Dropshipping Suppliers in Canada

This article is a comprehensive guide to dropshipping in Canada. This article will provide a list of Canadian dropshipping businesses.

This guide is for professional dropshippers looking to find dropshipping partners in different parts of the globe.

This guide includes a list and description of the top dropshipping suppliers from Canada, along with their main product line. It also contains tips on how to work with them.

To ensure that you do not lose any important information, please make sure you read the entire article.

Let’s start.

Why choose Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

Dropshippers might be wondering why they should choose Canadian suppliers. What are the benefits for you? Why not instead work with Chinese suppliers?

Dropshipping companies based in Canada have many advantages. Below are some of these reasons.

  • North America’s Huge Market to Be Captured

Are you ready to reach a trillion-dollar market? Who wouldn’t want to? Yes. By 2022, the North American market will have 1 Trillion USD in e-commerce sales.

Although almost all dropshippers work in North America, it is more common to be a dropshipper if you partner with Canadian dropshipping wholesalers.

  • Making use of Amazon and eBay Dropshipping

Amazon and eBay were responsible for approximately 76% total online marketplace visits in 2018. You can sell on Amazon and eBay while still maintaining your dropshipping business.

Dropshipping Canadian companies can help you explore these most lucrative e-commerce platforms.

These opportunities are increasing in popularity for Amazon dropshipping. You can take advantage of them to get the most value from your online store.

  • Faster Shipping

Although it may be difficult to get orders through dropshipping shops, getting orders to the right places can be much easier.

Dropshippers don’t have much control over shipping times. You must rely on your suppliers.

You can only ask them to ship your product as soon as possible. It is possible to share tracking information with your customers.

You can rely on Canadian suppliers for quick delivery, especially in the US. Because both markets are sometimes called twin markets, there will not be any untoward delays in shipment.

  • Competitive Advantage

Dropshippers would typically work with Chinese dropshipping platforms such as AliExpress and DHgate. They will usually be charged more shipping costs and have less credibility if they receive orders from Canada.

Dropshipping from China into Canada can take longer than dropshipping within Canada or neighboring countries. It gives you an advantage over other companies working in the same market.

  • Canadian Sellers’ Reputation

If you source your products from Canada, it doesn’t matter if they are made in China.

Canadian and American customers will always prefer products that are Canadian-related to products from other countries to products that completely belong to China.

Pro Tip: If your intention is to only work in Canada, you can boost your business credibility by getting the.ca domain (yourwebsite.ca).

  • Pricing Edge

A customer will choose to buy a Canadian-made product if they have the option.

You can also gain an advantage over your competitors if you have lower shipping costs and work with Canadian wholesale suppliers.

  • Easy to handle returns

Dropshipping and any other type of online business involves routine operations such as chargebacks, refunds, returns, and refunds.

Working with Canadian suppliers will make it easier to manage returns and product exchanges. This factor can also help you to outperform your competitors.

We now come to the top dropshipping companies in Canada. This list is not in any particular order. You can use this list to begin or advance your dropshipping endeavors.

Drop Shippers and Wholesalers from Canada for General Stores

We have compiled a list of Canadian suppliers that offer a wide range of products on their websites. This is what we refer to as a general store.

These stores may not have everything you need, but they can be used as a source of products for your dropshipping general shop.

Pro tip: Mix and match items from these Canadian stores to source each item individually as you place orders. You should consider a business relationship with the store that you receive regular and maximum orders.

Here’s the Canadian General Store Suppliers List.

1. Beyond the Rack

Although this Canadian website only offers a limited selection of products, you can be sure to find Canadian quality. Although it is powered by BigCommerce, this website is not a drop shipping site. It is more of a wholesaler than a dropshipper’s website.

You can also get branded products at discounted rates from them. This website can be used to source the following product types.

