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8 Best Home Decor Dropshipping Suppliers from USA, UK, & AU

Why Should You Dropship Home Decor?
The home decor industry is undergoing constant transformation. Retailers of wholesale home decor are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to decorate their stores and showrooms. Consumers have also reported that their online shopping experiences have made it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

In addition, advertising methods have evolved, with many wholesalers now delivering goods directly to retailers and consumers via social media marketing. Consumers can now more easily switch from traditional retailers to retailers operating online businesses such as drop shipping, which wholesale suppliers support.
The global home decor market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.2 percent between 2015 and 2020. The industry is expected to be worth $664 billion by 2020, according to estimates. Because of the expected value of this market, it is a worthwhile investment. The fact that this is happening could be due to constant development.

Because of the real estate boom, a large number of people have built their own homes or are constantly moving from one home to another. Because online and offline shopping exposes shoppers to a variety of home decor options, some purchases are made on the spur of the moment. Another type of product is created after careful consideration and saving for a product that is genuinely needed by the customer base.

It appears that the home decor niche holds a great deal of potential in the future. Whatever your motivation for starting a business, whether it’s online or offline, you have every reason to give it a shot. Let’s continue with the top wholesale home decor suppliers list, with one of the most important considerations is finding the right supplier for your needs.

Home Decor Dropship Manufacturer in the USA


This company was established in the year 2001. It is a well-known wholesaler of home furnishings and decor. Because of the innovative and inventive designs, this company’s products are chosen by retailers all over the world to stock their shelves. This company collaborates with local designers to produce one-of-a-kind items that are in high demand.

They employ a variety of marketing strategies, including customer loyalty programs, trendy furniture, personalized items for their extensive network of retail partners, and the option of private labeling for retailers who wish to personalize the products they sell to their customers.

CTW Home Collection

Since its founding more than 30 years ago, this company has focused on the design and distribution of visually appealing home decor. Additionally, they have a large selection of gift items. Their products are available in a variety of styles, ranging from antique to contemporary, and they cater to a diverse range of tastes.

They sell a variety of items, including packs, table lamps, kitchen and garden accessories, night lights, mason jars, and antique bulbs, among other things. Retailers are their primary target because they encourage bulk purchases. They have gained popularity among environmentally conscious customers because the majority of their products are made of recyclable materials. Because they frequently have sales, this company is a popular choice among retailers looking for wholesale home decor suppliers.

Wholesale Accessory Market

Wholesale Accessory Market is a market for wholesale accessories.
This company provides a fantastic online shopping experience with a wide range of items, including home decor, available for purchase. Although it offers wholesale prices, anyone can shop in their online store, even if they are not purchasing in bulk quantities. The only requirement is that you spend a minimum of $50 on all of the items you purchase at the same time. They provide you with a $5 voucher in exchange for your business.

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Koehler Home Décor

In this wholesale business, drop-shipping retailers and online shops are the primary customers. Large purchases qualify for a 10 percent discount on the total cost. They have a large selection of home decor items. As a wholesale home decor retailer, Koehler Home Decor strives to offer unique items to its customers. As a symbol of their commitment, they run daily promotions to entice more customers to their online stores. A variety of gift ideas are also available, which will appeal to anyone interested in home décor.


This company operates an online store that makes it simple for retailers and customers to find what they are looking for. The fact that they have a few members in different countries has assisted them in establishing themselves as one of the leading wholesale home decor suppliers in the United States.

New customers will receive a 10 percent discount on their first $100 spent in their online shop when they sign up. It is still possible for them to gain valuable maritime experience, and they travel to more than 100 different countries. They are available to assist clients who are unfamiliar with shipping goods with any shipping questions or concerns, as well as with potential charges.


For admission as a retailer and to be eligible for wholesale rates, it is necessary to first register with this organization. All of the wholesale rates offered for the various items are only available to those who are already registered in their database. In addition, they have a large selection of items for different areas of the house to choose from. Roux offers its customers the opportunity to participate in a customer loyalty program. However, to profit, you must first create an account and then begin making purchases on the website.

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Home Decor Dropshipping Manufacturers in the UK

Sparks Gifts Wholesalers

This company has been in operation for 25 years now. It is one of the largest wholesale home decor suppliers in the United Kingdom, with over 3000 products. There are no restrictions on the number of orders that can be placed, but bulk orders are eligible for discounts. Many retailers around the world have fallen in love with them because of their wide selection of items at competitive prices. They update their products regularly and strive to introduce new products to their customers every week.

