Some of the Worst Dropshipping Niches to Avoid

saturated dropshipping niches

Many people, referred to as Dropshipping Gurus, discuss the best niches for Dropshipping businesses. There are numerous niches that are suitable for different types of customers. It is difficult for Dropshippers to find the ideal niche in which to launch their Dropshipping businesses.

Finding niches for dropshipping businesses can be a difficult task at times. Isn’t it preferable to be aware of the niches that should be avoided? There are a lot of niches out there that don’t get nearly enough attention. Many people try to get their hands on it, but they end up losing everything.

Dropshipping niches are not recommended for the following reasons:

  1. These markets are already oversaturated.
  2. The ability to successfully manage them can be extremely difficult.
  3. It requires a significant amount of effort. They will not be appropriate for your store.

Let’s talk about three Dropshipping niches you should avoid. Continue reading to learn more.


We will start with the watch niche. Although Dropshipping shops sell watches, it does not make much money. Dropshipping shops can sell only one watch per day because of the slow sales. This also applies to jewelry such as men’s bracelets, but we will only be focusing on watches.

Dropshipping is not a profitable business

for the purpose of watch stores Watches are sold by a large number of dropshippers, including beginners. It’s difficult to understand why they do this when they could simply sell hunting accessories instead. While they do have a section dedicated to luxury watches in their store, it is unlikely that it will generate enough business.

Dropshipping: Why are watches not suitable products for this method of distribution?

The cheapest watches can be found on AliExpress. Because of the low price of the watches on AliExpress, they are of very poor quality. Watches start at $5 on AliExpress, which is fine because $5 isn’t that expensive when you consider the high quality of the products. When you try to sell $5 watches for $20 in your store, you will run into trouble, as you will see below. In addition, you must cover the costs of shipping your customers’ orders. When it comes to watches, watches of such poor quality are unlikely to sell for $35. If the watch does not meet certain quality standards, it is not worth the $35 it costs to purchase it. The fact that these watches can be purchased on AliExpress is already well known.

While we do not recommend that you stop selling watches, we do recommend that you find high-quality watches with positive reviews so that other people can read those reviews and decide whether or not to buy your watches.

Watches were once a specialised market that was extremely popular a few years ago. However, this is no longer the case. Selling wristwatches is no longer a profitable business venture.

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Clothes for Everyone

Women’s clothing is available in a few shops. Furthermore, it lacks any sort of overarching theme. These Dropshippers simply go to AliExpress and purchase all of the general clothing items that they require, after which they place them in their online store for customers to purchase. These garments are frequently of poor quality, and they have a low return rate. These products are not typically desired by the general public.

Clothing in general is a big no-no.

This is due to the large number of retailers that sell clothing, which includes clothing that is both expensive and inexpensive in price. H&M, J.Crew Factory, and a slew of other clothing brands are available for purchase. Uniqlo is a clothing company that prides itself on providing high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Purchasing general clothing is out of the question because it does not appeal to the general public and is not as profitable as Dropshipping. Products with a strong visual impact are essential for your store. Clothing items that do not appeal to as many people as you would like will, in general, not sell as well as you would like. People will not purchase your clothing if they can obtain the same products at a lower price from a physical store in their neighbourhood. Even if people decide to purchase your products, there will be numerous issues, such as sizing and quality issues, to contend with. The clothing available on AliExpress is of extremely poor quality.

Our strong recommendation is that you refrain from selling clothing items in general. This is a niche that is unlikely to be popular, and it will distinguish your store from the competition.

Providing you customise the clothes and establish your own brand, you will still be able to sell them. This will take a significant amount of time and effort. No one would be willing to put up with such a lot of hassle.

The second thing you can do to make it easier for people to buy clothing is to sell items that are specific to a particular market. You can sell anime clothing, dragon ball clothing, and tank tops, among other items of clothing. Niche clothing stores perform exceptionally well in terms of sales.

Products that are printed on demand are also available. They have gained a lot of traction in today’s marketplace. Clothing can be printed with any graphic you want. It can be used in any industry. Dropshipping is all about printing on demand, which is what it is.

Avoid the general clothing niche if you want to stay out of trouble.

