Hat Dropshipping Suppliers List

Hats are often overlooked for their versatility. They are fashionable, but they can also be a shield from the sun and the cold. They are also a valuable sporting memorabilia.

This shows that hats will always be necessary for some reason. They have the profitable niche written all over them.

We compiled a list of the top 10 dropshipping suppliers for hats that stock high-quality merchandise with this in mind.

Let’s see what they have to say, shall we?

Print Genie

Print Genie is a dropshipping provider for custom hats. You can order a basic batch of hats, which you can then customize with your print designs and sell in your online shop.

You would share customer orders for custom hats with the Print Genie warehouse. They would print the hat ordered and fulfill the order.

Dropshipping is a method where you add your labeling to products from another company. This is called white labeling.

You will need to print the following if you wish to fulfill orders via Print Genie:

  • Register on the Print Genie website
  • Print Genie can sync your shop with Print Genie. This happens automatically if Shopify dropsships.
  • List hats in your shop.

Signing up for a Print Genie Account is free. There are no minimum orders restrictions.


Inkthreadable, a UK-based company offering hat customization and dropshipping, is available. This supplier is a great choice if you want to offer quality embroidered caps to your customers.

Inkthreadable offers a wide range of hat styles, which is another advantage to working with them. The following items are available in their catalog:

  • Baseball hats
  • Rapper hats
  • Woven beanies
  • Caps for Snapback truckers
  • Snapbacks in classic style

Register a free Inkthreadable account to get started. Then, integrate your online shop using the company app. Then, you can choose the hats that you want to sell and create custom designs.

Inkthreadable will allow you to share your orders with the automated integration. Shipping, embroidery, and hat orders will be charged separately.

This company provides worldwide fulfillment, which allows you to reach a wide market. You can also choose which shipping option is best for your clients.


Apliiq is based in Los Angeles and works from its warehouse. They also offer custom:

  • Dad hats
  • Snapbacks
  • 5-panel hats
  • Bucket hats
  • Beanies
  • Fitted hats

Apliiq, like other dropshipping suppliers of custom hats, can embroider or print your custom hats upon request. Their patch hats are what give them an edge.

The process of patching involves sewing a decorative patch to a hat. It is less expensive than embroidery.

Apliiq does not have minimum orders and offers bulk discounts. You can also rely on Apliiq to deliver orders to Australia, the UK, and other countries.

Their turnaround time takes 2 weeks. This could be a problem for some customers, as we live in an age where everything happens overnight.

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Contrado is also based in the United Kingdom. It’s a company that prints hats on-demand for men. Its products are undoubtedly superior to those from other suppliers.

Contrado offers a wide range of edgy, colorful hat options, unlike most private-labeling dropshipping suppliers. These prints are so exceptional that you could easily make them into a hat and sell them without any additional artwork.

Contrado Shopify makes dropshipping easy with its dropshipping app. You can:

  • You can import products to your online shop
  • Use the mock-app generator to create customization designs
  • Automated sharing of orders for fulfillment

Contrado claims a turnaround time of one to three days. It ships to Australia, the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan. There will be different shipping options depending on where you are located. Each shipment will also come with tracking details.

Rockline Dropship

Do you want a supplier of hat dropshipping that will bring coolness to your store? Rockline Dropship is the right choice. Rockline Dropship is an authorized distributor of cool rock n’ roll merchandise from multiple music merchandise companies.

You can find hats that are based on different music genres and hat types on the company website. These hats are already made and shipped immediately.

Your online store must be registered in the USA and Canada to register for Rockline Dropship accounts. Your tax ID information will be required.

Once your store has been approved, you’ll have access to:

  • Dropshipping automation tools
  • CSV files with product details and images.
  • Inventory updates every 30 minutes

Rockline Dropship ships orders in 1-3 days. They offer both local and international shipping options. Tracking details will be provided for every order once it is dispatched.

Cap Wholesalers

Cap Wholesalers is located in the USA. They supply both ready-to sell and custom hats from various brands. This could allow you to offer more options for your clients, especially since not everyone may like custom hats.

Cap Wholesalers also stock a variety of hat styles that custom hat suppliers don’t offer. These include:

  • Straw hats
  • Hi beam LED lighted hats
  • Umpire hats
  • Organic hats
  • Hats for military personnel

Cap Wholesalers offers screen printing and embroidery services that allow you to personalize any of these hats.

Cap Wholesalers’ dropship program isn’t well-developed as they are primarily focused on wholesale supply. Dropshipping orders are accepted by Cap Wholesalers. For high volume retailers, it is free. Low-volume retailers must pay a fee.

