Tips to Start Dropshipping from Thailand with Verified Suppliers

Drawbacks to Starting a Dropshipping Company from Thailand

Many people speak of working in Thailand as an independent business and becoming a “Digital Nomad.” However, it sounds like a dream come true. You can work from beautiful, radiant Thailand and enjoy relaxing by the seashore. While you make money on the internet, you’ll be living like a lord, enjoying delicious coconuts all day. Working from Thailand has its own set of disadvantages, and these drawbacks will be discussed in this article.

It sounds great and is what most people focus on. I may do the same and not share the other side of the coin.

It’s not easy. It is not always easy. Many people don’t talk about the difficulties. Many people come to Chiang Mai to start a business, and many of them are dropshipping shops. Presently, I’m making a lot of money online through various techniques to live here. However, I am also working towards setting up a Dropship shop.

Dropshipping has been my main focus of late. If you have been following my progression on YouTube, you will realize that it has been intense and that there have been some good times and bad.

This post will discuss some of the principal problems and difficulties in setting up a dropshipping shop in Thailand. These are some of them:

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You Can’t Meet Suppliers In Person.

Although many providers can be identified by telephone, the provider would also visit these individuals.

It could be a problem if someone is challenged to meet with his potential provider or maker in Sydney. It would be more difficult for someone to meet with a potential provider if they were 9 hours away than if they were only 1 hour away.

These providers are also within 30 minutes of my Melbourne home. When I give them my physical address, I constantly stress that they need me to visit them face-to-face. They probably find it strange that I don’t offer to come to their home and talk to them face-to-face when I give my physical location.

Although I am very good at deals, I find it 100 times more difficult to do it face-to-face. It is something I want. This extensive correspondence goes beyond the merely verbal, and it’s easier to build trust and an affinity when you are face-to-face. Particularly in Australia, where web-based businesses are not common. These organizations often sell their products to local retail stores in their state and meet with these people face-to-face.

I believe that if I had been able to visit these people, I would have secured more providers and possibly even the opportunity to arrange a better arrangement.

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Time Difference

It can be difficult to deal with the time difference, and it can be difficult to understand why someone from Melbourne is 3 hours apart from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

You must get up at 5 am and be in the office by 6 am. Chiang Mai is 9 am Melbourne time. You would like to arrive at work by that time to make phone calls, pick up the phone, and compose/get texts.

During business hours, it is essential to be available to answer the phone when you’re trying to verify providers at the beginning of your venture. Generally, delays are common in Australia. If you cannot reach an Australian organization on the day you require, it is best to email them.

This problem would be even more severe if your company is located in the United States, where the time zone could be exactly the opposite of Thailand.

If you need to build an American store in Thailand, you will be awake all night and sleeping through the day. This means that you won’t get the most of the sun and relax by the beach that everyone talks about.

It’s impossible to meet with an accountant or lawyer.

If you require expert guidance from an accountant or lawyer about the structure of your company, it can be not easy to do so from Thailand. While we are aware that legal services are available online in the USA, such as Legal Zoom, which will help you set up an LLC, this is not possible in Australia.

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It’s okay to meet with at least three different accountants, lawyers, or consultants in some cases until you find one who understands your business and can work well together.

It Might Not Be So Productive

Right now, I am in Chiang Mai, and I feel as beneficial as ever. This is a great place to work, considering the number of people doing amazing things online. This is one of many positives to setting up a dropshipping shop. Thailand may be too distracting, however.

Your character is what makes it possible. It was too insane and distracting to do any real work. It all comes down to your character and the places you visit in Thailand.

That’s the end goal. You can also open a Dropship shop in Thailand. While there are some cons, there are also many undeniable geniuses.

Before you jump on a plane to get here, consider both the pros and cons of each option and make the right decision for your company.