Opencart Aliexpress Dropship Management Module

Opencart Aliexpress Dropshipping Management Extension

Product import from AliExpress into an Opencart store is made possible by the Dropship Management module of this platform. They can then begin selling the products in their retail establishment. This module enables the administrator to create numerous warehouses and assign products to each of them at any time. The AliExpress Orders are fully automated so the admin just needs to click on a single button to complete the process.

Improve the efficiency of the shipping process
This is a time-saving option in which the order is shipped from the warehouse that is closest to the customer.
Support for Multiple Warehouses in the Stock Management Process
Customers’ orders can be managed swiftly thanks to the availability of multiple warehouse management systems.

Ordering Process that is fully automated
The store owners can accept payments through an automated, “no-hassle” approach.

Module for Opencart Dropship Management: The AliExpress Dropshipping module allows administrators to import products from AliExpress directly into their Opencart store. Following that, administrators will be able to sell those things straight from their store.

Products are stored in several different warehouses located around the region. Consequently, when a consumer places an order, the item is dispatched immediately from the nearest warehouse rather than from the main retail location. Administrators can place orders through AliExpress after a purchase has been made by selecting Automated Order Process from the shopping cart.

Please keep in mind that if you are using an updated version of the AliExpress Chrome extension, you must also have the most recent version of the OpenCart AliExpress Dropship Management module installed for it to function properly, and vice versa for the module to function properly.
Requirements for the server
This module supports all of the templates, themes, and Journal themes available on the site.
The Aliexpress Dropship Management module for Opencart is compatible with the Multi-Store capabilities of the default Opencart installation.
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Highlighted Features

The Opencart Dropship Management module enables the administrator to import Aliexpress products into the Opencart shop in a matter of minutes using a single click.

Product Information should be updated.
Administrators can make changes to product information such as photos, prices, descriptions, and reviews, among other things. While importing products from AliExpress, a problem occurred.

Product Variations are imported into the system.
AliExpress products can be imported by the administrator, along with variations.

Product Evaluation of an Import
Administrators can also import reviews for products purchased from AliExpress.

Remove all keywords from your document.
Any keyword in the product description, product name, or product description can be removed by the AliExpress administrator.

Sync in Real-Time
The cron job allows imported products from AliExpress to be synchronized with Opencart stores in real-time while the job is running.

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This module is necessary for what?

Do you want to start your own dropshipping business? Dropshipping is an eCommerce approach that allows a business owner to sell a product online without having to maintain it in stock in their physical store.

Instead, the products are stored in several different warehouses located throughout the region. If a consumer places an order, the goods are dispatched directly from the nearest warehouse rather than from the store.

AliExpress is a well-known marketplace for e-commerce business owners and entrepreneurs. The Aliexpress Dropship Management Module has been added to Opencart to allow users to import products from Aliexpress. The module provides the ability for administrators to manage products from the backend.

What are the advantages of the module’s warehouse manager?

Imagine that the store owner doesn’t have any inventory in their warehouse at the time of writing this article. One of the store’s suppliers, who also happens to have a warehouse or an inventory, has a contract with the store owner. They do not, however, have a website where they may list their products.

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The store owner will now be able to set up a warehouse. Limited access to the backend panel can then be offered to suppliers (users) to allow them to manage orders placed by customers or products that have been assigned to that warehouse by the administrator.
An additional cost will be incurred if a contract is signed between the supplier and administration. This can be done by the administrator by utilizing the price rule tool. This provider is sometimes referred to as the warehouse manager in some circles.

Products from AliExpress that have been imported

Products can be imported straight from Aliexpress using this module, which is available to all administrators. Products from Aliexpress can be imported by administrators.

It is possible to import single or bulk items into your selected store using Aliexpress.
Product names, prices, and titles, as well as the product description and review, can all be managed on Aliexpress by the seller.
Add the Aliexpress products with the product variations to your cart and check out.
The “Price Rule” allows the administrator to change the price of a product by increasing or decreasing it.

The pricing rule is a rule that governs the pricing of goods and services.

Administrators can set the fee for each channel. Administrators can create various price rules for different channels.
You have the option of manually or automatically setting the price for products imported from AliExpress.
To apply the pricing rule to the products, first select the price range from which they should be applied.
Select whether you want the sum to be a fixed number or a percentage of the total.
Price rules can be modified, added, or removed.

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Place your order via the back-end of the website.

