Dropshipping Jewelry Suppliers

Top 10 Dropshipping Jewelry Suppliers

Dropshipping jewelry is a popular niche. But how can you find trustworthy dropshipping suppliers for jewelry? This list will introduce you to 10 top jewelry vendors.

Jewellery plays many roles in our lives. Some days we wear it to complement our outfits, while others we give it as a gift to show appreciation for those we love. Watches and rings are symbolic pieces that can also be functional.

So it is no surprise that jewelry is a profitable niche for dropshipping. You will need to first find dropshipping suppliers that offer high-quality jewelry that appeals to your target market. It’s a daunting task, right?

You don’t have to worry. Continue reading to find out more about dropshipping jewelry suppliers as well as helpful tips for choosing the right one.

There are many factors to consider when choosing jewelry suppliers

It may help to consider these key points before you start your search for dropshipping jewel suppliers. These are:


Dropshippers fees are charged by some jewelry suppliers before you can list their products online. Some suppliers charge flat shipping fees.

These expenses might be worth it. The cost of selling the jewelry from such a supplier might be worth it if you think that the profit margins will cover the expenses.

A free-access supplier of jewelry might be a better option if you’re just starting your dropshipping business.


Is your preferred supplier of jewelry able to dropship to your market? If you sell to South African clients, for example, your supplier of jewelry should be able deliver to South Africa.

Also, be aware of shipping costs to your supplier’s location. Buyers are often discouraged by high shipping costs.

Preferences of your Target Market

You likely had a target audience in mind when you started your dropshipping jewelry shop. Consider what kind of jewelry they would like. What price would they pay to get it?

These questions will help you make the right choice when you are looking for jewelry suppliers. This will help you avoid listing items that no one wants or that only a few customers can afford.


NicheDropshipping is the most trusted dropshipping supplier. NicheDropshipping is a well-established dropshipping business with warehouses in China as well as the USA.

NicheDropshipping can provide worldwide fulfillment to all of your jewelry dropshipping orders from these warehouses. You can also choose from any shipping option offered by the company.

NicheDropshipping is a great option for dropshipping jewelry. You will find a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. You can ask your dropshipping agent to help you find the item you are looking for.

NicheDropshipping offers a variety of jewelry options and can negotiate factory-rate pricing for you. This is especially true for bulk orders. This will allow you to make healthy profits. You can also use the product-sourcing service for free.

Register an account to authorize your dropshipping shop on the NicheDropshipping platform. You can then sync their jewelry listings to your store, and you can start forwarding jewelry orders.

Orders for in-stock jewelry are processed within 24 hours. For orders that require sourcing, delivery takes 2-5 days. NicheDropshipping will update your shipping details automatically upon dispatch.

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CJwholesale, a global supplier of quality jewelry based in China, offers a variety of jewelry collections. Since 2015, they have been a wholesale online market for high-quality jewelry.

Although they are still relatively new in the jewelry business, they offer so much to potential dropshippers. They can be classified as:

  • Jeweller with gold plating
  • Sets of jewelry
  • Both men’s and woman’s jewelry
  • Wedding jewelry

The platform is simple to use and you can also browse more specific categories such as:

  • The most popular products
  • Super deals
  • Neue arrivals

CJwholesale is proud to offer trendy accessories at affordable prices. We also ensure that we maintain high quality standards and provide 24/7 customer support.

CJwholesale is a top supplier of dropshipping jewelry because of their wide selection and high-quality services.

Ruby Imports

Ruby Imports, a wholesale jewelry company, is located in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. They offer necklaces, pendants and earrings as well as brooches, rings and brooches. You can also choose jewelry that is based on different gemstones.

Dropshipping is an established program at this jewelry supplier. Each order is subject to a flat-rate shipping charge and a handling fee of $0.50. Ruby Imports offers wholesale prices and seasonal discounts on pricing.

They can fulfill orders from both the USA and internationally. You can return the product within 21 days. A full refund, minus shipping and handling fees, will be provided. However, the return request must be made through your dropshipping shop and not to the client.


Topearl is a great supplier of dropshipping pearl jewelry if you are looking for something more specific. Topearl owns a pearl farm, and makes its own jewelry.

You will find all types of pearl-adorned jewelry, as well as beaded jewelry and pocket watches in the product listings.

Topearl is located in Guangzhou (China). You can join the dropshipping program for free with no restrictions and no MOQ requirements. On request, the firm can provide marketing support and images for your store.

Topearl ships orders all over the globe and will provide tracking information to your dropshipping shop. For in-stock orders, the expected processing time is between 1 and 3 days. Bulk orders and out-of-stock items may take slightly longer.

Topearl’s prices are very competitive. The company also harvests its pearls, which gives it a higher level of quality assurance. It is also easy to return items.


Silverbene is the perfect solution for customers who are more inclined towards silver jewelry.

This supplier of jewelry specializes in sterling silver jewelry that is free from lead and nickel. They have both male and female jewelry, as well as special occasion pieces such birthstones in silver. It is obvious that there is something for everyone.

Silverbene’s dropshipping program is completely free. There are no MOQ limitations. Once you have signed up, your company can start fulfilling your orders.

Silverbene can fulfill international and local dropshipping orders using the following shipping services

  • ePacket
  • USPS
  • Australia Post
  • La Poste
  • DHL

The client’s geographical location will determine the courier they choose. There are also differences in delivery times between couriers.


