Savoy Active Private Label

Private Label Activewear Dropship from Savoyactive

Savoy Active was based on the fundamental premise that even the most technologically advanced sporting apparel should not come at the expense of aesthetics and comfort. Each piece is meticulously designed for efficiency, with sophisticated cuts and streamlined styles, as well as innovative materials and smooth workmanship.

The use of features such as tactical aeration and figure-slimming panels helps to ensure a great fit while also sculpting your shape. By combining brilliant colours, textures, and designs in sophisticated shapes with body-sculpting construction, you will be able to perform at your peak while wearing an item that makes you feel amazing.
Whether you desire modern sportswear with an outstanding fit that is ideal for your extreme training session, or a stylish edge that elevates your casual appearance, we are committed to providing superior items to eager fitness enthusiasts at affordable prices. In other words, we are always developing and expanding our product offers.

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Based in Los Angeles, California, we design collections for people who lead busy lifestyles while maintaining a sense of style. Savoy Active’s focus remains on the information, utilising cutting-edge engineering and the finest, hand-selected items to achieve this goal. In our business, we only work with the top manufacturers, and we meticulously craft pieces that push the boundaries of fitness, energy, and design to their limits.

Savoy Active can be used in a variety of ways, throughout your workout, or simply when you want to feel comfortable while exercising. We understand you are active, whether you are running the path or performing yoga, or anything in between. So why not look beautiful while doing so?

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In partnership with Modalyst (, the leading dropshipping platform, Savoy Active is pleased to provide you with an innovative brand-new service – personal label dropshipping!

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Offering sportswear under your store’s own brand name is now possible thanks to this innovative new programme. The way it works is as follows:
Become a member of Modalyst.

Register for our Personal Label Dropshipping Program – a link will be provided to Modalyst as soon as you have completed your registration.
Any Savoy Active item that you wish can be obtained.

Your shop’s logo design and hangtag will be attached to every order that is shipped to your customer – the brand name Savoy Active will not be visible on the item, but you will receive the exact same high-quality items that you would have received with the Savoy Active brand name.

Using Modalyst, you can streamline your dropshipping process by keeping your items up to date with real-time item changes and automating the purchasing process.

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Modalyst allows you to sync all of the items in your shop at the same time, ensuring that all of your products have the most up-to-date product information, such as stock levels and wholesale rates. You have complete control over how you handle your margins and mark-up items, regardless of the industry. You will receive all orders, which will be delivered directly to your customers.

Only Modalyst provides support for this programme, making it one of a kind. To get started, you should create an account on Modalyst. Using this method, you can ensure that your products are linked to current information about your selected new brand name – Savoy Active. All items are easily available at our most competitive wholesale prices, and they can be added to your shop with the touch of a button!