Lightinthebox Dropship Review

LightIntheBox Dropshipping Customer Reviews, Pros, and Cons

Dropshipping Market

Dropshipping is the process of a manufacturer/wholesaler satisfying a customer’s demand for a product directly to the end user. Dropshippers profit more by selling items at a lesser cost.

Dropshippers don’t need inventory, thus this is a fantastic method.

Dropshipping is a term that refers to It’s simple to do Lightinthebox. It’s simple to ship Lightinthebox without having to worry about inventory, order fulfilment, or supply concerns. Websites like Chinabrands and Light in the Box, which specialise in drop shipping, are excellent resources.

An order is sent to the manufacturer/wholesaler as soon as it is placed, and once the product is ready for delivery, the manufacturer/wholesaler sends it straight to the consumer.

The dropshipping industry has exploded in popularity in recent years. Because of its low production costs, China is a popular dropshipping destination.

According to Google Research, the Southeast Asian ecommerce market is predicted to develop faster than any other, reaching a value of US$25 billion by 2020.

What is Lightinthebox?

Lightinthebox is China’s online B2C marketplace. It integrates supply chain services. It boasts its own data warehouse, long-term logistic partners, and a variety suppliers.

Let’s talk now about Lightinthebox to get a better understanding this cross-border online dropshipping company.

Next, Light in the Box Dropshipping will be introduced. This service is available through the product category, main business, and other aspects.

Product category

The Box with the Light There are 14 categories in the dropshipping collection. Clothing, gadgets, and accessories, as well as sporting products, are among them. There are approximately 60,000 distinct items to choose from.

Wireless network equipment, as well as an accessory for MP3/MP4 players. Accessory for mobile phones and mobile phones. Digital camera, digital camera, digital camera, digital camera, digital camera, digital camera, digital camera, Projector. Radio equipment is available. Computer and computer-related accessories DVD players that can be taken anywhere. Players with hard discs. Radio equipment is available. Sports equipment for small children. Bridal gowns, bridal gowns, and women’s gowns are all available. Clothes for the house. Textiles. Toiletries. Provisions for the kitchen. Supplies for pets. Tools.

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Main business

Lightinthebox is an online collection of domestic wedding gowns, home improvement and 3C products. These items have a low gross profit margin. Despite the high volume of business, the profit margin is much lower. As a result, everyday products dominate B2C international trade. This is owing to the reduced manufacturing costs as well as the price discrepancies.

Lightinthebox is a group of domestic suppliers who provide the worldwide market a “long tail procurement approach.” This website’s address is Beijing. The United States accounts for more than a quarter of all IP. International design is used across the station’s design, payment, and delivery procedures. Customers from 208 countries have purchased products from the site since 2006.

What do I need to do for droshipping with Lightinthebox?

Dropshipping lightInTheBox : You can be your boss and manage your business according to your schedule. In three simple steps, dropshippers can begin their business using the inventory provided by LightInTheBox.

Select the following items: This is the initial stage in deciding which products to send to clients.

Because all inventory and items are posted on lightinthebox, customers can place orders for you.

The mailing address must be entered – this is the second most critical step.

You will receive the fastest delivery and customer satisfaction if you know your customer’s address.

It’s even better if you can give the location of the nearest landmark. This allows delivery people to discover the exact location more quickly, which speeds up the delivery procedure.

After payment has been received, the final step is to deliver the products to the customer.

Because the box is light, it is shipped from their warehouse as soon as payment is received. You won’t have to worry about availability because they have their own warehouses.

Light Inside the Box Coupons: Light Inside the Box frequently issues coupons for a variety of categories. The maximum discount offered was 80%.

When it comes to purchasing products for your business, dropshipping Light in the Box can help you save money. You will receive e-mails that will keep you up to date on your promotion.

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For the corporation, the Lightinthebox line was a hidden failure. To begin with, wedding gowns aren’t a particularly prominent product category. This product is easy to homogenise and has a low percentage of repeat purchases.

The inexpensive costs of Lightinthebox goods are well-known. To battle price wars, Lightinthebox has less capital than other domestic ecommerce platforms or trading companies. Alibaba’s AliExpress business debuted in 2010. Taobao has a “international edition.” The platform commission is 3 points, whereas commissions on eBay and Amazon Lightinthebox are 10 points. Lightinthebox’s episode will be under a lot of pressure as a result of this. Because the segment was not branded and had more price-conscious buyers, Lightinthebox’s bridal dress sales faltered.

Due to product uniformity and strong pricing battles, it is unable to promote and combat traffic. These are expensive marketing costs, and adjusting Google’s algorithm is challenging.

Early on, the management of Lightinthebox saw a problem in the wedding sector. Lightinthebox increased its categories in 2013 to solve this issue. The rise in collection money did not benefit Lanting. This company has an excessive number of inventory units (SKUs), making supply chain management challenging.

Over the last five years, Lightinthebox’s pioneering role in the business has prevented it from erecting any restrictions. This is the source of its issues. The Lightinthebox Group created the “Wise Lightinthebox” cross-border logistics platform in early 2015. This was done in order for Lightinthebox Group to get a competitive edge. This logistical strategy may put further financial strain on the company. The layouts of JD and Aliexpress are inaccessible to Lightinthebox Gathering.

Lightinthebox Pros

Listed company The New York Stock Exchange has listed this company. A listed company will give you the comfort and peace of mind that it is reputable and that your cash are secure.

The shopper Dropshipping Lightinbox offers a 14-day satisfaction guarantee, which is a unique feature.

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In 14 days, you will be completely satisfied.

If there are no quality issues with the product, the company will refund the shipping charges of returning it to its warehouse. The customer is responsible for return shipping.

There are numerous payment options available.

The Light in Box Company also provides a variety of payment alternatives. Customers can choose from 11 different payment methods.

Customers can use Visa, MasterCard, or American Express to pay. You have a variety of payment choices available to you.

Cons of lightinthebox

Light-in-the-box warehouses can be found across Europe and North America. Residents of these nations are welcome to return to these warehouses. The package will have to be returned to China by the rest of the world. This might be expensive.

Lightinthebox appears to have a serious shipping problem, according to several buyer evaluations. Even though they had paid an additional fee for speedier delivery, customers complained about it being late.

Customer unhappy after obtaining lightinthebox items. Customers reported issues with colour and quality.

Inadequate Customer Service: The company’s customer service is another source of worry. Customers have complained that they were not informed of the refund, shipping address change, or additional delivery expenses.

Given all of this, Chinabrands is the best alternative. They nonetheless meet the essential requirements of conducting a business, despite certain inadequacies.

Lightinthebox reviews and comments

Customers are familiar with using Google searches to look up information on websites before shopping on unknown sites. It’s crucial to think about other people’s shopping experiences. After that, we look up We viewed Lightinthebox’s Turstpilot evaluation to be unfriendly. Turstpilot is an online platform that records customer buying patterns and focuses on the customer’s shopping experience. Consumers can use Trustpilot to share their buying experiences with others and for others to read them. Turstpilot allows customers to rate shopping sites in five categories: Excellent, Good, Average (Poor), Poor, and Bad. BAD has received unfavourable feedback from 78 percent of clients. What is the reason for this?