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10+ NFL Jerseys Wholesale and Dropshipping Suppliers

Chinabrands is quickly becoming one of the most well-known online markets for purchasing cheap wholesale jerseys. There are wholesale markets located in over 200 nations, including China, Malaysia, and Canada. Some of these countries include. Customers have access to services offered by Chinabrands around the clock, providing them with the option to make requests for products and services at any time of the year. Because of the high quality and quantity of their workforce, they are able to provide both technical and support-oriented services.

Chinabrands has established business relationships with some of the most reputable logistics organisations and courier service providers all over the world, including DHL and EMS. This ensures that the delivery will be made on schedule. Every product sold by Chinabrands is subjected to Chinabrands’ stringent internal quality control standards. As a result, sellers are able to feel confident about the quality of NFL jerseys.
Chinabrands possesses professionals in quality control that are highly qualified, in addition to verified top-grade dropshipping suppliers and manufacturers. They supply accurate information about jerseys by providing professional product description and labelling, which includes clear written content and high-definition photographs. Their pricing structure provides retailers with a competitive advantage over their peers.


They offer a variety of high-quality goods, such as basketball jerseys (MLB and NFL jerseys), football jerseys, and soccer jerseys for sale.

You have your choice from many different high-quality goods. They do not publish all of the terms and conditions, but once you fill out the inquiry form, an email with additional information about their deals will be sent to you.


You can purchase jerseys of exceptional quality at a price that is extremely reasonable. Most jerseys run about $32. They provide free shipping on orders. They send your package using DHL or EMS, which ensures that it will arrive in a timely manner in a secure manner.
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Shipping from China often takes between seven and ten business days, especially when going to the United States. You have a large variety of options available to you in terms of jerseys that they sell.


Wholesale7.net is widely recognised as a leading dropshipping provider of NFL jerseys originating in China. The prices shown for the jerseys are all in US dollars.

You can pay for your purchase using a variety of different methods, such as Visa/MasterCard, American Express, Bank Transfer, PayPal, or a combination of Bank Transfer and PayPal. The website simplifies the process of shipping and delivery. The time it takes to deliver and process orders is typically between two and five business days.

The date on which you will actually get your order depends on the kind of shipment that you select. As shipping partners, they collaborate with recognised logistics providers such as DHL or EMS.

Dropshipping Suppliers of NFL Jerseys in the USA

The following is a list of the most prominent wholesale NFL jersey suppliers in the United States.


You will be able to locate a diverse offering of OfficialUSAFootballJerseys from the industry’s leading companies, giving you the opportunity to stock up on a selection that suits each season.

Every jersey can be sent anywhere in the world. When an item is in stock, it will often be delivered out within the next 24 hours. If a weekend or holiday happens during the time of shipment, there is a chance that the delivery will be delayed somewhat. The shipping period ranges from seven to fifteen business days. You should anticipate receiving the order between 8 and 16 business days after placing it.

They accept payments via PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards in addition to accepting payments via PayPal. They have formed a partnership with FedEx, which is a well-known logistics and freight company in the world.

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Goodfanaticshop.com is an online retailer that provides wholesale access to NFL and college apparel. You will have your pick of a diverse selection of stylish athletic gear and attire. You will be able to find the newest items for sports, such as NCAA Merchandise and College Basketball Gear, among other things. In addition to PayPal, you can use MasterCard, Visa Card, or Discover to make a payment. They are pleased to be business partners with reputable international providers of logistics and shipping services such as UPS, FedEx, and TNT. Packages are delivered by these shipping providers Monday through Friday, and Saturday delivery of ground shipments is available in the majority of circumstances.


They are of a high quality and are up to par with international requirements. The website features well over 250,000 different products from over 700 different teams competing in a variety of leagues. The website provides everything that is necessary to participate in any sport.

They carry the highest quality goods at wholesale prices and sell the most prestigious brands of sporting goods. In addition to that, they provide individualised assistance to customers. A one-year warranty is included free of charge with the purchase of any item from their online store.
A stringent quality check is performed on the items before they are packed. They provide a shipping and delivery service that is both quick and secure all over the world.

Russia Wholesale NFL Jerseys Suppliers


Aimeenfljerseys.ru sells NBA, NFL and MLB jerseys. When you buy more than 10 items, shipping is on the house. They provide superior assistance to customers and manufacture high-quality jerseys. They use DHL as their shipping method, and the delivery time for their products is between five and seven business days. Every single shirt is stitched by hand. The majority of jerseys on Aimeenfljerseys.ru can be purchased for as little as $20.99, making the site an excellent value. Outstanding support for customers and positive feedback overall.

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Malaysian Wholesale NFL Jerseys Dropship Suppliers


Orensport can be found in Johor Bahru, which is found in the middle of Malaysia. They have a wide variety of game jerseys and uniforms for purchase. They are experts in sports apparel and have nine offices spread out across Malaysia and Singapore.

Orensport is a specialised manufacturer that provides a selection of ready-made and personalised sports jerseys and kits, such as those for Formula One and basketball. Their products are constructed from a variety of materials, some of which include single and double jerseys, single jerseys produced from ring-spun cotton, and 100 percent microfibre, amongst many more.

Orensport will only fulfil orders placed by customers located in Malaysia. For a fee of RM 10, they would deliver packages to the peninsula of Malaysia in three to five working days. Free shipping is offered on orders that are more than RM200. Orders placed within Sabah or Sarawak are processed and sent within five to seven business days at a


Jersey777.co is the most trusted name in the dropshipping industry when it comes to supplying wholesale bulk NFL jerseys and wholesale basketball jerseys.

They provide a variety of sports kits for important sporting events, such as football leagues in Asia, Europe, and the United States, and they provide wholesale jerseys for a variety of sports teams.

