Pet Dropshipper Review from a Team of Oberlo Customers

pet drop shipper reviews

Pets are much more than just happy, cuddly creatures who greet us when we return home from a trip. Pets are devoted, loving companions who deserve to have a special place in our hearts as we do for them.

Pet products have been around for a long time. Pet owners have a plethora of options when it comes to adding accessories to their furry friends’ lives. Products and supplies for pets are among the most popular products and supplies for dropshipping.

Interested in learning how trustworthy this niche is? Read on. Despite the upheavals that occurred in other industries, the pet industry remained profitable and stable during the previous year of turmoil.

Here is a quick overview of Google Trends results related to Pet Products. As you can see, this niche is extremely consistent.

There are a plethora of choices in this field. This list of the most popular products in this niche has been created to save you time and effort. Let’s get this party started!

Alexander Pecka and Andreas Koenig had a clear vision of what they wanted from the beginning of their collaboration.

“I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be the one in charge of my own life. Andreas suggested that I avoid working for a large corporation because I disliked the environment. “I had a dream of starting my own business.”

Both are Austrians, and they have been friends for six years, during which time they have shared their experiences in entrepreneurship, including the highs and lows, as well as everything in between.

The two of us had been looking for a long time to see what kind of business we could get into, Andreas explains. In addition, he stated that he desired to be free. It is necessary to put in long hours and to work in a restaurant. We also put in a lot of effort, but we do it from wherever we want.”

They wanted to start their own online business, so they looked for a business that could be operated from any location around the world.

They attempted to profit from the rise in the value of currencies by making investments in the cryptocurrency market. They experimented with networking marketing as well as the affiliate marketing industry.

During the first few months of 2018, Alexander learned about dropshipping.

Dropshipping Ecommerce Business

They were drawn to the model. In this case, they would have been able to open an online store without having to purchase inventory upfront.

Their supplier would be in charge of all inventory, as well as the shipping of customer orders. They would not be chained to piles or warehouses as they currently are.

They could set up shop anywhere they wanted and run their business. Changing locations would allow them to easily expand their operations. Everything was completed on a laptop computer.

They might even be able to start the company.

Andreas asserts that the business is long-term and will not go out of business like the cryptocurrency market or network marketing has done previously. These can be easily misplaced. Ecommerce is an excellent method of accomplishing this. An eCommerce store is a representation of your company. It is more stable than other markets, and it is incapable of collapsing.

How to start an eCommerce business

To sell their products online, they joined Oberlo. The couple then set up an online shop using Shopify.

They wanted to start a business, so they went out and looked for products to sell. They were able to locate an automatic toothpaste dispenser.

“We discovered that it is sold on television by a major US company, which we were unaware of. Andreas claims that they sell millions of units per year.

It also complied with the three golden rules of creating a successful dropshipping product.

They made use of the following toothpaste dispenser:

It’s one-of-a-kind in that you can’t get it at your local store.
Estimating the cost of a product is a difficult undertaking.
They could figure out what their profit margin was.
Lightweight and durable construction allows for more cost-effective shipping.

The winner is unquestionably the winner.

Following the receipt of a sample from their supplier, they began work on a marketing video for the product.

Andreas recalls spending two days creating a video marketing campaign for a company he worked for.

They created Facebook ads to promote the video and then opened their online store. Then they sat back and waited for the sales to begin, after which they began to unwind.

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Other than… crickets.

“We only had one sale,” Alexander says with a chuckle.

Andreas recognized that their lack of prior experience with Facebook advertising was a contributing factor to their inability to succeed. “The video is fantastic!” he exclaimed. “However, it lacked the necessary expertise in Facebook advertising to be profitable.”

At long last, they made the decision.

Andreas explains, “After one or two weeks, we decided to close it down because it wasn’t bringing in any money and was going to burn our cash.”

Start a dropshipping general store as a side business.

Despite abandoning their original plan, they persisted in their search for new products and were adamant about their ability to be successful in their endeavor.

The general store was then opened by Life-Hacks.

The toothpaste dispenser shop was a little too specialized. They decided to close it. They desired to open a store that would be able to sell a wide variety of products and appeal to a wide range of customers.

“We wanted it to be able to test a variety of products and identify the best one for us. If we only have one product in our store, it can be difficult to determine whether or not the product is a winner. A winner can only be determined by the outcome of the game. We had the opportunity to test up to six different niches in a general store. As Andreas explained, there were several categories, including beauty and infant care products, as well as kitchen products.

