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Alex Becker Dropshipping Academy Course Review

My very first face-to-face encounter was with Alex Becker. Back in 2016, I was in attendance at an online marketing conference in Orlando, Florida, and he was one of the speakers there.

He then proceeded to share with us the most important lesson that he had picked up when he initially started performing online marketing work for other companies on a client basis. After reaching a certain point, where he was making between $20,000 and $30,000 each month, he quit.
Because gaining a new client resulted in additional work for him, he had the impression that expanding his firm required an increasing amount of effort on his part.

After that, he started making software and releasing items to the public. This assisted him in growing his online business to a monthly revenue of $100 000. He came to the conclusion that selling software was a more scalable business model than providing other services because all that was required was to sell the product.

He then applied that strategy to the process of selling numerous online courses.

The most knowledgeable expert in web marketing is Alex Becker. He has the most followers on social media and the most physical things. This is due to the videos that he has uploaded to YouTube, which he utilises to generate paid traffic.

The problem is, if you start offering a variety of products, it can be challenging to keep the same high standards across the board. This begs the question: which training programme is the most effective for novices who are looking to make their first cash online?
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There is no definitive response to the question of which one is superior, despite the fact that it is common knowledge that he teaches shopify eCom dropship and SEO company through his free webinars.

Today I’m going to be researching his items and analysing how they stack up against one another. In addition, I will contrast them with the method that I advocate most highly for making money online, which is the production of leads while making use of free visitors.

Review of Wave University as Sourced by Wave
Stephen Floyd and Gregory Ortiz are responsible for the development of this SEO training course.

My very first encounter was with a man named Stephen Floyd. In the OMG Machines SEO course, they covered it.

They will walk you through the process of acquiring SEO clients. (Optimization for search engines)…

It’s possible that several companies will pay you to rate their websites.

The majority of their case studies demonstrate that students may secure $1,000 to $2,000 in monthly revenue from clients.

The concern is, how long will they be able to continue working with clients who require this level of SEO?

This is an unalterable fact.

Six months is the typical length of stay for SEO clients.

Many marketers fail to create the appropriate expectations for their customers, which results in the customer being impatient. (SEO takes time).
They have the impression that they can get the same service from another provider.
They believe that they already have what they desire, thus they do not require your assistance any longer.
The results that you promised are not being delivered.
These are just some of the many factors that can lead to the failure of an SEO contract.

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I am no longer providing search engine optimization services to other companies.

I just want to be a lead generator, but at the same time I want to own all digital assets one hundred percent.

This indicates that I will rank the sites, and the client will continue to buy leads for those sites month after month. They are required to maintain their payments to me if they wish to maintain their access to the leads.

Unless they change it.
I have lately started working for a different rival company.

Because of the assets I possess, I am always in control of the situation. I am compensated monetarily for my work.

In comparison to SEO, this is a lot more effective model for a firm.

Because of this, I believe that the lead gen coaching programme is a little bit superior to Source Wave at this point in time in the year 2020.
Market Hero Review Alex’s programme for tracking leads and conversions is designed to assist you in expanding your dropshipping business’s customer base.

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Email marketing is another service that it can provide for your company.

Anyone interested in getting into e-commerce may get all they need in one convenient location. Even while not all of these characteristics are required for success, I did find that several of them were incredibly helpful.

When your e-commerce website first begins selling products, this enables you to perform an automatic calculation of the worth of each lead.
This can be accomplished manually with the use of an Excel spreadsheet; however, the task gets more challenging when you also need to keep track of the revenues generated by Facebook ads and email marketing. It takes care of everything for you, which is a wonderful feature.

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You will learn everything there is to know about the dropship model of e-commerce with this intense course that lasts for ten weeks.

There is also the possibility of drop shipping.

Alex Becker integrated it with his lead tracking programme called Market Hero, which I discussed before in this paragraph.

As all of my readers are aware, the drop-shipping business model I use has been the source of many of my challenges and obstacles.
There have been a great number of victories, in addition to defeats.

When I first started dabbling in e-commerce, I already had an online lead generation company that brought in multiple six-figure incomes. Therefore, all of this was an attempt to broaden the sources of revenue I could draw from.

