Q4 Dropshipping Products

4th Quarter (Q4) Dropshipping Products and Tips to Sell

Every year, the eCommerce industry looks forward to the fourth quarter. End-of-year festivities have begun, and internet spending has climbed by more than twice as much as it did from Q1 to Q3, according to recent statistics. Q4 is the most advantageous moment to enter the eCommerce industry and gain its benefits.

Everything you need to know about dropshipping during the fourth quarter, including why it is crucial, how to do it during the Coronavirus epidemic, and which Q4 products you may drop ship throughout the Christmas season, will be covered in this article.

Dropshipping during Q4

Dropshipping is the most profitable time of the year during the fourth quarter. Every year, new sales records are set, and the number of records is increasing.

Let’s take a look at the data to illustrate what we’re talking about. In terms of sales, the 2019 US Holiday Season surpassed the $1 trillion mark for the first time. This graph depicts the predicted Christmas expenditure and contrasts it with purchases made in-store and online.

Online purchasing accounts for 59 percent of total spending, while in-store buying accounts for 36 percent. When you combine it with the COVID-19’s significant shift to internet purchasing, you can predict a wider disparity between the two groups.

During the 2019 Christmas season, an average of $2.3 trillion was spent worldwide. This represents a remarkable increase of $200 million over the previous year. Furthermore, 65 percent of shoppers browse for holiday gifts on the internet. We are aware that the majority of people prefer to purchase holiday things online, which represents a significant improvement over traditional in-store purchasing.

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The data in this graph depicts how AutoDS users felt throughout the holiday season of 2019.

The average order value over the holiday season is 152.95 dollars, with an average family paying 1.496 dollars. Because buyers spend more in the fourth quarter than they did in the first three quarters, the fourth quarter is the most profitable quarter of the year.

How Coronavirus (COVID-19), Is Impacting Ecommerce & Dropshippers

This year has been full of amazing shocks, none of which could have been predicted in advance. When it became clear that COVID-19 was endangering the entire world in March, it was deemed a global security threat by the United Nations.

The vast majority of internet purchasing has displaced physical establishments, which are still in the process of closing their doors in some areas. A large number of people lost their jobs. eCommerce, on the other hand, has made significant strides forward. We noticed a significant increase in sales at AutoDS, as well as across the board for all dropshippers. A weekly sales chart of all drop shipper sales between mid-March and the peak was released by Lior Pozin (CEO of AutoDS) on his blog.

Everyone working in the eCommerce industry observed an uptick in online sales in March, and the trend has maintained since then. We aren’t talking about dropshippers here, either. Since March, eCommerce behemoth eBay has provided monthly bonuses to sellers to assist them to improve their sales and earnings over an extended period.

In the first instance, eBay declared that they were safeguarding sellers’ performance via COVID-19. Seller performance and reputation would not be affected by late shipments, and they would not be penalized because they understand that shipping carriers encounter severe delays. Fortunately, buyers were aware of the situation, and sellers were not adversely affected.

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After much anticipation, eBay announced on March 23 that it will be providing 100,000 free eBay listings to anyone who has a store subscription through April 31st. During the epidemic, this additional incentive is meant to motivate sellers to try hundreds of new products and to become successful business owners.

As a dropshipper, you will appreciate this because dropshipping does not need you to maintain or pay for physical inventory of any kind. This means that testing thousands of listings is completely free, with no fees or charges whatsoever.

As if that wasn’t enough, eBay gave away 50K free eBay listings to anyone who subscribed to their store. These benefits have the potential to save you hundreds of dollars per month on store memberships. Anyone who takes advantage of these deals will see an increase in the success of their dropshipping business.

Sellers benefit from eBay’s assistance in difficult times and become more profitable as a result. This demonstrates that they support the big number rule strategy by providing tens to thousands of listings for no charge. Anyone who has utilized it throughout this period has noticed a significant improvement.

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A related post, Selling During Coronavirus, was released in which we explored all of the niches that can assist you in maximizing your revenues during COVID-19.

During the epidemic, Lior set up a poll on the AutoDS dropshipping community’s Facebook page to hear directly from merchants about their dropshipping experiences. The majority of respondents (79 percent) claimed that they have expanded the size of their dropshipping business. Approximately 15% slowed it down, while less than 1% did not make any adjustments.

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This demonstrates that the majority of sellers recognize when it is appropriate to scale up and take advantage of opportunities to optimize their profitability.

What to Expect During the Coronavirus Year Q4 Holiday Season.

Combine it with the shifts in customer behavior that have occurred since COVID-19 plus the fact that the holiday season has passed, and you have a recipe for new success. In 2018, you can look forward to several developments as eCommerce continues to make significant advances forward.

Many people send holiday gifts to their friends and family members. 88 percent of respondents want to continue purchasing gifts online to send to their friends and family.

