Dropshipping Suppliers with API

What is API?

Let’s start by learning more about API and its meaning. API is a way to link eBay with third-party platforms.

Every platform has an API. This includes Amazon, Facebook and Youtube.

The seller APIs are a great way to help sellers in their selling activities. You can help with customer service, such as setting up an account and noting stock on eBay.

When it comes to designing APIs that can be used to assist with managing our online business, the sky is the limit.

You can programmatically publish items and track numbers for upgrades, costs and tracking numbers through the API connection.

API allows you to connect with third-party platforms such as AutoDS and eBay. We can connect directly to eBay by using the eBay API. Each platform has an API. This includes Amazon, Facebook and Youtube.

The Differences Between API and Non-API

Although API and Non-API versions are almost identical, there are some notable differences between them.

Non-API tracking number updates can be converted into AutoDS but not into eBay. It will be necessary to manually upgrade the tracking number in eBay.

Only the API version allows you to send automated messages to your clients and provide client assistance.

AutoDS’s API version allows you to programmatically submit items, upgrade rates, track numbers and other information through the API connection.

The Non-API, on the other hand, suggests that you are connecting to eBay as a normal person. As if your search is done from your web browser.

Every business wants designers to use APIs to connect with their platforms. People who tell you APIs will harm your account, or any other type of information, should not be trusted. They don’t know anything about infotech or how computers work.

The Evolution of Non-API Solution

An incorrect assumption led to the origin story of “Non-API”. It all began in 2018, when eBay decided to remove all dropshippers from their platform. Drop shippers refer to “flagged accounts”

A lower shop traffic means fewer sales conversions. Dropshippers and sellers who dropship were able to feel the drop in exposure.

Dropshipping community members believed that eBay’s extraordinary action was due to the use of APIs.

They believed that eBay would penalize dropshippers who abuse its dropshipping policy by “flagging their accounts”. However, their method of determining whether you are dropshipping is to scan your API connections.

eBay sent these “Seller Practices-Dropshipping” messages in the same month as the message. A popular dropshipping API tool was also banned by eBay. This led to all eBay accounts that had linked the API to their shops being expelled.

Dropshippers from all over the world have been afraid of API connections to their eBay accounts due to eBay’s ban on selling accounts. But is this theory true? It is now time to face the facts.

Due to dubious methods used by their designers to navigate their API “call limitation”, the tool was banned. eBay imposes a call limitation on API designers in order to limit the number of actions that a given API can perform each day.

Every API must adhere to eBay’s policies. They also need to understand their call limitations. This is similar to eBay sellers who have to follow eBay’s policies.
Just as sellers need to request eBay to increase their offering limits from time to time (if it is not already), designers can also ask for and do the same regarding their call limitations on their API.

This tool has attempted to bypass eBay’s call limitation by turning every eBay seller account into an account designer so they can submit the API standalone (and not show other users who have linked the same API).

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They tried to trick eBay into believing each API had a call limit. Therefore, they offered each account 1500 calls (actions).

This is in addition to security breaches and the failure to protect client information. It was only a matter time before eBay discovered these corrupt methods and banned the API and all its users.

These truths were not understood by you and many other dropshippers. This leads to an increase in “experts” who offer incorrect advice on how to create “non-flagged accounts.”

These speculations also cause a non API option demand form the dropshipping community (and yes, that’s what we responded to! ).

How can you make Shopify dropshipping profitable? You need to choose the right tools. You can gain an advantage in the online retail market. Shopify’s dropshipping apps are here to help you make your e-commerce store thrive. These apps will help you find the best dropshipping service provider for your market and specific niche.

Dropshipping is an online e-commerce model where the online reseller doesn’t deal with stock. Dropshipping is a service that allows you to ship the products directly to your customer.

How do you choose the best supplier app for your dropship store?

Shopify offers a lot of flexibility and modification. Make sure to make the most of it. You can do so many with Shopify Dropshipping Apps .

Choose a provider that has a high-quality stock
Shopify will integrate any provider that you find in the App Store (under Locating items), allowing you to quickly add items to your shop. Although you might be able to deal with wholesalers or providers that you find online via Google or YouTube, you will need to add items manually to these. Most providers will give you the opportunity to view their stock for free, usually by way of a completely free version of the App Store.

Review the evaluations and see the scores
An app is created by an online merchant. Once the merchant has set up the app, they can leave an evaluation. The evaluation includes a rating from 1 to 5, and a review of the app’s experience. These evaluations can be extremely important and can help you decide whether or not to start a dropshipping business.

Apps that have scores and/or evaluations are a clear indicator of a user base active and engaged. This can also give you more information about how the app will function in your shop, and the likelihood that the designers will offer assistance to consumers if they have any concerns. This might seem obvious, but you cannot overemphasize how important research is. This will give you a better idea of what to expect and help you make the best decision for your Shopify shop.

Ensure that the app automates order fulfillment
Handling orders can cause real discomfort. This can slow down your workflow and take up time. Dropshipping has many advantages, but this app is far better than dropshipping. It’s easy and doesn’t require much labor. In the end, an app that automatically fulfills orders will be a better choice. This will make dropshipping easier, more efficient, and more practical. Automation means you can spend more time marketing to customers. This will eventually become your main focus in a dropshipping business.

Download an app for free
Dropshipping shops offer many advantages. They are easy to start and have very low operational costs. Dropshipping is a retail model that doesn’t cost a lot of money. However, dropshipping apps that are paid will be a significant part of your selection when you choose which ones to use. Even if you have read the reviews and compared the rankings, it is unlikely that you will be able to determine if it is the right app for you until you actually download it, install it and test it out. It’s a great idea to get a free trial of the app so that you can check out how it works in your shop and see how it might help you increase your earnings.

