List of Verified Dropshipping Suppliers From Brazil

Despite Brazil’s vast eCommerce market (38% of Brazil’s population shop online), drop shippers often doubt the ability to find dropshipping suppliers in Brazil.

Dropshipping in Brazil has seen a dramatic change in recent years. It is now possible, and encouraged, to dropship. Are you tired of all the competition? You don’t have to compete in Brazil’s online market.

We’ve compiled a list with the top 15 dropshipping companies in Brazil to help you start your Brazil business.

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Top 7 Dropshipping suppliers

Dropshipping is preferred by more businessmen than wholesaling. Dropshipping is a much easier way to start a business.

Drop shipping is a great way to start your business without having to purchase inventory worth thousands of dollars. Drop shipping allows businessmen to run their businesses from anywhere in the world.

However, it isn’t easy to find the perfect dropshipper for your business.

Dropshipping is a great way to get the benefits of dropshipping. In this article, we will show you the top dropshipping companies from Brazil.

Let’s look at why dropshipping from Brazil is so useful, before we show you how to use dropshipping businesses.

Dropshipping in Brazil

38% of Brasil’s population makes online purchases. This makes dropshipping Brazil suppliers an excellent choice for business owners. Here are some benefits of using dropshipping companies in Brazil.

1. Dropshipping companies from Brazil don’t require you to spend a lot of money upfront. You won’t even need to buy stock or a warehouse. Dropshipping providers from Brazil can deliver the product to clients once they have purchased a product through your online store.

2. Your company will not lose income if trends or tastes change. Because your clients won’t be willing to purchase surplus inventory, this is why.

3. You won’t need to spend much on inventory when you dropship from Brazil. The investment in fresh products is not necessary before they are sold.

4. You will save time packaging and shipping your products with this service. Dropshipping Brasil will handle packaging and distribution. This allows you to run your business from anywhere on the planet.

Top 8 Dropshipping Suppliers / Companies

Dropshipping Brasil Suppliers Category Online/Offline
1. Atacado Barato Sneakers, Shoes and Slippers, Football Boots. Clothing, Watches. Glasses. Accessories. Online
2. Luxjoias Jewellery Online
3. Mix Barato Accessories, Glasses, Watches, Clothing, Briefs, Sneakers, etc. Online
4. Fabrica de Biquinis Bikinis, clothing accessories, swimsuits & body, etc. Online
5. Nova Engel Parfums Online
6. Importados De Grife Balls/Wallets, Scarfs, Boots, Pants, Bermuda/Shorts, Accessories, etc. Online
7. Vivona 25 Cables, Charges, Headphones, Accessories, etc. Online
8. Macro Distribuidora General Online

1. Atacado Barato

Atacado Barato currently has more than 2000 products. These products can be purchased wholesale. This means that you can make huge profits if your products are priced correctly.

Dropshipping from the Brasil provider allows you to order products from major brands. Nike, Asics, Mizuno, Puma, Asics, etc. These are just a few examples of the products. Atacado Barato is a great way to increase sales because people will prefer to purchase products from brands they know.


  • More than 2 000 products.
  • The business keeps popular brands.
  • It is easy to navigate the website of this provider.
  • A healthy profit margin can be enjoyed due to low product prices


  • The vendor does not offer a wide range of product categories.
  • Customer support is not available 24 hours a day.

2. Luxjoias

Luxjoias is a great dropshipping partner for your Brazilian company if you’re looking to dropship jewelry. Luxjoias offers a variety of products, including Alliances, Jewels, Trinkets, Earrings, Necklaces, and Earrings. Dropshipping providers in Brazil require that customers interested in the program pay a premium.

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Below are the subscription plans we recommend:

  1. Monthly plans cost $10
  2. Semi-annual plan-worth 60 dollars.
  3. Annual plan-$120


  • There are many options for jewelry products.
  • You can find small prices.
  • It is easy to navigate and use the website.
  • There are many payment options.


  • Customers must pay a dropshipping fee.
  • The merchant stocks only jewellery.

3. Mix Barato

Mix Barato is a great dropshipping option to Brazil if you are looking to dropship watches and shoes, clothing, accessories, shorts, and other products.

