How To Make Video Ads For Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a highly competitive industry. It can be challenging to grab the attention of the proper people and persuade them to buy your product. It’s critical to reach out to prospective purchasers in their preferred areas and give the material they want. Dropshipping is a popular business model. Learn how to create video advertisements.

People enjoy watching videos on the internet, particularly on social media. As a potent marketing tool, video may give you an edge over your online competitors.

Make Video Ads For Dropshipping

This article will show why video should be included in your marketing plan. To create high-converting, professional video commercials for dropshipping, you don’t need to be a professional cameraman. It’s a lot less difficult than you might assume!

Let’s get started. This is all you’ll need to create successful video advertisements.

Why You need Video advertising has a strong influence on consumers, which is one of its greatest ads to promote your dropshipping store?

You’ve most likely spent some time researching marketing trends and are aware of the hype around video advertisements. It’s a wonderful thing!

One of the most significant advantages of video advertising is that it has a strong influence on customers. Customers can see products and brands up close and personal via video.

In an internet environment where there are numerous distractions, videos can be a wonderful method to capture attention and get your idea out fast. People don’t always read all of the fine print, and in some cases, they simply don’t.

Video is used by 81 percent of organisations as part of their entire marketing strategy. To stay competitive, you must compete at the same level as your competitors. This necessitates learning how to make video ads for dropshipping.

Are you still undecided? These are five compelling reasons to employ video advertisements to market your online store, all of which are backed up by data.

1. Video Ads Increase Traffic, Conversions, and Sales

A study by Wyzowl found that 87% of video marketers believe video has increased website traffic. The study also revealed that 80% of video marketers believe video has directly increased their online sales.

Need more proof? You can find more proof by watching the following video:

  • Research has shown that online businesses have the potential to increase conversions by up to 80% if they include a product video on their landing pages.
  • After watching a product video, consumers are generally 64% to 85% more likely buy something.
  • 97% of video marketers reported video enhanced user understanding of a service or product, while 76% claimed video helped them increase their sales.

2. Video is Increasing in Popularity

Research by LimeLight shows that online video is growing in popularity at the expense traditional broadcast viewing.

Viewers spend an average of six hours and 48 minutes per week viewing online video. This is a 59% increase from 2016. Television viewing decreased 10% to 7 hours 12 minutes.

Online video is becoming more popular, especially for entertainment on the go. This means that the demand for online video content will only continue to rise in the future.

This infographic by the Omnicore group gives a better picture of how video ads disrupt the dropshipping industry and any other type of B2C business.

We’ll close this section with the following statistic, to emphasize the point. According to estimates, video streaming and downloading would account for 82 percent of global internet traffic by 2022. 82 percent of the time!

Here you can see which direction the wind blows. Video ads are a marketing tactic that you should not ignore.

3. Videos help shoppers trust your products

Dropshipping has a significant flaw. Many customers are concerned that the things they receive will not be identical to those shown online.

This is the most significant advantage that physical stores have over online shopping. Before making a purchase, customers can touch and feel the item.

To help you decide which goods to buy online, you don’t need a description or an image. Because almost half of online buyers are concerned that their purchases will not appear exactly the same after they arrive, a product video can help you improve sales.

Using videos, potential consumers can see a product from all sides. If the goods is apparel or accessories, a person can also assist consumers in getting a better notion of the size and fit. This instils confidence in the fact that you will get exactly what you see.

Customers may also be able to observe the product in use. This is especially important if the product requires explanation. These extra cues may be useful in persuading people to buy.

90% of people believe that watching a product video aids them in making a decision.

Dropshipping has another advantage: 47% say video marketing has helped businesses cut support calls.

A product film aids in the understanding of your product. Customers will have fewer questions to ask and more customer service work to do as a result. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

In fact, nearly four times as many people would rather watch a product video than read about it. Visual learners are more likely to grasp brands when presented with visual information.

4. Social Media Videos are a Hit with Customers

Video ads on Social Media are the number one way that consumers find new brands and products before buying. Consumers also want video content from brands via social media.

The people have spoken. They are clearly stating that they want more video on social media.

73% of consumers claim that they were influenced when buying from a brand by its social media presence. 83% users say they would share a brand video with their friends if the content was interesting.

Do you want your dropshipping business to become viral? Engaging video ads on social media platforms that are popular with your target audience is one way to make this happen.

5. Videos are a favorite of Google and can help you rank higher

81% of video marketers believe that videos have increased visitors’ time on their sites. What does this mean for dropshipping? This could lead to a Google search engine optimization boost.

