How to Use Dealextreme (DX) For Dropshipping Business?

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E-commerce is becoming increasingly competitive as a result of the convenience and availability of the internet.

Developing a company model that is simple to run, does not require significant sums of money, provides for product sourcing flexibility, and does not require a large amount of capital is essential for entrepreneurs. Dropshipping is one method of accomplishing this.

Dropshipping is an excellent technique to make money because it requires little upfront investment. It will be necessary to locate a reputable global drop shipping platform in order to get started.

Dropshipping is a viable business model, as seen by the fact that dealextreme sets sales records year after year. Dropshipping enables small businesses to operate on an equal footing with large-scale online retailers thanks to its flexibility. A growing number of e-commerce businesses are likely to follow this technique in the near future, given current conditions.

Dropshipping at DealExtreme

DealExtreme is an internationally recognized drop shipper. It is a Chinese company with more than ten years of experience.

In the DealExtreme Drop Shipping Model, customers only need to send orders to DX drop shipping. The end-user will then receive the product via DX dropshipping services.

This reduces the risk and clients don’t have to buy the goods until they are sold. DX also handles product shipping, packaging, and warehousing. This saves you time and money.

DealExtreme offers dropshipping

No Delivery Fees: They provide free shipping on practically all of their merchandise, with the exception of a few carefully selected items. They provide both super saver and standard delivery options, as well as accelerated shipping alternatives for an additional fee.

It is simple to return or exchange the item you have received because there are no fees associated with doing so.

Store credit is available.

If a refund request is submitted after 60 days, PayPal will only offer a partial return to the customer. If you want to get your money back after deducting the PayPal costs, you can also get a DX Store credit to do so.

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Coupon codes are a great way to save money.

Using coupon codes that are included in their newsletters, gift certificates, and other promotional materials, customers can save money on their purchases.

All newsletter subscribers will receive a copy of the newsletter in their inbox. Coupons, discounts, and other special deals are included in the newsletter.

DX Points: This service is provided by the firm with every purchase of a particular product. In most cases, the customer receives 10% of the overall order value. Posting reviews and making posts on discussion forums are also ways to gain points.

Customers who purchase in large quantities will receive a discount. Customers who purchase a large number of things can use the code “BULKRATE” to obtain a discount of up to three items.

The Best DealExtreme Drop Shipping

Choosing the right product DealExtreme dropshipping provides a diverse selection of products. There are more than 300,000 products to pick from in this category alone. Customers will have an easy time making their selections from such a huge selection of products. It is feasible to sell a wide variety of things without having to store or purchase inventory in advance.

Using DX products on your website and using them to dropship, you may establish yourself as a worldwide online eCommerce company with the least amount of risk and expense. When you register with, you can select the product kinds that you wish to sell and set your own retail prices as well as profit margins.

Dropshipping – DealExtreme packages and ships products directly to customers at no additional charge.. Customers who place orders through your website will receive their products from DX Logistics.

The similarities between DealExtreme & Chinabrands

In China, there are a plethora of well-known dropshipping companies. Despite the fact that all of the companies are successful in their respective fields, Chinabrands is rapidly gaining ground.

Also Read:  How to Build Instagram Followers for Dropshipping Organically? provides excellent customer service as well as a better overall client experience. As a wholesale drop-shipper, it offers a diverse selection of products.

They are a fantastic dropshipping site with a wide range of unique products. There are no hidden fees and their prices are really competitive. Like Chinabrands, DealExpress is another well-known dropshipping company that offers significant profit margins and competitively priced products, in contrast to those offered by Chinabrands.

  • By providing high-quality products at a low price, Chinabrands and DealExtreme dropshipping provide tremendous value to their customers.
  • In order to ensure that worldwide consumers benefit from the benefits, both organisations are capable of doing so. This increases the value of their customer base, allowing them to optimise their earning potential.
  • They are both based in China and have a thorough understanding of the country’s business environment. This makes it simple to find a supplier.
  • In order to do so, they have built long-term, dependable connections with reputable domestic suppliers and manufacturers. Companies may be able to provide cheaper prices to cross-border distributors for high-quality, low-cost commodities because of economies of scale.
  • Because of Chinabrands and Deal Extreme drop shipping, the owner is relieved of the need to maintain a big inventory of products. Instead, they purchase directly from manufacturers and distributors.

Differences Between Chinabrands & DealExtreme



Warehouse with a global reach


There are five continents on the planet.

1-3 countries and geographical areas


Chinabrands has a presence in approximately 200 countries throughout the world. It maintains warehouses in various locations across the world and collaborates with leading logistics companies such as China Post, DHL, and FEDEX.

When compared to Chinabrands, they have less logistical channels and collaborate with fewer top logistics providers.

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Using a complete website, you will be able to place orders for the goods from any location in the world.

The majority of orders are shipped within 2-5 business days of being placed.

Chinabrands is a Global Dropshipping Platform

China is now one of the most desired drop-shipping suppliers due to its rapid expansion. Chinese wholesalers offer the best value for money.

Dropshipping is a great business idea in

Today’s e-commerce market is attractive since it is low-risk and straightforward. Many of the world’s largest online merchants, including Amazon, eBay,, and Amazon, have demonstrated that dropshipping is a lucrative business model.

Dropshipping is used by 33 percent of all eCommerce enterprises, according to Statista. Distributors have taken notice of Chinabrands, a platform that enables internet retailers to establish themselves as market leaders. It has now established itself as a reliable brand that people can rely on. A wide range of services are provided by Chinabrands, all of which are dependable.

Dropshipping is the way of the future in the retail industry. People may sell their products to customers all over the world because to E-commerce and worldwide shipping.

Dropshipping is rising in popularity as a result of its minimal maintenance costs and high return on investment (ROI). It has attracted a large number of businesses and industries from all over the world. It is also one of the rare business concepts where you do not have to spend any money until the customer pays you back. As a result, dangers are reduced.

DealExtreme is a well-known dropshipping website with a large following. Customers can now acquire high-quality products at incredibly low prices thanks to the use of dropshipping.

They provide free shipping as well as quick replacements.

Chinabrands is another another reputable dropshipping platform to consider. It provides exceptional customer service, a better user experience, and a broad product selection.