They added many new products, spent hours on improving their store design, and wrote product descriptions for each one.

Alexander now realizes that his initial strategy was not the best one to take. “We had 40 different products from different suppliers in this store. He admitted that he had made a big mistake.

It was difficult to coordinate stock levels and relationships among a large number of suppliers. It is difficult to keep track of stock levels and relationships among a large number of vendors.

Marketing proved to be a difficult task as well.

When they attempted to advertise on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, they had difficulty identifying the appropriate audience. If their store had something for everyone, then anyone could be a potential customer of their business.

It would be impossible to reach everyone on a budget. It was clear that this was not going to work.

They couldn’t help but wonder what the name of their store was, and why anyone would be interested in knowing that.

‘All shops around the world are identical in appearance.’ It is possible to tell a better story if you specialize in a particular field. You can tell a story about your store. As Alexander points out, it is impossible to tell a great story in a general store environment.

After failing to grow the company, they realized that their strategy wasn’t the best option.

A general store is an excellent place to begin your professional career and develop your skills. Andreas claims that it is difficult to be extremely profitable and successful with a general store.

Alexander agrees. Alexander agrees. Because I enjoy it, I will only be creating niche shops shortly.

Start a Dropshipping Pet Company

They were now two stores into their failure and had spent significantly more money than they had planned on spending.

“It was extremely difficult for us to open our first store,” says the owner. Even though we had sales, we were not profitable. We spent approximately $2,000 on Facebook ads and put a lot of effort.

They were able to identify the source of their difficulties. They went back to the beginning in search of the answer.

Because of a desire to sell their general store, the couple came up with the idea of opening a pet shop. It occurred to them that because people have strong attachments to their pets, it would be wise to spend money on them.

“It’s wonderful to be in an area that people enjoy,” Andreas says. This could be something they can do with their pets or children, or it could be something entirely different. People will only spend money if they are truly enthusiastic about something. They will not be tempted to scrutinize every dollar spent.

A small selection of toys, grooming accessories, and collars was placed in the store in small quantities by the proprietors. Because of their experience with the general store, the couple determined that they would reduce the number of suppliers with whom they had to deal in the future. The company chose to try to import multiple items from the same supplier, rather than just one item.

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At first, they were unable to turn a profit from their pet business. They wished to continue their education and improvement.

Andreas reflects on all of the hours he spent learning about marketing strategies in college.

We probably watched one hundred YouTube videos,” Alexander says, with a laugh.

They were well aware that this would only work if they put forth their entire effort.

We closed all of our other businesses to make room for the store, and we devoted all of our time to the new pet business, including weekends. Andreas stated that we had put in a lot of effort.

They began to look back on their lives and realized the mistakes they had made.

It takes a significant amount of time to write an excellent product description. If English is not your first language, such as Alexander’s or mine, you must avoid making any typographical errors. Nothing. It should be flawless in terms of grammar and spelling, as well as free of typos. Andreas claims that a typo in our pet company’s website was the cause of our conversion rate’s decline.

Alexander remembers the exact moment he realized there was a typo on their product page form. Alexander asserts that he used the term “type” to describe a custom field in his code. All of the Americans were aware of it and refused to provide their information. Because they were unable to type the proper words, they assumed it was suspicious.

They were able to increase their conversion rate after identifying and correcting the typo.

Andreas made a minor adjustment that had a significant impact.

It was his own words: “At first, the pet business was not profitable.” “After that, I added a spin-the-wheel application.”

The spin-a-wheel application collects customer email addresses to add them to your newsletter list. Customers who enter a coupon code will be entered into a spin-a-wheel game for a chance to win.

Andreas understood that, while collecting email addresses is a valuable marketing tool, the ultimate goal was for the user to use the coupon they had received to make a purchase.

Although the app generated email addresses quickly, he quickly realized that customers were dissatisfied with the fact that they were only offered a five percent discount.

Andreas claims that after two weeks, it was clear that everyone who came into his shop would receive a 10 percent or 15 percent discount on their purchases. Consequently, I increased the shop’s price and offered everyone a 10 to 15 percent discount.

This seemingly insignificant change had a significant impact.

Andreas beams and exclaims, “We had a tenfold increase in turnover after that change!” “At first, we only sold one or two products per day. We began selling 10-15 products per day, on average. It grew from $30 to $350-400 per day, and the rate of growth continued to rise.”

