Top 10 Maternity Dropshipping Wholesale Suppliers

10 Best Wholesale Maternity Clothes Suppliers from the USA, UK, and India

Designers are now focusing on maternity fashion. Women from all walks of the globe don’t want to wear boring or uninteresting outfits while pregnant. The maternity clothing business is very lucrative and exciting. However, there are many questions about where and how to wholesale maternity clothes.

Google has a lot of answers. But, one platform or site can’t provide all the answers. This article will help you. Below are some top-ranked websites that sell wholesale maternity clothing. They also provide answers to most commonly asked questions and suggestions.

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Shenzhen Max Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen Max is primarily involved in the development of nursing and maternity clothing. He has unique design skills and a skilled hand. Shenzhen also produces cloth products for men, with a focus on female clothing.

Shenzhen is able to make maternity clothes from all types of fabrics including spandex fabrics and silk, as well as bamboo fabric, silk, linen, and modal. Shenzhen has ten years experience in many markets including Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Diane Kocevar

Diane Kocevar is a wholesaler that offers high-quality, certified and verified maternity wear at wholesale prices. The products are made in the USA. Belly Bandit and Bebe au lait are recommended by physicians, midwives and nurses. Diane Kocevar is a wholesale company that you should confirm.

Belly Moms

Belly Moms is owned by a female owner. This business sells maternity and nursing clothes only. They aim to supply wholesale maternity clothing for all activities, all month of pregnancy and all periods after delivery. The wholesale registration process on this website is very important. You will need to pay $300 for registration. You will start receiving emails about their wholesale updates, changes to their catalogue, and wholesale prices once you have become a member.

Tatians Maternity

Tatianas Maternity, a CA-based business. This website allows you to quickly sell plus-size maternity clothes. We specialize in maternity clothes. These are the categories you will find items:

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* Tops for Maternity

* Maternity bottoms

* Maternity clothes

* Nursing shirts

* Nursing pyjamas.

Tatians Maternity will not accept returns due to its wholesale nature.

My Belly

My stomach is a wholesale business that designs clothes with mothers in mind. All maternity clothes are certified to Okotex Standard 100. All maternity and nursing products are free from harmful chemicals, allergic ingredients, and organic paints on T-shirts. Orders above USD 150 qualify for free shipping from My Tummy. For more information, visit the website.

Q Fashion

Q Clothing is the best place to begin your search if you’re looking for suppliers in the UK of wholesale Maternity Wear. Q Clothing offers a long-lasting, soft, comfortable maternity dress fabric. Q Clothing offers exceptional prices and a lower price than other stores when it comes to budget. Free shipping for orders above PS 150


FC Wholesale, a UK-based website that sells maternity clothes wholesale, is also available. You can also buy nursing bras and pregnancy bras as well as t-shirts, pants nightwears, dresses, shorts, and nightwears. FC Wholesale does not have a large selection of maternity clothes, but they do sell one thing. Their single product for pregnant women is 100% comfortable and their prices are very affordable. There is no minimum order requirement for the Website. FC Wholesale ships worldwide. Freight is included for orders above PS200.

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Seraphine is a 14-year veteran and has owned an international brand for pregnancy fashion. Seraphine is a UK leader in the Maternity Brand category.

Seraphine releases its collection twice per year. This helps its buyers like you to make their businesses attractive and competitive with large traffic of customers. Seraphine is a wholesale partner in more than 35 countries. The process for joining their network is easy. For more information, visit the website.

Purpless Motherhood

Purpless Maternity, another popular name among pregnant women in Britain, is also well-known. Their range includes suits, tops for pregnant women, t-shirts and tunics as well as jeans, leggings. Cardigans, skirts, nursing tops, and cardigans. Purples Maternity is a market leader because of the stylish, supportive and fashionable clothing it offers.

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Their Website offers clothing, as well as size charts, guidelines, and other exciting blogs. These blogs and other guidance can be used to help your customers shop for maternity clothes. When you place your first order, you will receive 5% back on all stock. Orders above PS 100 qualify for free shipping in the UK or the US.

Morph Maternity

Pregnant women and mothers need to be aware of their changing bodies, conditions, and feelings of loss. Morphy Maternity is a company based in India that creates innovative products, accessories, and goods to help moms get through the most difficult times. Morph Maternity offers breast pads, nursing pads, tops and suits for moms. Order delivery is free if you pay more than Rs.1500 and receive special discounts.

Tips for finding professional manufacturers of pregnant clothing

It can be difficult to find the right wholesale distributor and company for your pregnancy Clothes. Until you buy stock from them or have a conversation with them, you will not know if they are qualified. Many wholesale suppliers do not offer samples, or even free samples. You must order bulk in order to determine if it is according to your requirements. My job is to provide some tips and tricks on how to find the skilled producers in the market.

Here are some tips:

  • First, ask yourself some questions. Are you looking for a manufacturer that can make your clothes and ship to your customers? Do you require a distributor with a large inventory of designs and a business so you can order your maternity products directly from the wholesaler?
  • After answering these questions, search for domestic producers. They are aware of the needs of local women as well as state trends.
  • If you are unable to find them in your area, it is worth looking for international maternity clothing companies.
  • You can find help from the meetings industry, local events, and large trade fairs in your search.
  • Directory can also provide a wealth for you to connect with clothing manufacturers
  • Google is biased in presenting maternity clothing manufacturers. You can search there as well.
  • You can also search for the manufacturer you are looking through Facebook groups
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Tips to ensure high-quality maternitywear at wholesale

It can be difficult to predict the cost of wholesaling maternity clothing or other clothes. Businessmen and people often tell each other that they take precautions while selling maternity clothes to avoid any scams.

These are my simple and essential suggestions to help you avoid the following unfavorable situations:

  • Only use authentic, certified, and verified websites
  • Ask for samples free of charge. You don’t have to pay much if the samples are of good quality.
  • Make sure you communicate your requirements to the supplier before buying. This will ensure that high-quality service is your top priority
  • Make sure the manufacturer knows that you won’t be paying for low-quality or faulty parts
  • You can join the group of people you know or your friend who uses their products to offer websites.
  • Before you decide on a manufacturer, make sure to read the reviews. Register on the internet for free if you find positive reviews more valuable than negative ones.

It’s Your Turn

The profitable business of wholesale maternity clothing can be a great option for those in the maternity, nursing and pregnancy clothing industries. It is important to learn how to sell wholesale and avoid making mistakes.

This article is about the maternity clothing business. You can manage the problems by following the tips mentioned.

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