Dropshipping in Romania

Key Features of Romania Dropshipping eCommerce Business

Do you want to start an online shopping business in Romania? Seasonsway.com gives you the opportunity to run your own business and find work in a variety of locations around the world. availability of the best products available online at wholesale prices, with no middlemen or other agents to slow down the process. Seasonsway provides opportunities in online shopping networks by having an abundance of understanding of the market, selling high-quality items to the end customer, and ensuring that the customer is completely satisfied. We will make use of our extensive network of manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers to assist you in locating products of the highest quality that are relevant to your particular company.

When it comes to retail and online shopping, quality does not matter. For this reason, one hundred percent of the items that we ship are inspected before they are delivered. This is done so that we can guarantee that our clients are happy with every aspect of their interactions with us. We make it a habit to conduct routine inspections of the factories, wholesalers, and suppliers with whom we do business in order to guarantee that the production process is always operating at its maximum capacity. This ensures that we continue to work with cutting-edge facilities at all times! Seasonsway provides a drop shipping service, complete with an experienced packaging team and an ERP system that enables us to fulfil your orders in the most time and cost effective manner possible. Having a reliable storage facility is one of the keys to running a successful dropshipping business. When it comes to reducing the amount that our customers spend on shipping and the amount of time it takes to deliver their orders, our goal is to do better than simply meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.
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What kind of support does Seasonsway offer to its drop shippers in Romania?
Dropshippers who wish to operate their businesses from Romania will find that the Seasonsway Dropship accounts are simple to grasp and completely transparent. We do not charge you a monthly subscription fee but rather charge you one-time, fixed fees to handle all of your drop shipping questions and get you ready to sell our products. These fees are established once and are not subject to change. Support given by Seasonsway to their drop shippers includes the following:

  • Independent To get to work, drop the ship’s panel.
  • Professionally done product packaging
  • Reduced drop ship rates, with a shipping time of between 7 and 2 weeks for express orders. CSV applications may be submitted in bulk on any platform that accepts them.
  • Stock management
  • Assistance with marketing in various other markets
  • Assistance for Customers Around the Clock
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Express Shipping: Seasonsway.com provides their end customers with a wider variety of shipping options than the conventional basic method at prices that are both more affordable and more reputable, as well as express shipping. Choose the partners who are the most appropriate for that particular nation, area, district, and so on. We are constantly comparing the various deals that are available for each country, and we allow our competitors to work to get the very best services at the very best rates. We then provide you with precise shipping and shipment dates in order to assist you in optimising your profits.

When compared, the findings of two customer studies that were conducted by Euromonitor International in 2020 in relation to course to acquire practises provide insights into these extreme shifts and the subsequent rise in dropshipping in e-commerce. Between the two fielding timeframes, almost every classification revealed a rise in the percentage of customers who made digital purchases of a magnitude equal to or greater than 10 percentage points.

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Linked customers have actually relied on e-commerce dropshipping throughout a more comprehensive variety of services and products, in addition to shopping routinely in categories that are already familiar to them. Between the two sets of survey timeframes, there was a significant decline in the percentage of customers who made very few purchases online. These are customers who either did not use digital at all or who only used it to search for a single category online.
At the beginning of the year 2020, the proportion of very few online consumers and the proportion of heavy online buyers who made purchases online were equally split at 36 and 37 percent, respectively. On the other hand, by the end of March, there was a gap of nearly 30 percentage points between the people who did not go online very often (20 percent) and those who went online frequently (49 percent).

According to a specialist with Euromonitor International named Cosmin Dan, the Eastern European retail market had to deal with numerous different kinds of crises in the year 2020. These crises ranged from the pandemic lockdown to financial issues or falling oil prices. These crises have actually resulted in decreasing sales for some retailers, however they have also resulted in the development of other sales channels such as e-commerce dropshipping.

In fact, Euromonitor International had anticipated a growth of 5.2 percent for the retail market in Romania in 2020; however, the growth characteristics were modified in the midst of the crisis, which indicates a decline of -1.3 percent in June 2020. Since then, companies have been able to quickly adapt, demand has partially recovered, and as a result, the currently anticipated decrease for the Romanian retail market in 2020 has actually been whittled down to just -0.4 percent. This is due to the fact that the demand for goods has partially recovered.

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There was a significant drop in sales for businesses that did not deal in food, despite the fact that e-commerce was able to weather the recession unscathed, and discounters and hypermarkets maintained their previous levels of business. The year 2020 has actually been a year of survival for them, and one of the solutions that they discovered was a focus on omnichannel. The pandemic is hastening the process of digitalization both online and offline. Enhanced reality, contactless retail, and expert systems are three of the most essential and noticeable retail trends in relation to digitalization.

According to estimates provided by Euromonitor International, the Romanian e-commerce dropshipping market will expand by 32 percent in the year 2020. As a direct consequence of this growth, the proportion of e-commerce in total retail has increased to 10 percent this year, up from 7 percent the year before. Even though there were issues with supply chains in the very first months of the pandemic, the value of cross-border online retail in Romania continued to grow in 2020, keeping its share of 8% of total e-commerce. This was despite the fact that there were concerns about the pandemic in the very first months.

In Eastern Europe, cross-border shopping accounts for approximately 25 percent of the total sales generated by dropshipping through e-commerce. The classification with the fastest development in online sales in Romania in 2020 was without a doubt that of food and drinks, with a 115 percent boost. In this context of development, we need to discuss the base from which this item classification grew, as in 2020 it had a share of 4 percent of the overall e-commerce market in Romania.