How to get 2Checkout Approved for Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a booming business that has seen a lot of success. Drop shippers are enjoying many benefits and high-profit margins. However, some issues do not go away. Dropshipping is a popular option for people who live outside the United States. However, they often have one major or common problem. Yes, we stress the payment method, and drop shippers for Shopify still face this problem.

It is not enough to have an online store. You must be able to receive the payments. This is the only way you can succeed in this field. You can’t rely on Paypal to pay your bills long-term. There is, therefore, a need to have a specific payment gateway such as 2checkout. Drop shippers are often having difficulty verifying that the 2checkout account has been approved. This blog will address all issues you have encountered up to now.

The 2checkout account is an important topic. Drop shippers aren’t familiar with 2checkout and often make mistakes. It can’t be used because there is no other payment platform that supports it.

Another thing to note is that 2checkout does not approve of drop shipping, but this does not mean you cannot do so. We have an extensive kit that you can use to help you rally with your 2checkout account, dropshipping store on Shopify, and each other.

Drop shippers make mistakes with the 2checkout account

Drop shipper creates an online shop on Shopify. Next, they will reach the Setting section. Then, they will choose the payment option. They then select 2checkout as the payment method. They then start to frown at the idea of why the payment isn’t coming into their account. The process is complete.

When you submit your Shopify online shop to a 2checkout Account, it will manually check your online shopping platform. This means that they will verify the store against the 2checkout account policies. This means that it is your responsibility to create Shopify online store complaints by the policies of 2checkout.

Also, we recommend that you look at the store to ensure it meets all terms of the 2checkout account. This will make validation easier and will speed up the access process.

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2checkout also checks if your online store works. Let’s say you just created a shop on Shopify, but the store cannot handle orders. The account will be rejected in such cases.

Drop shippers make the simple mistake of not purchasing the Shopify membership. This will create a problem. 2checkout will use the URL to check the website. If the member has not been purchased, they will be prompted to upgrade their plan or store.

You must also pay for Shopify plans for your online store, and this will allow 2checkout to review the account.

Registering with 2checkout

  • Use this link to reach 2checkout
  • You will find the Sign-up page on the main page. Click it to create an account.
  • You will now see an application page. Here you must fill in certain details. You must enter accurate details like name, address, phone number, and id.
  • The next step is to insert the links for the refund policy, privacy policy, and terms and conditions in the appropriate areas.
  • After you submit all information, your 2checkout account will send you an email. You will be asked to send invoices in the email.
  • Send the invoices to 2checkout and wait for a response.

If you don’t have any invoices to submit at 2checkout, please use this.

An invoice might not be sent to a new Shopify store, and you shouldn’t be worried. You can create fake invoices by sending an email to 2checkout.


As a new company, we have yet to start working. We have all the resources we need and are ready for the processing stage. We are still waiting for 2checkout to approve before we can take any orders. We can, however, send you details, links, or addresses of suppliers and dealers who are currently working on our online store.

If you have any questions about this context, please let us know. We will provide them all as soon as possible.

Send an email with similar content to the one above. Don’t forget the links! This will give Shopify some confidence in your store. You can get the link by visiting Aliexpress. Reach out to the vendor’s site and copy the links.

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Can you sneak the invoices with your 2checkout account?

It does. To make any changes such as name or product, you can get the invoices from another store. You can also visit the Aliexpress shopping site and place an order. Take a screenshot of the order, including addresses and dates. You can either place an order yourself or ask your family and friends to do it. Send the screenshots to 2checkout.

You now have two methods: sneaky or posting the links. It is possible to approve your 2checkout account in no time if you do it correctly.

Additional tips to assist you in 2checkout account approval

The professional side

You must make 2checkout feel confident in your business and yourself. Your Shopify account indicates that you are a business. If you use incorrect grammar or English, it could make a negative impression, and 2checkout might not be interested in your submission. Make sure you put in all your efforts, especially if you’re writing an email. Do not let another party believe you are a beginner or lack English. Ask a friend or colleague for help if you’re not competent.

Do not tell them you’re drop-shipping via Aliexpress or any other platform.

2checkout is the best business account and has a large database. You are making another mistake if you assume they won’t notice your online shop. Let’s say you create a Shopify store that sells cheap jewelry from Aliexpress. The logo, look, and even the theme are all not appealing. This means that you won’t be able to send any further information to 2checkout for approval. It is easy for the team to determine if the URL submitted is dropshipping.

Create a striking look for your Shopify online shop

These tips will help you work quickly with 2checkout and get the verification done quickly.

  • High-quality images are essential.
  • Premium themes can make your job easier.
  • You can add classy items to your online shops like hoodies and bedsheets.
  • You can bring expensive, unique products to your shops, such as camping sets, equipment for sports, and gym items.
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This isn’t about letting 2checkout know that you deal in Aliexpress dropshipping. These tips will make them believe you are selling amazing products, and this will lessen the burden of sending drop shipping invoices and agreements.

You should not offer free products or items in your Shopify store.

It should be a big no. You can price any product with 0Rs, and you will be bothered. You will be asked to immediately remove the product from your 2checkout account. This also means that Aliexpress will be made aware by 2checkout. Additionally, 2checkout accounts do not allow “Free Plus Shipping.”

Don’t keep these products in your Shopify store.

  • 2checkout accounts are not allowed to sell trademarked products. The 2checkout account will not allow any product with the brand name. You can now forget about products that feature star wars, batman, and avengers.
  • Keep weapons, illegal, or strange software, as well as gambling products, out of reach.

What should I do if my 2checkout account requests a drop shipping agreement?

What can you do? Here’s a trick to help you get a drop shipping agreement.

  • Google is your first port of call. Type Chinese Drop Shipping Agreement into Google.
  • There will be many templates to choose from.
  • Get the best and most authentic versions
  • You can start editing based on the modifications or changes that are required.
  • Email it to ——-, and they will let you know if it is accepted.
  • Send the supplier’s signatures to 2checkout.

Take a look at 2checkout’s terms and conditions to get a better understanding. This is the best way to speed up the verification of your 2checkout account. You can acquire all the items that 2checkout has listed quickly. Dropshipping express agreements or invoices can be sent, and you can find all the details on the blog. Also, visit the 2checkout page.