Dropshipping University Review

eCom Tom Dropshipping University Review – Is it Worth?

Who is eCom Tom (Tom Cormier),?

Tom Cormier is eCom Tom’s real name. He is very active on YouTube. He has approximately 28.6K fans at the time he is writing.

I enjoyed his YouTube videos and only a few details. I did not find any motivational material. It isn’t a regular channel, as it’s only to promote eCom Tom courses.

eCom Tom enjoys showing how much he earns from dropshipping. He doesn’t always include marketing expenses in the figures he gives.

His net earnings should be smaller since dropshipping has a low revenue margin.

What is Dropshipping University?

eCom Tom is the company that created Dropshipping University. There are two courses available. One training is geared at Amazon, while the other is geared toward eBay.

Currently, I do not believe that eBay is the best dropshipping alternative available. Shopify is the platform of choice for many businesses.

Allow me to explain what you can learn from these classes.

eBay Courses are available on demand.

The eBay course follows a very common format. No new information is contained within the scope of this course. There are 14 modules, 67 videos, and one video to complete the course.

The basic technique for dropshipping on eBay will be discussed in detail.

Module 1-2: Manual eBay Dropshipping: An Introduction

This session provides a high-level overview of dropshipping on the eBay marketplace. ECom Tom will outline how to adhere to eBay’s policies and procedures.

Module 3-4: Identifying and Purchasing Highly Successful Products

It is important to find items that are both gratifying and profitable. This article will assist you in locating the most qualified provider for your products.

Module 5-6: Merchandising and Inventory Control

This module instructs you on how to list your item on eBay for sale. This session will teach you how to write item descriptions as well as how to optimize the title and images for increased conversions on Amazon.

ECom Tom will talk about inventory management and how to make sure you have enough inventory.

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ECom Tom is not responsible for the costs of running advertisements to drive traffic. It is not enough to just list your things on eBay to generate traffic.

Modules 7-8 – Customer Service and Sales Order Processing –

This module is responsible for providing customer assistance and accepting payments.

Your customer ranking on eBay has a big impact on the amount of money you make. You must learn how to make your client happy to be successful.

Modules 9 and 10 – Feedback and the Organization

This module focuses on getting positive feedback from your customers to build a reputation on eBay.

Module 11-12: Tax Exemption and Taking Full Advantage of Margins

This module focuses on maximizing the revenue margin. eCom Tom will suggest that you use a cashback card. Learn how to reduce tax.

Module 13-14: Advanced Topics

This module focuses on using sales strategies to increase sales.

Amazon Course

eCom Tom’s Amazon course does not include any instruction on dropshipping. You will need to ship your things to Amazon Fulfillment for them to be processed.

Amazon will assist you with the shipping of the items and the return of the merchandise.

To complete this course, which consists of 14 modules, you will need to set aside roughly 15 hours of your time.

Because the course is only 15 hours long, it is unlikely that you will gain any knowledge of Amazon FBA during that time.

The following are the essentials that you will find during your journey:

  • How to find the most suitable suppliers and products
  • How to Make a Note of Your Amazon Purchases
  • How to make a sale
  • Finding ways to gain favorable comments from customers
  • How to keep your Amazon account from being suspended

Dropshipping University Price

Dropshipping University is extremely expensive. Dropshipping University is available for $479 for the Amazon course and $697 for the eBay course, with the Amazon course being the most expensive.

The courses appear to be prohibitively pricey in my opinion. The majority of the information is available for free elsewhere.

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There are also more affordable, yet superior, alternatives available on the market.

Dropshipping Issues That eCom Needs to Address Tom does not provide you with any information.

Dropshipping was something I attempted several years ago, and I can tell you that it was tough.

Below are some reasons why dropshipping is not something I recommend.

1. Financial Risk

If you do not PROMOTE your dropshipping shop, it will not be able to provide any services. Your EARNINGS will be degraded by the marketing costs associated with social media marketing, such as those linked with Facebook advertisements.

It could take several weeks or even months to recoup your expenses before you can report your profits.

Dropshipping entails a large amount of financial danger.

2. Facebook advertisements are both pricey and difficult to place.

In the case of the average drop shipper, the total cost of advertising on Facebook will be at least 30% of total sales.

Facebook advertising is rarely effective over an extended period. Once your target market has become tired of your product, you will see a decrease in conversion rates. You may need to boost your marketing spending.

As reported by Forbes, Facebook recorded a 90 percent spike in advertising expenses compared to the same period the previous year.

Even worse, because Facebook updates its algorithm regularly, the learning curve for Facebook ads is rather steep. It is vital to devote a significant amount of time and resources to screening and analyzing Facebook adverts.

If you do not have any prior experience with Facebook advertising, your advertisement account will be suspended immediately.

The desire to cover their Facebook advertising expenses and generate a profit has caused many dropshippers to quit their jobs.

3. Consumer Assistance Programs (CAPs)

Although you will not be in charge of inventory or logistics, you must spend a significant amount of time working with suppliers and providing customer care.

You should wait for your provider to support you if your client has trouble with the item. If your service provider is no longer valuable, you will be responsible for the cost of replacing him.

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The majority of drop shipping enterprises receive negative consumer feedback and receive no repeat business. It’s difficult to establish a long-lasting dropshipping company name and brand.

In the worst-case scenario, you should expect a large number of credit card chargebacks, which could result in your payment access being blocked.

4. You can gain a great deal of knowledge regarding item research.

To raise the earnings of your shop, you must be on the lookout for new winning items consistently. This can be accomplished by screening products via Facebook advertisements.

The use of dropshipping allows you to reach your maximum sales volume in as short as two to three months or even a few days. Once an item gets popular, multiple competitors will sell the identical item as a result of the increased demand.

You must continue to seek fresh substitutes to maintain your income growth.

Dropshipping is a lucrative business that many people can do full-time. It requires dedication, perseverance, and consistency.

It can be exhausting to manage Facebook ads on your own.

eCom Tom Verdict

A guru who encourages dropshipping on both Amazon and eBay is extremely rare to come across. Master’s students are more likely to stick with one platform. Based on his YouTube videos, it is evident that he derives the majority of his money from selling on Amazon and eBay. He communicates straightforwardly and obviously, understands what he is talking about.

These platforms are well-known for being highly tough to learn, having a large number of competitors, and necessitating a large amount of expenditure reporting.

The reason for this is that many people are considering launching their own eCommerce business on platforms such as Shopify and Bigcommerce. You have the potential to earn significantly more money.

Shipping, storage, and other fees can account for up to 20% of your gross revenue on Amazon and eBay, respectively. Many eCommerce businesses operate with a profit margin of 20-30 percent, making it difficult to turn a decent profit in these circumstances.