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Organic Private Label Essential Oil Dropshipping Program

The purpose of this article is to discuss the possibility of selling essential oils online through dropshipping. This order fulfilment method enables you to sell essential oils even if you don’t have any on hand in your inventory. The sale of organic essential oils is a fantastic side-business opportunity. Because it eliminates the entire order fulfilment process, which is time-consuming, expensive, and tedious, this business can be run as a side business. It is the responsibility of your drop shipping supplier to handle order fulfilment and inventory management. Before we get into wholesale reselling, let’s take a look at what essential oils are and what they are used for.

A little background

Natural essential oils are aromatic compounds that can be found in specific plants. Today, we extract essential oils from approximately 100 different plants. Every essential oil is distinct in terms of its therapeutic properties and aroma.

Since the beginning of time, these plant-based oils have been a part of our daily lives. They were valued by ancient civilizations for their medicinal properties, spirituality, and aromatic qualities, among other things. Even in today’s hectic world, people continue to value the spiritual benefits of these oils and use them accordingly. These oils are also used for aromatherapy, anxiety relief, and healing properties, amongst other applications.

The benefits of essential oils extend far beyond their ability to relax and provide pleasant scents. These oils are particularly well suited for herbal medicine. According to the findings of this study, they can be used to treat infections. In some instances, they can be just as effective as antibiotics.

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Making organic essential oils is a time-consuming process.

There are three different methods for extracting these oils from plants. We can obtain these oils from various parts of plants by employing a variety of extraction techniques. Solvent extraction, steam distillation, and cold presses are some of the methods available.

Steam distillation: This is the most widely used method of extracting alcohol. Steam is used to extract the essential oil from the plant tissue by professionals. Steam distillation is not a viable option for certain types of plants.

Steam is a harmful or altering agent for these plants when they are being extracted. Some plants, such as jasmine, contain only a trace amount of oil. It is not possible to use steam distillation in this situation.

Finally, but certainly not least, Cold press is used. This is the process of pressing plants in order to extract their oils…. With the use of pressure, the essential oils of the plant are extracted from the plant. Due to the citrus fruit’s unique structure, which allows for cold pressing to release the oil under pure pressure, this method works well for citrus.

What Is It About Them That Makes Them Organic?

The oils derived from plants that are organic are those that have not been subjected to any chemical treatment during the process of production and extraction of the oil. The vast majority of plants that are capable of producing oils are also capable of protecting themselves against harmful pests and pathogens. Pest control and infection treatment can be accomplished through the use of their oils. Given the fact that these plants are capable of defending themselves against pests, this makes perfect sense. Pesticides are rarely required by growers to protect their plants from pests. It is possible that growers will need to spray their plants with pesticides if they suffer from a fungal infestation. If they do not use organic methods, the oils they extract from plants will not be organic.

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Organic Essential Oils at Wholesale Prices

You can also make money by selling essential oils on the internet. They are extremely in demand. In their search engines, over the last five years, there has been a gradual increase in the number of searches for them, according to Google’s search trend data. People are becoming more aware of the numerous benefits of essential oils and are becoming more interested in purchasing them as a result. Organic oils are becoming increasingly profitable for those who sell them online.

Organic essential oils can be purchased online in a jiffy. You can easily search through online catalogues to find the one that is best suited to your needs. When customers are satisfied with the shipping time, cost, quality, and delivery times, they will return to your online store for more.

Dropshipping essential oils is an option.

Dropshipping is a method of selling essential oils and other products without having to maintain an inventory of the products. When you sign up for a dropshipping provider membership, you have the ability to list any item from their inventory.

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The supplier is in charge of both inventory management and order fulfilment. Retailers can save both time and money as a result of this. Their ability to compete with larger retailers is a result of this.

You can make a lot of money selling essential oils online if you do it right. Those who already use essential oils in their professional lives will find this side-business to be particularly beneficial, as will those who do not. They will be able to sell them directly to their clients. In their yoga classes, a yoga instructor might incorporate the use of essential oils for aromatherapy. They can then make them available to their students, thereby establishing a target audience for their work. Because they are familiar with their target audience, it is easier for them to market the product to them. Due to the fact that it is not a full-time business, dropshipping is the best option for them.

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Essential oils are available in a variety of forms.

Essential oils are available in a variety of forms. Each has its own set of advantages. These are the most widely used essential oils, as well as the benefits and applications of each.

