How to Dropship From Dhgate To Shopify?

DHGate to Shopify Dropshipping Program and Reviews

It is a method of selling products that are subsequently transported directly to the customer from the supplier, manufacturer, or distributor. Dropshipping can be done in a variety of ways. As a dropshipping retailer, you don’t need to keep inventory or make large purchases in advance. Instead, the supplier fulfills customer orders, and you keep the difference between the wholesale and retail rates, less any fees that may have been charged.

Dropshipping is becoming increasingly popular among people all around the world. This is owing to the rapid rise of many eCommerce platforms that facilitate the activities of drop shippers from anywhere in the world. Shopify, for example, is one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms.
When it comes to eCommerce businesses, however, Dhgate has established itself as the go-to site for obtaining the best deals from the best Chinese suppliers.

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about DHgate as well as how to use DHgate dropshipping into your Shopify store. Let’s get this party started!

What is DHgate?

When Diane Wang launched DHgate in 2004, she did it as one of the first companies to bring Chinese products to the global market. The company specialised in cross-border trading and transactional eCommerce commerce with Chinese products. As a result, DHgate has become a household name throughout the world.

The Business-to-business (B2B) website, founded in China, that is focused on connecting and introducing customers to suppliers from a variety of product categories is its primary focus.

It is one of these well-known manufacturers who you are purchasing from when you make a wholesale order through DHgate. The transaction, on the other hand, is handled by DHgate. The DHgate platform is used by over 5.5 million buyers and businesses from over 200 countries to source things for their enterprises.
On the site, you may find products in a variety of categories, including health and beauty, consumer electronics, cell phone accessories, fashion, bridal, and more.

And the company’s founder is no stranger to the world of online shopping. An earlier transaction occurred in 2004 when Diane Wang sold to Amazon, which is now known as Amazon China.

When it comes to conducting business with DHgate, here’s what you can expect from the company at first glance:

They do offer returns to protect their customers.
The majority of their clients have given them excellent comments overall.
A flash deals section indicates how much time is left on each daily sale as well as the products that are being showcased.
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If you still aren’t convinced, we’ve provided some additional information for resellers below to help you make your final decision.

DHgate information that you must know

These are the most important elements to know to fully comprehend DHgate’s services and prospects as an online business proprietor.

The site’s market

In terms of identifying manufacturers and completing a dropshipping transaction, DHgate is a promising platform, with three million users and 1.2 million merchants. Buyers can acquire low-cost things that can be resold for a profit through the website’s marketplace.
There appears to be no restriction on the types of offers that can be made to buyers. A few of the product categories available include Health & Beauty, Cell Phones & Accessories, Sports & Outdoors, Shoes & Accessories, Electronics and Cameras, Home & Garden, Hair & Styling, Computer & Games, Jewelry & Watches, Bridal Items, Automobiles & Motorcycles, Bags & Fashion Accessories, and many more.

DHgate is a one-stop-shop where you may find almost anything. You may also locate low-cost products in the Coupon Center section, which can help you increase your profit margin even more.

Payment methods

When it comes to payment methods, DHgate has demonstrated a great level of adaptability, ensuring that their consumers have a variety of possibilities. You have a variety of alternatives for making payments as a retailer once your merchandise has been purchased and paid for. In addition to bank transfers and DHpay (DHgate’s third-party payment platform), credit cards, Skrill, and a variety of other payment methods are available.

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Best of all, customers are completely protected regardless of which payment method they choose to pay for their purchases. By using DHpay to make purchases on DHgate, customers may be assured that they will receive their purchases before the vendors can collect their money.
This is one of the reasons why DHgate dropshipping is so popular. The fact that the way transactions are set up already safeguards your consumers from not receiving their orders means that you won’t have to worry about them.

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Packaging and shipping options are many on DHgate, which allows you to ship your products utilizing a range of dropshipping alternatives. When you browse the site, you’ll find that the majority of the products are eligible for “Free Shipping,” but some may require you to use paid shipping services such as FedEx, Ems, DHL, or other third-party providers.

The paid courier option is the best option for you as a dropshipping company if you want to be certain that your products reach your customers as quickly as possible once they are shipped. The offer of free delivery may appear to be a smart way to save money, but it comes with a higher risk of error or delay than other offers. Furthermore, you can include the cost of shipping in your pricing while still referring to it as “free shipping.”

