Testing Dropshipping Products

How to test Dropshipping Products on Facebook?

How to Use Facebook to Test Drop Shipping Products – Step by Step Instructions

If Teespring has taught me anything, it is that your socks will be put to the test!

Regardless of whether you are in the drop-shipping, Teespring, affiliate marketing, or any other type of business, it is critical to spend money on testing in which your customers are in control.

This could mean the difference between a few hundred and several hundred thousand dollars.

I had planned to take you through a typical Teespring / Drop shipping morning today, but things fell through.

A personal forum, which I will be launching shortly with over 70 Premium video tutorials, is something else I wanted to bring to your attention right away.
It contains case studies with incomes in excess of $50,000, and it will be an incredible resource for ecommerce growth, discussion, and learning, among other things.

In any case, this is for a different blog post.

The ‘Amount’ column shows how much money I have spent up to this point in time.

In order to demonstrate my testing methodology and explain why I believe you have a large amount of money in the bank to begin with, I will use an example.

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My approach is to establish a large network of contacts and to concentrate on which signs of interest are effective and visible.

My gems are listed above, and the price per commitment varies depending on which one you choose in the ‘cost’ column.

The lower the cost, the greater the level of commitment you will receive.

However, the last column represents the true value of interest in this case. Alternatively, CPC stands for “Cost per Click.” What exactly is the click? Of course, there’s a link to the product!

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It’s one thing for people to like, comment, and share a post on social media. In reality, people must click on the link in order to view the item? That’s something else to consider right now.

Normally, I spend between $0.50 and $1.00 per click on CPCs. This means that for every person who visits my website, I receive $0.50–$1.00 from Facebook.

One thing you will notice is that Facebook information is sometimes unavailable for an extended period of time. Despite the fact that it states in the second-to-last column (Unique Web Clicks) that I have had approximately two to three clicks per ad set on my page, I have had approximately two to three clicks per ad set on my page (with the top exception).
The majority of my products are more effective than what Facebook claims. As a result, the amount of money Facebook tells you to charge for each click is not always exact and consistent.

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This information should be used primarily for the purpose of evaluating the campaign’s potential.
Some goods, despite their shortcomings, do perform better than others.

Let’s take a look at a complete ad set in which I wear three different floral-shaped rings. According to Facebook, the first necklace is the most famous of all. (Please disregard the T-Rex necklace.)

However, I have only spent a few dollars on each advertisement, and it is still far too early to make any conclusions!
Unless you do a particularly poor job, I’ll keep my exams to a maximum cost of about $20.

1 transaction completed.

Nothing about it is insane, but given that I have spent approximately five dollars on each ad set, it means that one of them is (at least for the time being) profitable.

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This isn’t a finalist for any awards just yet.
A winner will sell you on a consistent basis. When you have the option to scale, that is when.

The trial method, as well as my mentality behind it, was simply something I wanted to demonstrate.

I intend to proceed and spend the approximately 13 products that I have identified. I’ll go ahead and do it.

My initial investment will be between $100 and $150, with a few sales to cover my expenses here and there, but one of these will always be profitable.
If that were the case, I would stand to gain anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Occasionally, I was able to earn more than $100,000!

This entire exam may appear to be a significant financial investment at the time; however, once the winners begin to pour money into your bank account, you will discover that the income far outweighs the expenses.

This is the fundamental model of Drop Shipping / Teespring, and it is the model that I and many others follow.

Hopefully, this post will provide you with some insight into how I run my business.