  • Fashion for Men and Women
  • Beauty and Self Care Products
  • Accessory
  • Footwear
  • Outdoor Products
  • Kids Products

This supplier’s commitment to offering discounts is the best thing about it. Their website claims that they offer discounts up to 80% on retail prices. This claim is important to remember when you make a business deal.

2. Ecorite

This website sells bags and corporate gifts, but also claims to offer eco-friendly products. Their website features a section that lists “made in Canada” products.

You can then market these products through your dropshipping shop in Canada. This will make you stand out among the other dropshippers.

Since 1991, they have been active in the North American market. These are their main products.

  • Health & Wellness
  • Totes & Bags
  • Schools and Lifestyle
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Coolers
  • Business Supplies
  • Get the best travel gear
  • Wine & Beer Accessories
  • Blankets & Fleeces

3. Bargains Group

It is Canadian-owned and operated general store. You can find a wide range of products to satisfy your dropshipping needs.

This website can be called the AliExpress version Canada.

Although everything is on this website, things may be quite different from AliExpress in terms of shape, creativity and quality.

It contains sections on “wholesale”, and “promotional” that might be of interest to dropshippers who plan to target Canada and the USA.

This is an excellent opportunity to begin dropshipping with their wholesale offer.

4. Nexdays Supply

This is a fully-fledged general store with 4 distribution offices in Canada. It has almost all the items you need and can import selected items into your dropshipping shop.

We are only listing a handful of the products from their vast catalog.

  • Home Improvement
  • Cleaning tools
  • Waste Management Supplies
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Accessories
  • Safety supplies
  • Protective equipment for the personal
  • Skin Care
  • Hotel Supplies & Guest Amenities, etc.

Dropshipping from Canada for Home Decor

Dropshippers love to sell home decor and home improvement products because it appeals to a large portion of their customers. This niche is also very passionate, as any topic could strike a chord with customers and become viral on social media.

We have compiled a list of top Canadian wholesale suppliers to help you launch your dropshipping business for home decor.

1. Gfurn

Dropshipping is an option for Canadian home-improvement items. Montreal is the company’s headquarters. According to the website, in-stock products are shipped within 2 business days.

Dropshipping home decor products to Canada is an excellent option. Accessories for the following areas of your home or office are available on the website:

  • Interior Decoration
  • Living Room/Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Storage
  • Office
  • Textile

The website offers products for all niches, in addition to home decor.

  • Outdoor
  • Children

This supplier is worth checking out as it offers dropshipping, wholesale and B2B.

2. Kootenay Forge

This seller is unique and passionate about selling a variety of products. This includes mostly hand-forged products that are used for decoration and home improvement.

The company is located in British Columbia. It looks like a well-established supplier within its niche. These products are very attractive and could be used to dropship.

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The following categories are available for home decor products:

  • Bathroom & Kitchen Accessories
  • Holders
  • Curtains
  • Accessory for Doors and Cabinets
  • Electrical Lighting
  • Hooks and Racks

3. Urban Country Decor

Another Canadian dropshipping provider of home decor is this one. It primarily specializes in interior decoration products, as the name implies.

Although the product list is extensive, it only contains items that are related to the following sections.

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Furniture

You can sort your shopping by room on the website. bathroom, living room, etc.

It is a great website to see the latest trends in Canada and get product ideas. Even if this website is not chosen as your supplier, it will give you an idea of the Canadian market’s most popular products.

4. Grover Essentials

The supplier is best known for its bedding products, but also offers products for decoration and home improvement. This supplier has been on the Canadian market since over 18 years.

It also owns a chain of retail shops in the country, which indicates that it is well-positioned to become a dropshipping partner.

Their website has a section dedicated to “wholesale”. This supplier’s main product line includes the following.

  • Bedding
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Curtains & Drapes
  • Furniture slipcovers

Canada’s Dropship and Print-on-Demand Suppliers

Print on demand has been an evergreen niche, and it has been a great resource for drop shippers over the years. Canada is blessed with many dropshipping and wholesale suppliers in this niche.

