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Apollo Review: A Free Dropshipping App That Ships in 4-5 Days Instead of Weeks
Using a single plugin, Eprolo has simplified and accelerated the entire Dropshipping process from start to finish. When compared to the previous version of the Oberlo app, the new version has significantly reduced delivery time.
As a result, read this Eprolo overview to discover why this platform, as opposed to Oberlo applications, is the best choice for dropshipping.

In terms of reducing delivery time, I can confidently state that Eprolo is the most effective app available. The App will assist you in setting up a successful shop in a short period so that you can compete with other Dropshipping entrepreneurs.

According to many drop-shippers in the industry, Eprolo is a user-friendly, timely, and appropriate Dropshipping technology for your Shopify store that you should consider using.
As evidenced by the statistics on their official website page, people enjoy using this application. There are currently over 11000 customers, with more than 1 million orders fulfilled since 2016, and more than 300,000 brands registered on the site.

Getting into the world of e-commerce has never been easier or more convenient, and Eprolo has helped you establish yourself as a trustworthy Dropshipping entrepreneur. In just a few clicks, it allows you to import items directly from AliExpress into your Shopify account, saving you valuable time and money.

Apollo’s History

Apollo has slowly but steadily gained control of the Dropshipping market. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

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The company began by selling a variety of electronic items on AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon to customers all over the world when it was first established. This has resulted in Shenzhen becoming home to China’s most influential electronic manufacturing industry.

Apollo now has a strong and trusting alliance with tens of thousands of vendors and can provide a wide range of materials to its customers and partners. Drop shippers can use the App to import products from AliExpress directly into their Shopify accounts quickly and efficiently.
The concept for Eprolo was conceived for the first time in 2015. The designers of this App began collecting orders from AliExpress through their Shopify vendor accounts, and as a result, they became acquainted with the concept of Dropshipping. In the following weeks, various shops received Dropshipping orders, with some Shopify vendors receiving hundreds of requests per day. This pattern continued.

The process of placing and processing orders through AliExpress was difficult for both parties. Outside of AliExpress, the founders chose to manage orders using an Excel spreadsheet rather than the company’s internal system. They realized that this was not the best option for them and that everyone makes mistakes. Having received numerous client requests, the Eprolo team began developing Shopify software, which was later made available through the Shopify Apps store.

The Apollo App, in contrast to the Oberlo App, allows online drop shippers to place orders for goods and then sit back and watch as the goods are delivered to their doorsteps on schedule. The fact that purchasing products from AliExpress and reselling them for a profit is so simple makes it a brilliant idea.

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The most important features of Eprolo are as follows: Manages and controls quality on your behalf

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Using Eprolo, you won’t have to worry about the product’s safety any longer. They manage all of your vendors and make certain that they drop ship to your high-quality goods regularly. Because Eprolo will handle the testing and verification of product quality, you will be able to concentrate on increasing the revenue and marketing of your store rather than on testing and verifying the quality of your products.

The key features of Eprolo

The websites of Eprolo and AliExpress are extremely well integrated, as you will see when you visit their respective sites. After you have installed the Eprolo Plugin, going to AliExpress, clicking on the product, and importing them will be easier and faster, as it will appear that you are browsing the internet.

Importing thousands of products from AliExpress is now possible.

Because of its ability to allow dropshippers to import as many items as they want from AliExpress in a simple, inexpensive, and convenient manner, Eprolo has gained in popularity. More importantly, you can view product costs, specifications, and photos, as well as browse through a large selection of items on the site.

Without a doubt, AliExpress has earned a positive reputation for providing high-quality merchandise at a low cost. Eprolo allows you to have access to all of these items from anywhere in the country using your mobile device. With the Eprolo plugin, you can import goods at reasonable rates with only a few clicks, allowing you to expand your online business. Download the plugin today!

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The interface is extremely user-friendly and intuitive.
The user interface of Eprolo is well-thought-out. On the left-hand side, there is a straightforward dashboard with a straightforward menu. To facilitate quick editing, the structure is rendered in a well-organized manner. To find a commodity, import it, and check its specifications, among other things, is a straightforward process.

Discounts are available.

The company appreciates drop shippers and provides them with discounts when they purchase a large number of items from the company. Dropshippers can save money as a result of this arrangement. Each order also comes with a monetary value, which allows you to earn more money by spending more money overall.
Delivery in a short period

Eprolo is aware of the fact that many drop shipment businesses are experiencing distribution delays. Consequently, they’ve developed their Express Shipping channel to serve their customers. It reduces the shipping time by half, to an average of 5-8 business days. In terms of arrival time, Eprolo beats Oberlo hands down. Eprolo delivers consistent and on-time distribution.

Pricing for Eprolo

Surprisingly, Eprolo is still available for purchase. Yes, as stated on their website, “Eprolo believes that prosperity comes from assisting other entrepreneurs, which is why we keep it completely free.” There are indeed several tiers, each with its own set of benefits and access options.
Sign up for EPROLO right now.
Instructions on how to get started with Eprolo
Using the Eprolo Dropshipping App for Dropshipping to import your products directly from AliExpress to Shopify is what you’ll learn in this section.

