Godaddy Dropship

How to Start Dropshipping with Godaddy Platform?

GoDaddy is most well-known for hosting domains and creating websites. The company also offers a website builder that is easy to use for beginners, which allows anyone to create an online store. GoDaddy isn’t the only website builder to offer the best pricing and the most efficient booking system. It’s worth checking again to make sure it is right for you.

Dropshipping from GoDaddy at a Glance

What We Like


There is no coding required.

The best website builder for those who want to sell their products online.

There are no transaction fees to pay.

With advanced appointment scheduling tools, your website can be transformed into a marketing machine that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

WordPress migration services are provided by this company.


Ecommerce plans starting at $14.99 a Month

Sell physical and digital products

You can sell services online with the help of online appointment booking tools

Accept recurring payments from members and subscription-based businesses

There are 24 templates available for online shops to choose from

To improve your website’s Google ranking, we offer a walk-through SEO service

What’s missing?

Limited customization capabilities

Analytics data is rare

Blogging features are limited

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GoDaddy Dropshipping Websites Examples

GoDaddy eCommerce allows you to create any type of website. GoDaddy offers 24 pre-designed templates for online shops to make it quick and easy to get started. You can also choose from different templates if you aren’t sure which template you prefer. Next, add your store to your website. You have many design options.

Let’s take a look at GoDaddy’s eCommerce templates to see how they look.

Setup of a Dropshipping website by GoDaddy

You might be concerned about the difficulty of setting up an online store with GoDaddy Dropshipping. However, it’s easy to do. The process for each user will vary depending on what products or services they are selling. The general process involves creating an account, selecting an eCommerce template, and customizing your pages before you add products to your online store. Launch your online store.

Go to GoDaddy to create an account

First, create an account with GoDaddy to start a Dropshipping website. It is simple and easy. It takes less than five minutes. Click on GoDaddy to open the website. Next, click on the “Websites + marketing” link in the top navigation bar. Finally, click the “Start Free” button at the bottom of the page.

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To begin, you will need to provide basic information. However, no credit card is required. After you’ve seen the tools and got to know GoDaddy, there is no obligation to use any of its services.

Templates for Online Stores

After you’ve completed your registration, it is time to choose the template that suits your business best. There are many templates available from GoDaddy that can be used on different types of websites. Dropshipping entrepreneurs will find the templates in the “online store” category most helpful. To see a sample website, hover over any template from the “Retail & Online Store Templates”. Choose one template to build your store.

You can customize your template and add pages.

After you’ve selected your template, you’ll be asked several questions. The first question is about your category and the second is about what you want to call the site.

After answering these questions, you’ll be taken to the site editor. You can add pages to your template and change the navigation. All other steps allow you to customize it so your customers see your brand and store initiatives.

Add products to your online store

Once your website infrastructure is in place, you can start putting together your store pages. You will need to add products. You can add a “Shop” section on your website. Click “Pages and sections” from the homepage. Next, select the page where you want to add products (e.g. Your “Shop” page. Next, click “Add Section” and select “Online Store” from the left-hand vertical menu.

After you create your store, you can add products. Fill in as much information as you can about your products, including their price, description, and sale price. You can also offer payment options so customers can choose how to pay.


GoDaddy offers two types of products: a physical and digital products. If you sell physical products, you will need to choose a secondary product type. This will enable you to track inventory, add shipping options, and make sales.

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Online store

Your online store is almost ready to go live and start interacting with customers. Before you launch your online store, here are some things to be aware of.

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Website headers and footers: Check that the navigation links in these areas work. Test each link.

Clear copy is essential. Your website content won’t be bought unless someone purchases it. You can verify that every sentence and paragraph is accurate to ensure your copy is clear. Your message should be clear and easy to comprehend.

Verify product information. Check that your product pages have accurate descriptions, photos, prices, and pricing. It is not a good idea to list a product incorrectly as it can make it difficult to sell the product once you have your store online.

GoDaddy’s checklist for search engine optimization (SEO). Although your website has been optimized for Google Search in most cases, it’s still important to make sure that your website appears in relevant searches. GoDaddy has compiled a helpful guide to local search engine optimization (SEO). Check it out.

When you feel confident that your website has been approved for publication, click “Publish” in the upper right corner. The next step is to click “Choose a Domain”, where you can either choose from a suggested or new domain. You can also connect domains you already own.

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Once you have registered your domain, it’s time to select a GoDaddy plan. Next, go through the checkout process to purchase the plan and launch your site.

If you are looking for a detailed guide on how to create all types of websites with GoDaddy, this is the place. You’re covered. Check out our detailed walk-through of how to create a website using GoDaddy.

Dropshipping: Best GoDaddy Alternatives

GoDaddy might not be the right choice for your online store. Many options are depending on the needs of your business and type. Online bookings can be made easy by GoDaddy. Dropshippers that wish to use Shopify might find a better platform like Shopify.

These are the best GoDaddy alternatives.

Squarespace: Squarespace is a great option for design-oriented businesses. Squarespace’s award-winning templates make it easy to create an online store. Squarespace also includes marketing tools to help you grow your business.

Weebly: Weebly is a great option for businesses looking to make it easy to sell their products online. Plans start at $6 per month.

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Wix: Want more customization options? Wix has both the best and the worst. Although it is more expensive than GoDaddy, Wix offers advanced dropshipping capabilities. It is a good choice for those who want a content management system (CMS) to help them grow their businesses.

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Shopify: Shopify is the best option for selling online dropshipping products. Shopify is compatible with most dropshipping platforms. It also offers a variety of features specifically designed for online sellers. These features cost $29 per month and are more costly.

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Shopify: Can you use GoDaddy with Shopify

Technically, yes. It wouldn’t make any sense. Dropshipping is available from Shopify and GoDaddy for business owners looking to open an online store. You won’t gain any functionality by hosting your shop on Shopify and building your website with GoDaddy. However, you can still build your store and store on both platforms. Find out more about Shopify, and how you can use it. Which is better: Squarespace or Google?

It depends on how you use each platform. GoDaddy is a better option for people who require booking tools such as spas or fitness centers that offer group classes. Squarespace is a better choice if you don’t require these features but are more concerned about top-quality design and tools that will help you market your business and grow it. Squarespace vs GoDaddy: The complete comparison.

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Is Weebly or GoDaddy better for eCommerce

Your priorities and personal preferences will determine the answer to this question. Weebly can be used to sell products online, while GoDaddy is great for selling services online. Both are very easy to use and affordable. Dropshipping sellers will not find the sites ideal. Shopify is the better choice if you are in this situation. It has the greatest dropshipping integrations for site builders.

Bottom line

GoDaddy makes it simple to set up an online store. It takes just a few minutes. GoDaddy’s all-inclusive pricing is comparable to other website builders. You can also sell products and services online without any transaction fees. GoDaddy allows you to build your online store immediately.