The vendor sells many products. The majority of goods are reasonably priced. This allows you to make a higher profit margin.


  • There are many goods.
  • Amazing prices
  • It is easy to navigate the website of the seller.
  • Secure payment options


  • Customer support is not available 24/7.
  • The language-change function on the supplier’s website is not available. Its main language is Portuguese.

4. Fabrica de Biquinis

Dropshipping in Brazil is offered by this dropshipping company. It offers dropship products at wholesale prices to all parts of the world. Users will be able to make huge profits. Customers can use secure payment options to pay the vendor. Fabrica de Biquinis contact information is easily accessible.


  • Simple to use website
  • The supplier’s website has a language-changing function.
  • Wholesale prices for products sold by seller
  • Secure payment options


  • The provider will not allow yields on the item.
  • It is not possible to contact customer support on a 24 hour basis.

5. Nova Engel

Nova Engel is the perfect dropshipping service for those who want to sell perfumes throughout Brazil. The vendor will pack and ship the goods to your clients in a package with the company picture.

This allows your brand to be promoted. Nova Engel currently has over 20,000 references for more than 500 products.


  • There are many products that can be used to make perfume.
  • The vendor will provide products in a package that includes a picture of your company.
  • The prices are affordable.
  • It is easy to navigate the website of this provider.


  • Only perfumes are sold by the provider
  • International customers may need to wait up until 6 days before receiving their delivery.

6. Importados De Grife

Dropshipping in Brazil offers a wide range of products. This makes it easier to locate the products that you want to drop.

All products supplied by the vendor come with a 12-month warranty. Customers can order an Excel or CSV file online with all the products that they wish to include.


  • All products come with a 12-month warranty
  • To create an Excel or CSV file, you can use the products that you wish to sell.
  • Excellent customer support
  • Blind dropshipping is an option for the vendor.
  • This means that Importados de Grife contact information will not appear on the item or package.


  • Only four main categories of products are available to the provider.
  • There is no 24/7 online customer support.

7. Vivona 25

If you are looking for a provider that can drop wires and chargers, supports, headphones, or other accessories for your mobile device, Vivona 25 might be the best choice.

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Secure payment options are available from the vendor. Vivona has a comprehensive return and refund policy.


  • Policy of return and reimbursement.
  • Numerous accessories are available for mobile devices.
  • The website is easy to use.
  • Secure payment options


  • There is not 24/7 customer support.
  • The supplier’s website does not have a language-change function.

FAQs about Dropshipping Suppliers Brazil

Let’s start by acknowledging the fact that dropshipping can be a complex and constantly evolving topic. We cannot answer all your questions, but we can assume some of them.

These are the top questions about dropshipping in Brazil, according to our research:

How can I dropship to Brazil?

Dropshipping to Brazil is just like any other country. You should first decide on a niche, and then do extensive product research.

Once you have chosen your winning product, create an eCommerce store using Shopify or WooCommerce. Do your research before you choose an eCommerce platform. Make sure it is compatible with your supplier network.

You can think of branding as a set of brand elements: a website domain, logo and colors will be required. A pitch will also be needed to show how your business can be sold.

After you have finished creating and structuring your shop it is time to import the product. If you only have one product shop, this process is straightforward. However, it may take some time to import bulk products.

Which are the best dropshipping suppliers for Brazil?

Dropshipping is a great option for Brazil. The top dropshipping suppliers are LUXJOIAS and Atacado Barato. CJDropshipping. Vivo na 25 Mix Barato. Grandes Grifes. AliExpress.

Are AliExpress Suppliers able to Ship to Brazil

AliExpress is an online marketplace that brings together thousands of suppliers from different parts of the globe. They also provide shipping and delivery information.

AliExpress is a marketplace that allows you to source products from multiple suppliers.

AliExpress has many suppliers that ship internationally, including Brazil. We recommend you ask your AliExpress supplier to dropship Brazil to your name.

Do I have to worry about Customs if I dropship to Brazil

Although eCommerce in Brazil has advanced significantly in 2021 compared to a few years ago, there are still many areas that could be improved.

