Reputed Dropshipping Suppliers in the Philippines to Sell Online

Why not start a dropshipping company in the Philippines?

Asia is an emerging market for online commerce, with the average consumer spending US$ 21.68 annually. This is a modest amount but it is indicative of the growing market for ecommerce investments. This is a sign of the market’s potential growth rate of 7.9 per cent by 2024.

Although still very young, the Philippines has established a strong foundation for ecommerce by adopting mobile phones and the internet quickly. With more international ecommerce shops like eBay, it is not surprising that online sales are expected to increase in the Philippines.

What products can clients purchase online in the Philippines These clients are most likely to shop online for electronic devices. These include phone accessories and laptop add-ons as well as cams and phones and other electronic devices. 56% of customers shop online at most once in 30 days. Dropshipping is a popular option in the Philippines, as clients are smart. They are open to new technologies and value privacy online.

When you launch an ecommerce business, it can be hard to decide which products to sell. You may be interested in two or three products. Dropshipping is better than wholesale.

Dropshipping is a way to get into a market without having to take any risks or invest capital. You don’t have to purchase stock until the client orders it. Simply purchase the item from the supplier, and they will ship it to you. Dropshipping allows for you to try different products on your market until you find the right combination.

Find inspiration in our What to Offer Online article. This article will show you how to sell your products online and the various ways that you can come up with ideas.

Top 10 Dropship Supply Suppliers from the Philippines

Dropshipping allows companies to source products from the Philippines.
Dropshipping is possible as we have already mentioned in our blog. This depends on how committed you are as a business owner, and how much money you are willing to put into it.

There are no upfront expenses. You still have money in your pocket.

This is implying that if you want your company to succeed, it is important to find providers that charge a lower price so that your profit margins can be increased.

Dropshipping can make finding suppliers and manufacturers difficult.

Top 5 Dropshipping Suppliers in the Philippines.


DropX is a dropshipping supplier company based in the Philippines. It was established in 2021 and is still relatively young. DropX allows dropshippers to set up their own dropshipping company and leverage the Cash on Delivery method in the Philippines. DropX is the only dropshipping company in the Philippines that allows all nationalities to join. Dropshipping in the Philippines is possible even if you are not from the Philippines.

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DropX is available in Shopify apps Store, WooCommerce Plugin and Via chatbots on Messenger. DropX dropshipping subscriptions are affordable at only US$75 per month or PHP3,800 per year.

DropX offers drop shipping products branded by their 20+ brand partners throughout the country. Dropship hundreds of SKUs with brands such as Kyowa and Philipps, Vivo Micromatic, Standard, Standard, and Awei.

DropX has more information on their website


AliExpress is an online shop that is well-known and popular. AliExpress is an international online shop. You have many options.

Everything you need, from beautiful stationery to clothes, can be found on AliExpress. AliExpress has a variety of brands that can help you outsource. AliExpress makes it easy to outsource without having to spend any upfront. The items can be sold without additional budgetary responsibility.

This guide is useful for those who don’t know how to start an online store or have no idea what to sell on Dropshipping . AliExpress handles Dropshipping orders. Simple instructions make it simple.

AliExpress Dropshipping Advantages

*All AliExpress products can be purchased at very low prices. They are legally shipped from China.

It offers free shipping

Dropshipping AliExpress has its advantages

* False advertisement: Many providers sell a wide range of products at high prices.

* It is not uncommon for the item to coordinate with clients’ preferences or sizes. The product pictures displayed in the stores may not match the actual item.


WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin allows you to send automatic e-mails with order notifications to wholesale dropshippers when new orders arrive in your WooCommerce shop.

The program then group the items purchased by each provider and sends them all to each other with a list of what they have purchased. WooCommerce Dropshipping generates a PDF file from the packaging slip, and attaches it as an attachment to an order notice email. Dropshippers can print the packaging slip and attach to client’s deliveries for blind dropshipping.


Dropify encourages and facilitates dropshipping in Philippines. Shopee, Lazada make dropshipping easier.

The brochure lists top-quality providers in each class. These providers can be chosen by sellers and signed up.

Currently, they are focusing on Shopee and Lazada sellers.

There is a 10% monthly service charge and deal fees for platforms like Shopee and Lazada. There is a monthly and an annual fee, depending on which store, brand or market you choose. It costs PHP 4,000 to PHP 16,000

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This add-on can be installed after you have purchased WordPress.
The plugin is USD49/year (PHP2,380).


