although I believe a separate module would serve the purpose of the course more effectively).

Printful is currently the most popular POD platform; if you don’t want to use Printify, you can use Printful instead.

Once more, video tutorials on how to install and configure this platform are provided in this package.

The fundamentals of constructing collections and pages, such as about, contact, payments, legal, and shipping information, are discussed in the second part of the session. You will also learn how to edit confirmation emails, create logos, customise themes and homepages, add favicons, and use live chat and checkout pages, among other things.

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Last but not least, you’ll find out how to buy and connect a domain name, as well as how to pay for a premium Shopify account to get rid of the shop password and make your store public!

Despite Sarah’s assertion that the course material was more advanced than the free videos available on YouTube, the entirety of this module is indistinguishable from any of the free videos on YouTube that I have ever watched.

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Module 4: Upselling

This upselling module is one of the shortest ones that I’ve seen in a dropshipping course. You’ll be presented with psychological strategies that have been scientifically proven to drive customers to buy more, which will boost your average customer order value.

This involves using the premium apps that Sarah recommends for an increased price in order to add a product countdown timer and sales notifications, as well as adding badges of trust and discounted prices.

There is also the recommendation that one make use of the Smar7 upsell app, the spin the wheel app that is already on practically everyone else’s store, and an after-sales discount in order to encourage repeat business.

If you buy a premium theme, such as one of these seven conversion-focused themes, you will get all of these apps for free, which will eliminate the need to pay a monthly charge that could be upwards of $100 per month if purchased all at once. If you buy a premium theme, such as one of these seven conversion-focused themes, you will receive all of these apps for free.

There are a lot of other things you could do to increase your average order value here, such as offering upsells and cross-sells with just one click, as well as warranties and insurance add-ons.

Also Read: 7 of the Best eCommerce Email Marketing Software Services Module 5: Creating Traffic This module includes Google SEO in addition to two different Facebook marketing strategies. Even though they are covered in the majority of other courses, topics such as Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Bing Ads, Google Ads, and Google Shopping are not discussed in this one.

You will be provided with a video that walks you through the steps of getting started with Facebook Ads. This includes creating a fan page, setting up a business account, and installing the pixel on your website. Each video contains a tutorial that explains how to carry out each step, allowing you to follow along with the movie without having to pause it.

You will be instructed on how to create lifestyle photographs and films to use in your print-on-demand advertisements. In addition, there is a video lesson that walks you through the process of creating a showcase video advertisement using an app on your smartphone.

After that, you will get the knowledge necessary to create video advertisements. After that, you will learn how to construct a low-budget Facebook Ad campaign in addition to a three-creative campaign that you may run on Facebook. Last but not least, this link will take you to an in-depth video that will show you how to scale your Facebook ad.

Module 5: Creating Traffic

But wait a minute! Where can you find information regarding PPE, audience targeting, LLA scaling, retargeting, scalability, and conversion tracking, all of which are essential to your business?
The website thedropshipclub.com is not the place to go if you are hoping to receive advanced Facebook training that will assist you in achieving success in your endeavours.

Google’s own optimization for search engines
The effectiveness of SEO can then be learned through a series of eight videos that discuss the process of optimising your pages, category pages, the home page, about us, and blog posts. You have finally learned how to enhance the amount of traffic coming from Google by using Meta tags in your blog postings.

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SEO requires patience, and you’ll need some backlinks in order to be successful. Strangely, Sarah advises linking through Instagram as a means of communication. There is also an instructional guide on how to focus on keywords with a low level of competition. It is quite improbable that you will make use of a paid tool; yet, there is an argument to be made in favour of utilising a free one.

It’s elementary, but it’s a great place to begin for someone who’s just getting started.

Module 6: Manage Your Store

You will learn how to manage and fulfil customer orders by utilising the e-commerce platforms Oberlo, Pillow Profits, Printify, and Printful. The use of virtual assistants or involvement in providing customer service is not discussed. In addition, there is no mention made of expanding your company, buying and selling firms, or expanding your workforce.

