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8 Best Ecommerce Platform for Dropshipping Beginners

Dropshipping is fast gaining popularity, and several of the world’s most popular eCommerce sites have embraced it. There are numerous distinctions between platforms that allow dropshipping to take place. Depending on what each individual is seeking, the best dropshipping platform may be different for each individual as well. We hope that this page will assist you in your search for the best ecommerce platform for your dropshipping requirements.

In the forecast period, according to Fortune Business InsightsTM, the global e-commerce packaging market is expected to increase from $48.81 billion in 2021 to $140.86 billion in 2028, representing a compound annual growth rate of 16.3 percent.
Spocket Spocket is an ecommerce dropshipping platform that’s ideal for store owners who are primarily interested in dropshipping their products. This is not a completely independent platform. It will be compatible with WooCommerce and Shopify stores, among others.

Interface user-friendliness: The interface of Spocket is incredibly user-friendly, simple to use, and offers a wide range of capabilities.

Support for the setup of a Shopify dropshipping store. Spocket provides support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so if you have an issue, they will be there to help you. Through their forums, you may also find out about available other products.

Spocket cost starts at $19 a month for a single user. There isn’t a free version available.

Websites that make use of Spocket include and, among others.
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Dropshipping was pioneered by Shopify, which was the first ecommerce platform to recognize its significance. It immediately rose to the top of the list as the favored platform for many dropshippers. Even though numerous platforms have upgraded their dropshipping capabilities, Shopify continues to be our top pick for dropshipping.

The most significant advantages of Shopify

Dropshipping applications with the broadest selection (some shown in the image below).
A platform that enables you to easily develop and improve your online store in a short period.
It is really simple to make changes to the products and prices in your shop.
The Oberlo app is the only eCommerce platform that integrates with the popular Oberlo platform.
At a reasonable price
It accepts a wide range of different payment options.
There are no sales restrictions associated with any of the plans.
Your store can have an endless number of products in it.


Shopify offers three different pricing options. The most affordable plan is $29 per month, while the most costly one is $299 per month. Shopify also offers Shopify-lite, which allows you to integrate ecommerce functionality into your existing website or application. For only $9 a month, you can get the Lite plan. Even when you factor in their standard fees, Shopify is a reasonable option. If you subscribe to Shopify on a yearly or biannual basis, the price will be much more inexpensive.

Shopify has some disadvantages.
Dropshipping can be accomplished through the use of Shopify, which is a reasonably priced platform. Purchases made in Shopify-built stores are subject to additional transaction fees charged by Shopify. According to Shopify, the extra fees apply to the $29/month plan and are 2.9 percent plus 30 cents for each sale, with the prices decreasing if you choose a more expensive plan.

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In light of these charges, Shopify may not be the ideal option for selling extremely low-priced products online. This is because the fees may compel you to use a higher level of service than would otherwise be appropriate.

Try it out for free.
Customers who are new to the Shopify platform can take advantage of a free 14-day trial period. Even when in the trial period, you can still create a store. This includes, for example, the option to experiment with various dropshipping applications and features.


There are a few things to keep in mind about Shift4Shop: they used to be known as “3dcart,” and their dropshipping program is still referred to as “3dcart. Dropshipping.” Entrepreneurs in the United States can make use of Shift4Shop’s free ecommerce package.

If you wish to dropship to supplement your income, it might be smart to give Shift4Shop a shot. As a result of their specialized dropshipping plan, which allows you to earn only $10,000 per year before being forced to upgrade to another Shift4Shop scheme, this is the case.

The prices listed above are merely illustrative. All purchases will automatically renew at the rate of $9.99/month. Realistically speaking, paying in advance for a three-year dropshipping plan may not be a wise decision. As a rule, dropshipping businesses are short-lived, and you may learn later that Shift4Shop is not the best fit for your requirements.

According to some users, Shift4Shops’ dropshipping plan is a little restrictive. It does have some excellent characteristics. The possibility to drop ship products directly from AliExpress and the fact that Shift4Shop does not charge any additional transaction costs are just a couple of examples.

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BigCommerce is the ecommerce platform that is currently experiencing the most rapid growth. Dropshipping appears to be something they are interested in, thus it is something to keep in mind when launching a dropshipping business. It is more difficult to use BigCommerce than it is to use Shopify. Shopify is a fantastic platform for both new and seasoned ecommerce entrepreneurs. Those who are familiar with running an online store, building a website, or coding will find BigCommerce to be the most suitable solution for them.
BigCommerce’s Standard plan, which costs $29.95 per month, is the most affordable. This package is quite comparable to Shopify’s most basic offering. Sales of $50,000 or more per month are permitted under the Standard-plan. Dropshipping is all about generating a large number of sales. It’s possible that BigCommerce’s most affordable plan isn’t the greatest choice for serious dropshipping enterprises.

As part of the Essentials portfolio, BigCommerce offers two options that include drop shipping functionality. These plans are referred to as Plus or Pro plans. Sales of $180,000 or more can be achieved with Plus within 12 months, while sales of $400,000 or more can be achieved with Pro during the same time frame. It costs $299.95 per month to subscribe to the Pro plan, and $79.95 per month to subscribe to the Plus plan. If you pay for these two programs one year in advance, you can save 10% on the total cost.

