Dropshipping Message to Supplier Example

Dropshipping Message to Supplier Example for a Quick Connect

Instead of emailing dropship providers, make a phone call to them.
When it comes to contacting dropship providers, we always recommend CALLING them. In the past, I’ve been permitted to collaborate with a variety of drop shippers. When it comes to the vast majority of these cases, I have only spoken to the telephone once, which is always my first call.

We recommend calling rather than sending an e-mail because it is much easier to reach the appropriate person. This is the most effective method I’ve found for getting approved with drop shippers. It is more convenient to call, and it demonstrates that you are a serious business owner.
It is possible to obtain their email address by calling them, and you will never have to contact them again.

Keep a record of all of the information you gather.
To connect with them, you must already have your “Master List,” which is a list of service providers. First, I create an Excel sheet that looks something like this before I connect with my providers in my new niche:

This allows me to keep track of my contacts at each company and is necessary for staying organized when connecting to a large number of service providers.

Keep track of the information you collect

Column A, which contains the information you have gathered from your provider master listing, must be submitted at this time. You can submit Column B by searching for the names of Column A providers on Google and submitting the results. Try to locate a phone number as soon as you discover their websites (which will be present on 99 percent of their websites).

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Once again, I recommend that you contact the service providers. If the service provider does not have a phone number, you can send them an email. Inform them that you are the owner of yourwebsite.com and that you would like to expand your item catalog by including their products.
Inform the individuals with whom you wish to communicate about the creation of an account. Keep in mind to include your contact information as well.

If the provider’s website includes a phone number, you should call and inform whoever answers the phone that you own yourwebsite.com, that you want to expand your product brochure by including their products, and that you want to know who to contact about setting up an eCommerce account.

However, if no one is willing to speak with you, you can try to obtain their direct telephone number and/or e-mail address so that you can follow up with them later. It may be necessary to be persistent to succeed.

In the meantime, what happens to your prospective dropship supplier?
Typically, an eCommerce supervisor will inform you that certain forms are required and will inquire as to where they should be sent.

You are now ready to request your personalized e-mail address from the company.

As an example, yourname@yourwebsite.com would be acceptable.

It is also possible that they will inform you that they are no longer accepting new merchants. I inquire as to when they will begin accepting completely new applications.

What happens to your prospective drop ship provider?

Keep this in mind: Unless they specifically request it, I don’t usually disclose my role as the company’s owner to service providers. Because many providers prefer to work with larger businesses that have employees who handle tasks such as hiring new providers, they are more likely to be able to provide better service as a result of their larger size.

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If they are interested in working with your company, they will most likely send you some standard forms that you must complete before they will consider working with you. They will require some basic information from you, such as your company’s name and address, as well as your billing and shipping information.

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Please complete these forms as quickly as possible and return them as soon as possible after receiving them. Keep the momentum going and work to get your account approved as soon as you possibly can. I recall that when I first started, I would occasionally receive an application and then have to wait a few weeks before returning it to the sender.

The majority of the time, a supervisor will contact you within a few days of receiving your application to inform you that you have been approved for employment. You will be given a customer service account number as well as contact information for their company.
Contact Procedures: A Step-by-Step Guide
Find a market niche in which you believe you have the potential to add value to the situation.

This is a step-by-step guide to creating a highly effective eCom shop. Understanding and selecting a niche is essential to fully comprehend your target audience. It is much easier to find a provider when you develop a specific niche shop, which helps to narrow down your search. Also possible is to target specific audiences and speak directly to them, to provide solutions to their most pressing problems.

Step-by-Step Guide for Contact

.Make a list of 30 service providers who specialize in a specific niche.
This is the stage of the process where information is gathered. Use Google to find all of the stores and service providers that sell the item you’re looking for. Following their discovery, they can be entered into a spreadsheet or other information organizer.

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Quick Suggestion: If you want to free up more time in your schedule to devote to more important tasks, you can enlist the assistance of your virtual assistant (VA).

However, as promised, I will make things easier for you, and I have provided you with FREE access to the CRM system that I use when gathering dropshipping provider information. For access to the free CRM design template, simply enter your email address in the large yellow box located near the top of the page.
To begin the relationship, send an email to each of them.
Following the creation of your list, the next step is to send out e-mails to your subscribers. Send them an email if you want to start a conversation with them. While you will receive some actions in your e-mails, these service providers will also receive emails from a large number of other dropshippers and online marketers who may be interested in making use of their products or services.

You must write an e-mail that will capture their attention. Make use of a compelling subject line to capture their attention and entice them to open your e-mail message. You should be friendly to maintain a professional tone while also sounding casual.

You don’t have the time or inclination to compose an e-mail message. To receive an email template, simply enter your email address in the yellow box at the top of this article. After that, you can edit it to include your information and send it to dropshipping companies for distribution.

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Obtain information from them regarding their supply and circulation departments
It’s time to have some fun!

A large number of eCom business owners are uncomfortable speaking with service providers over the phone. Although it may appear difficult at first, it becomes easier with time. The primary reason for contacting service providers is to:

Talk to them about their supply and circulation department

You’re trying to get in touch with the company’s owner. You will likely be unable to reach the business’s owner, especially if this is your first phone call. But you should make an effort to speak with someone from the company who can address your concerns and provide you with direct answers, such as the supply or circulation supervisor.
It is critical to determine whether or not the company is open to dropshipping. You are not required to continue asking questions. Simply put, get down to business. Inquire as to whether they are interested in becoming your service provider.
Inquire if they have a supply program in place by contacting them.
Validate the specific information in the relationship by conducting a survey (insert next).

