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Shopmaster is Shutting Down Here are some Alternatives

Even if you are just starting out in the world of eCommerce, there is a good chance that you are already familiar with dropshipping. Its popularity is only going to grow as the reach of the internet continues to expand all over the world, and it is likely that you have already heard of it.
When it comes to carrying out your eCommerce operations, you have a variety of options at your disposal, and I’m sure you’ve already started whittling that list down to the choices that appear to offer the greatest potential benefits to your company and the direction it will take in the years to come.

ShopMaster is one of the best options available, and it could be one of these choices. If you want to open an online store, you should think about using it. In the same way that other things do, it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages that you will need to take into account. In this ShopMaster review article, we will take a look at some of these, as well as evaluate whether or not it is worth your time and effort.

This dropshipping platform is quite the front-runner in the industry, and it enables you to tailor your store to the requirements of the position by supplying you with the tools that you need to do so.

The platform itself serves as a ready-made service that is for dropshipping businesses that wish to deal with items from multiple shops, and utilise a network of different providers from all over the world. It functions more as a software application that you can utilise to make your account and gain access to its services, and it utilises a design of regular monthly memberships to accomplish the task at hand. In this sense, it acts more as if it were a software application.

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They maintain relationships with a sizable number of different suppliers. These include retailers such as Amazon, AliExpress, 1688, and many more; the total number of these shops ranges from about 30 different websites. Amazon is one example. In addition to that, it incorporates WooCommerce, eBay, Shopify, and Dream.

How to change Shopmaster in dropshipping

However, Shopmaster is going out of business, and the news has sent shockwaves throughout the drop shipping community. On Monday, March 15th, notifications were sent out to customers and users of the service informing them that the service will be discontinued on April 30th. This is depressing information for anyone who uses Shopmaster.

Shopmaster was without a doubt the website that offered dropshipping management that was both the easiest to use and the most comprehensive. Comparing Shopmaster to any other dropshipping management service is analogous to comparing Mo Farah to your local county runner. Shopmaster is simply in a league of its own. The quality of the service was truly unparalleled among its competitors.

Shopmaster in fundamental dropshipping

This particular blog site does not contain the complete series of its centres. I will investigate the purposes for which I made use of Shopmaster and the strategies I plan to implement in order to find a suitable alternative to it, which is not going to be an easy task.

In the most basic form of dropshipping, shopmaster
Shopmaster offered a great deal of items, the majority of which I did not make use of. Simply put, I used it as a straightforward drop shipping management service. It was incredibly helpful in managing both my Woocommerce stores and my eBay store.

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I simply imported products from AliExpress, configured the automated pricing solutions, crafted unique titles and descriptions for each product, and then exported the products to both of my Woocommerce shops and my eBay store.

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Shopmaster would then keep track of the prices and stock at Aliexpress on a daily basis, and it would immediately make any necessary adjustments to the prices and stock in my stores. As soon as it is established, basic and easy steps are taken.

Too inexpensive to endure?

The Shopmaster control board would be notified whenever an order was received from either Woocommerce or eBay. The order would then be processed there. When I logged into the control panel for my Shopmaster account, I was able to view all of the orders that had successfully been processed. I could place an order with the AliExpress provider and complete the payment with just one click. After that, the information regarding the order is relayed to the provider so that they can ship the products.
It was a service that could be counted on completely and completely. It freed me up to manage the marketing of websites and eliminated the process of placing private orders with Aliexpress and filling out shipping addresses for each individual order.

If we don’t have that automation, processing orders becomes a laborious and drawn-out process that takes a very long time.

Too cheap to stay for the long haul?
The fact that Shopmaster is now shutting its doors is probably due to the fact that it offered prices that were too low. There are other management services that are readily available, but none of them are as extensive or extensive as Shopmaster—at a cost that is significantly higher than Shopmaster.

Those who take advantage of a free trial would provide no more than fifty items. Shopmaster’s free plan included a whopping 800 different products for customers to choose from. That is enough to keep a small shop open on a full-time basis. I had signed up to take part in their small strategy, which cost me £9.99 per month and gave me access to 2,500 items. sufficient to support oneself financially on a full-time basis if the appropriate products are chosen.
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Although there are no actual figures available regarding the breakdowns, based on what I have seen in the neighbourhood, it appears that the majority of users were taking advantage of the free service that allows them to prepare up to 800 items on a website. After that, they would go to a different website, register the same name for a new account that was also free, and then obtain an additional 800 items without paying for them.

It was ripe for exploitation, and I believe, without a doubt, that the service has been shut down completely.

Is Shopmaster opted for excellent?

The proprietors of Shopmaster have announced that all of the services will be discontinued effective immediately. They do not have any plans to launch in a different format or to make the software application available to another company so that it can be used by that company.

My hunch is that Shopmaster, in some form or another, will make a comeback. Most likely not, considering that there is a free version readily available, or at least one that is not as generous. It would be a shame to throw away Shopmaster because of how helpful it is.

