Guide to Start Dropshipping in Mexico

Please, show your face!

Hello, my name is Tony and I am a 25-year-old Mechatronic Engineer hailing from Mexico.

After graduating from college, I started working in the automotive market. However, with a 12-hour work week and a long commute, it was difficult to find time for my family or myself. This wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted, so I started looking for other options. Dropshipping was something I had always envisioned.

What prompted you to make the decision to work from home in Mexico?

After my internship in the car market, I had difficulty finding a new job. After several job interviews, they kept telling me that I wasn’t qualified for the task or that they needed operators to do the labor. They also didn’t have any jobs for engineers who are just finishing their engineering degrees. So I was left out of work and I didn’t have the opportunity to get the job I wanted.

This is how I saw the opportunity to work from home with this new organization design that interests me. It was the best decision I could have made. It led me to a new obstacle, and I’m grateful for the “Noes”.

Dropshipping in Mexico seemed more appealing to you than other internet company options.
Dropshipping allows me to be flexible with my time and doesn’t require you to have a storage unit of your own in order for me to start a business.

My journey began without any experience in ecommerce. I have never offered anything online or face-to-face. It didn’t stop me from starting!

How did your dropshipping journey start?

Dropshipping was something I discovered in November 2018. AliDropship was the best option for me. I looked at a lot of dropshipping alternatives. The best thing about AliDropship was the tutorials that were available for newbies like me. This kept me interested.

I started creating my shop, selecting providers, and gathering products in January 2019. I purchased AliDropship plugin, but I also bought Addon Package to help me promote my business. These options are key to my success, especially Social bunny, as I can choose when I want to post. The Current Sales Turn Up has a great impact on me.

My shop was ready to go by March 2019, when I launched it and started using social media. My first sale was on June 19, 2019, three months after my shop went live.

I can recall that I woke up, had breakfast on Sunday morning and discovered that my control panel contained money. I was shocked when I saw three new orders from the same person. I was delighted and immediately processed them. It was amazing and I couldn’t believe it.

It was something I tried to do. I was involved in a variety of social networking projects and spent a lot of time on SEO and site optimization.

What is your company doing now?

This is currently my only shop. This is how it looked during my first month!

How did you choose your niche for your shop?

I used the Alidropship tutorials about choosing a niche. What caught my attention was that it had to be something I enjoy and understood. That’s what I did.

What is your preferred item technique?

I have been able to get the latest products by having a great working relationship. They always notify me of a new release. However, I initially consulted them to see if they would accept dropshipping orders and also checked their credibility. They will update my shipping option from DHL to epacket if I place a large order, depending on the country, free of cost.

To add brand-new products, I check the shops of my suppliers, keep these products on Import List, and release them every few days.

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To set costs, I use the Alidropship rates formula. It is possible to modify it from time to time to maintain competitive rates.

How can you market your shop?

Primarily by social networking projects. Twitter is my best friend. I’ve reached over 150,000 views. SEO has significantly increased my natural traffic.

Many tests and trials with my social networking projects helped me understand who my target market was. My purchasers were between 18 and 35 years old.

According to data that I checked, 66% of Twitter users were male. My Twitter posts saw more views, my potential customers were more interested in my shop, and I received more direct traffic during marketing periods.

My shop was also promoted on Facebook. However, it proved to be quite difficult. I didn’t get as many people to my project as I wanted. Maybe my target market wasn’t there. After that, I had my account suspended and I don’t have a Facebook Page for my site.

Marketing costs me about $20 per month.

How does your everyday dropshipping regular appear like?

I manage my social media accounts in 5 hours a day, update my Twitter account, create material for my Twitter and place procedure orders.

Because of new orders arriving at different times throughout the day, order processing can take longer than other jobs. To verify that the orders are genuine, I review them before I process them. I find the “location order immediately” action very helpful.

Customer support is my biggest challenge. While I do my best to provide the best customer service possible, there are always going to be some issues with customers. Sometimes they don’t read my Shipping Times or Conditions and assume they are correct when they say “I bought this today, will it arrive on time tomorrow?”

They need to be treated with respect and patience, resolve all their doubts, and try to reply as fast as possible within twelve hours.

Although it is time-consuming, I think that addressing them cordially has helped me to make duplicate customers.

A customer purchased 20,000 units of a product as soon as possible. Because of his Credit Card, the order was immediately cancelled. The consumer called me to ask when the products would be delivered. However, the order was cancelled. He insistently maintained that he paid, even though the order was marked Cancelled and he had not received a purchase notice.

This person was the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with in customer service.

What are the legal requirements for dropshipping in Mexico

Mexico, an emerging market, supports business owners financially and wants us to start services. We are legally allowed to provide assistance for small businesses. You can declare your service as an individual tax if it is less than 100,000 USD annually.

So I don’t have to register my company today. If I exceed this annual amount, I will be able to register my service in the Society category. As Alidropship recommended, I am preparing to register my LLC in the United States. As a long-term strategy, I want to open a new shop and work with people to manage it.

Top Mexico Dropshipping Suppliers

Mexico is the 19th largest E-commerce market in the world, with revenues of nearly 19 billion dollars in 2019. The online market in Mexico will continue to grow with new markets opening up and existing markets expanding.

Dropshipping is an excellent way to reduce your overhead. There is no need to spend a lot of money to purchase your products.

Mexico has many producers, most of which are small-scale business owners who would love to work with you. This market allows you to quickly find products that fit your niche.

