15 Verified Private Label Clothing and Fashion Dropshippers in the USA

Many Style Retailers view their website as the only way to sell, and they don’t consider the potential markets that can drive sales or provide capital for a startup. Small businesses or well-known brands can use the online market to expand their reach and test new markets.

The advantages of fashion marketplaces

Style markets not only help you move large quantities of stock but also give your brand exposure. The best markets spend a lot of money to get traffic through different sources, and they need items that clients want to buy. If you can supply the items their clients want to buy, they will redirect their traffic to your products by including you on the homepage and upselling areas like e-mails.

This can help you build brand authority.

These are just a few more reasons to pay attention to your style brand on Fashion Markets.

It is possible to make sales without having to develop a website.

  • It is not necessary to purchase social media presences. The style market will take care of it.
  • This helps you make your brand universal because style markets have a larger target market and a wider reach.
  • To improve your products, you can collect client feedback and item evaluations.
  • Markets invest heavily in PR, so there are high chances of being included by Fashion magazines and media businesses.
  • Online Fashion Marketplaces may also be of assistance to you in acquiring new customers.

Many style sellers only consider Amazon and eBay their market options. However, many online markets allow you to sell your items without compromising your brand. Let’s take a look at a few.

Print-on-Demand Fashion Store Model

Print-on-demand is both the most cost-effective and convenient way to create an online clothing organization. By 2025, sales of custom-made tee shirts are expected to exceed $10 billion.

These shops allow you to print your logo and style on clothing.

This service type offers a wide range of colors and types and is the most economical option for small orders.

Printful is a great example of a company that works in this area. It has grown to be a huge print-on-demand brand and introduced various new services and products this year, including activewear, fulfillment, and warehouse and logistics.

Modular Cut-and-Sew Clothing Store Model

This is the best option for those who want to create their clothing brand.

This online clothing shop design is ideal for those who want to create their clothing line. It is important that you can do everything from designing your clothes to manufacturing and fulfilling yourself.

This is the best thing about this arrangement. You can offer something unique, and you can customize it as you wish. However, custom cut-and-sew companies require a lot of management. You will have to find and collaborate with your pattern-makers, producers, source your material, etc. This means you will need to plan and spend a lot of time before your first line is released.

Private Label Clothing Store Model

Personal label service designs are essentially the middle ground between cut-and-sew and print-on-demand. They allow for more customization than the former but require less work and a lower budget.

This design allows you to purchase blank or unlabeled clothes and then add your custom style, tag, or label before selling them in your shop. You can get better bulk buying rates than printing on-demand, and this is a more cost-effective option.

There are disadvantages to this system, including that you will need to manage fulfillment and stock management. There are platforms like Threadbird that can help you improve the process. You can buy and customize your clothes and garments. For those who wish to keep their stock, they also offer fulfillment services.

Top Clothing Drop Shippers

Do you want to find the best drop shippers of private-label clothing for your online shop? This article is for you if that’s your case.

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Dropshipping clothing and accessories are one of the most lucrative online businesses. Now is the perfect time to start your apparel business, as the industry is growing rapidly.

Shopify is my favorite eCommerce site to open an online boutique. They have a lot more clothing drop shippers than other sites.

I have screened and selected the top dropshipping clothing companies for you. Before I start working with boutique drop shippers, here are some things you should keep in mind.

What should you consider when choosing clothing drop shippers?

  • High-quality fabric – This is a key factor in establishing a brand.
  • Dropshipping clothing quickly – It is important to verify the shipping address. Drop shippers should be able to deliver your items quickly if they are within proximity of your target area. To expedite shipping for your customers, a warehouse or delivery service is an option.
  • Printing process – One of the most important things to consider is dropshipping clothing suppliers’ printing methods. Screen printing or DTG is more common.
  • Branding – Your store logo should be on all your Apparel. Look out for white labeling, personalized pack-ins, and labeled billing.
  • Price – This should be obvious, but ensure you have a sufficient profit margin for your marketing expenses. Many boutique dropshippers offer bulk discounts or subscription-based discount plans to help you make more money.

Printful is a well-respected drop shipper for print-on-demand clothes. There are many options for jerseys, tank tops, crop tops, 3/4-sleeve shirts and long sleeves, and hoodies and leggings.

You have full control over the design and creation of your clothes. You can start your dropshipping clothing business with the user-friendly mockup generator. They offer branding services.


