Free Guide to Dropship on Lazada Platform for Beginners

Lazada was established in 2012 to serve both sellers and buyers online. It has been found that most people are a bit confused about how it works. You could end up droppingshipping products that won’t sell because you don’t have the right knowledge.

Today you will learn how to make Lazada work for your dropshipping business. This step-by-step guide will help you get your dropshipping business started.

A Overview of Lazada Marketplace

Lazada, the most popular ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia, is Lazada. The primary target markets are six countries in Southeast Asia: Malaysia Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Thailand. This website has 52 million monthly visitors and is multi-award winning.

  • It is overall a safe and secure marketplace that all customers can use. Other features of Lazada include:
  • Lazada offers 300 million SKUs and focuses on 3C products, home and toys as well as fashion apparel, sports equipment and other items.
  • The top four most visited shopping websites in the Philippines are Lazada and Shopee. Zalora and eBay are also very popular.
  • Each week, Lazada sends you a sales report which you can use for sales growth.
  • Lazada will direct traffic to your store if your rating is higher than average.
  • Lazada’s seller requirements are very low. It’s easy to open a shop.
  • In March 2018, Ali Group invested $2 billion in Lazada.

Can you start a dropshipping company on Lazada.

Without a doubt. Dropshipping is possible with Lazada. Dropshipping is an option to complete orders. You’ll need to find dropshipping-friendly suppliers for your products. Here are some benefits of dropshipping.

  • It’s unnecessary to keep track inventory.
  • Very low initial startup costs

Ask your supplier to list your products in your Lazada shop.

When you receive orders from the supplier, they will help you pack and deliver them to your customers. First, research what you are selling on Lazada.

Dropship from a Quality supplier to Lazada

To make money, you will need to find a supplier. Where can you find the best deals and products? Alibaba is a popular choice for wholesale China goods. Alibaba is the largest B2B marketplace where you can find many goods at wholesale price. Alibaba, however, is simply a platform that connects buyers and suppliers. You can use API suppliers to add products or manage orders more efficiently, according to me.

Manual Method vs. API Method

API is similar to key. It allows you to access system integration. You can add products from suppliers to your shop and place orders with them when a customer purchases something from your store.

It’s a smart idea to link your system with the suppliers’ to ensure that all product data is in sync.

API may be used to access:

  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Multiple products can be added simultaneously.
  • Real-time synchronization

This integration will simplify the whole process. You won’t need to do as much manually. This will make your business more efficient and help you keep track of everything.

It is rare to find an online vendor that offers API functionality. Chinabrands deserves praise. It is possible to buy products from Chinabrands, and then resell them on Lazada. Most people who use Lazada sell products that they have purchased from Chinese suppliers. This method is popular because it’s extensive and less costly than other methods.

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The main purpose of this company is to make sure dropshippers have easy access to the top producers and suppliers around the world, and to offer low prices on goods. This will increase your chances of making money.

Huge stock at wholesale price

Due to their position in China, they collaborate with more than 5000 Chinese manufacturers. This ensures a strong supply chain as well as a large inventory. You can find clothing, electronics and home decor as well as toys and other general categories.


You can get everything you need from product procurement, product publishing, device integration and shipping. Their API makes it possible to automate the entire process, which reduces the time required.

Fast delivery

Chinabrands has over 1000 logistics partners worldwide. Its logistic routes cover more than 200 countries. It has also set up 36 warehouses in over 20 countries to ensure that long-distance deliveries do not become a problem.

High quality description

They can be used to create SEO-optimized product pages.

You won’t need to spend too much time editing product descriptions. You can also use API to import product data to add to your shop. Each download will cost you one CB point. Regular members have 300 CB points that can be downloaded and used to pay for orders.

Only the Chinabrands team is your employer. The suppliers have been tested over years of selection. Their parent company Global Egrow Group has a solid reputation in Europe.

Dropshipping from Chinabrands to Lazada

Dropshipping from Chinabrands is easy if you know what to do. This step-by-step guide will show you how to dropship from China brands via Lazada.

Step 1 – Sign up with Chinabrands

You will need an account to get started. It is simple and completely free.

Step 2 – Register with Lazada

Dropshipping on Lazada entails approximately four stages. These are:

  • Filling out a working questionnaire. Uploading copies of electronic contracts signed and business licenses will be required.
  • The Seller Center has been activated. An email will be sent to you with the instructions for accessing your account.
  • Choose a secure payment method You will need to choose between World First or Payoneer. After that, your account will be re-verified within 5-7 business days.

You’ll receive an email asking for your first SKUs. Another evaluation will take approximately three days. You’ve now started the process to set up your Lazada store.