Simply add the items to your cart and specify your customer’s delivery address when placing an order for fulfillment. Orders from the USA are shipped within 3 to 5 business days. International orders can take 7 to 12 business days.

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Only request tracking numbers


AliExpress is the best e-commerce marketplace for hats. AliExpress is an e-commerce marketplace that brings together thousands hat suppliers. This means you can find almost any hat design on the site.

These are some of the hat types that AliExpress is likely to have.

  • Hats for women
  • Kufis
  • Floppy summer hats
  • Costume-themed hats
  • Berets

AliExpress registration is easy and you can start listing products in your store right away. You can get international orders fulfilled by most suppliers at very affordable prices.

However, it is up to you to vet and hire dropshipping suppliers. Be careful as scammers are quite common on AliExpress .


CjDropshipping, a dropshipping business, is located in China. It offers a large variety of hats, just like AliExpress. But it also has additional benefits.

CJDropshipping’s suppliers are verified and you don’t have to worry about any scams. It is not necessary to engage them. You can simply identify the hats you want and add them to your shopping cart.

You can also request your dropshipping agent if you need hat types not listed on CJDropshipping. This service for product sourcing is completely free.

CJDropshipping also offers other advantages:

  • Automatic integration via CJ app
  • Print-on-demand
  • White labeling
  • Bulk purchases
  • Packaging made to order

CJDropshipping is a dropshipper partner from around the globe. You can easily fulfill orders worldwide from multiple warehouses located in different countries. You will be charged for fulfillment, but there are no fees to sign up.


SSPhats, a wholesale supplier of hats, is based in the UK. It stocks a variety of hat styles and fabrics, including beanies, straw hats and flat hats. It also stocks seasonal and costume hats in its product catalog.

Dropshipping is difficult to set up as this wholesale supplier. This is a great place to dropship bulk hats.

Register for a free account, and enter the address of your client as the delivery address to process orders. Minimum order amount is PS100


Printful is a trusted brand in dropshipping and print-on-demand printing. The hat collection includes snapbacks and snapbacks as well as mesh hats and visors.

Printful is available anywhere in the world. Once you have created your account, you will be able to use the automation tools for integrating your store. This automated integration is compatible with 15 ecommerce platforms.

Printful allows you to serve clients all over the world because it provides warehousing and fulfillment services. Orders can be processed in as little as one day. Share single-piece or bulk orders are possible.

FAQs about Hat Dropshipping and Hat Dropshipping Suppliers

How do I find hat dropshipping suppliers that offer quality products?

Ordering samples and hats from suppliers is the best way to assess them. This will not only cost you, but will also allow you to rate their fulfillment efficiency.

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You should also pay attention to reviews and ratings from customers, as they can often be very telling.

You can also check out their hat brands and inspect their quality. You should also look for high-quality decoration methods like embroidery and screen printing if they offer print-on demand hats.

Do Ready-made Hats Work Better Than Print-on Demand Hats?

Your customers have the final say on which hats to choose between print-on-demand or ready-made. Some prefer branded hats by well-known companies such as Nike. Others prefer custom hats that feature quirky embroidery/prints.

However, you don’t have to offer both. CJDropshipping is one example of a supplier that gives you access to both.

Copyright Regulations apply to custom hat designs

They are. Copyright images like:

  • Logos for companies
  • Trademarked titles or names
  • Images and graphics related to franchises like McDonald’s et. al
  • Photos not listed as ‘free to use images’

It is best to only work with authorized distributors of branded merchandise. You can also learn how to navigate the merchandise Copyright Laws in your area if you want to use specific images or phrases.

Is Complementary Dropshipping Important?

Dropshipping services can be added as an additional service:

  • Product sourcing
  • Custom packaging or invoices
  • Access to dropshipping agents
  • Informative dropshipping resources

Although it is easy to start a dropshipping company, things can get more complicated over time. Your dropshipping supplier may be able to offer more support as your business grows.

Dropshipping companies that offer complementary services are not marketing tricks. These are an advantage you should consider when you select a dropshipping business.

What Hat Designs should I list in my Online Store?

Market research is the key to answering this question. Analyzing your target market strategically will help you determine what hats they like. Other factors may also be helpful in guiding you in the right direction. Consider:

  • Local sports –golf, baseball have hats named after them. These hats will sell well if they are popular in your area.
  • Summer calls for loose-fitting summer hats, while winter beanies are essential. Varietate your hat list accordingly.
  • Game of Thrones merchandise was a huge hit due to its success. Look out for popular bands and shows to find custom hats. Be sure to respect copyright laws.

Last Thoughts

Hats can be a necessity for some people. Others buy hats as an accessory because they are attractive. It is important to have a hat catalogue that caters to each customer.