  • There are many other methods of clothing printing, including screen, screen, sublimation, and AOV.
  • White marking, clothing brand tags, and total customization flexibility
  • Easy to use mockup maker to create personalized clothing for your shop.
  • We have six locations in the world that can be delivered quickly.
  • Available are eco-friendly clothing products made from sustainable fabrics.
  • All good T-shirt brands include American Apparel and Bella + Canvas, Anvil, Alternative, and American Apparel.
  • All types of clothing for men and women and children’s and youth’s clothing are available.
  • A handful of top apparel marketplaces are integrated, including Amazon, eBay, Storenvy, and Etsy.


Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce offer Printful free of charge. You can also get bulk discounts based on order volume and a sample order discount to ensure quality fabric.


BrandsGateway, a well-respected luxury apparel distributor and dropship service, connects custom clothing designers with online retailers.

Dropshipping clothing collections of high-end brands like Jimmy Choo and Dolce & Gabbana is possible at a fair cost. The European-based clothing drop shipper has received positive feedback on TrustPilot and SiteJabber, and other rating sites.


  • Drop Shipping is available from over 70 luxury brands.
  • The company is located in Sweden, which is good for European drop shippers.
  • Identities
  • Gateway offers a discount of 75 to 90% for clothing drop shippers.
  • Sunglasses, luxury watches, and other go-along are also available and other high-end accessories (clothing accessories).
  • Automated integration is possible with Shopify and WooCommerce platforms.
  • 90,000 items are available. Shipping is available worldwide with a 5-day delivery window.
  • High-quality products with a high-profit margin
  • Dropshipping to any part of the world is possible with our currency converter and dedicated account manager.


BrandsGateway charges a monthly subscription because it offers high-quality merchandise to fashion retailers and online boutiques.

  • Monthly – EUR295 per Month
  • Startup – EUR590 for 3 Months
  • Annually, EUR1695/year

My Online Fashion Store

Another of my top fashion drop shippers is CCWholesaleClothing, a supplier that is more well-known. If you want to open an online boutique that sells women’s clothes, this is the right clothing drop shipper.

Drop shipper in the United States offers fashionable clothing (similar to Romwe or Zaful). This luxury retailer is proud to be a wholesaler at a very low price of clothing and accessories.

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  • The Los Angeles warehouse has the collection and is available for shipment.
  • There are more than 5,000 designer products on the market for a range of clothing lines.
  • Shopify Drop Shipping App that integrates seamlessly with eCommerce Platform
  • An automated system updates inventory every four hours.
  • Low wholesale rates can be used to increase your profit margin.
  • High-quality fashion pieces include skirts, dresses, and jumpers as well as rompers, activewear, and rompers.
  • Dropshipping partners get free returns.
  • Each week, 100-200 new styles will be introduced.
  • You can customize your flyer insert, packaging details, hangtag, and the package label, logo, and package label.
  • Shipping is cheap (currently, shipping costs are reduced only within the US and US territories).


Start your trial for 14 days free of charge.


Spocket is an excellent online platform for starting a clothing business. Spocket offers drop shipping to fashion suppliers from Europe and the United States.


  • You can add a variety of trendy clothing items to your shopping list.
  • Vendors from around the globe, including the United States and Europe, have been pre-vetted.
  • All supported platforms include WooCommerce and Shopify, as well as Wix and BigCommerce.
  • More than 60,000 entrepreneurs have placed their trust in us.
  • The highest quality apparel for men, women, children, babies, and kids.
  • Invoices containing your details and logo for your online boutique.


Spocket is available for free, but you will need to pay $24 per month for exclusive products.


T-Pop, a European drop shipper that sells organic clothing, is located in Europe. T-Pop is a provider of print-on-demand clothing that offers environmentally friendly products and lets you customize them. You can expect quick delivery as all the products are made in France.


  • You can purchase T-shirts, Hoodies, and other ethical products.
  • They can be printed with sublimation and DTG techniques.
  • Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy all offer direct order options.
  • You can choose from personalized packing slips, brand stickers, and package inserts as custom branding options.
  • Fully automated drop shipper of clothing printed-on-demand for online boutiques.


T-Pop is a free way to get started.


ModeShe is a boutique drop shipper that works directly with Shopify. Sign up for their service to sync your inventory online.

Drop shippers can get 15% to 25%. They drop ship internationally and offer express delivery for fast delivery. One week is the average delivery time for orders in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Australia, and France.