Let’s take a look at the Canadian suppliers who deal with POD.

1. Slaite Pod

Slaite is one the most interesting POD sites in Canada. This website is proud to be called “Your Canadian Print on Demand provider”.

This supplier has an app that allows for Shopify integration. These POD services can be started right from your dropshipping shop and fulfilled directly from this website.

To gain confidence, you can order a sample on this website before you start working with them. T-shirts can also be purchased at very affordable prices. Half-sleeve T shirts are available for as low as $15 per shirt.

It provides POD services in these categories.

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts and Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Hats & Toques
  • Facial Masks

2. Gelato

Gelato, another Canadian POD provider, is also great. Its motto is “Produce locally, Sell globally”. Dropshipping is also offered by them as they offer APIs that allow you to integrate your dropshipping shop with Gelato on Shopify or Woocommerce.

They offer integrated solutions that integrate with Etsy.

Their best feature is their ability to have offices around the globe. This means you don’t need to be restricted to the Candian area. You can sell anywhere in the world.

Gelato’s other speciality is their ability to print apparel in addition. The following are the categories they offer printing services.

  • Wall art
  • Mugs
  • Photo Books
  • Cards
  • Calendars
  • Notebooks
  • Stationery & Business

It is an excellent opportunity to discover the untapped niches or categories and to build your dropshipping business in these spheres with Gelato POD.

3. Tee Hatch

Another Canadian POD provider. This supplier offers a wide range of t-shirts for children, men, and women. It takes them around 3-7 business days to deliver your order.

Since 2016, they have been involved in the POD industry. They offer the following product lines.

  • Masks
  • Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Vests
  • Jackets
  • Tops
  • Hats

Canada’s Fashion Dropshipping Suppliers

Fashion and clothing are two categories that cannot be saturated enough. Fashion is a constant change. Everybody needs clothes. The demand will continue to be high.

Dropshipping trends can also be a profitable field. Fashion is the most lucrative, but the hardest, industry.

We have gathered some of the most respected suppliers in these categories to the following. These Canadian clothing dropshippers and fashion-related suppliers have a good reputation.

1. Nu Fashion

This website sells clothes from many designers. All of the items are presented in one location. This supplier is located in Ontario, and has been operating since 1990. This supplier has a high reputation.

Dropshipping is a section of their website that they have created. You may now have an idea of how well their products are selling.

These are the main clothing categories they offer.

  • Knitwear
  • Formal wear
  • Wear for the office
  • Sportwear
  • Cruise/Resort wear
  • Evening wear

2. Art of

This website combines Print on Demand with custom-made products. They are all made with love, care, quality, and cuteness.

All products are authentically Canadian, as shown on the website. Their website has sections dedicated to dropshipping and wholesale.

Integrations are also available on major platforms like Etsy, Shopify Woocommerce, BigCommerce and Woocommerce.

This Canadian supplier offers the following product lines.

  • Crewneck Sweatshirts
  • Double knit face covers
  • T-shirts
  • Baby leggings
  • Silk Scarves
  • Headbands
  • Beanies
  • Tote Bags
  • Duvet Covers
  • Cotton Canvas Pillowcases
  • Spiral Notebooks

3. Silverts

Silverts is another dropshipping provider that offers specialized clothing in Canada. They offer clothing for seniors and the elderly. They also provide clothing for those suffering from various types of diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

The business is located in Ontario, Canada. It has been around since 1930. It looks great and you can get a great deal by speaking to their support.

This supplier is only interested in special types of clothing so you might want to focus on that.

Pro tip: Rather than opening a niche shop for these special clothes, you might consider adding some to your regular store and see what sales it generates. If you receive regular orders, you can move to the niche shop.

4. Careismatic Brands

This website is all about charisma and care, as the name implies. This website includes brands that are related to self-care and specialized dresses, legwear, footwear, medical supplies, and other items.

These are the main products.

