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Facebook Ads vs Google Ads for Dropshipping Marketing?

One of the most difficult challenges any drop shipping company faces is attracting the attention of potential customers. Dropshipping is a competitive marketplace with many parties, all of which are competing for the valuable clicks of the clients’ computers. So, how are you planning on getting the word out about your new business? How can you capture your publicity so that you can attract more people to your business? Okay, you have two major advertising outlets at your disposal for your advertisements. However, which one is preferable: Dropshipping for Google Ads or Facebook Ads? What is the difference? Each has its own set of pros and disadvantages, and the most efficient way to implement each would depend on your specific requirements.
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Consider the fact that there are 3.9 billion internet users in the world as of 2018: this is important information! In the United States, around 300 million of these people are sheltered. There are a lot of potential customers in this area. It is important to remember that engaging with these potential customers is the most important step in growing your dropshipping business.

The upshot is that you may make the most of your digital advertising budget and increase your return on investment (ROI) by selecting Google ads or Facebook advertisements for dropshipping.

Why is advertising so relevant for drop-shipping?

Okay, keep in mind that this is a highly competitive business strategy due to the minimal risk and relative simplicity of the company concept. That means that many online retailers are attempting to gain the attention of consumers by driving traffic to their websites. The question is, how can you get traffic from this? Internet consumers can be reached most effectively and efficiently possible through search engines (Google ads) or social media (Facebook). You should be aware that the most important component of dropshipping is the connection with the customer. Dropshipping advertisements on Google or Facebook can assist online retailers in accomplishing their goals.

As a result, the following should be the primary objectives:

  • Dropshipping success is dependent on increasing the volume of traffic to your store.
  • Increasing the number of people who know about the web company.
  • Customers’ brand familiarity is being built up till they are comfortable with the e-commerce shop’s interface.
  • In search results, you will be ranked higher (for Google ads).
  • More views and shares are desired (for Facebook advertisements).

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All of these are crucial. For a moment, pretend that you are the owner of a brick-and-mortar store in your city. Will you wish to build it in a location where there is no access to a side street? Without a doubt, no! You want it to be properly placed so that prospective clients can easily recognize it… Wouldn’t you want to put some sort of signage or name on the storefront? No way in hell! Ideally, it should be explicitly labeled in such a way that people are aware of what it is and that it is a corporation.
The same holds for your dropshipping business: people must be aware that you exist and that you are available for business. Getting clients and increasing revenues in today’s dynamic environment requires this approach.

Using Google Adwords

The Google advertising network is a helpful dropshipping tool because the vast majority of people begin their internet experience by searching for anything. In some circles, this website is referred to as “Google Adwords” or “Google Advertising.” For this essay, we’ll use the latter term because it has become more commonly used in recent years.

For the time being, let’s take a look at these numbers:

  • Google is capable of handling approximately 40,000 search requests per second. More than 3.5 billion searches are conducted every day, for a total of 1.2 trillion searches every year.
  • The total cost per click (CPC) for Google Advertising across all sectors is $3.09 per click.
  • Google Advertising can reach more than 90 percent of all internet users.
  • Mobile devices generate around 46.8 percent of the money generated by Google Advertising.
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  • Google is an enormous behemoth; it is the most popular search engine on the planet, as well as the most frequented website on the planet. This shows that it is a superior digital advertising platform in this regard. However, before you can create a great advertising strategy, you must first conduct some basic research.
  • Because Google Ads is more expensive than Facebook Ads (the cost per click (CPC) is significantly higher), it is preferable to narrow down your target demographic and advertising strategy before beginning to pay for pay per click (PPC) advertisements.
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When it comes to targeting your target audience, Google Ads is unrivaled as a marketing network, according to experts. You can accomplish this by using any of the following parameters:

If you want to target potential clients who are searching for your goods or services by location, you can do it by region, state, or country. Now that Google Maps is a part of the Google suite, it is possible to target users based on their location with pinpoint accuracy.
You can target potential clients based on their gender, age, or even their parenting status by using demographics.
Language: To appeal to the target population, utilize language that they are familiar with.
Keywords: Use the tools provided below to assist you in identifying the most relevant keywords that match customer search intent.
Negative keywords: You may also use this paradigm to your advantage by removing those terms that are not relevant to your target market.
Type of device: Remember that Google receives nearly half of all ad purchases from mobile devices; you should take advantage of this to your advantage.
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You will want to concentrate on those characteristics that are relevant to your requirements and the dropshipping industry. However, you must conduct extensive keyword research, as this is both the backbone and the shining diamond of Google AdWords marketing. If you make use of the appropriate resources, you will be able to make the keyword targeting highly accurate and detailed.