They have established a solid connection and work closely together with a number of different companies that provide courier and logistical services, such as DHL, EMS, and Hong Kong post-Airmail.

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This is done to ensure that orders and packages are delivered in a timely manner while still being safe. Jersey777.co gives each of their clients an e-mail containing a tracking code number so that they can monitor the status of their order. The following payment options are available: MoneyGram, Western Union, Credit Card, and Bank Transfer.
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Wholesale Suppliers of NFL Jerseys in New Zealand


One excellent choice is Buyshopabc, which is based in the United States and operates as an online dropshipping seller of wholesale jerseys. They are one of the most prominent suppliers of high-quality jerseys for the NFL and NHL. They are able to manufacture replica jerseys in addition to original ones, which they sell at wholesale costs.

They are of a high quality and are up to par with international requirements. There is room for discussion of any sport, including football.

They sell products of the highest quality from some of the most well-known names in the sporting goods industry, such as Adidas, Nike, and Reebok. They are able to negotiate advantageous pricing by dealing directly with the factory.

Customers are given an incentive to buy more by offering a cheaper price as well as a larger discount on subsequent purchases. You have a number of payment choices available to you, and the company guarantees all of the things that you buy from their website for an entire year.


Standard shipping (items are delivered within 3-5 days, regular orders are $10.00 NZD and orders over $100.00 NZD are free shipping; processing and delivery take place Monday through Friday) and international shipping are the two types of shipping options provided by Culture Kings. Standard shipping (items are delivered within 3-5 days): (orders will be subject to customs inspections or import taxes). Sale items at Culture Kings are not eligible for returns, exchanges, or refunds of any kind.

Dropshipping Suppliers of NFL Jerseys in Canada


When you think of wholesale jerseys in Canada, you should think of Sportsjerseyscanada.ca as the place to go. It operates as a web-based distributor of officially licenced athletic goods. They are experts in wholesaling NHL jerseys as well as creating customised NHL jerseys.

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They accomplish the delivery of merchandise to their consumers by collaborating with various local shipping providers. They use Canada Post Expedited Parcels as well as Canada Post Xpresspost to ship their packages. The amount of time it takes to deliver the products will change depending on their location. The time it takes to deliver your package could range anywhere from one to four business days.

The company has a return policy for products, however there are some requirements and circumstances that must be met in order to make a refund. The pricing structure offered by Sports Jersey Canada, a wholesale dropshipping supplier, is among the most competitive in the industry. The amounts are displayed in Canadian dollars.

We take Mastercard, Visa, and all other major credit cards, including American Express. Every transaction is handled by a reputable third party processor, such as PayPal.


GroupHockey is the most trusted name in online wholesale jersey distribution in Canada. A Canada jersey wholesale company with its headquarters in Montreal has more than 22 years of experience in the field. It functions as an inventory hub where both prospective and existing consumers can obtain information on the most recent arrivals of jerseys.

Customers are able to place orders according to their spending limits, and there is no required minimum order size. They offer assistance to customers so that they can make informed purchases. Through the use of customer service managers, they ensure smooth order processing and provide support to customers.

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The organisation offers logistical and technical help to all kinds of sellers, including seasoned professionals, new business ventures, traditional brick-and-mortar merchants, and online retailers, amongst others.


One of the most successful wholesalers of replica NFL jerseys in all of Canada is Parlamericas. They provide high-quality services, which also include wholesale offerings. They focus on the wholesale market in Canada and the territories surrounding it. They provide services of a high calibre. Before being marketed on their website, each product is put through a stringent quality assurance test first. You have the option of paying with either PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard.
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Teamcosportswear.com is both a supplier and a producer of sublimation sports jerseys and uniforms for a wide variety of sports and games, including ice hockey, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, track, lifeguard, and football, amongst others.

Teamco is a Canadian company that specialises in wholesale distribution and has many years of relevant industry experience. They are experts in both the creation and distribution of individualised and sublimated sports shirts. They offer a wide variety of products that are of a high quality and have a clean style.

There is a selection of jerseys available for all of the major sports, including football and basketball. There is no requirement for a minimum order quantity for any kind of team clothing.

What are the pros and cons of wholesale replica soccer jerseys?

Examining the benefits and drawbacks of wholesale replica soccer jerseys

1. They have a significant amount of power in the consumer market

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Shopify store configuration for dropshipping.
2. There is a large variety of choice available to resellers.
3. There is never a moment of boredom because there is always a great demand for purchasers.

Cons of purchasing Soccer Jerseys in Wholesale

1. The act of buying things in large numbers is required in order to engage in wholesaling.

2. Costs associated with storage and overhead: wholesaling requires the simultaneous purchase and storage of large volumes of inventory. This means that there is a greater need for cash in order to pay for storage fees and store products.

3. Starting a firm that sells wholesale replica soccer jerseys or wholesale replica football jerseys requires a significant amount of financial resources.

What Countries are most in demand for cheap jerseys wholesale?

The following is a list of the nations where there is a significant demand for NLF jerseys.

Hong Kong Malaysia
New Zealand (n.fr.)
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Which is better: China or Thailand?

Numerous factors contribute to China’s attractiveness as a market option. Purchasing NFL jerseys at a wholesale price from China will ensure that you receive a quality product. There is no cause for concern regarding the authenticity of any jerseys. When you order a particular quantity of products from many Chinese dropshipping providers, they will often give you free shipping. Because there is such a large demand for jerseys in China, you can be guaranteed that you will be eligible for a price reduction on each and all of the things that you buy.


These insightful nuggets of advice will be of tremendous assistance to you as you work to build a successful wholesale NFL jerseys business. If you comply with the rules, you will be permitted to sell jerseys at a wholesale price. Good luck!