Dropshipping Minimum Order

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) in Dropshipping Program

Understanding the five basic principles of eCommerce will help you get ahead of your competition if you are new to the field. One of these principles is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). MOQ is particularly important if you do not manufacture your goods (e.g., drop shipper). The majority of online shop owners use dropshipping or buy stock in bulk directly from manufacturers.

Wholesalers almost always require you to purchase a minimum order quantity (also known as a “minimum quantity”) of an item to qualify for their discounts. This guide will explain what a minimum order quantity (MOQ) is and how to run a successful shop.

What is the bare minimum order quantity required to be placed?

Suppliers must ensure that their manufacturing processes are viable before proceeding with a project. As a result, they are restricted in their ability to sell enough goods to turn a profit.

A minimum order quantity refers to the smallest amount of merchandise that a retailer can produce at the same time and sell to you as a customer. The amount will be determined by the supplier. If you order 50 units or more, the supplier will not be able to fulfill your order.

Some manufacturers, on the other hand, will only accept orders for quantities greater than 10,000 units. If you only require a small number of items to stock your Shopify store, setting a minimum order quantity is a good idea. Let’s take a closer look at this.

What is the bare minimum order quantity required to be placed?

Depending on the supplier, your order for a specific quantity of products may be rejected. The supplier appears to be spending money on their firearms, according to your perception. Your disappointment is shared by your partner. I’m sure it doesn’t happen all of the time.

If the supplier completes the small order, they will not make a profit. While it may be advantageous to you in the short term, it may put your supplier’s reputation at risk in the long run.

It will be necessary for you to find a new supplier. They invest a significant amount of money in manufacturing machinery and purchase large quantities of raw materials to meet their needs. Profit is required for them to be able to generate certain amounts.

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In this case, everyone benefits from the minimum order quantity requirement. As long as the supplier can generate revenue, they will be able to remain in business. Additionally, you can maintain consistent product supplies.

Another option is to request a specific quantity from the supplier, as this is the maximum amount that they can produce in a single batch. In some cases, their facilities may be limited, requiring them to manufacture only small quantities of products. Your company may be able to benefit from the MOQ as well.

Purchasing in bulk allows you to save money. If you order more than the minimum quantity, it takes fewer resources to procure the stock you require.

MOQ is not without its flaws. It can be difficult to get Shopify up and running. The above is especially true if this is your first time working in the eCommerce industry. When you have a limited amount of money, you can only purchase a few essentials. The number of orders will increase in tandem with the expansion of your company.

Suppliers would not be able to sell to you if there is no profit on small orders. Dropshipping is often the best choice if you have a similar problem.

How to Negotiate a Favorable Minimum Order Quantity

We made a clerical error and completely forgot about everything. The term “minimum order quantity” (MOQ) does not always refer to multiple items. Producers or suppliers may require a minimum order amount. This means that to receive the goods you want, your order must total more than a certain amount.

If you are just getting started with Shopify, it is critical to determine a minimum order quantity as well as a price that will not put you out of business. For your business strategy to be successful, you must learn how to negotiate a minimum order quantity (MOQ).

We have some suggestions that will assist you in keeping your inventory secure while also meeting the needs of your supplier. These are some strategies that will assist you in obtaining a favorable MOQ.

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Find out if they’re willing to lower the minimum order quantity requirements.

Before you do anything else, contact your supplier and request that the minimum order quantity is lowered. It will be a pleasant surprise to learn that your supplier is willing to work with you and lower the minimum order quantity. It is critical to conduct a thorough evaluation of the supplier before moving forward with further negotiations.

You will be able to tell if they have any wiggle room if you simply ask them. You can also ask any questions you want. Enhancing your negotiation abilities does not require much effort. It’s possible that asking a question will make it easier. If that doesn’t work, you can try another strategy.

You will be required to pay the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for the number of goods you desire.

Having a specific number of products available may be important to you. This is most often due to a lack of available storage space in your home or office.

The required minimum order has been met. On the other hand, it could be a source of concern. Inquire with the supplier about your ability to pay the maximum amount of the minimum order while still receiving the minimum number of products. Although it may cost more per product, you will still receive precisely the products that you require.

Set-up expenses should be covered.

There are minimum order quantities required by many manufacturers to remain profitable. These products are in high demand, and the high cost of manufacturing them is offset by the high demand for these products. They do not gain anything from a smaller purchase order. As compensation, you might be willing to cover the costs of setting up your production run for a smaller batch to avoid incurring additional expenses.

Yes, prices per unit will be higher in the future. The price you pay now is significantly less than the cost of meeting the minimum order quantity.

You have the option of lowering your product quality.

If you reduce the quality of the product, you can keep your budget within reach while still achieving the minimum order quantity. This is because it saves the supplier money while also allowing you to meet the minimum order quantity. This strategy is most effective if your target market is willing to pay more for a lower-quality product than it is currently offering.

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Orders from multiple customers can be combined.

Although it is unlikely to occur frequently, it is possible to obtain the bare minimum order without having to pay for the entire order. You are a direct competitor of theirs. It may be necessary for you to collaborate to obtain the exact products you desire without spending a fortune.

This is a disadvantage, particularly in the eCommerce industry. Finding a Shopify store owner who is willing to collaborate with you can be difficult. It is likely that they already have suppliers in place. Also possible is their ability to meet the minimum order quantity (MOQ) required by their supplier.

Create a system for pre-orders.

If you don’t have enough money to cover the minimum order, you can always turn to your customers for assistance. Pre-ordering is a good idea in most cases. Clients place orders before they have received their orders and vice versa. This money will be used to cover the cost of the bare minimum order until you have received enough preorders. Once you have a sufficient number of pre-orders, you can begin fulfilling the orders of your clients.

The disadvantage of this approach is that it is not feasible to implement if you do not already have a customer base.


When it comes to supplying products to your Shopify store, manufacturers and suppliers must make a profit first. If there is a minimum order amount, they can do so. It is possible that this quantity will not be achievable in all circumstances.

Here are some sample contracts that you can use to bargain with your preferred vendor. Negotiations do not always result in a favorable outcome. You’ll have to walk away from the negotiating table and look for alternative suppliers. Dropshipping is a business model that can be implemented in your store.