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Choose a provider that is based in the USA
Timing is everything in online retail and dropshipping. Online shoppers have come to expect short wait times for their orders. Your online shop must meet those expectations. Customers don’t like waiting and can cause your online shop to fail before it gets off the ground.

You can find shipping times that are shorter by choosing a domestic provider (US-based). It is not about location. The shipping times will be shorter if they are closer to the customer. There are also other benefits to choosing a US-based dropshipping service provider.

Check that the app offers consumer assistance
Murphy’s Law is a key concept for online merchants. Anything that can fail, will fail. Simply put, you should always be ready for problems or difficulties because they are almost inevitable. Dropshipping issues can happen anywhere and at any time. Make sure you have consumer support so you are always able to fix any problems. Make sure they have an assist link on their app listing page so that you are ready to call them whenever the need arises.

Spocket – USA & EU Suppliers

Oberlo’s option is highly ranked and respected. Spocket has nearly 1,700 reviews and an average score of 4.5 stars on the Shopify App Store. It might even surpass Oberlo in terms of the quality of providers, most of whom are from North America or Europe.

This dropshipping app is perfect for those who are based in these regions and want to ship to large numbers of customers. Spocket offers very competitive pricing with a 45% discount for merchants. Spocket also allows you to brand your online shop on all invoices and billings sent to clients. This will help you maintain your shop name, and encourage client engagement.

Spocket offers a variety of products including Men’s clothing and infant items.

Dropshipper – Coffee Dropshipping

The US-based provider allows you to dropship premium coffee with your shop logo on it. It’s a private label domestic provider of coffee drinks. Your items, logo design and prices can be customized, ensuring that your brand is identifiable and reliable. The final consumer will associate your shop and brand with the product they buy. This is a great way to build customer loyalty and create regular customers for your Shopify store. Dripshipper orders are shipped from the USA within 3 to 5 business days.


Modalyst will suit you if your goal is to attract consumers with very high standards of taste. Dropshipping apps give you access to top-brand suppliers like Calvin Klein, Timberland and Puma. These are all highly desirable with trendy customers who love to look good and dress well. This means that the price will be higher than any China-based provider. Dropshipping apps also connect you to up-and-coming brands. Modalyst can help you stay ahead of the curve in fashion sales. This app is great for resellers looking to connect with new and emerging businesses.

My Online Fashion Store

This US-based dropshipping company for Shopify provides clothes. They offer over 5,000 high-quality products and deliver them from their Los Angeles storage facility. My Online Fashion Store is a true reflection of the fact that they are located in one of the most fashionable cities in the world. They keep up-to-date with new patterns and advancements in ladies’ clothing worldwide. They add 100 to 200 new designs every week. They have an average rating of 4.5 stars on the Shopify App Store, with over 140 reviews.

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Another US-based dropshipping company is this one. They also offer over 5,000 stylish, high-quality items. They can ship anywhere in the USA within 5 to 7, and fast, reliable shipping to more than 170 countries. They are also known for their quick and responsive customer service. They will answer all your questions by phone, email, or live chat within 12-24 hours.


Use the CustomCat Shopify app to create custom-made items for your Shopify shop. Once a CustomCat item has been purchased, it is automatically processed, printed, then delivered to your client in an unlabeled package. An automatic tracking email is sent to your client once the order has been delivered. The app average score is 4.4 stars with over 400 reviews.

Expense: There is a choice of two fundamental strategies: CustomCat Lite for free and CustomCat Regular at $30 per month. You pay a lower wholesale cost, usually 20%, for the paid strategy. This strategy generates higher revenue margins.


Another Print on Demand (POD), Shopify App. The name is misleading, however. You can print custom-made orders for a wide range of items. These include T-shirts, phone cases and tote bags, swimwears and running shoes, socks, hoodies and child clothing. You can basically think of anything! It is also highly rated and popular, with nearly 600 reviews. The average rating of 4.6 stars.

Dropship Beauty

This charm and haircare provider is based in the USA. They specialize in hair extensions, 3D-lashes, wigs, edge control, and wigs. Dropship Beauty Shopify app gives you instant access to more than a million dollars worth of stock. All orders are processed in Atlanta, Georgia for fast and precise shipping. With basic shipping, they usually ship 99 percent of orders placed before 2 PM ET on the same day. Bundles arrive in just 1 to 3 business days. Customers can also choose Express Shipping to get their orders in as little as 1 to 2 days. Dropship Beauty has received more than 100 reviews and is ranked on the Shopify App Store at 4.1 stars.


The Canadian headquarters of this vegan cosmetics company is located in Canada. All products are made in Canada using the best packaging and solutions. All items are cruelty-free, parben-free and gluten-free. For no additional cost, you can add unrestricted artwork to products and create custom full-color packaging for each item. Although this is a new addition to Shopify App Store’s, they have a solid track record of success with an average score of 4.1 stars.


This is the most downloaded Shopify dropshipping app with nearly 2,500 reviews and an average score of 4.2 stars. Oberlo was officially acquired by Shopify in May 2017. Oberlo is known for its ease-of-use, user-friendliness, and reward system. You can also search for items from many different providers. Oberlo boasts one of the largest inventories on the web. It also quickly syncs all items and details to your ecommerce shop. To make your life easier, you want smooth combinations and exceptional performance.

Oberlo offers all types of products, including antiques and infant clothing, garments. Books, fashion jewelry, automobile parts. Electronic devices. Furniture. Hair care. Purses, perfumes. Cosmetics. Wedding event materials.