Albert Harrison & Co Ltd

This company, which has been in operation since 1919, has specialized in the wholesale industry. Many things have changed in the intervening years. This company was awarded the 2018 Ecommerce Business Award in recognition of its outstanding performance. Additionally, they have a large selection of home decor products, amongst many other things. As a result, they recently relocated to a 280,000-square-foot office building to accommodate their growing needs.

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Rose fields wholesale gifts and interiors.

This company runs an online store that specializes in selling home furnishings. They are available in a variety of designs, ranging from retro to contemporary. If you want to benefit from wholesale pricing, you must spend a minimum of £1,000. On top of that, there’s a promotion offering free shipping on orders over £300. After completing a quick registration process, you will be able to begin shopping for the various available items. This company only does business with retailers.

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Straits was established in 1981 and has grown to become one of the most well-known wholesale home decor suppliers in the world. Most of their customers are from the United Kingdom, which makes sense. But they continue to meet the needs of a large number of retailers throughout the world. In their 8000 square foot office, they have a showroom for their products. A massive warehouse and fulfillment center, from which all orders are shipped, is also operated by the company. The product line is divided into eras, ranging from antique to contemporary.


This company has been in operation for more than three decades. Lighting, textiles, furniture, and giftware are all available on the market at this time. They are responsible for the manufacturing, design, and packaging of all of their products. Customers benefit from their commitment, which has resulted in the development of fashionable products that are also good value for their money.

Lavida is a wholesale home decor dropshipping company based in Australia.
This company was established in the year 2001. It is committed to meeting all of the home decor requirements of the retailer. This is done in an attempt to persuade them to purchase everything they require from a single source. It has made the process more efficient by allowing for a more seamless registration process.

Wholesale Home Decor Dropshipping Companies in Australia


It also participates in the Melbourne and Sydney Home and Giving Trade Fares to attract more traders and to showcase some of its new merchandise. They also participate in a variety of charitable endeavors to give back to their community. They are constantly on the lookout for new suppliers who can meet their customers’ needs by supplying the goods that they require.

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Searles Homewares

Incorporated in Brisbane, this company specializes in wholesale distribution of furniture, trendy home decor, and accessories. It is one of the most reputable wholesalers of home decor products. It has a large number of retailers throughout Australia and the Pacific region. Retailers are not the only ones who can purchase goods. Individuals are free to purchase whatever they want, and there are no restrictions on the amount or quantity of purchases they can make in a given period.


This company, which was founded in 1996, decided to concentrate on products made from environmentally friendly raw materials. All of their products are handcrafted and feature appealing designs that are tailored to the needs of their customers. They manufacture their products, which are then sold to retailers or directly to customers. Every three months, suppliers and customers alike look forward to the arrival of their new collections.

Earth de Fleur Homewares

Founded in 2008, this company specializes in the sale of home and garden décor. Metal garden furniture and wall art have been the primary focus of their work… Landscapers, interior designers, architects, and a variety of other professionals seek out the products of this company to enhance the elegance of their clients’ residences. Although they cater to the individual needs of their customers, they also offer options for retailers looking to purchase in bulk.

Amalfi Homewares

As one of Australia’s leading wholesale home decor suppliers, this company’s products can be found in a variety of retail outlets throughout the country. A large selection of home decor items is available, all of which are simple in design but visually appealing. The items are intended for use in a variety of home areas and have been thoughtfully designed to appeal to a diverse range of tastes.

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With our extensive list of wholesale home decor suppliers completed, we’ll move on to some profitable home decor niches, which will be discussed in the following section.

Custom and Luxury Home Decor Dropshipping Products

At the same time, home decor is one of those niches of merchandise that is both fashionable and incredibly stable in its market conditions. This type of project ultimately represents goods that are required by virtually everyone on the planet. Because most of us live somewhere, whether we rent or own an apartment, we like to personalize our surroundings and make them feel like our own home. As a result, the global home decor market is expected to reach nearly $700 billion by 2020, an increase of nearly 30% from 2015. As a result, the market appears to be in constant demand, and a significant amount of capital is required.
Despite this, home decoration tends to follow fashion trends in the same way that anything fashionable does. Some colors may be popular one year and then become obsolete the following year. The popularity of framed motivational posters may peak for a short period before being eclipsed by something else. This has the potential to turn the home decor market into an exciting niche for sales.

As a result, every drop shipper has something to offer in the area of home décor. The novice can take pride in the consistent and even performance of the niche. They can stock a store with timeless classics and styles that will never go out of style, and they can grow over time. The slot machine is a fantastic place to practice and learn.

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Wall clocks

Because of the niche’s adaptability and fashion-forward nature, sellers can take more significant risks while reaping greater rewards, particularly for more experienced dropshippers who are interested in riding trends. The creation of exciting marketing plays that take advantage of current trends can be used to drive popular products while still maintaining a substantial performer catalog is possible.