Products for a General Lifestyle

Items such as spoons and cleaning products fall into this category because they are commonly used in everyday situations. These products are frequently forgotten about. Dropshipping is all about selling items that are visually appealing and will attract more customers. It is critical to arouse interest in those items among those who will be purchasing them. If you want people to buy your items right away, they should be available for purchase. It is possible that customers will find your necklace extremely appealing if it is one of a kind.

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Lifestyle products, on the other hand, are more in demand. No matter how many marketing strategies you employ, they will not purchase your products. They will continue to prefer to shop at local establishments. It is possible to make impulse purchases from a broad range of general lifestyle goods.

You should only sell trendy items if you are selling lifestyle products. Your Dropshipping shop should not be based on general lifestyle items. This is not a good idea.

Heavy & bulky products

Dropshipping large, heavy, and bulky items can be difficult. This argument is supported by a number of compelling counter-argumentaries. The cost of shipping increases proportionally to the size of the product.

Consider the following scenario: you want to sell small kitchen appliances. In order to break even, you’ll need to have higher profit margins than the industry average of $20 per item in shipping and packaging costs. Most likely, your competitors will market the same products at a lower price and thus win all of the customers. This is the current state of affairs at your establishment. You will not be able to make a profit on each item or raise the price.

You may be looking for kitchen drawers, office chairs, or desks, among other things. You can bargain with local suppliers to obtain lower prices, and then begin reselling your products. Then there’s the matter of shipping. You will be able to handle all of the logistics on your own. Unless you have a delivery service or a warehouse, it’s difficult to sell in large quantities when you’re just getting started.

Products for health and well-being

It is difficult to market health products when you are not aware of the potential side effects. This is analogous to offering “elixirs for life” to elderly people knowing full well that they will all demand a refund for their purchases. Customers expect the product to perform miracles for them. No matter how much experience you have in the field, there is no way to guarantee anything even if you have over 100 years. When it comes to discussions about your online store, you will hear a lot of references to the term “fraudulent.” This type of psychological marketing has been out of date for quite some time.

It is rare for businesses to withstand the influx of negative consumer reviews that are posted on review websites on a daily basis. This is why dropshipping should be avoided at all costs. You can learn more about CBD-based products and perhaps even get into the business of selling them yourself. The sale of cannabis-infused products is still prohibited in the vast majority of countries. The effectiveness of your face cream cannot be guaranteed to be instantaneous wrinkle removal. If you aren’t expecting thousands of dollars in returns every month, it would be best to stick with something that is more consistent.

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Accessories for laptops and personal computers

Before you can sell these products, you will need to have a solid understanding of both software and hardware. Before making a purchase, consumers will frequently ask a plethora of questions. If you are unsure about how the graphics card will interact with your laptop, do not purchase it. This is also one of the dropshipping niches that you should avoid if you want to make money online. You will be required to mark the “fragile” items and pay an additional fee as a result of the possibility that many goods will be damaged during transportation or delivery.

Make sure to inquire about shipping costs and profit margins before proceeding with any purchases. Pay close attention to your Asian competitors, as they may be more concerned with revenue than with profit margins at this time. Despite the fact that it doesn’t sound nearly as bad as other dropshipping niches, it is a complex niche with many delicate items to display on the website. This one can be tried once your online shop has gained enough traction to allow you to branch out into other markets and niches.

Products with high tensile strength

Many items that fall into the categories of “home decor” and “toys” are delicate in nature. In the event that something breaks, you are responsible for the shipping charges. These conditions are covered by the strict policies that shipping companies have in place. Some employees would not be concerned as long as the shipment is received on time. Vases, radio-controlled toys, and other fragile objects can benefit from additional security. It is true that you will pay more, but you can rest assured that every product will arrive at its destination in good condition.

You’ll be inundated with requests for refunds from dissatisfied customers until you find a reputable shipping company with excellent customer reviews, which will take time. Because fragile items can be dangerous, you should concentrate your efforts on items that are less delicate…………………….. A fragile item is defined as one that is made of glass or porcelain, valuable collectibles, optical instruments, accessories, laboratory sets, or valuable collectibles.