Oberlo lets you import directly from Aliexpress into your Shopify shop. Orders can be delivered directly from the manufacturer to customers.

Oberlo offers item information, consumer support and adjustable listings. They also offer multilingual operations.

Oberlo, a dropshipping platform from Shopify, is unique. Once the dropshipper has connected their Shopify shop to Oberlo, this combination can be automated.

Oberlo is completely free to sign up (PHP1,460-3900). A Shopify Shop may also be worth considering.

OJMD Dropshipping

OJMD Dropshipping, OJMD Solutions Philippines’ dropshipping arm. Dropshipping, an automated service that accepts money on shipment (COD) as payment method, is called OJMD Dropshipping.
They are focused on COD deals and automated dropshipping with logistics, item imports and managing control panels.

OJMD Dropshipping is available as a Shopify App and a WordPress Plugin.

According to Shopify’s prices strategies, their service starts at USD40 per month (PHP1,955) or USD360/year(PHP17,000.00).


Although the names might sound similar, AliDropship is actually a separate company that developed the AliDropship plugins WooCommerce & WordPress to dropship AliExpress products.

AliDropship is an online shop contractor that provides plugins and AliExpress dropshippers with a special focus on AliExpress dropshippers.

They are currently available to WordPress users and WordPress websites.

Prices for the plugins start at US89 (PHP4,330) and their platform costs from US300 (PHP14 600 to US900 (PHP43 800).

Chinese products are profitable and affordable, which is why many Chinese or Filipinos buy stages from China. is the largest dropshipping distributor in the Philippines from China. They also provide outsource services.

More than 200 countries have been helped to adjust their clients by them. is a leader in drop shipping services. You will also find the most efficient shipping options on the market when you join the network of china brands. has a large selection of products, including apparel, children’s wear, accessories and dig tools. can source the products you require from the market. They inspect the manufacturing process and perform quality checks. is able to verify product production information, markings and customs.’s Benefits allows you to see the product information and the process of marking, customizing and kitting. Kitting, marking and accustoming information. offers 200 or more dispatching strategies to support dropshipping businesses. provides a high-quality transport service that can be used in less than 24 hours.’s Advantages

* Sign up to access the provider list


Another worthwhile company on the Alibaba online marketplace is this one. This online retailer is just as popular as Dropshippers in the Philippines. They have everything you could need and they are making great use of it. This is a great place to outsource in the Philippines. It was established in 2012 and is now the largest online commerce hub in the country.

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Lazada Dropshipping Advantages

They sell items online at a fraction of the cost of traditional shops. They can charge lower prices because they buy in bulk.

Dropshipping with Lazada comes with its drawbacks

* Lazada, a popular Filipino game, has many players that can compete against each other.

Rakuten, eBay and other major competitors are the top contenders.


It is an online Chinese business organization. Alibaba is a great discount organization. Dropshipping is also available in the Philippines. It is the largest online trading platform in the world.

Dropshipping administration is not offered by Alibaba. Dropshipping is only offered by suppliers or Dropshippers. Dropshipping can be done on Alibaba by getting in touch with suppliers. Dropshipping is possible from anywhere in the world if you’re interested in Alibaba. There is no outsource fee.

Dropshipping with Alibaba offers many advantages

* Make sure you are comfortable on stage and clearly highlight a paid aspect of your business.

* They can also organize items and classes to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for quickly.

Dropshipping with Alibaba comes with its drawbacks

* The organization has received many complaints and is not well-known.


Esource actually is located in the UK. They saw a profitable business opportunity in the Philippines and decided to invest. They now have a huge stock of products. They are able to help small businesses that operate online set up production websites. They are affordable and offer high quality products. Esources is a leading Dropshipping and Rebate company. It is a qualification of the most reputable Dropshipping companies. It does not offer markdown or inventory of outsourcing. Esources is home to many suppliers and manufacturers.

There are many types of products. The proprietor must contact suppliers and producers individually to get Esources to his or her attention. You can also use Esources to locate suppliers. Esources only lists producers and suppliers. Dropshipping is available to organizations.

Dropshipping with Esources offers many advantages

* Providers who have passed a lot of tests are eligible for Trade Pass.

* Dropshipping providers are dependent on each other.

Dropshipping With Esources

*If you select the free membership option, it’s important to put in a lot of work.

These were the top ten Dropshipping companies in the Philippines.