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US Direct simplifies the process of discovering US dropshippers that offer high-quality products and well-known brands. In addition to that, they provide expedited shipment and delivery.

There is no requirement for online vendors to physically travel to ten different dropship suppliers, sign their contracts, and pay their set-up fees. Instead, you should contact US Direct for assistance. They already have established ties with leading dropship providers like UNFI (Honest Green). Your contribution is very valuable. This has made it possible for us to communicate with a larger number of people and may be set up in a matter of days. It is highly recommended that you take a look at it.

How does US Direct work?

Obtain Goods From Overseas

You will require an integration plan through Inventory Source or Turn-Key stores in order to import products from US Direct. After you have made a purchase of an integration package from Inventory Source or a Turn-Key store, you will have access to automation tools that will upload items and sync inventory to your online shop. These tools will be available to you immediately.


You have now completed the importation of the products sold by US Direct into your online store. To start making money with your online store, you should first market it and then make a sale.

Make an Order

If you are dropshipping a product through US Direct and receive an order for that product, the order will instantly be processed through the Inventory Source Order Manager. If you have an active Full Automation Plan, it will also show up on the Dealer Portal that you have access to. Your permission is required before we will be able to collect money from you. Because of this, we are able to charge your chosen way of payment. You are able to make the order manually through your US Direct Dealer Portal even if you are subscribed to an Inventory Automation Plan.

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Following receipt of payment, US Direct will arrange shipment of the goods on your behalf through a third-party logistics provider that we work with. Your consumer will receive an item along with a packing slip that was sent directly from the provider. This may be generic, or it may discretely bear the “US Direct” marking. Your online store will be kept up to date with the most recent tracking information automatically. If you are using an Inventory Automation Plan, the tracking information on your online store will need to be manually updated by you.

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Pricing and Inventory Integration

Connect to Your Existing Online Store

Integrating US Direct with the platform that powers your online store and making advantage of the dropshipping automation solutions offered by Inventory Source are two steps you may take to expand your company.

Create a free account with Inventory Source by registering in the form below.

Search for “US Direct” in InventorySource’s Supplier Directory to look through items, prices, and information pertaining to specific niches.

To get started with the procedure, click the “Add an Integration” button. Determine the platform that will host your online store.

To select a plan for integration, follow these steps in order.

Follow the procedures in the “Pending Integrations” section of the page in order to upload products to your website.

Buy a Pre-Built Shopify Store

Are you interested in starting your own e-commerce shop but unsure on where to locate it? You may get the assistance you need from our selection of US Direct turnkey websites.

To assist you in increasing the number of products that you sell online, our Turn-Key Shopify Stores come pre-loaded with dropship-ready products, inventory and order automation synchronising, premium Shopify themes, and a user interface that is optimised for mobile and tablet devices.
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Purchase a plan for the US Direct API.
To connect your system to our US Direct API, you will need to purchase an API Plan.

Shipping Policy

Shipping, which is traditionally the most challenging aspect of dropshipping, is now simplified thanks to US Direct. Our retailers are provided with a shipping system that uses tiered flat rates. Providers will always ship using the most cost-effective means possible. We only ship within the United States (lower 48 only).

After receiving payment, suppliers will normally ship within two to four business days. Customers can often expect their orders to be delivered to them within 5 to 8 business days.

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Please be aware that the prices displayed above for flat-rate shipping only apply to a single shipment (one box shipped). There may be additional fees associated with orders that require multiple packages or have order quantities that are larger than 1. In circumstances involving multiple shipments, the total shipping costs are determined by using anticipated rates provided by the carriers. They will be billed and given approval before the package is processed.

It is important to note that US Direct is unable to transport packages to PO boxes. We reserve the right to reject or cancel an order if it is to be despatched to a Post Office Box. We are putting this policy into effect to guarantee that our suppliers conform to the shipping policies they have established. There are items in our catalogue that cannot be sent to PO Boxes due to size restrictions.
Policy Regarding Returns and Refunds US Direct collaborates with dropship supplier partners to process returns and refunds in accordance with the policies of such suppliers. We respond expeditiously to each and every allegation. We make it a priority to keep all of our dealers up to date on any relevant information.

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US Direct will automatically apply a credit to your account for the cost of any affected orders even if you do not make a request for one. After the first thirty days, order credits are no longer eligible for a refund.

Before submitting an RMA Form, you will need to first examine the Return Policies.

Orders that are received more than thirty days after the delivery date are ineligible for RMA or return claim processing. This conforms to the guidelines laid out by the dropship provider partners we work with.

Return & Refund Policy

Following the completion of the investigation into your claim, our staff will send you a confirmation email. Your request has been forwarded to the provider, as the confirmation email will explain below.

After they have processed your request, they will typically send you an email with an update on the status of the claim between three and four working days later. You will receive an email with an attachment if your order is eligible to receive a free return label. There are situations when this could take a little bit longer, or we might require some additional information.

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After being forwarded to the provider, each claim will be investigated and resolved within a period of 15 calendar days. In the event that the provider does not react to the claim after numerous attempts have been made to communicate with them, the claim will be closed.
You have seven business days from the time the RMA claims are assessed and approved by the supplier to return the package to the supplier in order to receive compensation for the return.

An email containing the return address and RMA number will be sent to you with any packages that need to be returned. On the package, it is very vital to clearly display the RMA number as well as the return address. If you do not meet the requirements, you will be responsible for providing your own return label ( ).

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When you send a package back to us, we ask that you please include the tracking number in your correspondence with us. This is the only piece of evidence that can be used to demonstrate that the package was successfully delivered.

The RMA credit will be issued to your account in US Direct’s Dealer Portal as soon as the supplier confirms that they have received and authorised the RMA credit.

A restocking fee equal to fifteen percent of the product’s original price must be paid for all ASIN mismatch and buyer remorse-related concerns. It is your job to make sure that UPCs are mapped to the appropriate ASIN listing, even if we are making daily progress in mapping more UPCs to ASINs.
Important information regarding our return policy:

The misuse of big sales channels like Amazon has led to a situation in which suppliers no longer accept returns due to buyers’ remorse.

Your request to return the item will be approved if it arrived broken, defective, or was shipped to the wrong location.

If the purchaser has second thoughts after making the purchase or the consumer decides they no longer desire the merchandise, the seller will not issue a refund.