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After an order has been successfully placed from the front-end, it will appear in the Aliexpress Order area of the admin panel. The admin can place an order on AliExpress through the back-end. Administrators can place orders on AliExpress from the back-end.

Use AliExpress’s automated order process to pay for and place an order on the website.
Alternatively, you can place an order through the back-end, which will redirect the administrator to Aliexpress. The product will then be automatically added to your shopping basket.
Before placing an order, check the status of your order on AliExpress.
The order’s shipping address will be automatically taken from the database, or the administrator can manually enter it.

Warehouse Management is a specialized field.

Administration of the warehouse can be accomplished through the back-end. The warehouse can be managed by the administrator from the back-end.
You can create a new warehouse by entering the warehouse code, title, and description in the appropriate fields.
Select the shipment method that is most appropriate for this warehouse.
Consider all of the warehouses that have been constructed.
Easily disable or delete a specific warehouse from the back-end of the application.

Features of the Opencart Dropship Management module

  • AliExpress allows you to import products into your business in either single or bulk quantities.
  • Products with variations can also be imported by the administrator.
  • Before importing product information from AliExpress to Opencart, make any necessary changes.
  • As part of the AliExpress Imported items, the following elements are imported: product description, images & additional images, variants, variations with range, and reviews.
  • Administrators can make changes to the store information and token keys.
  • Configure AliExpress so that the items are enabled automatically or based on the settings you choose.
  • You may see all of your AliExpress orders in a single place.
  • The AliExpress orders that have been placed can be viewed using the extension popup.
  • View AliExpress order status information, including their current status (Not placed, Processing, and Placed).
  • When importing products, select AliExpress product photos from the drop-down menu.
  • When importing products with a variant, make sure you set the prices for all of the variations.
  • The popup window for the Chrome extension now includes the option to update your authentication credential.
  • View the Seller Information after a product has been imported from AliExpress.
  • Orders placed on AliExpress can be processed automatically through the use of an automated order process.
  • Prices for different channels, such as AliExpress and Manual, can be established by administrators using separate pricing rules.
  • The administration can control the warehouse.
  • Administrators will have the opportunity to add more warehouses to their existing network.
  • Filter warehouses that take advantage of the different filter kinds.
  • Administration can designate numerous product warehouses to different items.
  • You can assign the same product to numerous warehouses from the same supplier if they are all located in the same city (Warehouse Manager).
  • Administrators can accept or deny warehouse product orders, as well as access the warehouse product list, which includes warehouse product quantity information.
  • You may examine the warehouse income and pay the warehouse managers by selecting the appropriate option.
  • All payouts to warehouse managers are recorded in the warehouse transaction log.
  • Warehouse managers might have their logins to access the system.
  • Warehouse managers have the option to directly add products from their end of the warehouse.
  • Warehouse managers can view the products in their warehouse.
  • Warehouse managers can see information about their warehouse orders.
  • The same order can contain products from many warehouses, which allows buyers to save time and money.
  • The store is simple to operate.
  • Increase the efficiency of your store.
  • Sync in real-time
  • Select the price range for your goods, starting with the lowest and highest.
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Products imported from AliExpress should be deleted from keyword lists.
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Dropshipping has 4 benefits

The use of a third-party logistics provider (or 3PL) may not be the most expensive shipping or fulfillment option, but there are plenty of dropshippers who have found success with this business model. These are just a few of the numerous advantages that dropshipping can provide to your company.

1. Low initial start-up costs
Dropshipping is a fantastic alternative for first-time entrepreneurs that are working with limited resources. Because the stock has already been purchased, the initial setup costs are negligible. Instead, you might concentrate on increasing sales.

2. There is very little overhead.
Because you won’t need to invest in a warehouse, a storage locker, or stock your home with inventory to launch new products, dropshipping can also help you save money on overhead – which is critical to the survival of some firms.
3. There is no need to maintain an inventory.
When it comes to dropshipping, there is no requirement to purchase, transfer, or retain inventory in any quantity. Logistics coordination, inventory tracking, and eCommerce shipping can be time-consuming and expensive to manage properly.

4. It necessitates a minimal amount of effort
Dropshipping not only eliminates the requirement for an inventory management system but also eliminates the need to monitor each sale as it comes in and to run to the post office to pack boxes and mail them. Dropshipping gives for greater freedom, allowing you to work full-time while also taking vacations or simply getting away from it all. It is possible to have a fantastic system, as long as you work with a dependable source. This can provide a significant challenge for online businesses.