What are some Google Advertisement tools?

Google Shopping and Shopify Applications are used in this process.

In this case, the aim of the search is quite important because the search results are exclusively about Google. Developing a highly targeted advertising plan would ensure that this quest intent is met and that the customer recognizes the e-commerce store.

Applications for Shopify for Google Shopping – In this section, you will find several apps that will allow you to sync the products in your e-commerce business with the Google Merchant Center. With simply a few easy clicks, you can list all of your different things on Product Listing Ads and Google Shopping, which is significantly faster than traditional methods.

Google AdWords- This is the most important method for creating Google Advertisements that you may use to promote your business. It also provides several extremely useful functions, such as the Keyword Planner and the Adwords Editor, among others.

Search engine analytics (GA) is a helpful tool that you can use to discover which adverts generate the highest return on investment (ROI) in your marketing campaign.
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Ecommerce with a twist- This Shopify software streamlines the entire shopping activity in a short period by refining the marketing approach and simplifying your Google AdWords. It takes simply a few taps to launch your various products into Google advertising, and you can also establish remarketing tactics to better target your intended audience with your ads.

Setting up your Shopify dropshipping store SEMrush- This tool will assist you in quickly evaluating a broad variety of pre-click facts in your ad campaigns for pay-per-click advertising (PPC). It will also assist you in determining the cost per click (CPC) and identifying the most appropriate keywords to target, as well as the most prevalent advertisements in the e-commerce shop’s niche, as well as the search and display advertisements of your competitors. The consideration of all of these factors is critical in identifying and assessing the target audience’s demography.

Your task will be to determine what consumers are seeking and how to best link their search goal with the many resources available.

Using Ads for Facebook

In light of what we’ve discussed thus far regarding Google Advertising and its distinct advantages, let’s consider the results of a poll conducted by Zephoria, a digital marketing consulting organization, on Facebook:

As of June 2019, the service had around 2.41 billion monthly active users and 1.59 billion daily active users worldwide.
It receives more than 1 trillion page visits every month.
According to Facebook advertising statistics, the average cost per click (CPC) is $1.86, while the average cost per mile (also known as cost per thousand, or CPM) is $11.20.
Facebook Advertising accounts for around 21.7 percent of all smartphone sales.
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If we look between the lines of these specific numbers, we can observe that Facebook Ads do not currently have the same level of popularity as Google Ads. Its ability to supply clients with further detail, on the other hand, is where it shines. In other words, Facebook advertisements are extremely effective at building brand recognition and educating future purchasers of more innovative items.
Additionally, you have a variety of options for reaching your target audience, such as Google Advertising, which is quite quick.

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You may target individuals by venue

Ads from Facebook allow you to target people based on their geographic location.

When it comes to real estate, you’re probably familiar with the classic adage “location, location, location.” The same statement can be made about an e-commerce website. When it comes to Facebook ads, one of the most significant advantages is the ability to fine-tune how and when you reach your target demographic. This is because Facebook can determine the location of its users based on their profile information, mobile signals, or IP addresses. That means you may input a physical location in the search box and then set the destination criteria for everyone in the field based on the address you entered.

Facebook Ads also provide you the option of showing your ad to the following audiences:

At this time, any citizen who happens to be in this location.
Who are all of the people who live in this precise location?
Any visitors who have recently visited the site.
Anyone who passes in or around that area.
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Because of the granularity of this tool, it is also feasible to set coordinates and then define a target radius at the same time (plus or minus 5 miles). When it comes to interacting with your target audience, this level of specificity is exactly where Facebook adverts excel.

You should target behavior-based customers.

Facebook Advertisements are exceptional in that they provide an extraordinarily complete overview of consumer activity in real-time. To analyze and decide what the target population wants, what devices they presently use, and what payment options they like, numerous categories and subcategories can be used in conjunction with one another. In effect, this almost guarantees that Facebook Ads provides a highly tailored advertisement network in which you will reach a large number of smaller custom viewers rather than a large number of large custom viewers. When deciding which advertising platform to use for dropshipping, Google Ads, or Facebook Ads, it is critical to consider whether you want to cast a wider net or be more selective about who you are targeting with your ads.

Take the target demographic and break them into separate categories.

You will need to determine how broad the target population will be before proceeding. For example, a drop shipping company may choose to keep its processes more regional to preserve higher profit margins by minimizing transportation expenses. If you do decide to try your hand at international marketing, keep in mind that certain particular challenges come with reaching a larger pool of potential buyers.