  • Apparel for Medical Use
  • Specialized clothing
  • Clothing that is adaptable
  • Scrubs
  • Legwear
  • Footwear
  • Uniforms and lab coats
  • Clothes for Health & Wellness
  • Accessory

5. Blank Clothing

This website is primarily a wholesale clothing site. This website offers dropshipping at real prices. T-shirts as low as $2.90 can be purchased.

You can also order the following items on this website, in addition to the tee-shirts.

  • Sweatshirts and Hoodies
  • Outerwear & Jackets
  • Workwear
  • Shorts
  • Headwear
  • Accessories & Bags

6. Objects Of Desire

This website sells apparel, accessories, as well as fashion items. Although it is built on Shopify, this website is a genuine and original supplier, not a drop-shipper.

Dropshippers may be interested in the following products:

  • Bottoms
  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Outwear
  • Accessory Accessories, including Jewelry
  • Seasonal dresses

7. Wordans

This Canadian supplier sells a wide range of clothing for various occasions. It sells accessories and clothing, both branded and not.

The seller promotes wholesale business because it has several sections of wholesale on its site. Below are the main products you can find on this website.

  • T-Shirts
  • Sweats & Fleece
  • Long sleeves
  • Athletic Wear
  • Jackets
  • Headwear
  • Tank tops
  • Pants & Shorts
  • Polo

Canadian Dropshipping Suppliers in the Gardening Niche

Dropshipping is a passion for many people. People are returning to the basics, and gardening for organic crops is becoming a popular hobby in North America.

Here is a list of Canadian suppliers that deal in gardening products.

1. Natures Garden Seed

This is the best Canadian supplier of gardening products. It offers products for both Canada and the USA. This supplier has the following main product lines.

  • Seeds
  • Gifts
  • Fabrics
  • Lavender

2. Natures Essential Garden

Another Canadian website that offers aromatherapy products and other natural and organic products is this one. You can also find a mix of products on this website, in addition to gardening products.

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This website also offers outdoor and gardening products.

  • Get your bathing essentials
  • Essential Oil & Kits
  • Products for personal care
  • Home cleaning
  • Jewellery
  • Misters

3. West Coast Seeds

Another outstanding Canadian supplier of gardening products is it. It supplies seeds and other related products. Below is the main product line for this supplier.

  • Seeds
  • Sprouting
  • Plant Stock
  • Garden Supplies
  • Gifts and essentials

4. Eddi’s Wholesale

This is a great Canadian wholesale website. This website offers almost all products for anyone who is interested in gardening.

Below are a few products from the many that are listed on the website.

  • Gardening Nutrients
  • Garden Decor
  • Planter Accessories
  • Garden Tools
  • Gardening Apparel & Footwear, etc.

Drop Shipping Companies Canada for Golf Niche

If you think about golf, you instantly recognize the need to reach a small but passionate audience, especially in North America. We have sourced the top Canadian suppliers to this category.

These are the top three suppliers in Canada for the Golf niche:

1. Golf Stuff

This Canadian supplier can be trusted for all things golf. This supplier can supply you with everything you need for golf accessories and golf wear.

These are the main products:

  • Golf Accessories
  • Golf Apparel
  • Golf bags
  • Sticks and Gold Balls

2. Golf Avenue

This Canadian supplier is focused on golf accessories. According to the website, they have been in business for approximately 12 years.

There are two versions. There is an international version that allows you to shop in USD and a Canadian version. These are the main products.

  • Clubs
  • Drivers
  • Hybrids
  • Putters
  • Wedges
  • Fairway Woods
  • Iron Sets
  • Individual Irons
  • Complete Sets

3. Canadian Pro Shop Online

This supplier has been involved in the golf business since 1975. After speaking to their support team about a dropshipping deal, you can order golf products from this site.

These are the main products this supplier offers.

