Kole Imports Dropship Reviews

Kole Imports Dropshipping Reviews and Tips to Start

It won’t take more than a few hours to have your first dropshipping storefront up and running once you’ve uncovered some high-quality products to sell. Using Shopify is a pretty easy and straightforward approach. It is not difficult at all to get started with an online store, despite the fact that you will need to make modifications to your business after seeing how customers use it.
There is no requirement that you make purchases of inventory in advance. This enables you to test new product concepts in a more expedient manner.

You don’t need to make massive investments in order to get your business off the ground and selling.
Because of dropshipping, you won’t have to put up a significant financial investment to launch your online store. When you engage in dropshipping, it is not necessary for you to purchase the products in advance. You don’t even have to pay for storage space or make an investment in inventory in order to keep your products in stock. The majority of these expenses, which are incurred by traditional retailers, can be avoided by using dropshipping.

Just $290 is required to get started with dropshipping. Read our post on the expenses involved in launching a dropshipping business to learn how to make the most of a limited starting capital in 2021.

To start selling, you don’t have to make huge investments

The conventional retail business models can be replaced with dropshipping, which is an excellent alternative. There is no need for you to be concerned about the shipping or storage of your inventory. With dropshipping, you can run a retail business without ever having to handle the goods you’re selling to customers. As soon as a buyer orders one of your products, the order is transferred to a third-party supplier who handles its fulfilment.

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In spite of this, we strongly suggest that you examine the quality of any product that you intend to sell and that you order product samples before doing so.
Dropshipping is a convenient and cost-effective business model.

Send over your items to be packaged and delivered.
Make use of a storage facility as your own.
Take control of your stock.
Handle all returns
With all of that extra time at your disposal, you can finally devote some of it to cleaning up your store and attracting new consumers. Having said that, the following are a few pointers that will help you boost traffic to your Shopify store.

Shipping is taken care of by someone else

Dropshipping is a business model that scales easily.
The management of this company is simple. You don’t have anything to stress about in terms of being a salesperson. Even though your company may be expanding, you should probably put more money into marketing if you want to boost your sales. On the other hand, the general character of your day-to-day responsibilities will not shift.

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Sell anywhere you want

Once you begin conducting business online, where you are physically will be irrelevant. You are able to sell your products regardless of where you are located if you are using the dropshipping model and the delivery charges are acceptable. Learn the best ways to conduct business on a worldwide scale by reading our how-to guide on establishing an international store.

Kole Imports: Who are they?

Since 1985, Kole Imports has been operating as a successful business. We are regarded as one of the most significant general merchandise importers as well as wholesalers in the United States. All of our more than 4,000 different products that fall under the category of general merchandise are kept in Carson, California. We provide a diverse selection of products, such as toys, tools, and stationery, as well as presents for infants and children, displays, closeouts, and other types of merchandise in a variety of categories.

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What is Dropship Program?

Dropship is an application that gives users the ability to rapidly and successfully obtain product information without incurring any costs.

Dropship was developed to provide people who are either already operating an online store or are in the process of launching one with the tools necessary to sell Kole Import products. Additionally, the product stream may be readily published to online markets like Amazon and eBay, amongst other options.

What is the secret to it?

After you have successfully registered, you will be able to access your account by logging in.

After that, we will inquire about some facts pertaining to you and your firm. Despite the fact that we do not require this information, you are asked to provide it before placing your first order.

The next step is to select the “Add feed” button. When you click this link, you will be taken to a website that gives you the option to personalise a product feed and insert information about Kole Import’s wares. A product feed is a file that includes all of the information that is required in order to sell things. The item description, image, quantity, price, and any other relevant information are included in feeds.