Search Engine Monitor says that posting a video on your website can encourage people to spend more time there. Your SEO will be more effective if customers spend longer in your online shop.

This applies to video ads that are posted on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The likelihood that a consumer spends more time on your site increases when they click to it.

Google sees this and gives sites that spend more time per page a higher ranking. Google believes people stay longer so the site should have great content!

Actually, you are 53x more likely to appear first on Google if your website has a video embedded.

If you include a video transcription on the same page as your video, you’ll get bonus points. The html content will be used by Google to assist comprehend the objective of your page, potentially boosting your rankings.

Paid video advertising are a terrific method to generate visitors to your dropshipping business, but video can also help you rank higher in search engines, which can increase your organic traffic. Video commercials should be incorporated into your overall marketing plan.

Are you prepared to begin? Let’s get started learning how to create effective dropshipping video advertising.

Should I make my own dropshipping videos or hire a professional?

Dropshippers often feel intimidated by the idea that video ads might be made. There are several ways to create video content for your online store. It all depends on how much you have to market your online store, what technical skills you have, and how much time you have.

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Viral video ads can be simple and effective. Sometimes a simple message is all that’s needed to sell. Here are a few ideas to think about

  • A videographer and designer will shoot your video(s), based on the storyboard and script you have created. A small group can be assembled to produce the video. Then it is up to you to decide where and how it should be distributed. You will get high-quality, professional video content but at a higher price.
  • You may form a dropshipping partnership with a company that makes video ads such as DropShipMedia and BandsOffAds. There are different pricing levels available depending on how many videos you need.
  • To get started, hire a freelancer to create some video ads. You could use a service such as UpworkFiverr. This is a great way to try different creatives and ad placements. Once you have figured out what works best for your brand, then you can begin making your own videos.
  • You can shoot the video ads. There are many cool apps and tools available that will help you create a stunning video. Dropshippers are successful because they go DIY.

How to Make Video Ads that Sell

You may shoot your video advertisements on a shoestring budget. This is the most significant benefit. Dropshipping is an excellent way to save money, particularly if you’re just getting started.

More expensive and complicated does not always equate to better outcomes. You may create your own viral video commercial. It is possible to complete the task on your own. All you need is a clear grasp of your audience, a captivating content, and a clear goal. Finally, you’ll need an idea of how you want your video to look.

These 10 strategies from experienced video marketers can help you build eye-catching dropshipping video advertising that sell.

1. Define Your Target Audience

Before you create a video advertisement, it is important to define your target audience. This is an important step, as your goal is to make your ads easily visible to those most likely to purchase your product.

If you decide to make a video advertisement to promote an organic cream for wrinkle reduction, your target audience is likely to be women over 35. This is because this demographic values youthful skin. These women are actively looking online for solutions to this problem.

The organic face cream can be used to target women over 35 who are interested in eco-friendly or organic products. This audience will be more interested in organic products if you promote it.

It is essential to know the demographics of your target audience and their habits. This information will guide all decisions you make about your video from the script to which platform you post it.

Facebook insights will give you key demographic information such as age, gender and location. This is a great place for identifying your target audience.

Check out your competitors on social media. You can also see their top followers and which video content is most popular. You should also look at the top competitors and see what content they are posting on that platform.

Be careful not to copy what your competitors do. What’s the point?

It is a good idea to look at what video types work well in your niche. You will need to create your own video concept that is unique and compelling.

2. Identify Your Campaign Goals

Once you have identified your audience, it is time to establish your goal. These are the key questions to ask yourself.

What are you trying achieve with this video campaign and why? Increase sales Increased brand awareness Traffic? Engagement? Engagement?

These details will tell advertising platforms which users can view your ad and who. These details are used to determine who clicks on the ads and who buys something. Dropshipping is a great way to make sales.

Knowing the purpose of the dropshipping video advertisement you are creating will help guide your video length, tone, and script. Without knowing what you want, you can’t choose the right ad content.

3. Make Your Ad Content

Next, you will need to decide what kind of content you want to create.

Each dropshipping video advertisement has a purpose. Before you choose the format that effectively expresses your message, you must first determine what your goal is.

These are the top four types of dropshipping ads for video:

The majority of smartphones with a modern design have enough cameras to create a decent dropshipping video. This is not all that you will need. To create professional-looking videos, you will need lighting. This can be done by purchasing a background or additional lighting equipment.