Alexander and Andreas were able to learn from their mistakes and refine their strategies as they continued to grow their businesses. At the end of October 2018, they had total revenue of 24,719 dollars. At the end of October 2018, they had close to $150,000 in sales, generating an average monthly income of $41,000 on the side.

These are the secrets they discovered along the way to becoming successful.

While attempting to open their first store, Alexander and Andreas made several costly mistakes. These missteps proved to be extremely beneficial in the development of their subsequent business.

When they first started in the pet industry, they concentrated on a few key elements. These were the critical points that made all the difference in the world.

Concentrate on your customers.

Alexander and Andreas are firm believers in providing excellent customer service. They provide email and telephone customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Customers can record answers to their most frequently asked questions on their phones, allowing them to access them more quickly in the future. They respond to all email requests as quickly as possible, regardless of the time of day.

“Alexander hasn’t been sleeping much,” Andreas says with a chuckle.

They can also be contacted through Facebook, where they spend a significant amount of time responding to customer comments. “We make every effort to be as close to our customers as possible,” Andreas says. “It brings them great joy.”

Your supplier should be a part of your successful business partnerships.

Customers are more important to them than any other aspect of their business. They have established strong working relationships with their suppliers to assist them in developing the best products possible. They are now able to recommend other products based on the success of their current products.

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Recently, they discussed the possibility of custom-made products with one of their suppliers.

They are overjoyed at the prospect of developing their product and credit their strong working relationships with suppliers and customers for making it a reality.

Andreas claims that when customers get to know one another, they fall in love with products.

It is possible to compete with Amazon on a level playing field.

Dropshipping can be a fantastic way to get your business off the ground. Many people are frightened by this phobia.

Why would someone choose to purchase from me rather than Amazon?

This is a question that should be asked by anyone who sells generic products on the internet. Alexander and Andreas discovered that it is possible to be successful in a competitive environment.

Their strategy is a two-pronged sword.

You can increase the value of your product by grouping similar items together to form a bundle. Bundles are used by them to sell their best-selling products and accessories to customers. Such bundles enable them to offer their products at a lower price or a higher value than what Amazon is willing to offer.

The second strategy they employ is “we can compete with Amazon.” This means that their store will have an iconic and legendary feel to it.

Even though Andreas believes Amazon is more affordable than other retailers, he believes that the company’s marketing is still cold. It all appears to be the same.

When you walk into a pet store, you’ll be greeted by photographs of adorable pets and their owners. This gives the impression that this is a brand-name product rather than a generic product that is sold in millions of quantities on Amazon. This is the most important thing.

“It’s fine with me if we lose one or two customers to” Customers, according to Andreas, will only shop at Amazon if they are satisfied with the price, the trustworthiness of the company, and the design of the product page. They will only purchase it from us. This occurs between 50 and 70 times per day, seven days a week, year after year. We are overjoyed by this!

It is critical to have the ability to spend money.

Alexander and Andreas were well aware from the beginning that dropshipping would be expensive. They were able to save $3,000 on mentorship and product testing because of their innovative approach.

Andreas states, “People don’t realize that they need cash to start.”

He also claims that Shopify advertisements will be costly. They will require this to register their sole proprietorship business. You will require it to respond to tax and legal questions. There are numerous minor details.

Anyone working with a limited budget, according to Alexander, should make a plan in advance of their activities. According to Alexander, if you truly want to do something, it is critical to plan ahead of time. You can continue to work at your current job and save money. Then, look for free YouTube videos on the internet. You will then be able to receive coaching and spend money on advertisements.

It is necessary to be dedicated.

After two previous attempts at running a successful pet business, Alexander and Andreas set out to make theirs a success. They tried everything they could to make it work. They were successful.

This meant that you would have to put in a significant amount of time and effort to learn and then improve. The two of them agree that this is an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to start a dropshipping business. All that is required is your commitment. A total of more than 70 hours per week are spent working on the business by the couple.

Dropshipping, according to Alexander, can be a profitable business venture.

You should not expect to have a lot of free time if you work a traditional job. You can spend two to three months in bed with your notebook, watching videos, reading blogs, and doing nothing but lying down. Once you have acquired this knowledge, you will be able to put it to use. Andreas advises that you set aside some time for this because it can be time-intensive. It is well worth the effort, and it is simple.