What Else Should Be Included in the Dropship Club?
It is difficult to critique a course that only costs $67, but there is a significant amount of content missing, and this course very easily could have been anywhere from 100 to 200 videos long and cost far more. Instead, they are designed for beginners who are interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of the topic at hand. Nevertheless, in my opinion, there are a few essential components that are lacking from this programme for it to be considered a complete success.

To begin, there is a significant lack of content in the videos that are used for product research.

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On the other hand, there are a multitude of tools and other resources accessible today for conducting comprehensive product research, all of which can help you locate winning goods in a more expedient manner.

On the other hand, the size of the Facebook Ads module is not particularly large. After looking at a lot of different courses, I’ve found that the vast majority of them offer at least 50 videos on Facebook Ads. The fact that the course does not cover any further forms of social media marketing traffic sources is the single most disappointing aspect of it. Scaling strategies, determining when to discontinue campaigns, determining when to develop lookalike audiences, and determining when to optimise data are not included.
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There is no discussion of Instagram influencers, despite the fact that this is a prominent topic in 2019, but the topic is covered in the majority of courses due to the fact that it is a low-cost or even free approach to attract attention in exchange for a free product.

Google Search Engine Optimization

There is also no mention of social media networks that can assist you in selling your products, such as Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, or Snapchat.

I was surprised to learn that the only source of free traffic was Google SEO, especially considering how challenging and time-consuming it can be to rank, particularly when starting out with a brand new domain. In addition, there was no notice that one could be need to wait anywhere from six months to a year for results, and the video that served as the backlink was unclear.

A further source of significant dissatisfaction was the absence of Google Ads, Google Shopping, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Ads, all of which are good platforms for selling higher-priced things as well as products that are printed on demand. Videos might have been accessible through these websites.

To summarise, it consists of a print-on-demand or Aliexpress dropshipping instruction in addition to a Facebook Ads beginner overview that costs $67 per month.

Why Do I Have To Pay A Monthly Fee?
The monthly fee includes access to the community as well as any new training that may become available. My assumption is that the vast majority of individuals will sign up, look over the information, and then cancel their membership. As a result, I am interested to learn how much longer the price point of $67 will be maintained.

It would be preferable if the cost of the course was a one-time payment of $197.

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The Judgment of the Dropship Club
It’s not hard to understand why Sarah from Wholesale would feel that way. Ted made the decision to create this training programme.

There is a lot of rubbish on the market, and it can be difficult to figure out which training programmes are worthwhile and which are not. It is tough to determine which of the many courses that have been developed by experts to capitalise on the growing market for eCommerce around the world are legitimate. The training that Sarah offers is legitimate and offers an outstanding return on investment.

What’s Missing From The Dropship Club?

On the other hand, Sarah is a serial course maker; her first course was on Amazon FBA, and this one is about dropshipping. She has created a total of four courses.

The training is geared toward novices who are interested in entering the field but do not wish to expend an excessive amount of financial resources doing so. It is important to keep in mind that growing your company will require an investment of financial resources; hence, spending $2,000 up front for a course is the same as paying $67 or $197 for the same content.

But, taking into account Sarah’s notoriety and wealth, I guess I was anticipating a great deal more from her.

Because this is more of an introductory class, I think that even students with no prior experience will be left asking, “Ok, now what do I do?” or “How can I make my adverts more effective so that they bring in more money?” or “Will people buy my stuff when they see it on Facebook?” These are questions that cannot be answered by the material of the training that is currently being provided.

The Dropship Club Verdict

Because these questions are answered for not much additional money, in addition, you receive access to a thriving community and more than 200 videos when you purchase eCom Elites. This is why so many people are flocking to acquire this product.
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I would strongly recommend The Dropship Club even if the membership fee had to be increased in order for the content of this course to be brought up to the same level as that of eCom Elites.