Tea Tree Essential Oil is often referred to as a “medicine cabinet in a bottle” because of its medicinal properties. This oil has a camphor-like aroma and is used to treat conditions such as toenail fungus, dandruff, and scarring from boils and warts. It is also used to prevent scarring from acne.

Aromatherapy essential oils, such as rosemary, are used in cleaning agents and cosmetics. This type of medication is used to treat mood swings as well as memory loss. In addition to treating respiratory issues, it is also effective in the treatment of muscle pain, digestive discomfort, headaches, and other ailments. It is used in hair care products and is easy to make at home with a few ingredients.

This oil has a strong, invigorating aroma and is used as an air deodorizer as well as a flavouring agent for toothpaste, chewing tobacco, tea, and ice cream, among other things. It can be used to alleviate stomach aches, heartburn, digestive problems, headaches, and bad breath, among other symptoms. It can be applied topically to sore muscles to provide relief. It works well in conjunction with lavender to provide relief from rashes and skin irritations.

Lavender essential oil: Lavender essential oil is well-known for its calming properties, making it an excellent choice for treating insomnia. The pleasant, floral scent is simple to appreciate and savour. Using this oil, you can treat anxiety, respiratory issues, minor burns, and insect bites, among other things. It can also be used to treat a variety of women’s health issues, including hair loss, earaches, skin problems, and a variety of other ailments. The oil, when combined with olive oil, can also be used as a natural mosquito repellent, according to some sources.

Aromatherapy Oregano Essential Oil: Oregano is well-known for its culinary benefits, but it also has numerous health benefits. Aromatic notes of spicy, warm herbal and camphor-like scent emanate from the oil. It is used to treat fungal infections, athlete’s foot, sore throats, muscle sprains, and tendinitis, among other things. It can be used to reduce the appearance of acne. Oregano oil can be used to relieve itchy skin by diluting it.

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Nature Dropshipping is completely safe.

Dropshipping allows you to sell merchandise without having to purchase, stock, or ship it. It is a popular method of doing business. We offer discounted rates on our entire range of all-natural essential oils when you use dropshipping to purchase them. The item is then sold to a customer and shipped directly to him or her. We make money when we sell an item for a higher price than what we paid for it originally. You don’t even have to worry about storing or shipping it. It’s straightforward and easy to understand!

If your suppliers are located in the United States (such as Nature’s Cure-All! ), dropshipping is a terrific choice for you. Dropshipping allows you to enter the world of entrepreneurship without having to overcome any obstacles first. The convenience of dropshipping allows you to avoid the hassles of locating inventory, renting a warehouse to keep it, and hiring employees to pack and transport orders. Because of this, you save a lot of money on overhead and can start a business without spending thousands of dollars.

Join our essential oil distributor team and take advantage of our dropshipping programme by getting in contact with us.


All-natural essential oil products are made entirely of natural ingredients. When it comes to selecting our ingredients, we go to tremendous lengths. We exclusively utilise natural, wildcrafted, certified organic items that have not been treated with preservatives or chemicals in our goods. What is the eventual result of all this? You can rely on high-quality essential oils to deliver results!

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The ability to transport quickly is critical in today’s globalised environment. Customers are used to receiving fast pleasure. Long delivery wait times will impair your capacity to sell and develop your company’s revenue. Working with foreign corporations, in particular, can be extremely tough at times.

Also read: Become a partner with Nature’s Cure-All to put all of your problems to rest. Unless otherwise specified, all essential oils ordered through the dropship programme will be dispatched from our distribution centre in South Carolina. All orders received before 3:00 p.m. EST can be dispatched the same day, provided that the items are in inventory. In addition, we provide tracking numbers for all of our orders.RETURNS ARE COMPLIMENTARY.

You may rest certain that if your buyer is not totally happy with the item, they can return it for a full refund or replacement.

We are well aware that excellent customer service is tough to get by these days. We guarantee that we will be available via phone, email, chat, and even in the coffee shop right across the block if you need assistance.


Accounts for dropshipping can be opened online.
Include our product photographs and descriptions on your website so that we can be included there.
You have the option to sell our products on your website at the price you choose.
A wholesale discount can be obtained by placing an order on the internet.
We ship straight to your consumer using your specific packing list, which is kept completely confidential.
Profits from your sales, as well as our discounted rates, are entirely in your hands.
If you have an online store, dropshipping can help you improve sales while also building brand loyalty among your customers. Sign up for a dropshipping account right away. You will need to have an approved account in order to read pricing information and place orders.

