How to Dropship on eBay with NO Money?

Dropshipping is a great way to make quick cash online. It can also prove to be a huge business opportunity if you have the right equipment. EBay is a great place to start because you don’t have to pay upfront and can use millions of tourists.

This guide will help you understand the eBay dropshipping process and how to set up an account. Continue reading to learn how you can create a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping legal on eBay?

Everybody asks the question, “Can you go to eBay Dropship on eBay? It’s legal?”. The long and concise answer is yes. Yes! Dropshipping eBay is completely legal. No illegal components have been used. Drop everything you want from any place on the platform and you’re good to go until your violation of any eBay policies or rules.

Dropshipping on eBay: What is it?

There are millions to millions of products on eBay. However, many eBay sellers don’t even have the stocks of the products they sell.

How does eBay work sells its products through an internet provider that keeps the stock and fulfills orders. This is the fundamental dropshipping model, which operates on ebay exactly the same way.

Dropshipping on ebay: The pros and cons

There’s also a standard way to have both advantages and disadvantages. Dropshipping on EBay has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the details.


  • It is simple and easy to use. Signing in is easy and allows you to list products. This does not require any technical knowledge.
  • Your online listings can be freely commercialized. eBay places your listings in front of millions of people, so you don’t have to worry about marketing.
  • eBay has a reputation for trusting customers. All clients can rely on eBay for free confidence when shopping online.


  • You can reduce the listing fee to reflect your earnings. After the first 50 entries, eBay charges a small premium for each entry. The profit margins can quickly shrink when you drop and eBay charges can quickly chew on your earnings.
  • Dropshipping via eBay can be a great way to start a business, but vendors cannot differentiate from the competition by offering many customization options.
  • It is important to keep track of your listings and stay on top of the game. There are many software programs that can help you with the whole process and make it easier to re-list.

How to Start Dropshipping on eBay

There are some steps that you need to take in order to begin eBay dropshipping. These are the steps you need to consider when starting a dropshipping business on eBay.

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Create Your eBay Seller Account

Although it takes only a few minutes to create an eBay Seller Account, there are some things you should still look at once you have created your seller account.

  1. The eBay seller information center contains guidelines and resources that will help you set up your eBay shop.
  2. You should not choose a seller’s offensive or crude username.
  3. An ID number must be provided for the eBay account. You must have a tax identification in your state.
  4. It is also necessary to establish a method of payment for eBay. Flawlessly, PayPal works on eBay to create a PayPal account.
  5. Your profile page should contain as much information about your store as possible. Customers will be able to shop with you easier if you include shipping and return strategies.

Search for a Dropshipping Supplier on eBay

A quality supplier is essential for a successful dropshipping business. This is true for an eBay dropshipping business. If you want to run a successful eBay dropshipping business, you need a reliable supplier for your products.

Take a look at this:

  • When you’re looking for reliable providers for your eBay dropshipping endeavor, what kind of shipping do they offer?
  • Do you give a quicker shipping alternative (expedited)?
  • What is the average delivery time for each order? If a provider doesn’t comply with shipping time, you could be in danger.
  • How do they control quality? Is your product always high-quality?
  • Are product titles, descriptions, photos, etc. sufficient for your listing? Use the listing as it is? ?

Are they able to personal label the packages so you can include your logo and invoices? Perhaps they can send neutral packages without branding so that clients don’t know it has been shipped. After you have received adequate answers to your questions, you can choose the provider. To understand your needs , you should talk to them.

Find the best products to drop off on eBay

Sometimes this step is necessary before you locate a provider. Other times, you can simply get a vendor and select their products. It all depends on what kind of salesman or woman you are looking for. You may have a specific niche in mind or a particular product, but you will still need to search for a trending item for your eBay shipping business.

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Here are some examples from the most desirable goods you can find on eBay

  • Maxi dresses
  • Breast pumps
  • Matcha Tea
  • Vaporizers
  • Sport bags
  • Sports bra
  • Resistance bands
  • Baby Carrier

It’s very easy to create an eBay listing. It is easy to create your Video Player listing. Follow the steps to create your Video Player listing.

All data provided by the provider

Your pictures, descriptions, and titles should be used for listing. To improve sales listings, we recommend that you include your own descriptions, photos, and titles. To complete the list, set the price of the goods and the shipping cost.

It is now time to put the finishing touches on your eBay account.

A good reputation is the first step to managing and maintaining your listings. This can be achieved by fulfilling orders as soon as you receive them. You should also keep an eye on your provider to ensure it runs smoothly.

Clean up the listings?

If the product is out of stock or discontinued, you can replace it regularly.

Provide the best customer service to all of your potential buyers and buyers. As soon as possible, answer any questions or resolve complaints. To encourage loyalty and re-sales, create positive experiences for your clients.


I hope this paper will help you start eBay dropshipping without wasting time or money on the BS guides.

This paper is intended to help anyone who has been doing dropshipping, learn more about new techniques and platforms that can help you save money. Please comment to let me know how you use eBay or other platforms. I would love to hear your thoughts about my posts.

Feedback from eBay Dropshipping Store

Positive feedback is essential, but it’s not as important as many eBay sellers think. Even if only a handful of feedbacks are received, it can still lead to thousands of sales.

You can increase your eBay positive feedback by 95%. If your feedback rating is below 95%, you are most likely doing something wrong. You must understand the reasons your customers leave negative feedback and make adjustments accordingly.

This article provides all you need to increase your eBay positive feedback through dropshipping.

There are many methods to increase your eBay positive feedback. These are some ways to get positive feedback from eBay sellers who are just starting out.

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Feedback from buyers and sellers is treated the same way by eBay. A seller might receive 100 feedbacks, but 100 feedbacks will be received from a buyer.

If you have an eBay buyer account, you will receive positive feedback from sellers.

You can place some orders if you’re new to the site or have never purchased anything. Search for auctions that are ending soon to place your bids. You can find many items for less than $1.

You’ll start to notice sellers leaving ratings for your listing, which will increase your eBay positive feedback. You can move faster if sellers leave ratings immediately.

What can I do to remove negative feedback from eBay?

Negative feedback may be unprofessional, inaccurate, or just plain outrage. Negative feedback can be removed. You can remove negative feedback from for a small fee. Or you can do it yourself.

There are many ways to remove negative feedback. These are just a few:


If you are unhappy with the buyer’s feedback, you can reach out to them. You can work together to solve the problem and come up with a solution. Once you are satisfied, send a request to the buyer for feedback revisions. Once the buyer accepts it, any negative feedback will be deleted.

You can submit feedback up to five times per year. It is important to send the feedback only after you are certain that the buyer will remove it.

Feedback Policy

eBay has strict policies regarding feedback as leverage. Both sellers and buyers can apply these policies. Sellers cannot be threatened with negative feedback by buyers to force them to offer discounts or refunds on goods that are not included in their listing.

Report buyer comments extortion eBay. eBay will remove negative feedback if the case is appropriate.

Contact eBay by Phone, Chat, and Email

Buyers sometimes leave negative feedback, even if you follow all your policies. Negative feedback can be left by buyers, for example, claiming that the order wasn’t delivered within the time frame agreed upon.

These are the situations where you can reach eBay representatives by phone, email or chat. If your case is true, they will remove negative feedback.

Contact eBay via help articlessection. Click the Help&Contact link on your homepage. Scroll to the bottom and click on “Contact Us”.