If I were to go back to work, my primary focus would be on the lead generation business.

Because dropshipping is so dependent on purchased traffic from Facebook, I’ve decided it’s not the right business model for me. Because of the inherent unpredictability of Facebook advertisements, running them can occasionally end up being rather expensive. After some time, I came to realise that this was not something that appealed to me at all, especially considering that the profit margins for my lead generation business, which relies almost entirely on free traffic to function, were very close to being perfect.
Your workload may also expand as a result of increased customer support and other difficulties relating to the physical things you sell if you operate a drop ship firm.

People tend to believe that e-commerce is more scalable than it actually is.

An Analysis of the Show “The Black File”

Alex Becker publishes a significant number of the landing pages and advertisements that he has designed.

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These are the aspects of his coaching programme that I think he should emphasise more, but whatever.

These are wonderful places to further one’s education.

People who already make use of paid traffic are the primary target audience for this.

The primary objective of this guide is to provide assistance in the creation of ads and funnels that are suitable for mass marketing. This will enable you to scale your offer to a greater number of people than you would be able to with a narrow niche.

Review of the Accelerator Program Offered by Hero Consulting

Despite the fact that I don’t find email marketing to be the most effective way to find prospects and land clients, Jason W. shares some great strategies.

Participants in this training must already possess a skill that can be useful to another person.

An Analysis of the 8 X HERO ACADEMY

What kind of con artist is Alex Becker? Is he a con artist or a con artist?

There is a widespread opinion that Alex Beckler is a con artist.

A few individuals have even signed up to participate in one of his programmes.

over the course of several years, Alex has typically released a large number of programmes. Given the cost of some of his programmes, your expectations might not be met by the quality of those programmes.Even though there is a lot of great content, it often has the feel of being a bit disorganised.

When you buy one of his courses or sign up for his email mailing list, he immediately tries to sell you his other programmes, which leads many people to believe that he is a con artist. He is very good at selling you his other programmes.

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Although not all of them are of very high quality, I have discovered that some of them are quite valuable.

He uses scarcity strategies in his webinar funnels, such as stating that his course will only become available if you sign up today. He is very professional in his approach to his webinar funnels. Additionally, he asserts that the webinar is live, despite the fact that it was obviously recorded. And he is continuing to sell the programme well past the time that was originally intended for it to expire.

In addition, a great number of other coaches and people who develop software and programmes reach out to Alex Becker in an effort to sell him their most recent creations.

There are times when he will promote things that he has not fully experimented with.

A significant number of his followers made the mistake of purchasing useless programmes or software that was either overly complicated or prone to error.

Many people are upset as a result of these unsuccessful products, which Alex Becker encouraged to his students.

When you promote a large number of products that you didn’t create, you should anticipate having to deal with the following issues.

Alex is an extremely talented businessman and entrepreneur. He sells digital products such as software and coaching programmes, both of which have unlimited potential for expansion.

You have the potential to generate revenue by selling multiple courses.

Tai Lopez uses the same methodology, and he offers a wide variety of programmes for purchase.

Despite the fact that it is possible for someone to overpromise their product or service and then completely scam you out of your money, many people will still consider this to be a scam. Despite this, Alex’s most prominent programmes are strong.

Read on for another quiz question: how well do you know your dropshipping products and items?

Is he a fraudster? Although I do not consider him to be a con artist, I am aware that he has in the past sold products of dubious quality. Yes.

Shopify Instruction from Alex Becker

The Alex Becker Shopify training, which is also referred to as HCOM 2020, is an undiscovered treasure. In order to develop this comprehensive ecommerce dropshipping course, Alex Becker collaborated with Shopify’s resident expert, Devin Zander, as well as Matt Schmitt. This class meets once per week for ten weeks. The following is a summary:

First Week: An Overview of Shopify

The second week focuses on making the best product choices.

Week Three: Offers That Are Addictive

Week 4: Branding

Masterclass on Ad Targeting in the Fifth Week

Advertising Master Class Part 2 will be covered in Week Six.

The seventh week features the Instagram Influencer Partnership.