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Using the Eprolo App, it is simple to import products from AliExpress into your store. To get started, simply follow the steps outlined below.

Sign up for Shopify

Sign up for Shopify and start building your store for free during the 14-day trial period. You can sign up for a free trial on the main homepage or by clicking on the open trial button in the main menu bar.
Enter all of the required information on Shopify, including your email address, password, and store name in the appropriate fields (you can change it later). Immediately following this, Shopify will generate a URL for you; however, you will have the option to change it at a later time. It’s important to note that nearly all Shopify stores use a custom domain in conjunction with their Shopify URL to prevent the URL from becoming unavailable. For more information, please see the previous article How to set up a Shopify store.

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Become a member

Go to Eprolo and register an account after you’ve completed the signup process and successfully created your Shopify store. To register, please visit this website. All that is required is your email address and a password to log in.


Your account dashboard will be displayed after you have completed the signup process. On the dashboard, you will find a button that allows you to connect your Shopify store to Eprolo. When it asks for your approval, simply click on the button and the App will be installed.
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For more information about Eprolo, please visit the Eprolo installation page on the Shopify App store, where you can download the App. Then, on the Add App tab, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Excellent and easy to navigate interface

After you’ve signed into Eprolo, you can search for products or browse through categories by typing their names into the search bar. All that is required is that you click on the “Add to import list” button. It will be automatically added to your import list once you have selected the goods you wish to import.

Product information can be customized.

Many of the items have a thorough description as well as photographs. To make it appear more professional, you can, however, make changes to the definition or images used in the document. It is also possible to use Tag Editor Collections to update Tags to improve product listing.

Obtain the product and have it delivered to your store.

Following the completion of editing, you’ll need to determine a retail price for your work. All items in the Eprolo database are eligible for free shipping. It is now only necessary to apply the desired profit margin to the Eprolo wholesale price as a result of this calculation. After that, you can proceed to add the package to your Shopify store. To send the item to Shopify, click on the “push to Shopify” button.

Product Identification for High-Demand Products

It enables you to see the most popular dropshipped products based on various categories and niches, which you can then compare. It has incorporated the functionality of product hunting tools such as Ecomhunt and Niche scraper into its dashboard interface.

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On-time delivery of the Eprolo

The amount of time it takes for your order to arrive varies depending on where you live in the United States. Listed below is a link to the distribution schedule for the company:

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U.S. Express typically takes between 5-8 days to deliver packages.
The average arrival time for C.A. Express is 7-9 days, depending on the route.
The average arrival time for A.U. Express is 7-9 days, depending on the route.
The average time for U.K. Express to arrive in 6–10 days after departure.
The average time it takes for an ePacket to arrive is 15-25 days.
the United States Postal Service on In most cases, it will take 15-30 days for you to arrive.
Eprolo provides free delivery throughout the entire country. By chance, they ship all of their products with free shipping included in the price. In addition, they provide expedited delivery, which you can request when placing your order. The cost of expedited shipping is determined by the size and weight of the package being shipped.

Sign up for EPROLO right now.
The EPROLO Chrome Extension is a free tool that allows you to easily share your work with others.
It is completely free to use, and it can assist you in running your dropshipping business more successfully.

If you dropship from AliExpress, you’ll need the EPROLO Chrome Extension to make your business successful.

How to get started with Eprolo

Please log in to Aliexpress and EPROLO before using the EPROLO Chrome Extension, which should be enabled on your Google Chrome browser after downloading and installing the extension.

The product can be imported from Aliexpress to EPROLO by selecting it and clicking the green import icon in the top left corner of the product.

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It will take approximately 2 seconds to correctly import the commodity, and you can import multiple items at the same time.

The EPROLO Chrome Extension

If you click on the yellow “Order Items” button, you will be redirected to the AliExpress website.

The goods and shipping information would be automatically entered by the Extension.

If this field isn’t automatically filled in, you’ll have to manually type it in yourself.

Step 3: Make your payment by selecting your preferred method and clicking the “Place Order” button to complete the transaction.

It takes 2-5 business days for Aliexpress orders to be shipped; the delivery time is determined by the shipping system you choose.

If you want EPROLO to fulfill your Aliexpress order, click on the “Ask for Quote” button to see if EPROLO can do so before placing your order.

It will take approximately 24 hours for the price and availability to be confirmed, after which you can proceed with the order by selecting “Fulfill at EPROLO” from the dropdown menu.

You can learn more about how to use the EPROLO Chrome Extension by visiting the Help section of your EPROLO dashboard.

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties while using the Extension, please contact our support team, and we will respond as quickly as we can.


If you’ve had issues with shipment distribution with other drop shipping applications, we encourage you to give the Eprolo app a try and report back to us on your experience.

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Since I’ve been using them, I can report that they’ve accomplished everything promised on the App’s landing page thus far. Was this article of assistance to you?