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For approaching providers, test scripts

Test scripts should be used when approaching providers.
Providers of bare necessities: Script This script is very specific, which is ideal for those who have done extensive research before putting together their script. If you do not recognize the items that you are interested in, you are not required to make a note of them.

In the case of [provider],

My name is [your] and I work at [your organization] in [your country] in the position of [your position]. The products you’re looking for are available online, and I’m looking for a new provider to work with you.
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Could you please provide pricing, availability, and minimum order quantities (MOQs) for the following products?

[Product 1 is comprised of photographs if any are available.] Product 2 consists of photographs if they are made available. [Product 3 consists of photographs if they are readily available]
We would greatly appreciate it if you could send us additional information in addition to your product catalog.
We are extremely grateful.
[Insert your name here] [Your company or organization]

Dropshipping script for drop ship providers
Dropshipping is a different type of business model than traditional retail. You will need to make a few minor changes to the script. It is not necessary to inquire about minimum order quantities. You should spend more time thinking about the shipping information and ensuring the product’s quality than you do now. Inquiring about “further details” about their dropshipping procedure will, in most cases, result in the majority of your pressing questions being answered.

Hello there, [provider].
My name is [your] and I work at [your company] in [your country] in the position of [your position]. I sell [the products you’re looking to outfit] on the internet, and I’m interested in dropshipping a few of them for you.

Please provide rates for these items, as well as information on when they will be available.

[Product 1 is comprised of photographs if any are available.] [If images are available, Product 2 will consist of them.] [Product 3 is comprised of images if they are readily available.]
Please provide additional information on dropshipping. Thank you. Aside from that, I’d like to receive item samples as soon as possible.
Thank you for your consideration.
[Insert your name here] [Your products and services]
Script for Film and Television Producers

Reward: How do you approach Chinese providers?

Produce will most likely be approached if you want to buy directly from the source or if you are interested in starting a personal label business. Many service providers are also manufacturers. We’ve made this example overly simplistic to demonstrate how simple it is to contact service providers. Many SaleHoo members have used design templates that are similar to this one.

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Hi, [producer]

My name is [your] and I work in [your organization] as [your position], and I am based in [your country].

SaleHoo.com discovered your company and contacted you. Your products have piqued my interest.

Please provide me with information on your return policy as well as the shipping time to the United States of America. If you can provide images and descriptions of the items, that would be greatly appreciated.

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We are eager to get in touch with you as soon as we possibly can.
Thank you for your consideration.
[Insert your name here] [Your company]

How do you go about approaching Chinese service providers as a reward?
A large number of eCommerce businesses source their products from China. To do so, you will need to communicate with Chinese suppliers.

If you are unfamiliar with Chinese culture or do not speak Mandarin, these suggestions can help you communicate more effectively with Chinese service providers.

Recognizing and appreciating cultural differences
It’s important to be aware of cultural differences when working with Chinese service providers when working with them.

Guanxi is a Chinese concept that is defined as “the system for social media and prominent relationships that aid in the negotiation of organizational contracts.” It is primarily concerned with the development of interpersonal relationships within organizations. In Chinese culture, it serves a much more important function than it does in Western culture. Although cultivating Guanxi remotely via e-mail is more difficult than it is in the West, it is something that should be kept in mind when dealing with Chinese service providers. Understanding the significance of trust, regard, and shared advantage can assist you in developing more productive relationships with your company’s employees.

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Honor is a way of recognizing one’s worth.

This is a service provided by the blog’s author, and it is ours.

Set up a dropshipping store on Shopify.
A person’s track record in Chinese society can be determined by his or her face connections, which are essential for organizations to function effectively. Although it is more convenient to communicate with people in person, you can still be conscious of the concept during your interactions with them. Another reason to treat Chinese providers with the decency is that they are more likely to be supervisors or higher-ranking members of the organization’s hierarchy.

Do you have a strong desire to please?

According to Chinese slang, the phrase “I am unable to” does not exist. As a result, providers will frequently state that they can meet your needs even when they are unable to do so. This is useful information to have, especially if a provider appears to be unsure about something. They may be saying yes to avoid a confrontation.
Methods for overcoming the language barrier

The use of modern technology makes it much easier to communicate across language barriers. The vast majority of Chinese service providers will be able to translate and respond in English. Language barriers, on the other hand, can create communication difficulties. The following are some strategies for ensuring that your e-mails are understood and that discussions are properly understood.

Make use of straightforward language.

Avoid using slang, idioms, or complicated words that are common in the West. Maintain as much simplicity and clarity as possible in your writing. It will be easier for those on the other side to comprehend your message if you use simple language. This is an excellent writing guideline in terms of structure.

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Google Translate is a fantastic tool for completing translations in a short amount of time.

Make use of a translator.

It is possible to collaborate with translators on websites such as Fiverr or Upwork. Having more confidence that your messages are being correctly interpreted will allow you to feel more confident in your communication. If you are attempting to negotiate more complex business transactions, this is an excellent option.