Step 3 – Allow Chinabrands To Authorize Your Store

Let’s say you find a product from Chinabrands and want to make it available on Lazada. You can use the authorization function in this case to have product keywords, descriptions and other information uploaded to your Lazada store. Follow the prompts to find the approved website.

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Step 4 – Adding Products to Lazada

Once you have completed the above-mentioned registration procedures, you will be able to add products to Lazada. Follow the steps in Seller Center to add Chinabrands products to your store.

  • Find “Products” and select “Product Published” in the drop-down menu.
  • All fields must be completed, including images, pricing, other information, and main.
  • Once you are done, click the “Submit Everything” button.

Now that you have built your Lazada listings, it’s time for you to make money from them.

Dropship on Lazada

Once you have successfully added your product to the site, you can begin droppingshipping customers. It will be fully automated because you’ll use API to integrate data.

To increase sales of these items, all you have to do is promote your store outside of Lazada. If you promote your Lazada products (store), your conversion rate will increase.

How do you offer products on Lazada Marketplace

Lazada Market is now available in a large number of Southeast Asian countries. It is also one of the top 3 online shopping sites in the region. Learn how to sell on Lazada to make a lot of money. Sign up for the Lazada seller centre in just a few clicks.

Lazada Group is one of the most popular online selling locations in the Philippines. It was launched in 2012. Lazada is the pioneer of e-commerce and offers outstanding customer service. It has over 1,45,000 sellers in regional and global markets.

It also serves 3000 brands and 560 millions customers. These markets are connected through it. Lazada has been growing significantly since the launch of its Lazada Seller App.

It’s easy to become a seller on Lazada. Signing up is quick and easy. You can also sell your items on Lazada for absolutely free. When someone purchases your items, you only need to pay a SMALL Commission.

Lazada charges you only when your piggybank gets the cent. The circumstances might affect the commission of Lazada.

How do you become a Lazada seller?

These are the requirements to become a Lazada main merchant.

  • Register on the Lazada Market site.
  • Send the files required – Organization registration and information about your savings account
  • Please read and accept the Seller Contract carefully.
  • The training session was attended by all new Lazada sellers.
  • You can trigger your Lazada seller centre to find out more.
  • To start offering, upload at least 5 items.

The 4 Action Lazada Selling Method

LAZADA allows you to list your items in just a few clicks. Lazada’s seller center allows you to list your items completely free.

Lazada’s selling process is divided into four basic actions: List (Offer), Ship (Ship), and Gather Pay.

These actions are broken down into sub-steps, such as filling out your item’s details, offering it to clients and offering prompt and secure delivery to end clients.

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It might seem like a lot at first but once you get onboard to the Lazada seller centre, everything is about your feet.

1 Noting your items

It is very easy to register your item on Lazada. All you need is the information about your items.

You can start your business with 10-20 items at a time and then grow. You must provide a detailed and accurate description of your product to make your customer stick with you and not go to other sellers.

2) Offering your items:

Once your listings have been published on the LAZADA marketplace, you can access your Lazada Seller Center. This is where you come in. You can offer all the services you desire and reach the highest quality customer. You can manage all aspects of selling on Lazada with the Lazada Seller Center.

There are many options that you can make, including: Monitoring your efficiency metrics, evaluating brand-new orders and managing how your store is promoted.

3 Shipping your items:

Being a Lazada Seller is more than just offering more. Once you receive an order from a client, you need to get the item in their hands as soon as possible.

You must be as specific about shipping your product as you are about offering it to consumers in order to win their confidence. LAZADA offers two options for item delivery:

i Fulfillment by LAZADA — In this instance, the items are stored in Lazada Storage facilities. Lazada handles product packaging and shipping to clients.

ii Shipping by Seller — In such cases, it is your responsibility to maintain stock, package and label the product, and to ship to specific customers.

4) Making Money:
Are you satisfied with the sale, delivery, and listing of your items? Don’t you want the return of your efforts?

LAZADA will deduct its charges from the order and deposit the final payments to your savings account every two weeks. Lazada charges a commission and a commission.

It can become overwhelming to try and manage everything on your own. A Lazada combination can make things much easier.

Lazada proved itself to be the future of online shopping and e-commerce over the past few years. Regional buyers readily accept it. In South-east Asia Lazada actually has impacted the environment for web companies.

Lazada has the largest selection of products, including style, home and toys as well as electronic devices and sports equipment.


Lazada Market has been a success throughout joyful seasons such as Songs day, Doubles Day, and others. It is now the most popular market. Lazada has 27,000 active sellers, more than 48,000,000 websites visited per month and is steadily growing.

Lazada is a popular online shopping site that opens up opportunities for sellers in the SEA region. You now know how to sell on Lazada. All you have to do is follow these steps to gain access to the Lazada seller centre.