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Amazon to eBay Dropshipping Tracking Number Solved

Let’s start by discussing dropshipping in a general sense.

Dropshipping is a common method of doing business that enables companies to list items for sale without actually having to keep any stock of those items. When a customer places an order via the company’s website, the retailer instead places an order for the product directly with the supplier.
This eliminates the costs associated with maintaining inventory as well as the risk associated with holding cash in physical products that do not sell. This is a win-win situation for the company.

You have gained a solid comprehension of the dropshipping business model. The following is an explanation of how to dropship from Amazon to eBay.

You have the ability to sell items purchased from Amazon through your eBay store.
A purchaser has acquired ownership of your eBay store.
Place your order for the product on Amazon, and it will be delivered straight to the end user.
The practise of dropshipping is frequently referred to as “retail arbitrage,” a term that can be utilised to describe any variation of dropshipping. Any type of dropshipping in which the supplier is also a retailer is considered to be an example of retail arbitrage.

It is possible that reading our article on eBay dropshipping will be helpful to you if you are a beginner who is interested in learning more about dropshipping on eBay in general.

One of the most significant advantages of selling Amazon products on eBay is access to the expedited delivery service known as PRIME.
Customers are always thrilled when their orders arrive in just two days. You consistently receive compliments on the speed with which you ship. The outcome is beneficial for both parties.

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Nevertheless, there are occasionally challenges associated with tracking parcels.

Amazon Logistics (also known as AMZL, AMZL US, AMZL MX, and so on) refers to the company’s practise of employing third-party courier services that it arranges on its own to fulfil customer orders. In addition, a tracking number will be included with these shipments. In the United States of America, it is typically represented by TBA followed by 12 numbers (for example, TBA367291671000). In the United States of America, it is typically represented by TBA followed by 12 numbers (for example, Q27337631893].

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Nevertheless, in contrast to the tracking numbers provided by the vast majority of couriers, only Amazon account holders have the ability to track items that have been shipped through Amazon Logistics.

In many cases, this can result in three primary issues.

Problem 1: You are unable to achieve the status of Top-Rated Seller or Top-Rated Seller Plus.

On eBay, participants in Top Rated Seller programmes receive a variety of valuable benefits, such as a decrease in final value fees, an increase in search results for “best matches,” and a badge that inspires confidence in buyers.

You will need to upload a valid tracking number that has been recorded by at least one carrier scanner and validated by eBay within the handling time that you have specified for 90 percent of all transactions in order to participate in this part of the programme. eBay is unable to check carrier scans for Amazon TBA tracking number tracking numbers, which is why this is the case.

Problem 2 You have to deal more customer service questions

Have you ever been looking forward to the arrival of a package so much that you sat at your computer and refreshed the tracking information every thirty seconds while you waited for an update?

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Possibly you can think back to a time when you patiently waited for a delivery, only to have the courier reschedule it at a later time.
Customers are able to monitor the progress of their orders and frequently manage the logistics of getting their packages delivered on their own. They have the option of requesting that it be delivered to a neighbour or arranging for a different delivery time in the event that they are unable to accept it themselves.

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Because customers are unable to track Amazon Logistics parcels, you are forced to act as an intermediary and are bombarded with messages from customer service representatives. You might like:

The question, which is straightforward but frequently asked: “Hey, when will my item be here?”

The customer who has a requirement:

The irritable customer said, “Hey! My order still hasn’t arrived. Where is it at this time?
If you have a disproportionately high number of customer service inquiries that lead to overall negative experiences for buyers, eBay may suspend your account.

Problem 3 If you are unable to provide evidence that the item in question was delivered, you will be unsuccessful in your claims.

This is the most problematic and costly of all of your issues.

If you only have the tracking number provided by Amazon Logistics, eBay will not be able to show the customer or eBay that the item was shipped or delivered. A case will need to be opened against you. If this happens, eBay will rule against you.
Some purchasers are even aware that they have a better chance of winning cases if they provide an Amazon TBA tracking number. Therefore, cases should be opened whenever it occurs.

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There is a solution!

Salefreaks is now working together with Bluecare Express. It will be possible for Salefreaks members to convert AMZL/Amazon Logistics tracking numbers into Bluecare Express tracking numbers.

The items will continue to be delivered by Amazon’s couriers; however, you will now have a tracking number and carrier combination that can be searched and tracked online. As a result, you will start winning cases and dealing with fewer customer service issues, which will make it easier for you to run your eBay dropshipping business without the risk of suspension.
One actual illustration is as follows:

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Salefreaks places an order for the product on Amazon after an order is placed on eBay and then ships the item directly to the buyer from Amazon (for members who have auto-orders).

Salefreaks is able to transform Amazon Logistics and AMZL tracking numbers into Bluecare Express tracking numbers.

Your customer will need this tracking number in order to gain access to the most recent information regarding the item(s) that they have purchased online from you. You can get to it through the Bluecare Express website or through any of the partner sites that come up first in the search results for “Bluecare Express tracking.”

Because Bluecare Express is a verified carrier on eBay, you have an increased chance of being selected as a Top Rated Seller.

In conclusion, this solution implies the following:

You have the ability to win cases on eBay that fall under the category of “buyer didn’t receive item.” Simply including the Bluecare Express carrier number and tracking number [along with the Bluecare Express URL] in the case will suffice to demonstrate that the opposite is true.

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You will see a reduction in the number of fraudulent claims and cases brought against you by customers who dropship from Amazon to eBay.

The majority of your mundane questions regarding your item, the shipping status of it, and when it will arrive will be answered by customers who have previously purchased it. Your clients will be responsible for all of the labour.
You will be able to compete for the position of Top Rated Seller. Buyers will view you as more trustworthy as a result of this, and your sales ranking will improve. In addition to that, it enables you to pay less in final value fees.