  • Golf balls
  • Golf bags
  • Apparel & Shoes
  • Accessory

Canadian Dropshipping Suppliers of Different Niches

Here is a list with Canadian suppliers who offer products in various categories. Each one of them is a potential source of high-profitable business opportunities.

1. Grosche

This website is niche-specific because it sells cups and holders in a variety of styles. Their tagline is “Every cup fills the other”.

This supplier’s main product line includes the following.

  • Creative Cups
  • Mugs
  • Teas
  • Coffee
  • Products that are health-related

This site is a great place to source products for every season, especially in Canada and the USA. Both countries have high rates of purchasing different types of containers for winter coffee and summer drinks.

2. Dream Hug

Another supplier who specializes in keeping you warm with a variety of cozy and creative blankets and covers.

This supplier offers the following main products:

  • Weighted Blankets
  • Queen Blankets
  • King Blankets
  • Wearable Blankets
  • Covers

Dropshippers looking to reach the Canadian winter market can make a smart decision with this product. Because they offer some of the most creative and high-quality wearables, it can add real value to dropshipping shops.

3. Coastal Contacts

Dropshipping is a great option for online eyewear retailers. You can market your unique, stylish glasses to the right customers by using this website.

You can find creative designs starting at $9 per pair on the website. This includes glasses from both branded and unbranded sellers.

These are the main products that they sell.

  • Contact Lens
  • Eyewear
  • Glasses
  • Frames
  • Sunglasses
  • Eyewear Accessories

4. Elizabeth Block Pottery

This Canadian supplier offers a variety of blue pottery as well as other crockery in a variety of shapes. Blue pottery is a popular choice in North America. They also love it for decorating their homes.

This supplier can be used to reach a passionate audience interested in blue pottery, handicraft, and other related topics. They offer the following products on their website:

  • Decorative cups
  • Creative Lamps
  • Blue Pottery Mugs
  • Banks of non-ceramic and ceramic coins, etc.

Pro Tip: This niche could appeal to a lot of bird lovers. Because they also make pet-shaped pottery.

5. Naturally Wood

This Canadian supplier sells woodworking products. This supplier is a great source for wood-related products, as woodworking is a popular hobby in North America.

This website can be used to source products for your home decor. This supplier offers the following main products:

  • Ash Boxes
  • Candlestick boxes
  • Furniture
  • Home Decor
  • Jewelry Box
  • Picture frames
  • Small boxes
  • Specialty boxes

6. Karmin Hair Tools

This website is a branded one that sells Karmin products. These products can be sold at your dropshipping shop by speaking to them and agreeing to a set margin for each sale.

Although the margin might be smaller, it doesn’t stop you from making whatever your audience wants. This site allows you to sell the following products.

  • Hair straighteners
  • Hair Dryers
  • Curling Irons
  • Clippers
  • Hair Removal
  • Haircare

7. Terra Essence Health

The website does not sell products related to health, as its name implies. It sells products that are earthing and grounding.

Below is the main product line this seller offers.

  • Straight Cord Earthing
  • Earthing Sticky Mat Kit
  • Splitters
  • Electrical Equipment such as Adapters
  • Grounded Beauty
  • Conductive Supplies

8. Tickers Watches

For a person selling watches through his dropshipping shop, this supplier is heaven. This site has a lot of cute and artistic watches. It also offers highly competitive pricing.

It supports dropshipping and wholesale businesses. You can talk to them about a business proposal.

The following products are available on this site.

  • Ladies’ Watches
  • Men’s watches
  • Watches for Children
  • Clock watches
  • Digital watches
  • Watches for the Spectacular
  • Assortment Watches

9. Mala and Me

This supplier sells beautiful and unique gemstones. You can rest assured that this website was built on Shopify. This website is not a dropshipping site, as you might be concerned. They actually have real products that they can sell to dropshippers such as you.