Expand your email list using e-commerce email marketing during the eighth week of the challenge.

Analytics and Tracking for the Ninth Week

Week Ten: Bonus Content

The final week of the course is probably what you are most curious about at this point. What exactly is the content of the bonus? The following is a list of some of the things that are included in each week’s bonus content:

  • A training programme in video marketing
  • A model for online seminar or presentation sales
  • Free t-shirt from the Hero Nation brand
  • Monthly high-quality webinar presentation
  • The following are some of the advantages of taking this class:
  • Software applications available at no cost for stores using Shopify.
  • Free Video Marketing Courses at the Conclusion of Each
  • Guaranteed to refund your entire purchase price in full.
  • It is straightforward and simple to comprehend, even for first-time users.
  • The following are the drawbacks to taking this path:
  • This is not for those just starting out.
  • On the official website, there is a misleading price tag for a one-day sale.
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There are many courses offered by Alex Becker. This course’s primary focus is familiarisation, with the secondary objective being the facilitation of people setting up Shopify stores in an easy manner. You will be able to understand the fundamentals of Shopify and get your online store up and running with the assistance of this course by Alex Becker, market hero. Throughout the entirety of this course, you will learn, comprehend, and become an expert in the following topics:

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Gain familiarity with the Shopify platform.

Begin the process of establishing and designing an online shop right away.

Shopify Apps: An Explanation of Their Function and Their Intended Purpose

Conduct research on the market segment that piques your interest and make a list of the goods you intend to bring into the country.

Gain an understanding of how to optimise, test, and manage advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Figure out how to convert the highest amounts.

Conducting research into one’s competitors

At the conclusion of this course, you will be provided with the software that is necessary to manage your Shopify store. You won’t be required to pay any additional money for software from a third party. The following types of software applications are included here:

Bundle Upsell for SMAR7

SMAR7 Express Fulfillment Process That Is Completely Automated

Scarcity Countdown Timer Developed by SMAR7

You have access to Market Hero for a period of six months.


The Source Wave University, which can be used to learn SEO, and H-Com, which can be used to start a drop shipping business, are two of Alex Becker’s top products.

If I could only learn one skill to become an internet entrepreneur, it would be search engine optimization (SEO), because it is the most marketable and useful skill to have.

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Every day, I apply my knowledge of SEO to the process of expanding both my lead generation business and this blog, which can be found at

Alex is an authority in his field, and he is very generous in providing a wealth of helpful information regarding his many different products and programmes.

The fact that he seems to launch a new product every week is the primary source of my frustration.

It can be difficult to understand for someone who is just beginning to explore the possibility of starting an online business.

It would have been possible to combine many of his programmes into one.

Over the years, one of the most significant challenges to achieving success online has been known as the shiny objects syndrome.

The inability to focus on a single task and to persevere until one achieves success.

Too many people jump from one programme to the next or one business to the next without ever settling down. This leads to the development of a feeble mentality and a propensity to avoid or flee any kind of challenge or difficulty.

The students in Alex Becker’s class feel this way as a direct result. They never stop looking for the next thing that catches their eye.

Bros & Sis: It’s not the activity that you engage in that will determine your level of success. It’s all on YOU.

The world of business is a miniature version of real life.

It’s not about winning, but about learning from your failures and coming out on the other side a stronger version of yourself.

In order to amass a significant amount of wealth throughout your lifetime, you will need to demonstrate to customers that you can provide exceptional value.

You can only become someone of high value by confronting your challenges head-on, overcoming them, and growing stronger as a result of doing so.

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In this way, you can become the genuine version of the person who is capable of realising their full potential.

It is critical to have a tough disposition, to persevere, and to never give up on the dreams you have. You have the determination to achieve your goals at any cost. You can then direct your determination toward learning just one or two skills that will significantly increase your earning potential.

Following completion of this coach programme, I was able to direct all of my attention to the generation of local leads. Because of this, I was able to leave my job that I worked from 9 to 5 in 2015 and start working for myself ever since.

If you put in the effort to acquire that skill and become that valuable person, you will be rewarded for the rest of your life with the benefits that come from those accomplishments.