As a result of the pandemic, many individuals will be purchasing online for the first time in the coming months.

The same survey also indicated that 52 percent of Americans have converted to cooking at home since the beginning of the crisis, indicating that the cooking and kitchen niches are gaining in popularity. To spend more time indoors, 50 percent of the population has shifted their behavior and is now supporting the home entertainment business. 36 percent have begun to work out at home, thereby expanding their home fitness market share and increasing their profitability.

Typically, more than a quarter of Christmas expenditures is spent on socializing while away from home. This year, on the other hand, things will be different. There will be fewer flights and fewer opportunities to dine out this year. In addition, there will be fewer overnight stays in resorts.

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Increased eCommerce growth and drop shipping are being fueled by the unanticipated behavior and changes brought on by the Coronavirus.

What kind of figures do you think you’ll see this year? In the first place, retail spending is expected to climb by 3.4 percent, reaching $1.042 billion. This is a mind-boggling sum of money. eCommerce is expected to grow by 13.9 percent, reaching $156.69 trillion. This represents a huge increase when compared to retail expenditure, and it demonstrates the direction in which online buying is headed.

Which stores do purchasers frequent during their vacation time?

Personal and home items will command a higher proportion of consumer spending throughout the holiday shopping season, compared to outdoor products.

According to Deloitte’s survey, the most popular category for Christmas shopping is apparel and accessories (clothing and footwear, etc.). Overall, 26 percent of Christmas spending is spent in the United States. This represents more than a quarter of all holiday buyers’ overall holiday expenditure. The products in this category will be purchased by 73 percent of all shoppers, with an average purchase price of $387 for each purchaser.

With a 20 percent share of the total holiday shopping basket, the Food/Beverage/Health sector comes in second place. 70% of all customers will purchase this category, with an average purchase price of $310 per buyer.

The third category is Toys and Hobbies. The company controls a 17 percent share of the Christmas shopping basket market. Buyers will purchase from this category in 64 percent of cases, with an average purchase price of $299 per customer.

The following category is Electronics & Accessories, which contains computers, tablets, smartwatches, and other electronic gadgets, among other things. The holiday basket portion accounts for 15% of the total. Customers will spend an average of $348 per customer in this area, which accounts for 47 percent of all purchases.

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The Kitchen (including home improvement, kitchen appliances, and furniture) is the heart of the home and its most important room. There will be 9 percent of Christmas basket share in this category, and 36 percent of total customers will purchase from this category.

The average consumer spends $280 on their purchase. The remaining categories will account for 13 percent and 36 percent of the total percentage.

Each customer spends an average of $418 on holiday purchases. In addition to ensuring that your Q4 dropshipping products are covered in these categories, you should consider branching out into new niches that you haven’t explored before.

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When are the upcoming holidays, and what are they?

When and What Holidays are Coming Up?

Halloween is a frightening occasion that everyone looks forward to. It will take place on October 31st, as it has done for the past several years. Not only are Halloween masks being purchased in large quantities, but there is also a significant amount of holiday spending.

To make the most of Halloween in 2020, you should familiarise yourself with and implement the best Halloween products that you may sell on your dropshipping website. There are a plethora of Q4 dropshipping product ideas and insights in this book, all of which have proven to be profitable in prior years. Getting started as soon as possible is essential.
A sneak glance at some of the most popular products in the guide is provided below.

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the United States (November 26th).
Thanksgiving will be the first holiday of the fourth quarter of 2020, and it will take place on November 26th of that year. After experiencing a considerable boost in sales when compared to the previous year, it is projected that Thanksgiving-related products will continue to sell like hotcakes. Taking into consideration all of the facts you have read, this year will witness an increase in sales.

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If your store isn’t ready for Thanksgiving yet, you should start preparing today. To help you have an even better year, we’ve put together a guide that will show you what kinds of things to sell on Thanksgiving Day. Listed below are a few of the most popular Q4 dropshipping products that you’ll come across.

Cyber Monday (November 30th), Black Friday (November 27th), and Cyber Friday (December 1st) are all dates to mark on your calendar (Nov 30th).
In the United States, Black Friday (November 27th,) and Cyber Monday (November 30th,) are the two most important shopping holidays of the year. These sales take place immediately following Thanksgiving and provide shoppers with substantial savings across a wide range of products.
It was started by the retailer as a way to get rid of surplus inventory at the end of the year and make room for new inventory in the new year. Because of the enormous increase in consumer purchasing patterns, Black Friday swiftly became a worldwide phenomenon in the eCommerce industry. Following that, there will be Cyber Monday, which will provide retailers and customers with an additional opportunity to benefit from the bargains and discounts.