These are the main products:

  • Bracelets
  • Gift boxes
  • Water bottles
  • Accessory such as necklaces and pendants
  • Valentine Gifts

10. Kimmy Shop

Dropshipping store in Canada for toys and kids’ stuff. Although the name may sound more like a dropshipping shop, this supplier actually deals in wholesale products.

This website is based in Quebec and claims to be serving customers since 2001. They also state that they stock all products they sell.

This confirms that they are a Canadian supplier. You can also find dropshipping and wholesale sections on their website.

These are the main product categories this store offers:

  • Toys
  • Bags and Backpacks
  • Apparel
  • For the Home
  • Birthday Gifts

This website offers a unique feature: the ability to sort through your search results. There is an option to search by your children’s favourite characters. You can also select products based on the age of your child.

11. Skippers Tackle Box

North America’s most popular niches are fishing and hunting. From the US, there are around 15,000,000 participants in the hunting niche.

You’d be amazed at the results if you combine it with Canada’s market. Skippers Tackle Box can help you source products for hunting and fishing.

This supplier offers the following main products:

  • Fishing and hunting knives
  • Fishing Hooks & Sinkers
  • Fishing lures
  • Fishing Reels
  • Fishing Rods, etc.

This supplier also lists some products from the following categories.

  • Holiday Gift Ideas
  • Outdoor clothing for men and women

12. Warm Buddy

This website sells original heating and heat therapy products. This website can be a great place to source products in Canada for dropshippers who are interested in pet, spa and home decor niches.

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These are the main products on the list:

  • Set of Heart Warming Pillows
  • Spa Accessories
  • Pillows and face masks
  • Sleep Therapy Set
  • Anti-Stress products like Shoulder Wraps, etc.
  • Warming blankets
  • Toys for animals
  • Gift Box Sets, etc.

13. Great Canadian Wholesale

This wholesale supplier in Canada deals in electrical products. Although it doesn’t sell electronics products, this supplier sells the products that are part of every home.

These are the main products this supplier sells:

  • Electrical Parts & Tools
  • Breakers
  • Conduit
  • Boxes for Electrical Devices
  • Lighting
  • Lugs
  • Motors
  • Pushbuttons, switches and indicators
  • Contactors and starters
  • Receptacles and switches

14. Wedding Star

What about targeting the couple to be? This is a niche that you should target. Wedding Star focuses exclusively on products that are related to ceremonies and functions.

This isn’t just for weddings, but it also offers products for other events like parties and parties.

This Canadian supplier offers the following products:

  • Gifts of all kinds
  • Reception Accessories
  • Decoration Stuff
  • Ceremony
  • Showers include Baby Shower Parties, and other events.

15. Hammock Universe

Summers are great for hammocking. This niche is especially popular in North America. People enjoy hammocking and relax out in the open.

This supplier offers hammocks in almost all price ranges.

This product line contains:

  • Outdoor and Indoor Hammocks
  • Hammock Stands
  • Hammocks with Stands
  • Hanging Hammock chairs
  • Hammock Accessories

Platforms for Locating Canadian Dropshipping Suppliers

You can find Canadian dropshipping suppliers through the links below.

1. NicheDropshipping

NicheDropshipping is the best place to source products for North America, including Canada.

We offer the best fulfillment services. We don’t only supply to certain regions, unlike other product sourcing agencies. Instead, we offer worldwide services that allow us to deliver the products to any location in the world with no delays or hassle.

2. Worldwide Brands

This is a paid platform that allows you to access multiple suppliers registered on the website. To save time and money, you can search for top Canadian suppliers who have warehouses and can ship directly from them.

Pro tip: This can increase your costs by up to $299 if you are just starting your business. Check out the list of Canada dropshipping companies that we have provided in this article.

You can still get the supplier you want by registering for a free trial.

3. Inventory Source

This is one of the most popular platforms for finding Canadian suppliers. This website doesn’t charge a fee to locate suppliers. This platform is also used by dropshippers to manage their dropshipping business .

Register for a free account and you can start looking for dropshipping suppliers in Canada.