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In the end, this is an excellent area in which to conduct business. Listed below are some of the most important categories that anyone thinking about entering the space should take into consideration to get you started.


Wall clocks have the advantage of being both a decorative statement and a functional piece of equipment, in that they tell you the time. Although many of us wear watches and almost everyone has a mobile phone with them at all times, reading the time on an attractive, room-complementing clock provides a certain level of satisfaction.

In addition, there is a high perceived value that is out of proportion to the cost of manufacturing a clock, which is typically very low. This could be due to the complicated nature of the technology involved in the production of watches, which appears to be far more complicated than it is in reality. Whatever the reason, wall clocks have a very healthy markup, which means they have the high-profit potential for you to take advantage of.

Window treatments, such as curtains, are a strong cornerstone of the world of interior design. Patterns and color choices come and go with the winds of fashion, but people’s desire for curtains remains constant. They must provide an additional presence to the windows of a home as well as privacy when necessary. They are a type of window treatment that will never go out of style.

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When it comes to important home decor items like curtains, it’s critical to keep up with the latest fashions. Floor-to-ceiling curtains, as well as white and dark wood shutters, both of which were popular in the 1970s and early 1980s, are making a comeback right now, according to the experts. Of course, some designs will never go out of style, but if you don’t keep up with the latest fashion trends, you may find that you don’t have enough of the styles and patterns that people are interested in, or that you do have enough but it’s entirely by chance.


We’re well aware that this isn’t a particularly attractive product. However, they are extremely popular when it comes to cushioning covers. Side cushions and throw cushions are considered to be industry standards in interior design all over the world. They quickly enliven any space by bringing color and visual interest to it. Using colors from one section of the area into another, we will assist you in creating a comfortable sleeping surface.

More importantly, switching out the covers of a cushion for a different style can completely transform the appearance of a room for a relatively small investment. So many people purchase cushion covers in a variety of styles and then simply swap them out whenever they feel the need for a change of scenery. This indicates a high and consistent level of demand. Just make sure you have a wide range of designs and sizes in stock so that you can accommodate as many customers as possible

Lamps are yet another example of a product that is both permanent and consistent in the niche of home decor. Furthermore, with the rise of the smart home and, in particular, smart bulbs, standalone floor lamps and table lamps are gaining popularity as popular home decor items, as well as table lamps.

In comparison to overhead lights, lamps provide more concentrated illumination as well as general mood lighting. As a result, they have maintained their popularity even after overhead lights and ceiling fan fixtures have supplanted them as the primary source of general lighting in low- and middle-income households.

For lamps, the only drawback is that they can be fragile and breakable, depending on the design, which makes them an undesirable dropshipping item. Keeping in mind that you’ll be shipping halfway around the world, it’s best to store lamps that have less glass and more robust designs that are less likely to be damaged in transit.


For whatever reason, there has been a steady and consistent increase in interest in tablecloths over the last five years. Such home décor mainstays may have experienced a period of decline in popularity, from which they are now regaining ground.

This is encouraging news for gout shippers who are looking to break into the home decor market. Tablecloths are an excellent dropshipping item because they can be easily shipped all over the world without the risk of breaking during the shipping process. They’re also a product that customers will purchase in bulk to have a variety of patterns and color options available.

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Stickers for the walls

Those fall into the category of trendy home decor, which is currently in high demand. If you’ve managed to miss the wall sticker craze that has swept the nation over the past few years, wall stickers are wall art decals that are applied directly to your painted wall surface. We give the appearance of being painted onto the wall, and when used in a room, we can create a quite dramatic effect that will be noticed by everyone. The best part about them is that they can be removed and reapplied numerous times.

Google Trends reveals a consistent level of interest in this type of product. Even though interest has peaked recently, there is still a significant amount of demand, more than enough to satisfy even the most experienced drop shipper. The importance of variety cannot be overstated. Potential customers will be turned off if you only carry a few different designs.

Rugs for the floor

Which of the following is something that every house and apartment on the planet has? Okay, most likely the walls and ceilings. Back then, there were also floors! So, what exactly are you putting on a floor to dress it in? ‘Dirty clothing,’ is not the reason for this. You’d want to scream if you met Marie Kondo.

The most important thing is to use floor rugs!

Floor rugs are a timeless fashion accessory that will never go out of style. This type of flooring material is designed to complement each type of flooring material and to add softness and visual appeal to any room in which it is installed. It’s important to remember that as carpet sizes increase, so does their weight, so keep shipping costs in mind when you’re adding floor rugs to your dropshipping store inventory.

