5 Leading Luxury Furniture Dropshipping Providers

It can be a tedious task to find the best luxury furniture shop to buy furniture sets for your home. To achieve the desired style, people must analyze every space and decide which Furniture should be included. Everyone can’t afford luxury furniture. You can find affordable furniture shops online or in your locality that sell high-end Furniture at a reasonable price. This will allow you to achieve elegant styling without any pressure. This article contains important information to help luxury furniture buyers make smart choices with minimal expense.

Luxury Furniture Shop: How can you choose affordable Furniture for your home?

When choosing ornamental pieces for the house, the bedroom is considered one’s private sanctuary. It is important to understand the basic requirements for purchasing Furniture in this area. It is important to select furniture colors that complement the existing designs. A person’s taste in design, style, and color can vary greatly, but luxury furniture shops offer many options.

It is not difficult to achieve complete satisfaction, but it is important to do careful budgeting and examination. Given your budget constraints, it is important to identify the essential functions of luxury furniture and determine the best way to meet them at a reasonable price. It is a smart idea to visit several furniture shops before you make your final decision.

All property owners should consider the decor and furnishings of their homes. Even if financing is not available, it is important to get the right assistance. You need to trust the luxury furniture shop you choose to provide long-lasting, affordable furniture sets. This is crucial to make sure you have a good investment. While the bedroom is a major consideration when buying Furniture, other important locations should be considered. These include Furniture that can be used in the dining room, outside patio, and cabinet locations. It is important to keep in mind your budget requirements, regardless of the style you choose.

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People with extensive knowledge of quality products and the best match for the house’s architecture are in great demand. Property owners who purchase high-quality Furniture have the potential to make their properties a long-lasting investment. This will ensure complete satisfaction for you and your family members, resulting in exceptional coordination and contrast.



Kokoon Style is mainly a wholesale company. We can supply you with 10 to 100 products quickly due to the 10.000m2 storage space. We can also respond to more urgent requests regarding quantity, per container, directly from our partner factories.

For wholesale inquiries or to receive a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Drop shipment

This Service is available to you at no additional cost.

We can also provide support directly to your clients, subject to some interaction and quality requirements.

  1. Shipment does not include any marketing, pamphlet, or marks that identify us.
  2. Our 600+ recommendations for contemporary-day luxury furniture can help you diversify your sales.
  3. High-quality assurance at the factory gates. Only the best.
  4. Get our 2-year guarantee for dedicated after-sales Service
  5. The best prices are approximately 20% lower than standard wholesalers.
  6. Access your account via our Extranet system to see stock levels and place orders quickly.
  7. Shipment to England and Wales, Scotland, France. Belgium. The Netherlands. Luxemburg. Denmark. Germany.
  8. Austria, Spain Portugal, Italy Poland, Slovakia Czech Republic, Hungary Estonia Slovenia & Lithuania

Artisan furniture

Luxurious Way of life FurnitureArtisan furniture proudly presents the Luxurious Way of life Furniture Collection branded as ‘LUX.’ The most elegant and unique items are currently in fashion. Worldwide Vision Direct Limited offers drop-ship and wholesale options for its LUX collection. We also offer top-quality brass inlay products in many geometric shapes, streamlined cement drawer fronts, and brass embossed metal backs.

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Our Furniture is made from 100% solid wood, such as Pine, Oak Acacia Sheesham, and Mango wood. The furniture collection has a neo contemporary look and feel, and it includes footstools, corridor benches, and larger accent pieces for country homes.

Mod made

Due to the increasing number of customers, Mod Made is happy to offer a drop ship program to web furniture clients, luxury furniture shops, and interior decorating studios. These are the requirements for Mod Made online sellers:

  1. Dropshipping is available to all 48 continental US states. We will ship to any destination outside of the 48 continental US.
  2. No minimum purchase for the drop ship program.
  3. Clients have a valid resale certificate or Tax ID.
  4. All Mod Made products are subject to the SRP (Recommended market price). Failure to adhere to this policy repeatedly or with deliberate intent will result in the termination of your collaboration.
  5. We can ship small parts, such as hardware if a replacement is needed. We can ship larger items or parts at a cost to the consumer.

VIG Furniture

It is not an easy task to ship furniture. Because Furniture comes with many elements such as size, weight, and fragility, shipping is never easy. Shipping luxury furniture can be complicated because of all these factors. VIG Furniture employs a team of furniture specialists throughout the country to provide domestic Furniture. We also offer other services such as in-room positioning and particles elimination, in addition to assembly. You can discover our rates and other alternatives by e-mailing our shipping department shipping@vigfurniture.com.

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Standard freight providers can ship our Business shipments, and they have the knowledge and experience in shipping customer-specific items. The Industrial deliveries may require assistance when emptying from the truck because they are transported on custom pallets. You can arrange to ship your order from Los Angeles, California storage facilities, or New York City via any provider you choose from ours. Use small pick-up fees.

These are the most important aspects of shipping:

  1. The purchaser will pay shipping costs. At checkout, the quantity will be shown.
  2. VIG luxury Furniture cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii PO Boxes, APO/FPO addresses, or Puerto Rico.
  3. Containers make only global deliveries
  4. Shipping rates are calculated based on weight. These rates apply to all shipments throughout the country.
  5. The shipping time will vary depending on the destination. Please call our shipping department for more information.
  6. Signatures are required for all shipments
  7. All orders require a phone number.
  8. Before shipment, our provider will contact the customer to arrange the date and time.


Drop-Shipping Service allows a company to sell items without first purchasing and equipping them. Simply put, Furniture can be displayed in your shop or a brochure.

You can choose your rate, which is higher than the price of Luxury Furniture in Fashion.

Your revenue is the difference between these rates.

After your client has purchased the item from us, they can place an order online at Furniture in Fashion. We will deliver the item directly to their client. This Way, the seller is responsible for the item, and Luxury Furniture in Fashion ensures fulfillment.

Click the link below to fill out an application to join a group.

From the beginning to the end, it takes less than five minutes to complete the Establishment.