Consider what your customers should expect from your store and make every effort to establish a timeframe for the delivery of each order.

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Minimum Order

Depending on the supplier with whom you do business, this may or may not be true. Some suppliers, for example, like to sell in bulk, but others are willing to work with customers who only need a little quantity of something. The fact that most suppliers on the site sell their items on a per-unit basis means that you won’t have to worry about it.
Before placing any dropshipping order, make sure you are aware of the minimum order quantity requirements. If everything is done correctly, you may be able to save some money as a result of this method. If you can take advantage of it, the DHgate minimum order is a fantastic benefit.

Is DHgate Dropship safe?

If you’re thinking of starting a dropshipping business and using DHgate as a platform, the answer to the previous question is a resounding yes! This website is an excellent place to start your dropshipping business because it is fully legitimate and safe. As a buyer, you will be connected with sellers that have a diverse range of products to offer. This is similar to the way you would do business with eBay.

The danger of scammers or dishonest vendors posing as legitimate suppliers and selling their items on the platform remains, though. Some of the strategies that you may use to ensure that your suppliers are safe to work with are given below for your convenience.

I paid special attention to the fine print in the contract for the handling and shipping of the goods.

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It is best not to purchase branded products from well-known brands because many of them are counterfeit. To avoid this, look for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products because assistance for these may be difficult to come by.

Never accept a payment method other than the ones that have been allowed by the site’s administrators. Payment options such as these might give you greater security.

Also, before deciding to dropship a specific product, take the time to read through all of the customer reviews that the product has received. Fake feedback does exist, but it is usually easy to distinguish from genuine feedback. There is a good chance that the product isn’t what it claims to be if the response is negative. Follow the steps outlined in this guide and you should have no trouble using DHgate as a dropshipping marketplace.

Can I dropship from dhgate?

With DHgate, dropshipping is a very simple and straightforward operation. You can choose from a variety of options, but since you’re most likely just looking around, it’s best to stick with the tried and true method, which involves setting up your store and then adding any items that prove to be popular.

Here are the four steps to getting started with dropshipping on DHgate.

Create a user account by clicking here! After that, you can go to DHgate to find the items you want.

Inform the vendors of your plans to drop ship their products by getting in touch with them.

Create a storefront (using Shopify) and sell DHgate merchandise from there. Maintain a higher price than what Dhgate is offering to keep your profit margin stable and sustainable.

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Promote your store on the most popular social media platforms. When a customer places an order in your store, you’ll send the order to your DHgate suppliers, who will then ship the order to your customers on your behalf, saving you time and money.

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It is possible to locate your products in one of two ways. First, you can use the search field to look for specific product keywords, or you can browse the “All category” section of the website. Then, if you come across a product that you like, do some research on the seller’s reputation and read some user reviews to make a decision.

Following that, you should contact your suppliers and choose the products that you want to sell on your website, which you can do by visiting their websites. You should be able to set up your store in less than an hour if you are using Shopify. You can manually publish and amend your product listing, or you can use online tools to do so more quickly and efficiently.

DHgate is a great source of products for your Shopify dropshipping store, and we’ll go over what you can do with it later, but for now, know that you have a variety of tools at your disposal to help you with your online dropshipping business.

After placing your first order, the provider will ship the item to the address you specify. Simply put, that’s all there is to it. As you can see, dropshipping with DHgate is a straightforward and low-risk operation because you don’t have to worry about inventory, packing, or shipping the items.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping with

Is DHgate dropshipping worth it? 

Advantages and disadvantages

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DHgate, on the other hand, is not without its flaws. Like any other platform, dropshipping on the site has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which are similar to those of any other platform. The following are just a few of them that you should take a look at:


There is a large selection of products available at reasonable prices.

Access to a broad range of products from some of China’s most reputable manufacturers

Products that are highly innovative and have the potential to become fashionable in the future

Transactions can be processed through several different payment methods.

To prevent fraud, the supplier’s website contains a feedback page with customer comments.


It is difficult to keep track of the quality of a product.

Product deliveries may be delayed as a result of adverse weather or shipping conditions.

Although there are no shady merchants or suppliers, you should be wary of them.