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With the increase in sales in Mexico’s e-commerce market business owners can easily enter the dropshipping industry. This allows any service person to sell their online platform quickly and easily.

Dropshipping involves three main gamers: the manufacturer seller and the customer. The primary function of the producer is to develop items, stock items and ship the products on behalf the seller.

Under your brand, the seller sells the products of other producers on your website. The seller markets the products and then ships the items at a profit to the client.

Dropshipping is changing the way service is done. More people are choosing dropshipping over the traditional retail system, which is more expensive to start and requires a lot of work.

This post will inform you about the top dropshipping companies in Mexico, their use and suggestions for browsing the Mexican market.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Petmarkt provides pet food, training equipment, and health supplies. It is a Mexican company that currently focuses on the local market.

You will need to create an account and upload your shop logo in order to dropship Petmarkt products. The notes feature allows you to view the products in your dropshipping shop, and on its social media platforms.

Dropshippers have wholesale prices on all products. You would likewise get discount rates for big volume purchases.

Orders placed before 1pm are shipped within 24 hours. Large orders and late-in-the day orders are delivered in two days or less

USA Computer

U.S.A. Computer System is a wholesale supplier of computers, tablets, video games gadgets, tvs and other devices. It also offers health tech gadgets such as temperature-sensing units. This niche is often a hot one, as it offers the latest in tech trends.

The business is located in Mexico and uses a well-recognized dropshipping system. You will need to create an account and choose from the available subscription plans in order to partner with them.

Although the subscription strategies can include a variety of services, they all allow you to list various items. Your strategy will limit the number of items that you can list.

U.S.A. computer systems does not charge dropshipping commissions, but only costs each order based on cost and shipping costs. Wholesale costs are another benefit that will allow you to enjoy a healthy margin of revenue.

It is worth mentioning that this dropshipping service offers items from top brands like Acer and Lenovo. The range of items is also huge, which could offset the cost of admission.


NicheDropshipping offers dropshipping services that use detailed and automated dropshipping. The company is located in China and has five storage facilities, including two in the U.S.A.

NicheDropshipping offers worldwide fulfillment. Your clients in Mexico can have orders delivered via any one of 18 shipping options. Also, the U.S.A. storage center assists with fulfilment.

NicheDropshipping gives you access to a wide range of products. You will be able to provide whatever your customers need, regardless of the niche in which you dropship.

Dropshipping representatives can source specific items from manufacturers if you are unable to find them.

Start by creating a free account on NicheDropshipping and registering it. Find the products in your niche, then sync them with your shop’s listings. Voila! Now you can share your orders from Mexico to fulfill them.

For in-stock items, you can expect same-day fulfillment and 2-5 days for items that require sourcing. You can also get white labeling or personal labeling services.

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AliExpress is a dropshipping service based in China that can accommodate dropshippers from all over the globe. You will find many items marked with images and wholesale prices on the website.

Once you’ve identified your niche, you can search for items you want to add to your dropshipping shop. An app like Oberlo would be used to import the products onto your shop’s items listing. You can also set prices at a markup.

When you are picking items, evaluate the efficiency of providers. This will give you an idea of their reliability in fulfilling orders. This could help you find bargains like free shipping or providers who use ePacket shipping.

Wholesale 2b

Wholesale 2b offers over 1.5 million items from a variety of suppliers. You will need to identify your niche and choose the right items.

Wholesale 2b handles the providers for you, while you have the option to choose the products and providers. The business receives each provider, which saves time and protects you against fraud.

Wholesale 2b can also be a source of practical tools that you can anticipate.


Seasonsway, an India-based dropshipping company, is located in India. It was the first company to start dropshipping products to Mexico. It still has a strong supply network that it uses to fulfill orders.

Partnering with Seasonsway is a one-time assistance fee to gain access to its services.

Seasonsway allows you to discover approximately 1.5 million products. Seasonsway stores manage the packaging and each provider is checked. Express shipping preparation takes 7-15 days.


Doba has access to many providers who can manage products in different niches. It integrates seamlessly with major dropshipping platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

To get an idea of the platform’s workings, you can sign up for a 30-day trial. You can then choose any one of the subscription options after this period. They range from $30 to $50 per month.

You can import any item to your online store and start receiving orders. It is an advantage that you can organize the items you’ve already selected before importing them.


CJDropshipping connects dropshippers to many providers. It offers lower prices than other websites such as Alibaba, and faster shipping. Orders are processed in a U.S.A. storage facility.

CJ Dropship registration is free.

CJ App makes it easy to import product listings to your dropshipping store. You can also make orders in one click.


If you are looking to dropship custom items to Mexico, Printful is the right place to look. You have access to many providers who can handle items like custom-made printed mugs and t-shirts, as well as name precious jewelry.

Printful’s mobile app is one of the greatest benefits. You can use it to track your orders wherever you are. Printful is free and there are no fees. You can also rely on their worldwide shipping network.

Printful works in dropshipping shops in Shopify Etsy and Woocommerce. You can always reach the consumer support group if you have any questions.

International Brands

Worldwide Brands gives you access to a global directory of providers. You would then narrow your search to Mexican dropshipping companies. You can also use their amazing range of products, as each one is thoroughly vetted before they are listed.

All providers are wholesalers, which means that they offer lower rates. If you’re just starting out and your orders are small, this can be a problem.

Worldwide Brands’ lifetime subscription fee is also higher than its peers.