Modalyst, another dropshipping clothing provider, is a favorite because it seamlessly integrates to popular ecommerce sites like Shopify and Wix.

Many hand-curated clothing brands from Europe and the United States, plus a trendy range of women’s swears and luxury dropshipping companies. It is completely free to browse.


Gooten, a boutique drop shipper offering print-on-demand boutiques that offer a mockup generator to create custom clothing designs, is an example of a print-on-demand boutique. They manage manufacturing and fulfillment.

Drop shippers can use it as an apparel drop shipper. There are many items available, including tank tops, tees, hoodies, and onesies.

Kiyonna Clothing

Kiyonna is a great choice for boutique drop shippers that offer dropshipping and can easily fulfill orders.

The shop is based in the United States and ships orders within 48 hours. All orders will be charged a $5 handling charge.


Contrado is an online marketplace for musicians and a drop shipping clothing supplier (for buying). They offer a wide selection of clothing options under the Men’s/Womens/Kids tag.

They are made from high-quality fabrics, and they offer many printing options. They can deliver quickly to the United States or the United Kingdom.


Apliiq, an apparel company, has earned a reputation for being one of the top drop shippers for private label clothing.

Los Angeles-based print On-Demand Drop Shipper offers bulk discounts if you have a lot of inventory. You can get up to 55% off when you buy clothes in bulk.

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Apliiq clothing can be cut and sewn, printed, sewn, or white marked. They ship within 1-5 days, depending on where the customer is located.

Immediate Clothing

Immediate Apparel, a boutique drop shipper, is available for anyone looking to drop-ship fashionable and branded clothes. There are many top brands like Hope & Harlow and French Connection.

The boutique offers a line of high-end women’s clothing at wholesale prices. Los Angeles boutique dropship supplier claims that orders will be shipped within 1 to 2 business days of being received. It all depends on where the merchandise is located and how many are available.

Simplee Clothing

Simplee Apparel, another boutique drop shipper, has a visually appealing product catalog. Although their style is very similar to Zaful’s, it still has its personality.

Dropshipping is possible for high-quality garments. Dropshipping is possible, but you would need to manually position each order.

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel offers dropshipping and wholesale distribution of women’s clothing to online boutiques. A current fashion catalog would be a great asset to your boutique. The new trend can be purchased wholesale at discounts of up to 50% or 80%.


DropCommerce is an online drop shipping platform that connects users with US suppliers via in-app messaging.

They have many items to choose from, but the clothes niche is truly unique. They can be divided into three categories.

  • Men can find jackets, sleepwear, and shorts, as well as sweatshirts & hoodies, joggers, and other clothing.
  • Sportwear, leggings, and jumpsuits for women and swimwear, swimwear, dresses, and other clothing.
  • Parents and their children’s clothing, accessories, and nursery decor (swaddles, crib sheets, etc.)

They integrate with Shopify, BigCommerce and offer fast shipping to the United States (eCommerce platform). You’d need to pay $19 per month for their subscription.

Other markets

This is by no means an exhaustive list. You can also sell your Fashion items on other online markets, like:

Zel0ra – It’s a great market for Asian brands

Many online Fashion markets cater to Sustainable Fashion brands, such as:

  • Ethi Collective: This market could be a great fit for Sustainable brands in Australia
  • Kindred Black: Contact them if you’re an environmentally friendly high-end brand name at info@kindredblack.com
  • TheGreenLabels: They can help you determine if your brand name is compatible with their sustainable brand name.

Although there are many benefits to selling your items on Fashion Markets, you should be careful when choosing a market for your products. Before you make a decision, you need to consider things like traffic, optimization procedures & techniques, cost structure, market assistance, guidelines and policies, and other factors such as market assistance, guidelines and policies, pricing, market support guidelines, and policies.

Dropshipping is available at no minimum order quantity.

Suppliers need to make their manufacturing process financially viable, and they will only sell products that they can make a profit from.

The minimum order quantity is the minimum quantity that the manufacturer can produce and sell to you. Each supplier will have a different limit on the number of units you can order, and one supplier might not be able to do business with you if you order more than 50 units.

Some suppliers may not accept large orders exceeding 10,000 units. If you require stock for your Shopify store, the minimum order quantity may be a problem. Let’s look at another option.

Your minimum order might be reduced. Ask your supplier if it’s possible to pay the entire amount of the minimum order but still receive exactly the number of items you ordered, even if your order total is less than their minimum. You still get the items that you want, even though they may be more expensive per unit.