You don’t know anything about lighting a video? You can Google it. You can find many educational articles, such as Lighting for Video, that will help you light your video properly for production.

Be sure to use a tripod or a selfie-stick if you are using a smartphone. You can avoid taking shaky photos by using either one. Trust us, no one’s hands are as stable as theirs. To keep your phone stable, you will need something.

8. Create a Storyboard

A storyboard shows how your video will look shot by shot. The storyboard is made up of several squares that include illustrations or photos representing each shot and notes about the scenes.

This is the place to map out text overlays if you want to communicate information using text overlays (which can be very efficient).

Creately has great tips for creating a simple storyboard to use in video.

9. Add Branding Elements

Incorporate crucial branding components into your video advertisements. People should be aware that you and your online store developed this information.

Consider placing your company logo as a watermark in the corner of your video, for example. This will ensure that your brand is visible throughout the film, rather than simply at the beginning and finish.

Your website URL could be included at the end of the video. This will raise brand awareness and boost visitors to your website. To promote your items, wear a tee or hat with your brand on it. This will aid in the formation of a bond between your brand, products, and potential clients.

10. Make Your Budget

You can figure out exactly how much money you need to spend on advertising so that your money is properly spent.

The first thing you should do before running a dropshipping video ad is figure out your profit margin. Determine the difference between the wholesale and retail prices for the goods you’re selling (includes shipping).

This is due to the fact that advertising is only viable if the product’s price is high enough to justify spending money on it.

The second thing you should decide before making changes is how much money you’re willing to invest (if your ad fails to perform as you expected). Marketers advise aiming for a profit margin of two to one. You can spend $40 before making any changes to your ads if your profit margin is $20.

This is not the same as your daily advertising budget. Depending on the price of the goods, your daily ad budget should be enough to last many days, if not a week. Set a budget of $5-10 when testing an ad for the first time. If the ad is producing results, you can boost your daily spending.

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Tips for Making Engaging Videos

These are just a few steps to help you create dropshipping videos ads. But there is more. It is important to make a compelling video. It is important to create something that grabs the attention of users and makes them want more.

These are some other tips to increase engagement on your videos.

Start with a Hook:

You have a five-second window to grab the attention of your viewers and get them to stop scrolling. You don’t have much time to waste, so take advantage of it.

Start your video with a vibrant graphic or motion effect to catch their attention. It’s a good idea to use bright, strong language to entice them to keep watching.

Any deals or offers should be announced in advance. Many viewers will only see a little piece of your discount if you hide it at the bottom of the movie.

As soon as the video begins, make sure it has a hook. Users will not stop to watch if that is not the case.

Use Thumbnails

Thumbnails matter a lot. These are the headline of your video and will encourage people to view it.

You can create captivating thumbnails using a program like Canva, especially if your video is going to be posted to YouTube or any other platform that compares your brand to a lot of others.

Appeal to A Viewer’s Emotions :

Videos that elicit an emotional response are more likely to be viral and perform better on social media. Do not be shy! Show your personality!

The Harvard School of Business found that 95% of purchase decisions are subconscious and are influenced by emotional factors.

“People do not buy goods & services. They buy relationships, stories, and magic strong>. -Seth Godin

Is your product solving a problem that frustrates customers? Your video ads should reflect that frustration! Is your excitement over a new gadget that you have added to your online shop? Excite others!

Emotions can be contagious and people will buy if they feel the emotion. You have a better chance of selling if you appeal to the emotions and not only their logic.


Consider this: Where are you most often when you scroll through social media? Standing in line at the bank On the train to work, sitting on the platform? Waiting for the movie to start in a theatre?

There are many times when you find yourself in an area where your phone cannot be turned up loud enough. Social videos are often viewed with the sound off. Captions can help increase viewership.

Tools to Help You Create Professional-Looking Videos

Making video ads for dropshipping stores is easy. You don’t have to be a technical wizard. You can create professional-quality videos using a variety of online tools and apps.

Even better? The best news? Many of these tools can be purchased for a fraction of the price, or even for free.

You don’t need to start from scratch if you don’t want to. You can find great stock footage, music and sound effects online.

You may need to credit the creator or pay for permission to use the footage commercially, depending on the licensing. You can find more information on this in the Creative Commons Best Practices for Attribution. Also, make sure you carefully review the conditions of use on any website that provides stock images, music, or videos.

Free Stock Footage and Music Resources

These are some great (and free!) tools that can help you make buzzworthy dropshipping video ads. This is a great place for you to start!