When you have finished generating your feed, it will be shown on the dashboard that you have built. On your dashboard, you will also discover a link to your feed, which will allow you to integrate it into your e-commerce website without having to go to our site.
Make sure that the information about your products is always up to date.
Your online store might potentially add an additional 3,500 products.
Your clients have access to a variety of flexible alternatives for wholesale pricing.
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The Dropship programme offered by Kole Imports provides you with rapid access to thousands of products that may be dispatched straight. More than 4500 different items are kept in store across more than 30 different categories within our extensive wholesale general merchandise inventory. These categories include Auto Supplies and Pet Supplies, Toys and Tools, Office and School Supplies, and Party Supplies. In addition to that, we have a large variety of clearance and discount items.

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Kole Imports Features

You may rapidly gain access to the product information you require with dependable inventory counts that are updated on a daily basis with the help of our fully configurable product data feed.

On your very own website, you can sell the product. Whether you sell on Amazon, eBay, Sears Marketplace, Rakuten, or any of the other online marketplaces out there, Our Application Programming Interface (API) will make it possible for you to fully automate the process of acquiring product information and submitting all of your orders. Every order is discreetly sent straight to the consumer of your choice using either our FedEx or UPS accounts, or, if you prefer, your own shipping account.

Learn about all of these features and more by registering for a free account at dropship.koleimports.com right away.

The Features of Kole Imports

There are no reoccurring or additional costs to worry about.
We don’t charge fees! You may be required to pay a transaction fee in addition to a monthly or percentage-based fee from the drop ship vendors you work with.

You will only be responsible for paying the cost of the item itself as well as the cost of shipping.
Have you ever considered opening a shipping account with either FedEx or UPS? That’s fantastic! Your clients’ orders can be shipped to them using the shipping account that you have.

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To load our products onto your website or other online selling channel, all that is required of you is a product feed.

You may have your own personalised feed up and running in a matter of minutes.

Choose the kind of products that fall under the categories that you want to include in your feed.
You have your choice between a number of different sizes and aspect ratios.
Include extra information on the goods, such as the colours, materials, and brand, if possible.
Keep a copy of your feed.
After you have created your feed, you will be given a one-of-a-kind URL that you may use to download the information.
Online ordering

There are two different ways to place orders via the internet.

After logging into your account, click the box labelled “Create a new order,” and then put your order through our shopping cart.
You want something that is less manual, right? Your backend will be able to automatically send orders thanks to our REST API.
After your order has been placed, we will typically have it packaged and sent to you within the next twenty-four hours.

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Tracking Orders
It’s important to keep in mind that communicating monitoring information to your customers can be challenging. Following the shipment of an item, you will get an email with tracking information for the order.

During the process of placing an order, you also have the option of sending a tracking email to the consumer.
In addition to that, we provide a shipment API for the more technically knowledgeable of our customers.

Billing Management
We are all aware of the fact that time is money.

In order to expedite the process of placing your order, we have established a billing centre.

It is possible to manage many credit cards.
Make the necessary changes and add your billing address.
To avoid sales tax, provide your Federal Tax ID.
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Shipping Provided by a Third Party
Our principal shipping carriers are United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx.

Customers generally want to have their own shipping accounts so that they can better monitor and keep track of their returns, charges, and tracking information.
Through the use of our shipping management centre, you will be able to provide us with your shipping account information in a safe and secure manner.

At the checkout, you will have the option to mail items to your account.

Shipments Done in the Dark
If you are serious about drop shipping, every order you get must be fulfilled in secret.

Blind shipment occurs when an order leaves our warehouse without any sign that it was sent from Kole Imports, but rather by your firm. This means that the recipient of the item is unaware that it was shipped from Kole Imports.
The fast delivery of our clients’ items is a priority for Kole Imports, and we will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

Monitor of Current Activities
You will automatically be taken to your dashboard after you have successfully made an account.

The activity monitor on the dashboard will display all activity that has occurred on your account, including the following items:

Each time you log in to your account.
These are the orders that you have sent over in the most recent period of time.
These are the feeds that you have created or changed during the past few minutes or hours.
Alterations to the locations of the billing and shipping centres
API that uses REST
Customers of Kole Imports who require a more robust method to communicate with the company can make advantage of the REST API.

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