Dropshippers looking to sell in Brazil are concerned about Brazil’s unorganized customs clearance. This makes it difficult to dropship products with a greater value.

Dropshipping products that are subject to customs clearance is a good way to avoid these problems and make sure your products don’t get stuck.

Dropshipping products that are subject to import duty requires you to inform your customers in advance. You risk losing customer loyalty.

Can I dropship with ePacket Brazil to Brazil?

Yes! Drop shipping to Brazil has never been easier thanks to ePacket.

ePacket has added Brazil to its delivery list as of April 2020. This allows your customers to receive their items faster and more cheaply from any country outside the United States.

Ask your Brazilian dropshipping supplier what shipping options are available, how much they charge, and when delivery times can be expected.

What are the biggest challenges when dropshipping to Brazil

Dropshippers are skeptical about dropshipping to Brazil because of the bad reputation of Brazilian authorities and administration.

Our research led to several cases of shipment getting stuck or issues with documentation.

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The shipping costs and time frames can be disadvantageous, depending on which supplier you choose.

Do your research before you dropship to Brasil. This will help avoid any problems.

What are the biggest advantages of dropshipping to Brazil

These are the top pros of dropshipping to Brazil.

  • There is a significant eCommerce opportunity – more than 38% of the population shop online.
  • There is less competition than in popular target markets like the USA.
  • There are many dropshipping suppliers in Brazil.
  • Shipping via ePacket is possible starting in April 2020

Is it possible to start a dropshipping business in Brazil?

Yes! Dropshipping isn’t dependent on physical contact or warehousing products. It doesn’t even matter where you are located at the moment.

Dropshipping suppliers are those who ship the product to you. This is why you only need to make sure that your suppliers deliver the product to your customers’ country.

What are the available payment gateways in Brazil?

Dropshipping in Brazil is possible through many payment gateways

  • 2Checkout
  • BitPay
  • CyberSource
  • Mercado Pago
  • Coinbase
  • NETbilling
  • PagSeguro
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • GoCoin
  • PayU Latam

Are You Looking for a Brazilian Dropshipper?

Brazil’s law requires that you report your income and pay any taxes associated with it. If you are a Brazilian resident, the easiest way to do so is to register as either a self-employed individual (or a company).

Dropshipping suppliers in Brazil require that you prove your business. Registering yourself as a business entity can help improve your professional relationships.

Which are the best niches for dropshipping in Brazil

Dropshipping in Brazil is not just about the most popular niches, but also the most lucrative.

The most popular product categories in Brazil are electronics, home appliances and phone gadgets.

To reach a narrower audience and target a smaller niche, you will need to do more research.

Let’s suppose you are looking to sell T-shirts. It’s time to choose the right type of T-shirts and who you want to sell them to. Do you plan to sell T-shirts with funny messages to college students? You can also find eco-friendly and organic T-shirts. Oder maybe you are a fan of anime art?

There are many different audiences. Your success will depend on your ability to reach the right one. It is crucial to find the right high profit margin product for dropshipping.

Is Dropshipping Better Than Wholesale in Brazil?

In a traditional sense, we can’t compare one to the other. Dropshipping is certainly better than wholesale if you mean it’s less risky or easier to start.

It all depends on your experience. Dropshipping is a good option for those who are new to eCommerce and reselling.

Dropshipping is a low-risk business model that requires minimal investment. Dropshipping is a business model that doesn’t require a large investment and does not result in stock storage space or loss of capital.

Can I dropship from 1688, Taobao or Brazil?

Two of the most popular marketplaces for local product sourcing are Taobao (1688) and Alibaba 1688. These platforms offer incredible deals on products. Their websites are only available in Chinese.

Dropshipping from 1688 , Taobao or Brazil using worldwide fulfillment centers is the best way to dropship.

Dropshipping agents can source the products you need starting at 1688 and store them in your warehouse. After the wholesale order has been received, they can ship each order as soon as possible.

Last words

Dropshipping to Brazil can be a great move if you do your research. It can be difficult to manage if you don’t have the right information and network.

Our list of 15 top dropshipping companies in Brazil is sure to help you find one that is trustworthy and reliable. This will allow you to improve your eCommerce experience in Brazil and take advantage of an untapped market.