Free Stock Videos:

  • Videvo – High quality HD footage and motion graphics available for free
  • Pexels – Free photos and videos from all over the globe
  • Distil – Sign up to receive 10 videos every 10 days for commercial use in your email.
  • Pixabay – Tons of high-quality professional videos, photos and animations.

Videos in Public Domain (not subject to Copyright):

  • Pond5 is a resource that contains lots of historical video footage.
  • Critical Past: Vintage videos you can use today.
  • – Footage of films, games, historical moments, and more
  • NASA: Photos and footage of space.

Audio and Music Files Free:

  • – A wide range of sounds that you can use in your videos for no cost.
  • Looperman – Acapella vocals, music and sounds that you can use, provided you credit the creator.
  • Converse Sample Library – A collection of music and rhythms that you can sample.
  • YouTube Audio Library – A great source for high quality music and sound effects for video creators.

Free Video Creation Tool

You can capture video directly in most video hosting sites like YouTube, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, and YouTube. However, there are many easy-to-use editing apps that will allow you to quickly create professional-looking video ads.

These tools can help you get noticed and make your videos stand out. These tools are worth looking at:

Vimeo Create With this free editing tool, you can transform product photos into stunning video ads in a matter of minutes. Even better, you can connect directly to your Shopify dropshipping shop!

Vimeo Create uses AI technology to convert product images and text into video ads that you can place on your website. You can even use it to suggest colors, themes and fonts that will make your videos more interesting and engaging.

Resolve – You can also download this free desktop video editor that offers professional features such as color correction, removing objects, stitching together footage and many other useful functions.

Although Resolve is not the easiest tool to use for professional-looking videos, it’s easy to learn.

PowerDirector: An Android video editor that lets you do all the things you want and then import it to any social media channels.

Splice from GoPro: Another powerful video editor for iPhone users. This smartphone app allows you to create high-quality dropshipping videos ads in just minutes.

Video Editing Applications

WeVideo – This program allows you to edit videos from any device, including Chromebook, Windows and Mac. You can store unlimited media files in the cloud and you don’t need to download any software. You can get a large-budget look with no cost or difficulty by using the green screen.

WeVideo allows users to edit videos without waiting for uploads. To stand out on social media and web, you can choose from multiple formats. Offers tiered pricing plans.

Movavi is available in both a Mac or Windows version. Multi-features include stock media files that can be used to enhance your videos.

Movavi can also convert any file to any format. You also have the option to edit 360 videos, stock footage and use a complete-video editing suite. You can try the software free of charge, or you can choose from one of the pricing plans.

Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics toolkit for creating animated films, visual effects, and motion graphics. This tool is great if you want to create something unique and custom.

Top Social Media Platforms for Video Ads

Do you have a hard time determining where to display your video advertisements? These are the top four social media channels to consider, as well as some alternatives for dropshipping video ads.

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The key to determining WHERE to place your video ad is research. Your ideal customer will come across your material on the channels where it is most likely to be discovered.

The next step is to choose an ad format for your video ad that you believe will be the most effective. The most critical aspect is the purpose of your campaign.

Let’s look at the top four video-related social media channels and see what they have to offer.

1. YouTube Videos

YouTube ads are bidding systems that work like other advertising platforms. However, it is completely dependent on the campaign’s objectives. You have the option to pay either the cost-per view (CPV), or cost-per acquisition (CPA). Acquisition includes the revenue generated by the advertisement and traffic generated.

YouTube offers 4 types of video advertising campaign objectives:

  • Lead campaigns (to generate leads and sign-ups. This is great for building your email subscriber lists or subscription services. This is CPA-based.
  • Reach and Brand Awareness (to create awareness about your store’s brand, or to launch a new product). This is CPV based.
  • Brand and Product Consideration (to increase awareness about your products and niche). This is CPV based.
  • Web Traffic (to increase traffic to your website/online shop). This is CPA-based.

Once you have identified your campaign’s goal, you can run 5 types of dropshipping videos ads.

  1. Bumper
  2. Pre-roll
  3. TrueView
  4. Overlay and
  5. Sponsored cards

These ads play either before, during, or just after YouTube videos. The ads that are short and unskippable are usually bumper or preroll. Longer skippable videos, on the other hand, are TrueView.

You can also have sponsored cards and overlay ads. These banners appear as overlay adverts at the bottom of YouTube videos. Sponsored cards can be found in the small ‘i’ icon at the top right-hand corner of YouTube videos. A YouTube viewer can click on the ‘i” icon to immediately browse similar products and your product if it is mentioned.