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In any case, it is still best to build separate Facebook ad campaigns for each geographic location. The Middle East, for example, may require you to cast a wider net to be more acceptable; by closely tracking your return on investment, you are effectively striving to keep your marketing expenses down. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for ad promotions to take effect, after which you can determine which regions generate the greatest money. You can further subdivide these into sections, territories, and even individual towns. Using this method would imply that you maximize every dollar spent on digital advertisements.
Understanding How to Properly Rate Your PPC Ad to Get Clicks
Dropshipping has several fundamentals that apply to both Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Here are some of the most important. Some internet retailers are learning that utilizing all available promotional channels is the most effective strategy. As a result, let’s look at what every ad requires to rank well and receive clicks:

Keywords that are complementary to search objectives and are necessary are used.
Persuasive language in the headline.
A link to the most significant view.
A call to action (also known as a CTA).
Numbers 1 through 3 are significantly reliant on your keyword research for both of them. Take advantage of the Google resources described above and provide enough time for the suitable term to be properly discovered and indexed. You then double-check that your title and display URL contain these keywords and that they are properly configured based on the information you have.

How to Well Rate Your PPC Ad and Get Clicks

It is also critical, though, that you have a CTA in place. The following are the seven fundamental types:

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Now is the time to shop.
Get in Touch With Us
Become a member
Get Things Started
Use the App to Watch a Video Book Right Now
The “Buy Now” button will have to devote a significant amount of attention to your dropshipping firm. Additionally, there is a widespread opinion in the digital marketing business that the call-to-action (CTA) is the single most important component of a PPC campaign. This is the deciding factor in whether or not you will receive that all-important click from a prospective client. Always make sure your action words are included because you are attempting to get people to take action and you need the advertisement to demonstrate that. It is also vital that your call-to-action be straightforward, short, and upbeat in tone.

Should you pick Dropshipping for Google Advertising or Facebook Ads?

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the principles of each advertising channel, let’s talk about how they interact with one another. Know that, as an online merchant, your personal preferences as well as the nature of your e-commerce store might have a considerable impact on which one you choose. To avoid any more delay, let’s get started immediately.
Facebook Ads outperform Google Ads in terms of performance. If: The products you sell have a special appeal and include a specific target audience, you might consider expanding.

Your primary objective is to increase visibility and raise awareness of your brand. To put it another way, when you are launching brand new products, it is preferable to use Facebook Ads.

Outperforming Google Advertising on Facebook Ads If:

You have a limited budget for digital advertisements; the average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook Ads ($1.86) is substantially cheaper than the CPC for Google Ads ($3.09).

You’re looking to produce commercials that deliver more information to get customers to buy your product. Many marketers believe that Facebook commercials are more inventive than Google advertisements and that they are fundamentally more visually appealing than both. In other words, you have a greater canvas than you are capable of painting on.
Instead of corporate associations, your target market is individuals. In marketing language, this is referred to as business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing.

If any of the following apply, Google advertising is the way to go: Google Advertisements are preferable to Facebook ads in some cases.

Your one-of-a-kind product or service meets the wants of a particular customer or provides a solution to a problem. This includes any issues that may be time-sensitive and must be addressed as soon as they are brought to light.

There is already an established demand for your product or service, and with strong purchasing intent comes a significant increase in search volume. This is usually the reason why Google Advertising has a higher success rate than Facebook Advertising; keep in mind that many consumers use Google to look for goods that they already know they want, therefore Google Advertising is more effective.

The way to go is Google advertising if:

Set up a dropshipping store on Shopify.
Because the consumer will be seeking the product or service, the user’s search intent will be straightforward. As a result, the conversion rate for Google Ads would be higher if the search results accurately reflected search intent.

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The intended audience consists of a corporate or government entity. B2B (as opposed to B2C) is the word used to describe this type of transaction.
To evaluate whether or not to use Google Advertising or Facebook Ads for dropshipping, you should be aware that there is no clear winner. The advertising network that is most appropriate for your dropshipping company is entirely dependent on the priorities and requirements of your organization. Put another way, Google Ads have a wider reach, whereas Facebook Ads offer superior targeting accuracy, to put it another way.

That means you can choose Google Ads with a strong purchasing intent for quick purchases and search results, as well as for search results in general. Facebook Ads are ideal for building brand recognition, extending your target demographic, and defining new products that require deeper description all at the same time. If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty of it, you could also say that Google allows new consumers to find you, whereas Facebook allows you to find new customers if you want to keep it simple. The most reliable way, on the other hand, is to employ them in conjunction with one another and make them complement one another. As a result, you would be able to benefit from the best of both worlds and develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.