You have two options: search for products, then look for the location of the supplier. Or you can simply type Canada in the search box and see the list of suppliers.

Make sure you choose “Allows Dropship” or “Ships From Canada” from the filters, as shown in the screenshot.

4. Salehoo

Another paid service that allows you to find suppliers and products around the globe, including Canada, is this one. Unfortunately, this service is not free.

To access the features, you would need to pay $67 per year. However, it is possible to search for suppliers or many of them in Canada by entering “Canada” into their search bar.

5. Syncee

Syncee is a worldwide B2B platform that connects dropshippers, retailers, suppliers, and other businesses.

It also has a wonderful directory called Syncee Marketplace where you can find millions in dropshipping products from prescreened suppliers from the US/CA/EU/UK/AU+ more. This marketplace is very well-known on Canada’s market.

The application automatically manages product data updates as well as order data synchronization for online shop owners. Syncee does not require a credit card to use. You can also try the app for free.

Syncee is available on the largest ecommerce platform. You just need to download it and then start browsing its Marketplace. To find suppliers or products in Canada, you can use the location filter.

6. CTIditectory

This directory is free for Canadian Trade Index users. Search this directory to find dropshippers and manufacturers.

While you might have to look a bit harder to locate the supplier you want, this platform is a great way to connect with hidden suppliers for dropshipping.

7. Canadian Merchandiser

Another great free way to find Canadian dropshippers and wholesalers is to use this search engine

Click on each supplier to start shortlisting. Contact them for a business partnership for dropshipping.

8. TradeKey Canada

This is a Canadian B2B marketplace. You can search for the category you want and get in touch with the suppliers that appear in the search results.

This website will give you a chance to meet with Canadian factory owners. You can make huge profits by selling under the “Made in Canada” tagline.

9. Thomas

Another free resource to search for suppliers is . It also deals with hosting suppliers from North America.

10. Retail Council of Canada

This website is the official site of the Canadian retail council. It contains a list of all Canadian suppliers who deal in different niches.

Search for the product type you are looking for and the results will be displayed.

11. Alibaba

Are you surprised to see this entry on the list of Canadian wholesale dropshippers. Alibaba has Canadian suppliers.

All you have to do is type Canada into the search bar. Also, simply select “Canada” from all the options left.

12. AliExpress

Dropshippers might have missed their favourite AliExpress entry here in this article. Unfortunately there is no easy way to find Canada-based dropshipping companies on AliExpress.

However, it gives you the option to select “ships from”. To find out if a supplier can ship to Canada from your nearest location, you would need to do a manual search.

This can be a difficult task, but the millions of products this platform has to offer is well worth it.

You can choose a supplier from the US if you cannot find one.

FAQs about Dropshipping Suppliers Canada:

We have finally answered the top 3 questions related to dropshipping suppliers Canada.

1. Is Dropshipping Legal in Canada?

Dropshipping in Canada is legal.

Dropshipping is allowed on Amazon, the most well-known e-commerce platform in America and Canada.

2. What are the steps to start a dropship business in Canada?

To start a Canadian dropshipping business, you will need to first do research on the products that you wish to sell in Canada.

Second, it is important to choose suppliers who ship from Canada or have warehouses in Canada or the USA. This will allow you to ship your products to any Canadian location within minutes.

3. Where can I find a dropshipping supplier in Canada?

Selling products to Canada requires a combination of exceptional quality and outstanding customer service.

This article will help you find dropshipping suppliers in Canada.

Make sure you research the niches of all suppliers before deciding which one is best for dropshipping.


This article lists the top dropshipping companies in Canada. We hope you will be able to partner with them and start selling in Canada.

This article demonstrates the true value of wholesale drop shipping for Canadian online vendors. Canadian entrepreneurs can return to this article to continue exploring these dropshipping sites.

We are constantly trying to help dropshippers, both new and old.

You can contact us to have any questions answered.