YouTube video ads can produce amazing results if done right. If you have the funds, YouTube advertisements are a terrific method to expand your dropshipping business beyond the fundamentals. Instagram Stories and Facebook In-Stream placements are only available for video ads that are 15 seconds or less.

2. YouTube Videos

Dropshippers love advertising on Facebook. Facebook and its ads account 80% for all social referrals to ecommerce websites. Facebook offers many ad types. Video ads are the most popular.

These are the different ad types that Facebook offers, which allow you to include video.

Instream Video Ads: these advertisements run in the middle or a video. They are displayed on mobile devices after 60 seconds of main video content is played. They work best when they are relevant to the main video topic.

Facebook Marketplace Video Ads – Marketplace ads are one of the most well-known ad types. They appear as a scrolling advertisement when users browse the Facebook Marketplace to shop. This ad type can be used to advertise specials or relevant product offerings.

Facebook Stories Ads These video ads are placed between organic Facebook Stories. The seamless transition feels very natural and is usually quite easy for the viewer. This is a great benefit for you, as people don’t scroll away from story ads.

Facebook Feed Ads Video Ads: These ads display between organic videos in the Facebook Video Feed. This scrollable Video Feed is displayed whenever someone clicks on a video in their News Feed.

We have already mentioned that Facebook video ads should be short. To make people more likely to view the video, keep it under 15 seconds.

3. Instagram Videos

Instagram is a powerful visual tool for presenting products, as dropshippers are well aware. If you’re making a Facebook video commercial, you can also utilise it on Instagram.

Facebook’s Ad Manager now covers Instagram, allowing you to run advertising on both platforms with a single tool. Instagram advertisements are so popular because of this amazing video ad management option, which is available for both Instagram and Facebook ads.

These are the types of Instagram advertising that let you use video.

Stories Ads Instagram Stories provide a 24-hour snapshot of people’s lives. Your ad can be seamlessly embedded within these stories, allowing viewers organically to find your content.

At the bottom of each video, you’ll see a “swipe down” option. This allows you to add a link to your website or product. This is a useful feature for Instagram because it allows you to post links only within your own profile.

Infeed Ads: These are the simplest advertising option available on the platform. These video ads can be seen by users simply scrolling through their feed.

IGTV Ads: InstagramTV is becoming more popular for companies to post long-form content. This placement is ideal for long-form video ads such as explainers and how-to’s.

Canvas Ads These ads will appear in your Instagram Stories like Story ads. Canvas ads are mobile-friendly, so they allow you to create a user experience similar to visiting a website.

Explore Ads You can introduce new concepts through the Explore section. This AI feature shows people products that match their interests using artificial intelligence.

4. TikTok videos

Brand Takeover These video ads “takeover” the user’s TikTok screen for just a few seconds and then transform into an in-feed video advertisement for the duration of their run. When the message is on your whole screen, it’s difficult to miss!

TopView You can also make your brand stand out by taking up prime TikTok ad real estate. TopView ads are prominently displayed at the top in the “For You” feed, when TikTok is opened for the first time. Dropshipping video ads in this format can last up to 60 seconds, providing an immersive viewing experience that is unrivaled by any other content.

Hashtag Challenge These ads are displayed in the Discovery section. Their goal is to get users to accept a challenge. If no one is able to associate the hashtag with your brand, it’s not worth creating a hashtag challenge. Make sure you include your brand name in the hashtag. Encourage TikTok users create unique content with your products as props. This is a common hashtag challenge

Branded effects: This feature allows brands to express their playful side and create shareable branded stickers. This feature is a great way for brands to increase engagement and generate lots of user-generated content (UGC).

Dropshipping Video Ads – Key Takeaways

Dropshipping is a fantastic method to get your company up and running. Learn how to make video advertisements. Customers must see it in order to believe it. The greatest way to show potential clients how your items will make their lives better is to use video.

On social media, video is the most popular way for consumers to consume content. Over 80% of small and large businesses utilise video advertisements to reach their target audience.

Video marketing is a wise investment. Video marketing may help you find new customers, enhance conversions, and sales, as well as help you find new clients.

To develop great video advertising, you don’t need to be a video specialist or tech-savvy. With a range of programmes and tools, you can easily make professional-looking videos (many of them free).

To make excellent video commercials for your dropshipping shop, use the tips offered as a reference.