Piercebody is the go-to supplier and manufacturer of cool, edgy jewelry for body piercings. You can dropship some of the following jewelry through this brand:

  • Nose rings
  • Barbells
  • Nail stickers
  • Navel rings
  • Ear tunnels
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These jewelry pieces can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, Bio-Flex and G23 Titanium. All of them are safe to be used on body piercings, and they can be easily cleaned. You can also choose from a variety of colors to ensure that your customers have everything they need.

Piercebody offers dropshipping free sign-ups There is no minimum order quantity. Wholesale prices are available if your order quantities exceed $200.

The Piercebody factory is located in Bangkok, Thailand. There are also dispatch offices in Houston and Dorset in the UK. These locations can fulfill worldwide dropshipping jewelry orders, depending on where they are closest to your clients.

Shipping costs are based on both the destination and the shipping service used.


oNecklace, a supplier and manufacturer of custom jewelry for men and women, is a company. You can choose from personalized rings or bracelets as well as name pendant necklaces. If your dropshipping business is focused on gift customers, these would be an excellent addition.

Dropshipping is an easy program to overlook on the oNecklace platform. It is listed under the wholesale section. It is however a well-defined arrangement and offers the following:

  • Wholesale prices at amazing levels
  • There are no minimum order quantities
  • Orders in bulk can be fulfilled at even lower prices
  • Any questions can be answered online

oNecklace cares about both quality jewelry and pleasant packaging. This is a great advantage that can give your jewelry dropshipping business an edge over its competitors.

Dropshipping jewelry supplier based in Israel, but shipping to Canada, Australia, Canada and other countries. FedEx and DHL are the main shipping couriers, but there are other options depending on where you are located.

J Goodin

J Goodin is a solid choice if you want to offer quality, affordable alternative jewelry to your customers. It’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it?

This company produces jewelry made of gold-plated, sterling, and cubic zirconia. These pieces are just as beautiful as genuine gold, silver, and diamond jewelry, but they are much more affordable and of a higher quality than cheaper knockoffs.

These are some important points to remember before you choose J Goodin as your dropshipping supplier.

  • Credit cards are the only acceptable payment method
  • Each month, you will be charged a subscription charge
  • You can either forward individual orders to be fulfilled or complete an end-of the-day form with all compiled orders
  • All orders are shipped within 2 business day
  • J Goodin offers international and local shipping

J Goodin has a minimum advertised price (MAP) policy. You would need to advertise your jewelry at a fixed price, but you can also sell them at any price you choose.


Alamode is a supplier for fashion jewelry pieces. Its warehouse is located in California, USA.

You can find jewelry categories for both men and women in the product listings. You will also find money clips and cufflinks in the product listings. You can also find occasional jewelry and animal designs.

To dropship fashion jewellery from Alamode you will need to list the products in your online shop. Once the orders start to come in:

  • Add the product that your client ordered to your cart
  • As the’shipping to’ address, please indicate your client’s address
  • There will be no handling fees, but you will need to pay this for each order
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Access white labeling for as low as $9 Your clients will receive fashion jewelry that is well packaged with your logo.

Zuzu Jewellery

Zuzu Jewellery is a great supplier if your goal is to provide high-quality jewelry for your customers. This London-based company manufactures and supplies silver and gold jewelry.

Zuzu Jewellery’s overall style is modern and elegant. These pieces are often reserved for high-end jewelry shops, so it could be worth exploring the possibility of selling them online.

Zuzu Jewellery categories include:

  • Jewelry for men and women
  • Solid gold, rose gold, brass pieces
  • Rings, necklaces, piercing jewelry

Zuzu’s dropshipper platform will provide you with a unique code. This code would be used to enter orders into your store.

Zuzu Jewellery ships within the UK (for free), the EU and internationally. Next-day delivery is available for a fee in the UK.

Ancient Wisdom

The Ancient Wisdom jewelry section offers a unique selection of products. The majority of the jewelry pieces are tribal-inspired and made from materials like:

  • Beads
  • Orgonite
  • Wood
  • Tassels
  • Lava stones

You will need to create an account in order to partner with Ancient Wisdom Dropshipping. Through various couriers, the company can fulfill jewelry orders both within and outside of the United Kingdom. Shipping costs are determined by weight and divided into geographic zones.

Dropshipping Jewelry Suppliers: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I distinguish between high-quality and low-quality jewel suppliers?

You can order jewelry directly from potential suppliers and then evaluate its quality. You can return the item and get a refund if you don’t want it. Although it seems cumbersome, you can return it and get a refund.

You should also be aware of the materials used in making the jewelry. Pay attention to the product descriptions and take note of the materials used. Flash-plated gold is a term that denotes low-quality jewelry, which will eventually tarnish in a matter of days.

How can I make sure that the dropshipping supplier of my jewelry is sending the correct sizes?

Dropshipping jewelry supplier websites have size tables. Consider importing their size charts as you import products and sync your listings with theirs. This ensures customers are aware of the sizes available and allows them to place orders accordingly.

Are dropshipping jewel suppliers able to issue authenticity certificates?

An authentication certificate should be included with authentic jewelry made from precious metals and stones. If they don’t receive one, buyers may feel deceived. As you sign up to their dropship program, it is wise to speak with your supplier.

Last Thoughts

It is often a pleasure to buy jewelry, but not as a necessity. Your goal as a jewelry dropshipper should be to sell dazzling pieces your customers will love.

Finding a dropshipping supplier of jewelry is the first step.

  • Has a broad delivery network
  • It is reliable and reasonably priced
  • Dropshipping services available to help you grow your dropshipping business