Turkey Dropshipping Business and 4 Best Suppliers Discussed

Turkey Dropship Market

Turkey is the nation that covers Eurasia. Turkey is home to nearly 80 million people, 42.7 percent of whom are aged between 25-54 years. The rate of internet penetration in Turkey is only 51 percent, which is lower than many European countries.

Let’s now look at Turkey’s drop-ship market to find out more about dropshipping and its performance.

Turkey Dropship Company

The rate of internet penetration in Turkey is only 51 percent. This is lower than many European countries. 40% of Turkish Internet users use their mobile phones to access the internet. A report by the Turkish Statistical Institute shows that 24.8 percent of Internet users in Turkey aged 16-74 can purchase products and services online. Around 200,000 Turks participate in e-commerce, including internet marketing and information technology.

Emre Ekmekci (President of the Turkish E-Commerce Association) reported that Turkey’s dropshipping market share has increased and that e-commerce will become an integral part of customer lives. E-commerce accounts for 3.5% of Turkey’s total trade. Ekmekci pointed out that although e-commerce is growing in Turkey, it is still a smaller percentage than the global average.

Nearly half of Turks are interested in Turkey dropship business, which includes online shopping for clothing and other athletic products. Computer devices are another popular product category, followed closely by household goods as well as travel services.

Iyzi Payments, a Turkish online payment provider, stated that credit card payments are the most popular in Turkey. This includes loyalty card installments and Mastercard cards. However, Turkey has seen an increase in the use of mobile payment companies such as PayPal, BKM Express, para and Paytogo.

Is it possible to dropship from Turkey?

Warehouse and Logistics

Turkey’s logistics timeliness requirements, Turkish Express, will be met in 1-3 business days. It is important to choose overseas warehouses or urgent direct mail logistics services.

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The Turkish Post was the dominant player in logistics until 2005. In recent years, the third-party express distribution sector has grown to offer customized logistics delivery services to ecommerce businesses.

Turkish e-commerce couriers are mostly composed of Turkish Post PTT and Yurtic Kargo. Yurtic kargo offers robust express services comparable to SF Express among others.

Turkey’s cross-border ecommerce businesses rely primarily on postal mail to import parcels. Over 10,000 parcels are imported via regular daily mail. Most of these are from China.

Turkey’s only international mail exchange office is located outside Istanbul Airport. Postal packets to Turkey must be sorted in Istanbul. The Foreign Mail Exchange Bureau is responsible for delivering a general mail package abroad to the postal service and accepting, opening and processing any mail package that has been received by it.


In terms of Turkish online revenue, credit card payments account for as much as 90%. This is because it is the most commonly used payment method for Turkish ecommerce users. The most common price is set by mobile operators and Turkey triggers the phenomenon. The first digital gaming was done earlier and is primarily paid for via mobile payments.

Although e-wallets have been steadily appearing in Turkey since 2013, they are still not very popular. Turkey required a third-party payment in 2015 in order to be recognized locally in Turkey and receive sufficient business authorization. In the same year, Paypal also removed from its Turkish business. Because PayPal is no longer an option, what payment methods are available to dropship vessels in Turkey? E-vouchers and delivery cash are the most popular payment options for Turkish ecommerce customers. Approximately 5 percent of Turkish consumers shop online with mobile coupons and web shipping.

Turkey’s Top Four Dropship Platforms

Turkey’s drop ship market is dominated by e-commerce channels, multicategory suppliers, and private shopping portals. Nearly 16,000 Turkish home appliance distributors are present. Hepsiburda, which is the first-selling ecommerce platform, only accounted for 11.7 percent. E-commerce accounts for less that 10 percent. Gitti Gidiyor, Hepsiburada (Turkey’s largest e-commerce platform), Trendyol and Markafoni are some of the most prominent dropshipping websites in Turkey.

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Gitti Gidiyor

GittiGidiyor, a dropshipping Turkey website, was established on February 5, 2001. The company is now a division within eBay. The name of the business is derived from “go, get, go” in Turkish. GittiGidiyor, a well-known Turkish dropship website, is one of the most popular. GittiGidiyor was at its peak in 2011. Items from GittiGidiyor were close to eBay’s main site.

EBay had issued GittiGidiyor shares in a small amount as early as 2007. eBay increased its stake in GittiGidior from 93 percent to 93 percent in April 2011. The name of the company is derived from the “go, go, get” Turkish translation. You can add multiple products to the listing service to make one-click sales. Then, use inventory management tools to batch philter all products. Advanced filtering tools are used to quickly access reports and group products. This makes it easier to manage stores.


Hepsiburada is Turkey’s largest online B2B retailer. It was established in 1998. Hepsiburada belongs to the Dogan information, energy and financial services consortium. Hepsiburada has over 5,000 vendors and covers 500,000 goods. Its current value is US$ 400million. Hepsiburada.com currently has four large warehouses, and sold 1,000,000 shipments last month. 70% of clients orders will be shipped within one day.

Abraaj recently provided $100 million funding to the company. This money is used to grow its local ecommerce market in Turkey and to build a large-scale interconnected logistics centre to replace five of the existing local warehouses. The platform currently sells 1 million products every month, including books, furniture, and kitchen appliances.

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Trendyol, a clothing retailer that uses social media to do business, was founded in 2010. Trendyol’s online fashion store is focused on quick sales. This means that what is currently available in the garment sector is most popular and is then sold at a low price to the market. To encourage customers to leave the social network site during the purchasing process, the business uses the Facebook page of 500,000 fans. The company had previously raised $26million from Tiger Global. It used the funds to expand its Middle East and North Africa markets.


Markafoni founded the first website that dropships Turkey in 2008 and it was called “Markafoni”. He was also the first merchant to leave Turkey. Markafoni set up a flag website at Sydney in 2009 and began marching to Greece and South Korea in 2010. He also established an official Polish website for 2011!

Markafoni employs approximately 1,000 people as of 2014. The number of visitors to the site is close to 25 million each month.

Conclusion – Choose the right forum to Dropship

Yes, Naturally. Yes, naturally. Dropshipping has a small market share in Turkey. However, there is tremendous potential for the Turkish dropshipping business due to the increase in annual turnover. It will be easier for you to dropship Turkey by choosing the right Turkey website business partner.

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