For Security Reasons This Process Cannot Be Continued Aliexpress

Dropshipping Orders Cancelled and Credit card Blocked by Aliexpress

This process will not be able to continue due to security concerns.
If this occurs, there is no need to be alarmed; it is a very common occurrence in dropshipping. Because our card is issued by a single country and we use a different shipping address and place orders than a typical Aliexpress customer, we have a unique situation.

When is it going to happen?

1) Increasing the number of orders placed per day with different shipping addresses.

2) The names on your Aliexpress account and the credit card are different.

3) Check to see if any proxy plugins are enabled in your browsers.
What exactly do I need to do?
Never attempt to place an order with another credit card until you have resolved this issue. Your second card will also be denied access.

Simply follow the Aliexpress instructions, which include submitting your passport as well as both sides of your credit card with your credentials hidden.

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Your appeal request will be created as soon as it is submitted. After 12 hours, please contact Aliexpress customer service via live chat to have your issue escalated. They will carry out their responsibilities.

Your appeal will be accepted within 12 to 36 hours if you follow these steps. After 30 minutes, you will receive an email confirming that your appeal has been accepted and that you are welcome to place orders. However, it is recommended that orders be placed after 12 hours to ensure a more secure purchase.

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What methods do I use to persuade my customers?
When your card is declined for payment, the seller will receive a cart banded notification, and he will contact you to inform you of the failure to complete the transaction. Explain the situation to him and attempt to close the order outside of Aliexpress if possible.

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Turn off your paid advertising campaigns until the problem is resolved. Once your appeal has been accepted, this problem will never recur in the future.

Is there a solution to this problem?
Yes, there is a perfect solution to this problem.

Aliexpress pocket balance is a balance in your pocket.

It is available in price ranges ranging from $10 to $150. It lowers the amount of money you spend on Aliexpress with your credit card. The likelihood of being blocked is extremely low.

So my credit card will not be blocked when I purchase Pocket Balance, correct? It does not come with any guarantees.

As an alternate solution, you can choose not to complete your payment on the final stage of your shopping cart page. Alternate payment methods can be selected and then proceeded. Those orders will be placed in the pending payment section.
If you have 20 orders to place, repeat the process for every one of the 20 orders. Continue to the final stage without making a payment; instead, choose another payment method.

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Once all of the orders have been added to the awaiting payment section, it is time to process payment. Instead of using our card transaction 20 times, we are now only using it once per transaction.

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Set up a dropshipping store on Shopify.

Permanent Solution: Whitelist your Aliexpress account to become an official Dropshipping facility. Installing the Aliexpress official dropshipping app DSERS is the first step in the process.