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E-commerce Dropshipping in Switzerland

Switzerland ranks 21st in terms of e-commerce volume. In 2019, this market made a profit of USD 7 billion. By 2024, the Swiss e-commerce dropshipping market is predicted to be worth USD 10.701 million. User penetration was 69.3 percent in 2019. By 2024, it will have risen to more than 72 percent.

It’s a fantastic site to shop online in Switzerland. In the marketplace, new merchants appear regularly. The largest industry, electronic devices, and media account for 31% of total income. Style comes in second with 27%, followed by Food and Personal Care (18%), Furnishings and Appliances (14%), and Toys, Pastime, and Do It Yourself (9%).

The most popular e-commerce dropshipping site in Switzerland is ricardo.ch. None of these are sellers, as you can see.

Trade conditions in Switzerland

Switzerland’s biggest trading areas are Zurich and Geneva. In comparison to other sections of the country, these locations are densely populated. Due to the strong demand for clients, trade is also booming. Both cities are located in beautiful, well-connected locations, attracting not just Swiss but also visitors who contribute to the area’s development.

Many people think of Switzerland as a European Silicon Valley, having a conducive climate for software development and application advancement.

Despite being recognized as Silicon Valley for innovation, it is unsurprising that Switzerland is also a tax leader.

In Switzerland, customers behave differently.

90 percent of Swiss internet users went shopping online as soon as they could in 2017. When customers shop online, they spend an average of USD 2,460. The Swiss, unlike the Germans, prefer cross-border purchasing. As many as 64% of them bet on things imported from other countries. One cause could be the Swiss Franc’s high value. Germany accounts for more than half of all cross-border purchases. China is the second most popular destination. The 25-34-year-olds are the most interested in online buying, followed by the 35-44-year-olds. The third age group is those between the ages of 15 and 24. There are more than 45 customers. Customers in Switzerland spend 3.5 hours every day online on average. However, 22% of them spend more than 5 hours per day on the Internet. The Swiss have a strong desire to be online.

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For Swiss clients, the item’s provenance is critical. If they have to choose between two items from the same recognized place of origin, they will only choose one. The quality-price ratio is more important in this country than brand recognition. They cherish both the purchase and the after-sales service.

Swiss customers are concerned about reducing their consumption. The circumstances that impact these decisions may differ, but the Swiss remain firm in their assertion. 44% of WWF-commissioned participants desire to spend less to save money. For the sake of the environment, 20% of people wish to reduce the number of products they buy. The discrepancy between various areas is an intriguing feature. The desire to be able to spend more time on goods purchases was discussed more frequently in Germany’s German-speaking region than in other parts of the country. The Italian-speaking side of the country values the environment the highest, whereas the French-speaking part wants to save money.

Switzerland’s payment options

In Switzerland, the debit card is one of the most widely used payment methods. It accounts for 29% of all transactions. The most common mode of payment is still cash. For 48% of all transactions, this approach is employed. A debit card is a safest and most convenient way to pay. The average Swiss individual, on the other hand, always has money in their pocket.

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Swiss people dislike contactless payments for a variety of reasons. Regardless, their fan base continues to expand year after year. This is especially true for children and teenagers. They use their debit cards to make contactless payments more frequently. Fewer individuals choose contactless credit card purchases.

Contactless payments were critical during the pandemic, as we all know. We don’t have any data for 2020, but we can anticipate that Switzerland will follow the worldwide trend and become more convinced of this payment method.

Mobile payments are another area that is progressively gaining traction. Every year, they gain in popularity. However, there are notable distinctions among the various mobile payment solutions. Mobile payments through the Internet and in-app are becoming increasingly popular. Peer-to-peer and point-of-sale services have not been well received. Customers in Switzerland do not require these services. It isn’t extremely well-known. It is used by only 7% of clients.

What is the best way to get started dropshipping in Switzerland?

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