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As soon as you hit the sales limit of your BigCommerce plan, you will be forced to choose between upgrading to a higher plan (applicable only to the Standard or Plus-plans) or paying a higher fee to continue using the plan. (This is relevant to the Pro-plan only.)

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Both Printful and Spocket, two dropshipping applications that interact with BigCommerce, are available. Even though BigCommerce may not have as many dropshipping integrations as Shopify, it does have several excellent partners.


New BigCommerce users are entitled to a free 15-day trial.
If you’re seeking a simple and quick approach to drop ship your products, Wix Wix may be the correct alternative for you. Dropshipping is made simple by Wix’s platform, which also works nicely with Modalyst, a fast-evolving software.

In addition, Modalyst, a lesser-known dropshipping platform, is excellent for identifying products in geographical locations where other dropshipping programs may be unable to locate them. Recent announcements from Modalyst indicate that the app is now compatible with AliExpress.

There is a drawback to Wix: it does not allow for the same level of customization as BigCommerce or Shopify.

Ecommerce plans with Wix start at $23 per month. You can also use the platform to test it out for free.

The fact that Wix is a dropshipping platform that can be used by those who have built a website using a “website creator” is an excellent idea. As an add-on to Wix’s website builder, the company offers an online eCommerce platform.


WooCommerce differs from other ecommerce platforms in several ways. You must first create a website before you can utilize it. To be more specific, your website must have been created using the WordPress platform. If you already have a WordPress website or are planning to create one, it may be worthwhile to investigate WooCommerce.

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This is because WooCommerce and its dropshipping plugins may be extremely reasonably priced. It is completely free to use WooCommerce, and dropshipping plugins are often less than $100 a year.

Although drop shipping is a significant incentive to use WooCommerce, there are at least two additional advantages to using WooCommerce to run your business. The combination of WordPress with WooCommerce gives you the ability to design and configure your online store to your specifications.
If you don’t have a website, here are some suggestions for dropshipping with WooCommerce at a low cost.

  1. Get a low-cost web hosting plan. It is possible to pick between two hosting solutions: either one of the conventional hosting options or one that is specifically designed for WooCommerce. If you’re interested in the latter, there’s a less expensive alternative.
  2. WordPress may be installed directly from your web hosting account. WordPress installation is simple with the majority of web hosting companies.
  3. Navigate to the “Plugins” section of your WordPress website. Select “Plugins” from the main menu, then “Add New” from the drop-down menu. Then look for WooCommerce in the search results.
  4. Install the WooCommerce plugin. You can now set up an online store to sell your goods.
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The use of drop shipping plugins is essential to convert your online store into a dropshipping operation. This alternative appears to be a solid one to consider. It costs $89 and should be regarded as a one-time payment. This means that if your store has been in operation for more than five years, the fee should not be more than $20 per year.


Magento is the second-most popular ecommerce platform in the world, behind only Magento is a complicated and powerful platform that is not ideal for beginners. Magento is an ecommerce platform that is simple to use and does not necessitate any technical experience. People who dropship and sell their products on Magento’s ecommerce platform are either familiar with Magento store development or have hired developers to do so for them.

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Magento’s market share has declined from 13 percent in 2018 to 9 percent in 2019, which is a surprise. This is primarily because Magento demands users to be familiar with coding.

User-Friendliness: Magento, an innovative eCommerce platform, features a design that is straightforward to use. This is a tool that anyone who wants to start a drop shipping business may use to create an eCommerce website. They will, however, require support in repairing issues and updating Magento on their own. It is not recommended for those who are just starting.

The support team at Magento, a well-known platform, is there to assist you. There is an official forum where Magento developers and designers can assist newbies to the platform. There are a plethora of off-site resources available to consumers, including YouTube channels, blogs, and forums, which they may utilize to receive support if they run into difficulties while setting up dropshipping shops. Dropshippers can also make use of a variety of Magento plugins.
Magento is inexpensive and can be launched by anyone with little support.

Websites Hosted on It: Magento is the platform that powers thousands of leading ecommerce websites. Retailers and manufacturers such as Selco BW and Dufry rely on it for their operations.


OpenCart is an ecommerce platform that is simple to use. OpenCart is simple to set up and maintain for anyone with a basic understanding of computer technology. Dropshipping plugins, themes, and templates are available for both free and paid users on the OpenCart platform.

User-friendliness: OpenCart was created specifically for eCommerce, and the administrator dashboard includes analytics, payments, order volume, and payment alternatives, among other features. It is simple to use, even for individuals who do not possess technical expertise.
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Customer service: OpenCart offers email and ticket support to its customers. Users of Opencart have access to a forum where they may get answers to any questions they may have when setting up their stores.

OpenCart is a free service that anyone can use. The only thing you will have to spend is for the hosting.

Websites hosted on it: OpenCart is the ecommerce platform of choice for many well-known ecommerce websites. This includes the British Red Cross, For Fans by Fans, and 6 Dollar Shirts, among other organizations and businesses.