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Pillows are something we take for granted, but they can be found all over the place. We’re lying down on them, putting them on our couches, and sitting down on the floor to watch television with them. Pregnancy pillows, neck pillows, reading pillows, throw pillows, and bean bag chairs are all available in every color and style imaginable, as are bean bag chairs. Create a dropshipping shop that sells only cushions and nothing else. This is possible. A reasonable selection of pillows should be available in any store that specializes in home decor items.


Candles and candle holders serve a very different function in the home decor environment than they did in the previous entries in this series of articles. These are significantly more likely to be purchased as a gift for someone else than they are to be purchased for the buyer. And this can be seen in the search engine trend lines. According to the clock, search interest in candle holders begins to spike around the beginning of October and continues on a sharp, upward trajectory until the beginning of December, when most people finish their vacation shopping. At this point, the line begins to deviate sharply downward once more.

This means that candle holders and candles are extremely valuable items to have on hand if your store is primarily focused on gift items for the home or office.

Shop for Home Decor at Melroseintl Dropshipping.

Finding a dependable partner in the Home Decor Dropshipping industry can be difficult. Melrose International is the market-leading provider of Home Decor Dropshipping services worldwide. Over more than three decades, Melrose International has set the standard for high-quality home decor, giftware, and seasonal products. We are prepared to assist you in achieving your eCommerce objectives. It is a deep desire to provide you with exceptional service, high-quality products, and expert design at an extraordinary value that has brought us to our Midwestern origins. Melrose International is pleased to be recognized as a leader in the field of home decor dropshipping.

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Our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers has allowed us to stay one step ahead of the competition year after year. We provide the widest range of products to make drop shipping home decor stand out from the crowd. Melrose International products are all dropshipped from our warehouse in the United States. This means that your product will reach its destination in less time than usual.

Would you like to learn more about the home decor products that we have to offer? Download our product catalog to see the thousands of products that we have available for dropshipping partners, or visit our website. Almost all of our products are shipped out of our Illinois distribution center.

You have the option of making monthly payments. To ship your orders, we will require your FedEx/UPS account number. You do not need a FedEx or UPS account to ship packages. We will ship it to you for free and charge you only for shipping costs. Unless otherwise specified, all orders are shipped from our Illinois warehouse. We will make every effort to get your product to you as soon as possible.

What can we do to assist you in integrating your dropship shop? We’ll send you a link to our inventory, high-resolution images, and a data file that contains everything you’ll need to get started. We are here to assist you with all of your dropshipping needs, including sales rankings, tips, and tricks. Please contact us with any questions.

You will be required to place a drop-ship order due to Melrose’s partnership with you in the dropshipping business. We will enter your PO# with each order and drop ship it within 2-3 days if you send us an email at dropship@melroseintl.com with your purchase order(s).

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Sagebrook Home Dropshipping

Sagebrook Home Dropshipping is a drop shipping service provided by Sagebrook Home.

From a young age, our parents instilled in us a love of design, an appreciation for hard work, and a burning desire to succeed in whatever field we chose. Following their three decades of artistic mastery and the successful navigation of their fashion, textile, and manufacturing businesses has been a pleasure.

Our parents instilled in us the fundamentals of growing a successful business, the importance of family, and the importance of always being loyal to your clients. All of this contributed to the development of our company’s core values and the establishment of Sagebrook Home.

After bringing together our design and creative enthusiasm, as well as our knowledge and experience in the textile manufacturing industry, we decided to launch something unique. Sagebrook Home was founded in March of 2015 with the mission of bringing something completely new to the home decor industry.

Continuing our mission and setting the standard for design innovation, we bring with us the conviction that every customer is a member of the Sagebrook Home family. Knowing that we will not be able to succeed unless we first learn from and listen to each of you, we have made this decision. We are communicating these same values to all of our sales representatives, corporate office employees, and warehouse employees. Sagebrook Home strives to deliver irresistible and inspired collections, while also providing exceptional customer service that is always available to listen to and respond to.

Melroseintl Home Decor Dropshipping

In sharing that our family has grown tremendously in only five short years, we are extremely grateful for the dedication of our hardworking teams. Simply because we are more than just a team at Sagebrook Home; we are a family here.

Sagebrook Home was founded to bring something new and exciting to the home decor market by developing new products, staying ahead of fashion trends, and, above all, being committed to exceptional quality and customer service.

We have quickly established ourselves as a leader in the delivery, drop shipping, and fulfillment industries by utilizing cutting-edge technology. With rapid expansion, the Edgebrook Home product portfolio has grown to include over 10,000 items, including wall decor, furniture, and lighting, as well as textiles for the home, as well as accessories.