The preparation for these occasions is not simple, but the results are well worth it. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to dropship throughout Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2020 in 2020. This tutorial offers vital advice on how to prepare your dropshipping stores and Q4 dropshipping products so that you may make a killing in 2020 by selling them.

Did you know that the popularity of Baby Nail Trimmers is increasing? All of this, and much more.

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Christmas is a time for giving and receiving (December 25th, 2020)
Last but not least, Christmas, which will be celebrated on December 25th, will be celebrated. Because of the increase in eCommerce and Q4 Christmas shopping, Santa Claus will be even more generous this year on the internet.

Every year, a large number of Christmas gifts and products are bought. This year promises to be even more memorable than the previous one. You can check the whole list of products that you could drop ship over the Christmas Holiday 2020 season by visiting the link provided. This Christmas gift guide includes a plethora of Q4-trending dropshipping product suggestions.

Read this 14-minute article for vital advice that will assist you in increasing your Christmas sales and growing your dropshipping business this holiday season.
Don’t miss out on another vacation opportunity!
It might be tough to keep track of all of the holidays and to make plans for them in advance of each one. When it comes to major holidays, dropshippers frequently forget about them and only realize their mistake when it is too late. Other sharks are swimming in the seas ahead of you, so it’s too late to do anything.

The Holiday Calendar will make certain that you don’t miss any important holiday activities. It is free and is updated regularly. With the help of your calendar, start making plans for 2021 right away. Everything you’ll need for the rest of the year may be found in the guide below.

Dropshipping Suggestions for the Fourth Quarter

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Dropshipping in Q4 refers to dropshipping activities that take place during the fourth quarter of the calendar year. In addition, it has been dropshipping for the past four months. The dropshipping season begins in October and lasts until the end of December.

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Several factors make dropshipping essential in the final quarter of the year. We will go over each of these in greater depth. We will also reveal some of the things you might expect to happen throughout this time frame.

Do not miss out on another holiday!

It is during the fourth quarter of the year that certain developments take place. Dropshippers can take advantage of these improvements to expand their businesses and increase their profitability. What makes Q4 so noteworthy for dropshippers, and what are the most significant changes? Let’s find out more about it below.

Sales Rise as a Result

According to Statista, the percentage of online sales climbs year after year as the year draws to a close. In the fourth quarter, people are more likely to shop online than they are to shop in brick-and-mortar stores. Because of this year’s pandemic, it is not expected that people will stand in large queues at shopping establishments. This complies with the social distancing regulations that are in place. They will do their shopping online.
Customer Service is important to us.

During the fourth quarter of the year, e-commerce sellers typically see an uptick in shipment processing. This is because more things are being purchased through their store. Because of the greater volume of packages being processed, delivery times may be longer than usual. To ensure that orders are delivered when they are due, you need to plan ahead of time.

Increased Marketing Expenses

One of the most prevalent adjustments in the fourth quarter is an increase in marketing costs across all platforms. If something like this happens, don’t panic. The sales will more than cover the marketing expenses. This is because individuals are more likely to purchase things online during the final quarter of the year.

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Q4 Dropshipping Tips

These are the most important suggestions for preparing your dropshipping business for the holiday shopping season.

Make use of email marketing.

Setting up an email campaign can help you save money on marketing costs, which are predicted to climb during the fourth quarter of the year. Email marketing will enable you to sell large amounts of items and services without having to spend a lot of money on advertising.

Customer Service should be contacted.

During the fourth quarter, you will most likely notice delays in sending products. Customers will be interested in learning what is causing the delays in the supply of their products to their locations. Your customer support team will be able to respond to such queries and assist them as appropriate. It is a wise decision to engage a virtual assistant to assist with customer support. This will free up your time to devote to other aspects of your company.

Take Advantage of Special Savings

During the fourth quarter, you have the opportunity to provide discounts and enhance sales. During the fourth quarter, people shop online. Dropshippers can provide discounts to improve their revenue.

Keep an eye on order fulfillment.

This critical measure will help to ensure that your drop shipping firm is not exposed to any potential threats. Backorders and cancellations should be checked to see if there are any available. During this wonderful time of year, any of these factors could result in your seller account being suspended.


You still have plenty of time to get ready for the holiday season in the fourth quarter. You may benefit from every one of them right now without feeling like you’re losing out on the upcoming holiday season.

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Several Q4 dropshipping product guides and techniques, along with Q4 dropshipping strategies, are all readily accessible. This will ensure that your fourth quarter is profitable and successful. A holiday eCommerce calendar is now available to assist you in making the most of upcoming holiday shopping possibilities.

As you can see, this year is extremely different from previous years. As a result of the Coronavirus, consumer behavior has altered, with more people opting to shop online. Dropshipping is at an all-time high, and it isn’t going away any time soon, despite popular belief. Now is the time to take action – let’s bring down the fourth quarter!