Many people start their shopping journey on AliExpress; however, because of the site’s popularity, items tend to sell out quickly or have higher prices. In this case, DHgate is an excellent resource for finding the items you’re looking for at a reasonable price.

Fortunately, some tools and programs may be able to help semi-automate the dropshipping process, so not all of the disadvantages will have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line. That is exactly what we will be talking about in the next section.

How can you use DHgate on your Shopify store?

Assume you’ve already completed the setup of your Shopify site and are now looking for a way to integrate DHgate into it. If you can locate the appropriate application, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

Set up a dropshipping store on Shopify.

The time required for product listing has been reduced.

It is simple to keep track of product variations, prices, descriptions, and a whole lot more.

You don’t need to visit your supplier’s website each time you receive an order from them.

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Unfortunately, DHgate does not have an official app available in the Shopify App Store any longer. In the meantime, there are numerous apps available in the app store that may be of assistance to you. You won’t have to worry about people inventing new ways to collaborate because the site is still used by a large number of other dropshipping businesses, after all.

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When integrating DHgate into your Shopify store, we recommend that you use one of the following apps:


ShopMaster is a powerful, free program that allows you to import products from China’s leading eCommerce websites into your store’s inventory. The ShopMaster DHGate app is extremely simple to use and set up.

You can use the ShopMaster Chrome extension to quickly select appropriate products from DHgate and import them into your Shopify store after you’ve established a ShopMaster account. By utilizing the plugin, you will be able to import up to 100 products and filter them by local warehouses located throughout the world.

There are numerous features in the app that can be extremely beneficial to your dropshipping business. These include bulk importing, product monitor, auto-sync tracking numbers, inventory & price, and many more. Unfortunately, DHgate does not currently provide auto fulfillment services. We can, on the other hand, plan for it in the future

There are a variety of options available, each with a different pricing structure, which will allow you to scale your business more effectively as it grows.

Free – one store, a limited number of sales reports, and approximately 800 active listings.

Three stores, an unrestricted sales report, and 2,500 active listings are included in the basic subscription (which costs $19.90 per month).

BUSINESS – $39,90/month – up to 8 stores with unlimited sales reports and 18,000 active listings

25 stores, an unlimited number of active listings, and 30,000 product monitors per day are included in the Enterprise plan, which costs $79.90 per month.

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The Importify app, which can be found in the Shopify app store, is another useful piece of software for DHgate dropshipping. It has nearly 200 positive reviews on Shopify, so you can be confident that it will work for your business.

Using the app, you can choose the appropriate niche and begin importing products immediately. You won’t have to be concerned about complicated procedures because you’ll already have a video to guide you through them if necessary.

The software includes an ePacket, which reduces delivery time, as well as a test order, which allows you to take professional photos of the products and test them out. There are three different pricing options to choose from:

Basic – $14.95 – Import as many products as you want.

Complete website support, as well as unlimited product import, are included in the Premium package for $27.95.

$19.95/month – Shopify to Shopify importer with semi-automated order fulfillment.

Final words

If you want to import product reviews from DHgate to your store, Editorify is the solution for you. You can use the app to import product reviews, photo reviews, and YouTube videos into your product listing, which will help to increase the legitimacy of your product listing.

The app has nearly 200 five-star ratings in the Shopify app store, so you can feel confident in using it while shopping. Furthermore, it can help you save both time and money by allowing you to develop social proof at your own time and expense.

Using the software is completely free, and you can immediately import 25 product reviews from AliExpress. However, to use it with DHgate on your Shopify store, you’ll need to subscribe to one of the plans listed below:

Customize the customer reviews by importing them from all major dropshipping websites. Premium – $9.95/month –

Gold – $14.95 per month – This allows you to import an unlimited number of reviews and videos from virtually any website.

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As long as you use the tools listed above, you should have no trouble running your DHgate-powered Shopify dropshipping business.

Final words

It is a fantastic resource for dropshipping, and this post will give you a thorough overview of the site as well as for instructions on how to integrate it with your Shopify business. The process of getting started will be straightforward because dropshipping is straightforward and the website is already familiar.

In hopes of assisting you in making a more informed decision about how to use DHgate for dropshipping with your Shopify store, please accept my sincere thanks for your time. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting!