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$5 Dropshipping Facebook Ads Strategy for Shopify Stores

Dropshippers frequently inquire as to whether a $5 Facebook advertisement is still effective for Shopify dropshipping. Please keep in mind that the $5 Shopify advertisement can only be utilized for Dropshipping. This post will demonstrate how to use a $5 Facebook advertisement to get your Dropshipping business off to a successful start.

Does Shopify Dropshipping work with a $5 Facebook Ad?

It is usual for people to inquire whether Shopify Dropshipping may be used in conjunction with a $5 Facebook Ad. This is a question that is posed regularly. A few years ago, the credibility of a $5 Facebook advertisement was unquestionable. Today, that reliability is in question. People are becoming less reliant on $5 Facebook ads as advertising medium evolves and new business models are introduced to the market. Back in the day, five bucks for a Facebook advertisement was considered a lot of money. It has the potential to make a significant difference in your Shopify Dropshipping business.
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Several years ago, Facebook’s competition was significantly lower than it is today. Facebook advertising was found to be less effective for the marketing of businesses. Using $5 Facebook advertisements to promote their brand was a rather uncommon marketing strategy for Dropshipping enterprises. Facebook did an adequate job of optimizing that $5 ad.

The situation, on the other hand, has shifted a little. You will require more than $5 to make ordinary purchases or add items to your shopping cart. That’s an issue because $5 isn’t nearly enough money to get you through the next 24 hours. A change has been made to the way Facebook optimizes $5 for Facebook adverts.

Set up a dropshipping store on Shopify.
Facebook’s use of $5 is considerably different from the rest of the world. If you do not have $5, your advertisement will not run for 24 hours. At 4 a.m., your advertisement could be displayed in a nearby location. It is unlikely that anyone will click on your advertisement at that hour because most people are sleeping. Facebook does not have enough skin to distinguish between different geographical areas. As a result, optimizing $5 for Facebook Ads becomes more difficult.

The fact that Facebook does not allow for 24-hour testing means that you may lose clients who can purchase your products between the hours of eight in the morning and ten in the evening. To maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising, you must ensure that they are optimized.

The $5 Facebook Ad for purchase conversions will be demonstrated in this section of the course.
As a reminder, PPE advertisements can be used in conjunction with $5 Facebook advertisements. If you are dealing with engagement ads, you do not need to spend more than $5 per click. You merely need to spend a day or two working on your advertisements.

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If you work with advertisements, you must be an expert in social proof. These chores can be completed for a total of five dollars. Ads for one day can be purchased for five dollars.

Run Engagements:

First and foremost, you must run engagements for any new products that your Dropshipping company is planning to sell. If you spend five dollars each day on your advertisement, it will be optimized. It should be available for at least one full day. The amount of money you spend on your business each day is insufficient at five dollars. The following are the advantages of spending only five dollars per day:
It will serve as social proof for you.
This will assist you in increasing the effectiveness of your Instagram and Facebook advertisements. It takes into consideration factors such as which product is the most popular on Instagram and which advertisement is the most effective on Facebook. This preliminary intelligence is used to assess whether or not to promote the ad on Facebook in the future.
When planning your advertising budget, keep in mind that Instagram may receive 80 percent of your cash, whereas Facebook may receive only 20 percent. One hundred percent of the budget might be spent on Facebook, with the remaining ten percent on Instagram. This is because Instagram advertisements for specific products are more popular than advertisements for other products.

Because of the intelligence of your pixel, we recommend that you maintain Instagram and Facebook in the same app group. Initial intelligence evaluates which platform is most appropriate for a product and how to effectively allocate financial resources.

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A $5 PPE advertisement allows the company’s initial intelligence to identify whether the advertisement should be targeted more towards Instagram or Facebook. A good reminder is that a $5 PPE advertisement will generate incredible social proof, which can assist you in determining whether or not your product has potential. If you are quoted a fee of 20 cents per engagement rather than 1 cent, this is not a positive indicator.

If you follow these procedures, you will be able to use the $5 Facebook advertisement in your Dropshipping business.

$5 Facebook Ads to Duplicate:

$5 Facebook advertising can be used for duplication purposes. When you have a similar audience, duplicating your efforts is the most effective strategy. Investigate the demographics of the audience you wish to reach. If your target audience is comparable to the one you already know, you can replicate it. It is recommended that you replicate your test around 3-5 times each with $5 each if your audience is between 1-5 percent and 1-10 percent.

Following that, you will need to select the winners within 2 to 4 business days of receiving their entries. If you have high-quality products, you may only need three out of the five products listed. You should scale them vertically instead of horizontally. This is an example of how to scale vertically. You may create the illusion of an audience by purchasing $5 Facebook advertisements.

It is critical to remember that you must tailor your message to the geographical location of your target audience. You should have adequate information to target audiences who are similar to one another. For example, if you chose the United States of America. Make certain that you select a winner product. You have the option of doing anything from 1 to 10 percent to 1 to 5 percent of the total.

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To boost the number of winners, you can take that 1-10 percent and create it numerous times at $5 every day. Use $5 Facebook ads to look at a comparable audience numerous times if you want to save money on advertising. It is possible to test for several percentages, such as 1 to 7 percent, 1 to 2 percent, or whatever. You can also copy these as many times as you like for an additional $5 per day.
Because you only have to do it in one country, this is a cost-effective method of accomplishing your goal. You can make $50 per day if your winning product is available, but if it is not, Dropshipping will reimburse you for your investment.

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Use conversion ads to implement a strategy.

Conversion advertising can be used to put a strategy into action.
It is critical to note that to expand your Dropshipping business utilizing $5 Facebook ads, you should not spend more than five dollars per day on conventional conversion advertisements. The fact that five dollars a day are insufficient to test products throughout the conversion has already been discussed in detail. If you start with a five-dollar personal protective equipment advertisement, you should be able to convert to conversions of 10 dollars per day. Ten dollars per day is sufficient money to pay for your advertisements to be displayed for a full 24-hour period.

You can promote your products around the clock, even if they are not being tested in nations other than the United States.

What is Dropshipping?

When starting, it is easy for a newcomer to forget the exact definition of dropshipping.

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It is difficult to make money online or to become wealthy quickly.
These statements are untrue, and dropshippers will not agree to them in any circumstance.

Let’s talk about drop shipping for a moment.

Dropshipping is a type of B2C (Business-to-Consumer) eCommerce that allows you to sell products directly to customers. When a business offers products directly to consumers through its online store, this is referred to as B2C eCommerce.

Product inventory is purchased, products are stored, and then things are shipped to customers manually in traditional eCommerce stores.

Dropshipping is a type of eCommerce that is distinct from the others.

Dropshipping is a commercial practice in which organizations collaborate with suppliers to store and send products to their customers.

The following is an example of the timeline:

  • Purchase of an item from the drop shipper’s online store by the customer
  • The order is completed by the drop shipper by transferring the customer’s details to the supplier.
  • The provider will ship the goods directly to the customer’s home or place of business.
  • Dropshipping is the process of delivering goods to a consumer.
  • “Why would a supplier collaborate with me rather than acquiring my goods and distributing it myself?” you may wonder.
  • That is an excellent question. The solution is straightforward.

Dropshippers can lessen their initial risk by not investing in inventory and instead of holding on to it instead of selling it.

Dropshippers can use this to market and test a variety of products until they find one that is profitable for them to sell.

Dropshipping has numerous advantages, including the following:

  • There is little danger.
  • The initial capital outlay is minimal.
  • More products should be tested and sold.
  • Anywhere in the world is a good place to start your own business.
  • Extremely scalable
  • You won’t have to worry about manually storing and shipping products.
  • Product options are virtually limitless.
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  • Dropshipping has the potential to be a very profitable business venture.
  • It is not easy to start a successful dropshipping business from scratch.

I will walk you through the process of creating your first Facebook ad campaign.

Why should you use Facebook ads for dropshipping?

If you’ve come across this guide, it’s likely that you already know what Facebook ads are.

However, many people are confused about how Facebook ads work and what they can do to assist them in being successful.

Over my four years of experience running dropshipping eCommerce businesses, I’ve discovered that Facebook is still the most effective platform for selling products.

In addition to having a highly advanced machine learning algorithm, it also has a large userbase and has significant scaling potential.

Why should you use Facebook ads for dropshipping?

I could go on and on about how effective Facebook advertisements are.

We won’t go into detail, but we will concentrate on the most important reasons to use it for dropshipping.

Set up a dropshipping store on Shopify.

Machine Learning Algorithm

  • Advertisers choose Facebook ads because of the machine learning algorithm that the social media platform uses.
  • The learning algorithm for Facebook ads automatically determines the most appropriate users to whom your advertisement should be delivered.
  • The way it works is as follows.
  • Facebook collects information about every user who interacts with your advertisement or website.
  • Facebook creates “Perfect Customer” profiles based on the characteristics of similar customers.
  • Facebook targets your advertisements to the most appropriate customer profile.
  • a large number of people who use it
  • The number of people who use Facebook regularly can be staggering. Facebook has 1.79 billion users per day, which translates into an enormous number of potential customers.

Huge User Base

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When you have a userbase that is as large and diverse as Facebook’s, two things are critical.

Every day brings new audiences to your attention, and you’ll never run out of people to reach.

Pinpoint Targeting

Interest targeting on Facebook allows you to find people who are interested in any niche. Regardless of the product you sell, there is always a relevant audience for you to advertise your product.

A wide range of interests can also be targeted, allowing you to be more creative in your targeting. It is impossible to predict which segment of your target market will be the most interested in your goods.

Facebook Ads Structure and Basics

Scalability refers to the ability to increase your advertising budget while keeping your profit margin stable or even improving. When you increase your ad budget, the return on your investment in advertising typically decreases.

This holds for Facebook as well, but the Facebook algorithm makes long-term viability easier to achieve.

Facebook Ads Structure and Basics

Before we get into the actual strategy, it’s important to understand how to properly set up your Facebook advertisements.

You should already have a Facebook ads account set up for your business.

The following is an example of what your blank ads manager should look like:

A Facebook advertisement can be divided into three categories: ads, campaigns, and ad sets.

First and foremost, you’ll need to finish the campaign setup. Following that, you’ll need to create an ad set and then add it to it. Once you have completed all three steps, your campaign will be ready to be shared with others.

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The first step is to get the campaign up and running. At the campaign level, you have the option of selecting the overall goal or objective of your advertising campaign.

As an example, my campaign goal is always to increase conversions.

As a drop shipper, I would strongly advise you to do the same thing as me. Conversions are used by Facebook to assist them in locating genuine buyers.

Ad sets

It’s time to start working on the advertisement.

It is possible to get specific about where, when, and to whom you want your ads to be displayed by using the ad set.

There are two alternatives:

  • Plan the start date and time of your advertisement.
  • Choosing which countries, genders, and languages to use is the first step.
  • Identifying and addressing specific audiences and interests
  • Facebook Ads: Where Should Your Ads Be Displayed?
  • Advertisement
  • The advertisement section will be the last thing you configure.

Beginner Facebook Ads Strategy

You can upload the video or photo that you took for your advertisement in this location.

As well as writing captions and any other text that you wish to display alongside your video or image, you will need to create an animated GIF.

Beginner Facebook Ads Strategy

You should now have a clear understanding of the significance of Facebook ads as well as how to create and manage them.

Set up a dropshipping store on Shopify.

Finally, it’s time to get started with our first-time Facebook advertising strategy.

This strategy is focused on spending $30 per day on advertising, which is a portion of your total advertising budget.

Also, see Facebook Oficials’ Tips for Using Dropshipping Facebook Ads for more information.

This strategy is intended to assist you in increasing the amount of cash flowing into your dropshipping business. You will also gain a great deal more knowledge about Facebook advertisements by managing your campaigns.

The strategy can be divided into four stages: three phases of testing and data collection, followed by a final phase of scaling up the system.

Testing new ideas and conducting audience research are essential components of any successful Facebook advertising strategy.

Product price

It is critical to understand that this strategy works best for products that can be priced at $30 or less.

Because our daily budget is only $30, it will be much more difficult to sell higher-end products in our store.

The cost per purchase on Facebook is directly proportional to the price of the product.

Only products that your supplier sells for $1-13 should be offered for sale. You will be able to mark up your product accordingly as a result of this.

1. Stage

  1. The goal is to find a suitable audience and to advertise.
  2. Creating a new campaign within your Facebook ads manager is the first step in the process.
  3. ‘Conversions’ should be the campaign’s primary objective.
  4. Following that, click on ‘Create Campaign.’
  5. The configuration of your campaign is now complete. You will, however, be responsible for creating your ad sets.
  6. Duplicate your ad set by checking the box next to it and clicking Duplicate’.
  7. In the current campaign, the previous ad should be repeated nine times.
  8. Your dashboard should now contain 10 empty ad sets.
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  10. After that, select each of the ten ad groups and click on the Edit button.
  11. In the ad set edit menu, select the following options to be displayed:


  • Conversion Event – Make a Purchase
  • $3 per day is the daily budget.
  • Schedule – midnight the following day
  • To advertise in a specific country, select that country.
  • Age range: 18-65 years old and older
  • English is the language of instruction (All)
  • Placement is done automatically.

Last but not least, the ‘Detailed Targeting’ section must be created. Specific interests that relate to your store’s niche can be entered in the detailed targeting section of the website.

Return to your Ad Manager dashboard and select only one ad set, rather than all ten as previously.

Every ad set should be tailored to a specific demographic.

Fill in the blanks with keywords that are relevant to your niche under ‘Detailed Targeting.’ Choose any keyword that piques your interest.

After you have selected an interest, it will display the potential audience size and reach for that interest. I recommend that you choose topics that have at least 10 million people interested.

Once you’ve decided on your target audience, rename the ad set to reflect the name of the target audience.

If you choose the interest “Dog Lovers,” for example, you should modify the name of the ad set from “Copy 1 Ad Set” to the “Dog Lovers” version of the same name.

This will assist you to remain organized as you track the effectiveness of your advertisements.

Your objective is to develop ten various ad sets, each of which will target a different audience.

Monitoring Performance

A Complete and Comprehensive Guide
Once you’ve finished creating your ad sets, it’s time to begin tweaking your advertisement.
To make changes to your ad set, select it and then click on Edit.

Make sure to include the video or photo you created for your product advertising.

Fill in the blanks with the URL, caption, and content.

You will now have one campaign, ten ad sets, and ten ad campaigns in your possession.

Because we want to test multiple creatives and audiences, our approach asks for two commercials per ad-set in each campaign.
Select all ten ads and then click on the duplicate button. You have the option of duplicating them only once.

Select all of the duplicate ads and then click on the Edit button to save them.

Import your second video/image and make any necessary changes to the text to reflect the new design.

You will now have a single campaign, ten ad sets, and twenty advertisements.

Stage 2

In this stage of a Facebook ad setup, you have successfully finished Stage 1.

Monitoring Performance

by selecting “Publish” from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

Performance Evaluation and Evaluation of Performance
Following the launch of your first Facebook advertising campaign, the next step is to track and analyze the results. We want to get rid of any ads or ad sets that are underperforming as soon as we possibly can.

These are the rules of engagement.

  • Observe your ‘Ads’ over the next 24 hours and delete any ad that has a Cost Per Click (CPC) of greater than $1.
  • When your ‘Ad Sets’ have been active for 48 hours, you can examine them and turn off any that don’t feature an Add to Cart button (ATC).
  • After 72 hours, go through your ‘Ad Sets’ and switch off those that you don’t want to see again.
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  • With three days left, you should have at least two lucrative ad sets and one profitable creative to show for your efforts.
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It may be necessary to start over with new audiences or creatives if you are having difficulty shutting off your advertisements and ad sets.

You can still proceed to Stage 2 if you have at least two ad sets and one advertisement running.

Stage 3

We will assess whether the results from Stage 1 are consistent and profitable in the second stage of our novice Facebook advertisements plan.

We will use the Stage 1 crowd to test audiences that are similar to the Stage 1 audience.

In this stage, we will choose the winning ad set from Stage 1 and duplicate it into a new campaign.

“Stage 2 testing” should be the campaign’s name.

You want to finish up with one campaign and ten ad sets, at the very least.

Following that, you’ll need to replicate the ad sets that you already saved from Stage 1 to reach a total of ten.

Once you have a total of ten ad sets, it is time to select fresh audiences for the ads that have been repeated.

To edit each set of duplicate ads individually, click on the corresponding link.

In ‘Detailed Targeting,’ select ‘Suggestions’ from the drop-down menu to identify others with similar interests.

Advertising should be targeted to specific audiences for each batch of ads.

Last but not least, make certain that you have two ads for each ad set you create. Make as many copies as necessary. You can use the same ad copy in both advertisements.

How to calculate Target CPP

You can publish your ads once you have completed one campaign, ten ad sets, and twenty advertisements.

Performance Evaluation and Evaluation of Performance
We will follow the same procedures as in Stage 1 to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertisement.

The following are the guidelines: After 24 hours, go to your “Ads” section and delete any advertisement with an average CPC of more than $1.
Then, after 48 hours, go through your ad sets and turn off those that do not include an Add to Cart button (ATC).
After 72 hours, go through your ‘Ad Sets’ and switch off those that you don’t want to see again.

To go to Stage 3, you must have at least two ad sets purchased per buy.

If you don’t have the correct audience, you’ll have to start from the beginning with new audiences and creatives in Stage 1.

Obtaining additional data and optimizing campaign budgets are the goals of Stage 3.

In Stage 2, repeat the profitable ad sets and design a new campaign to replicate the results of Stage 1.

Scaling Guidelines

In the campaign edit menu, select ‘Campaign Budget Optimization’ from the drop-down menu.

As a result of your profitable advertisements, you should now have enough cash flow to allow you to modestly boost your advertising budget.

Configure the CBO budget at $90 per day, with the goal of ‘Conversion’ as the primary purpose.

Following that, using the following calculation, get the “Minimum Ad Set Spend Limit”:

The minimum cost for each Ad Set is equal to the CBO Budget divided by the number of Ad Sets.
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For example, if you deliver five winning ad sets to Stage 3, your minimal ad budget would be 90 / 2 / 5, which equals $9 in total.

CBO is our preferred vendor since they outperform ad-set spending at bigger budgets and are more easily scaled than other vendors.

After that, you should publish your advertisements.
Performance Evaluation and Evaluation of Performance
Because Stage 3 has a larger budget than Stages 2 and 1, the standards for monitoring Stage 3 commercials are different from those for Stages 2 and 1.

Following the first two days of advertising,

  • Take a look at the level of the campaign. It is recommended that you stop the campaign if the Cost Per Purchase is greater than $10. Instead, return to Stage 2 and generate new advertisements.
  • If your campaign’s cost-per-click (CPP) is appropriate, examine your ad sets. Any users who have spent twice or more than the target CPP but have made no
  • purchases should be turned off.
  • The Target CPP Calculation Method
  • First and foremost, select a profit margin that you are comfortable with. I want to have a 20 percent success rate.

Once you’ve finished, enter your number into the formula.

Pricing power is calculated as Prices (1-DPM), – Cost (where DPM is the desired profit margin). Example: 20 percent for 20 percent
If your campaign achieves your desired CPP, you can increase the size of your advertising.

Guidelines for Scaling
By increasing the CBO budget from $90 to $180, you will be able to scale your advertisements. If your scaled ad campaign fails to deliver positive results, reduce the budget to $90. If the ads are performing well you can boost the budget.

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If your scaled efforts are underperforming, you should always consider reducing your budget.

Stage 3 can be completed if you have spent a total of $500 on your ad account, provided that the scaled campaign continues to provide consistent results.

Last Thoughts

We will make use of the information we have gathered as part of your advertising budget.

Stage 4 Objective: Increasing the size of your ads by targeting audiences who look like you.

Stage 4 is when you finally put all of the data you’ve gathered to use to develop lookalike audiences for your campaigns.

These bespoke audiences can be created from a selection of five different audience types.

Pageviews on Facebook as a result of engagement
View more videos with 75% video views (if using video ads)
If you’re running video advertisements, you’ll need at least 20 lookalike viewers. If you do not use video advertisements, you will require 15!

Follow this CBO technique while dealing with these target audiences.

Lastly, some thoughts
You should be well on your way to starting a dropshipping business at this point.

Our Facebook marketing approach is great for those who are new to the field and eager to get started.

It’s critical to understand how Facebook advertisements function and why we make certain decisions to be successful.

It will be difficult to remain successful and adapt if you do not adjust to the changes in the Facebook ads platform.

It is critical to be meticulous in the construction of your advertisements and campaigns.