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Shopmaster continued to make modifications and introduce new features up until approximately two weeks before the announcement that it would be closing.
Having said that, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Alibaba group will put it to some kind of use. It is unclear to me whether they will launch it as a tool for normal use by dropshippers or whether they will keep it as a tool for use by Aliexpress sellers. On the other hand, it will come back in some form.

Discovering an option to Shopmaster.

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Getting familiar with one of Shopmaster’s available choices.
It is not going to be possible to come across an alternative that is on par with Shopmaster’s level of excellence. In order to get my personal dropshipping business off the ground, I need to import products from Aliexpress into both of my Woocommerce stores (I run a total of five of them) and my eBay store.

After considering a number of different options, the one that follows is currently the one that stands out to me as the very best choice. When I want to import products from AliExpress into WooCommerce, I use a plugin called ali2woo lite, and when I want to export products from WooCommerce to eBay, I use wp-lister lite.

There is a learning curve involved, although it is not overly steep with these two plugins in comparison to other things. It is helpful to have free variations of plugins and themes available in the WordPress repository so that you can test them out without spending any money.
Both of them seem to work quite well, and when used together, they offer a potential alternative to Shopmaster. On the other hand, this necessitates logging into each individual shop each time a sale is made in order to process the transaction. There is not a primary control panel of any kind like there is with Shopmaster.

Ali2woo Aliexpress importer

The procedure is that you utilise a Chrome ali2woo extension to import items from Aliexpress to your woo-commerce website. After that, you complete the customary steps of writing titles and descriptions in preparation for the item’s release. After that, you use wp-lister lite to upload the item to eBay so that others can purchase it.

The primary concerns with these plugins are that they are the totally free variation and not the professional so have some limitations on what they can do.

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Ali2woo Aliexpress importer
The complimentary variation of AliExpress can basically do whatever you require it to do. One huge advantage that you do not get with lots of importers is the choice to divide variations. This is something I utilise a lot since of the products I offer. This was readily available on Shopmaster so it’s great to see it as part of the totally free variation of Ali2woo.
What you do not get in the totally free variation is syncing of stock and rates instantly with Aliexpress. This is an essential thing to have. In my early days of drop shipping, I lost money on some items due to the fact that I did not synch items frequently– a minimum of as soon as a day.

WP-Lister Ebay Lite

Alirexpress sellers have great deals of deals and sales and if you do not watch on the rates you might base your cost on an offer and when that offer cost ends you are costing a loss if you do not upgrade your list prices. It’s a simple error for newbie drop shippers to make.

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In the totally free version, manually updating your stock and prices is possible, but automatic updates are not available. The cost of the professional version is approximately $40, which may not seem like a lot, but keep in mind that this price is per domain. Therefore, I have five domains, and it looks like the professional licences are going to cost me $200 just for ali2woo.

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For that amount of money, I can have someone on Fiverr write a macro for me that will activate the manual upgrade in the free version. This is a very simple window programme that will run at the specified intervals as soon as they are reached. The execution of the macro will cause a call to be made to the web address of the manual upgrade. It’s possible that this will be more cost-effective than purchasing a licence for each individual domain. It is unfortunate that there is not a multi-domain licence available for ali2woo, as this would make purchasing the software more cost-effective.

WP-Lister Ebay Lite
When using WP-Lister Lite, the rate of failure is even higher. For the premium version, the developers are asking for a payment of $150 per domain that it is used on. A staggering quantity for relatively small drop-shippers. The annual cost for maintaining my five websites is estimated to be $750. This is not a sensible option.
Buying a nulled variant on eBay for $9 is something that I cannot in good conscience recommend doing. You could also obtain it from a number of unofficial sources for a price that is significantly lower. For me personally, I can get a plugin written on Fiverr to do the task for a lot less money if I spend $750 on it.

The ability to synchronise your Woocommerce control panel with the orders from your eBay store is the primary reason why you need the pro version of wp-lister. The free variation will keep you informed of sales, but it will not import orders or create WooCommerce orders for eBay orders. You are going to need to do this in order to have a woocommerce order, which will allow ali2woo to transfer all of the information and make it visible.

An unfortunate day with the closure of Shopmaster

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All of your items will be exported to eBay in a professional manner if you use the wp-lister lite plugin. However, in order to process an order, you will need to manually raise an AliExpress order by cutting and pasting the entirety of the order’s information. If you have the professional version, you will have access to a woocommerce order that can be used to immediately create an aliexpress order.

A bad day made worse by the fact that Shopmaster has shut down.
The unfortunate event of the day was that Shopmaster decided to close its doors. There are going to be a lot of drop shippers who will have fewer options to choose from in order to keep their businesses afloat, and this is especially true for those drop shippers who focus on eBay or Amazon for their business.
It demonstrates how unpredictable the web can be. When you put the management of your company in the hands of a third party, you can never truly know what the outlook for the long term will be like.