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The provision of dropship fulfilment services is available to enterprises that have obtained a tax ID number (also known as a reseller number) in their state. Dropshipping is open to any online merchants and market place vendors who are legally registered in the United States of America. There are no monthly minimums or additional fees to be concerned about.

Essential Oils with a Private Label
Our natural goods include essential oils that are 100 percent pure, carrier oils that are rich in aromatherapy blends, private label natural skincare and haircare products, and massage lotions and oils. VedaOils also offers a variety of bespoke packaging options.

All aspects of our private labelling services are covered, from product packing to shipping your ready-to-sell products directly to your door. If you would like, we may design labels for you for a little price. You can also send us the packaging materials and labels that you have created.
After you have selected the packaging material, we will package, bottle, label, and send your items to any location in the world at a competitive shipping rate for your convenience. We can ship to Amazon FBA as well as your Drop shipper if you choose. Our state-of-the-art packaging facility is located in the Indian capital of New Delhi.

For a single product, a minimum order quantity of 1000 units is required for private labelling to be successful. We can create packaging in any size, ranging from 15ml to 500ml.

We sell only therapeutic-grade essential oils of the highest quality, which are sourced from reputable suppliers.
When it comes to essential oils, quality is everything. It is not a good idea to evaluate essential oils solely on the basis of their cost, but rather on the basis of their quality. Using Gas Chromatography machines and other advanced technology, our state-of-the-art quality testing facility allows us to select and process the best grade natural essential oils.

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More information about our Essential Oil Quality can be found on our website, Essential Oil Quality.
Pure natural essential oils, essential oil blends, and carrier oils are available for private labelling in a variety of sizes.

Essential Oils in their purest form Essential Oil Blends

Carrier oils, massage oils, and personal care products are all available.
If you have a certain recipe in mind, we can create custom blends for you. Please contact us for more information.
If you have a natural product that is based on plants, our research and development team can work with you to produce personalised items.
Purchasing high-quality essential oils can be a difficult endeavour. Many suppliers dilute essential oils with synthetic oils and scents in order to keep their pricing as cheap as possible. Low-quality oils have the potential to cause more harm than good.

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VedaOils is committed to maintaining a high level of quality. GC testing is performed on each batch of oils in order to guarantee that there are no contaminants or dilution present. When selecting the finest oils, we use a stringent quality testing process to ensure that we only provide our consumers with the highest-quality goods possible.

We also strive to keep our product’s quality excellent while keeping our prices as cheap as we possibly can.

Listed below is our price list for Private Labeling Bottles of Essential Oil.
Given that essential oils are photosensitive and can react with plastic, dark-colored glass bottles should be used almost entirely when storing essential oils. Glass bottles for essential oils and carrier oils are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Plastic containers for carrier oils are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes. For greater numbers, we can also provide customised solutions.

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Standard bottles are available in the following configurations:

Round blue/amber glass bottles with sizes ranging from 5ml to 10ml, 15ml to 30ml, 50ml to 100ml, and 4oz.
Plastic bottles in a variety of sizes and colours for massage oils, carrier oils, and hair oils ranging from 50ml to 250ml in capacity
Bottles with a roll-on applicator. Bottles with flip-tops, push-tops, and spray tops
All essential oil bottles are equipped with leak-proof closures.
Additionally, there are oil pumps and serum pumps.
Aside from the colours green and black, we also offer square and round glass bottles, depending on availability. Additionally, we can fill your bottles with caps and packaging of your choosing.

Labels can be designed and printed in a variety of ways.
Design, printing, and delivery of your labels are all completed. Your bottles will be labelled by us after they have been received.

We will create the labels, and you will submit us the artwork for them to be printed. You provide the labels; we’ll print and apply them to your bottles.

We can create and print labels for you in the following formats:

We charge $100 for a basic theme fee for a set of five labels. Each additional label costs an additional $20.

All labels are printed on high gloss label paper that is both water- and oil-resistant. We can also print on matte paper if that is what you require.
During the label design process, a sales representative will be available to assist you. We will assist you throughout the entire procedure.
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