High-Quality Wholesale Dropshipping Suppliers Indonesia

Dropshipping is very popular in Indonesia, but many sellers don’t know how to do it. Some employees have also not been taught the secrets of shipping.

Here’s your chance. This article will give you the top pro tips and the best places to search for drug shipping websites.

Are you still working in Indonesia as a dropshipper?

Dropshipping is a method of fulfilling orders that does not require the company to keep inventory. Instead, it receives orders from customers and then transfers them to third parties who supply the goods.

Dropship Indonesia provides convenient access for Indonesians to packaged consumer goods delivered right at their doorstep. The potential is great for this market to grow into the largest Asian online market. A large number of businesses sell goods online, mostly based on recommendations from social media. Current forecasts predict that the online market for Indonesia will reach $130 billion in 2020 with an online growth rate 50 percent.

Dropship Indonesia, as we’ve seen before is an emerging ecommerce market with great potential.

You can make maximum profits by shipping, so I have provided guidance below to show you how your new Indonesian business can succeed with the top six dropshipping companies.

1. Weedo.co.id.

This is an interesting website in Indonesia. It offers wholesale services as well as business guidance to its clients. You can also find attractive discount codes and promotional codes. These are the following:

The company offers free shipping and high-quality guaranteed products.

You get your money back* 100% cheapest rate guarantee* Simple to exchange items

2. Cakning

If there was a danmage for a product. Cakning is free to operate and register. There are more than 4,000 products in different categories that can be purchased.

This website also provides information on how to sell your products and promotes them to customers. This site will help you find the best deals from the most trusted suppliers.

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3. bandros.co.id

Bandros was founded in 2014 and has maintained a strong market position ever since.

Bandros offers over 14 000 products in categories like jackets, muslim marriage, shoes, sandals and wallets. They are also willing to market a catalog. Bandros is an Indonesian registered e-commerce site. To learn more, visit Bandros for a free consultation.

4. Oberlo

Oberlo is an dropshipping company that is simple to run. Oberlo provides safe dropshipping services in Indonesia.

These payment gateways include PayDollar, Paypal and GoCoin. All you have to do is add Oberlo’s products to your shop and then the site will take care of the rest. Since its inception, the company has sold over 80 million products around the world. This site is safe for your new business.

5. Indonesiasources

Indonesia Sources is located in Indonesia and is part the Globalsources network. They have suppliers in Indonesia and other countries. It is a B2B network that supports trading, product integration, and Asian market connections.

Indonesiasources is present in more than 240 countries. You can find products in the following categories: electronics, fashion and hardware. Over 150,000 buyers and sellers worldwide are available. This website is trusted and certified.

6. BliBli

BliBli, a top-rated online shop in Indonesia, is well-known for its complete and reliable products and services.

For fashion and lifestyle, you can easily find products from brands like Nike, Adidas and Converse.

Wholesale products can be sold at affordable prices. You also have the option to dropship from this website. BliBli provides the highest quality, certified dropshipping services, with no fees, no payments and different payment methods.

How to find Indonesian products to dropship?

Before a product can be considered a good shipping product, it must meet the following criteria: Ten trending products that are in high demand in Indonesia. Returnful ii. Ask iii. You will need to provide shipping facilities (in terms shape and size). Other considerations include the retail price and the recommended margin of profit when choosing the best product for dropshipping.

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You should not do certain things when choosing a product to dropship.

  1. Don’t choose a branded product. Selling designer products has a very low profit margin.
  2. Choose never knock-off goods. Selling counterfeit products is a sure way to get in trouble with the law.
  3. Never choose a product that is highly competitive, as you will be competing on the same platform as other sellers of the same product.

Let’s now look at the ten most popular trend products by categories.

1. Accessory

Because people love to look good, accessories like scarves and ceilings are extremely popular. Your company can stay operational year-round because the demand for different products changes with each season. You will need sunglasses and hats, for example, in summer and winter.

2. Beauty products

Beauty products will always be in high demand. Beauty products are something that most people need, especially women. These items can be sold if you provide the right customer service to the buyers.

If your customers know that your deliveries are always on time, you will be able to entice more buyers. They will also recommend you to their friends.

3. Clothes

Clothing is great because you can bring one piece, whole clothes or an entire wardrobe to your clients. Clothes will be more affordable if you offer bulk discounts.

You can handle clothing from well-known brands in Indonesia. However, you can also sell products through a dropship supplier.

4. Computer Accessories

Dropshipping products is a great option for computer accessories and related devices, as computer users are constantly looking for new technology.

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Customers don’t have to be bought from one merchant, even if they want multiple products. You should offer a variety of accessories for computers so that your customers don’t have to shop at different stores, especially if they are interested in products that work together.

5. Books

Surprised at the number of people who buy books online? It is quite large. Books are a great choice for dropshipping companies.

6. Phones

Dropshipping companies should also consider the importance of the cell phone. Dropshipping is a flexible way to sell products from multiple manufacturers. Dropshipping allows you to offer a variety of telephones made by different manufacturers. This expands your client base as people have different needs.

7. Toys for kids

Children and babies quickly get bored with their toys. Parents today would love to order the toy online and check out new releases. You should sell all toys, not just those that are educational or entertainment.

8. Generic medicines

Even if they have a busy schedule, buyers can buy general medicine without a prescription. Your buyers will always have the right medication to choose from.

9. Music and Film

Online shoppers can also look for music, which is a popular commodity. Online shoppers are constantly looking for deals to help them catch up on the latest films.

10. Furniture

Avoid heavy furniture if possible. Many people will be interested in environmentally-friendly and space-saving furniture. Dropshipping furniture lets your customer buy affordable goods since they are shipped straight from the warehouse.


E-commerce is a driving force in Indonesia as in many other countries. Dropshipping in Indonesia offers many unique opportunities that can help the online market expand. Dropshipping offers both small- and large-sized companies the chance to compete on the Indonesian market.