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Video Gaming and Mobile Gaming Niche Dropshipping Business

If you’re thinking about getting into the video game business, the parlour game market has been steadily expanding over the last couple of years, making it a dependable niche to enter. Specifically in the United States, sales of parlour games have contributed to an increase in the development of hobby and video game stores by 15-20 per cent. The specific niche of parlour games has several different audiences that you can target with your marketing, ranging from moms and dads to children to video game enthusiasts who enjoy specific titles. As your store’s popularity grows, you can branch out into other categories such as novelty toys, electronic devices, and other related items. In the case of a shopkeeper who is enthusiastic about video games, playing a marketing parlour game may be entertaining.

Do you want to sell video games on the internet? Dropshipping video games is a fantastic way to get started with an online business that sells parlour games to customers. To begin, you can offer popular video games while also branching out into other appropriate specific niches such as tarot cards, novelty toys, and other similar items. It is necessary to purchase inventory in advance when selling video games wholesale; however, if you choose the incorrect items to sell, you may not be able to sell your inventory. With video games, you can test which video games are the most popular with your target audience to determine which video games are the most profitable for your company. You are not required to purchase large quantities of inventory because you only pay for what your customers order. Because parlour games can be large, shipping costs can be prohibitively expensive for wholesalers. The shipping costs associated with dropshipping are typically only a few dollars per order. The producer takes care of everything, including planning and shipping them to your clients.
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Main Suppliers of Gaming Niche?

Oberlo has a diverse range of suppliers who provide video games, which include parlour games, novelty toys, gizmos, and other gizmos, among other things. The parlour games that suppliers use range from olden classics to more modern parlour games, depending on the supplier. There are also games for people of all ages, including wood puzzles and magic books for children, as well as test games for adults. Regarding the gadgets, suppliers use computer game devices such as mousepads, video gaming keyboards, video gaming controllers, joysticks, video gaming headsets, and so on. These are examples of computer game devices. If you decide to start a video game dropshipping business, you’ll have an abundance of items to choose from for your online store.

China is home to the majority of video game developers (Mainland). In North America, the Middle East, and China, these items are the most widely available. Producing video games can be divided into several categories, such as parlour game producers, card video game producers, video game devices producers, gizmo manufacturers, and so on. Manufacturers of video games in China offer a wide variety of entertainment and video gaming items, which are listed on the Oberlo provider’s item listing as well as on their website. Discovering the best manufacturers can be a crucial factor in determining the success of your service or product.

Dropshipping for the Video Gaming Industry

Video Gaming Dropshipping Business

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As evidenced by the rapid development of virtual reality and augmented reality in recent years, this has fueled the growth of the gaming industry.

Following the Charlie Hall study, PUBG, also known as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, has become one of the world’s most popular video games. It’s not difficult to find evidence that PUBG has sold more than 30 million PC copies.
There should be room for growth in the video gaming market in the future. To be successful in this business, it is necessary to partner with an established dropshipping provider such as Chinabrands, which is an excellent forum for learning the most efficient methods of drop-shipping and wholesale games.

Pros to do video games drop shipping business with a regional site

First, I’ll go over some of the advantages and motivations for starting a video game dropshipping business.

The World’s Great Economy

As I mentioned at the outset of this article, it is widely believed that the video game and gaming industries have grown significantly in recent years. From 2011 to 2017, there was an increase in global demand for video games.

Although the global video games market is expected to reach USD 90 billion by 2020, according to Statista, this figure will be closer to USD 100 billion. In light of the enormous market and demand, it is worthwhile to continue doing the video game drop shipping business in the future.

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In addition to gaming consoles and controllers, video games drop shipping businesses can provide any digital copy or physical disc games that are in stock. Additionally, video games are frequently purchased products because the majority of people do not purchase a single game on a PC or a console.

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For example, according to Microsoft’s announcement, at least 50 new games will be released on the Xbox in 2018, indicating that video games have the potential to develop in the dropshipping business and that this should be an aspect that people do not want to overlook when starting a video gaming drop shipping business.

Repeat Buying

The video gaming industry is well established, and there are only a few counterfeits on the global video gaming market at this time. As a result, most video gamers prefer to purchase physical disc games from vendors around the world via the internet.

Because manufacturers or suppliers can sell goods directly to end customers, the drop-shipping model eliminates the need for people to store items. As a result, consumers can save more money on inventory management and delivery costs during the video games shipping business process.

Video Gaming Versus Mobile gaming

According to the global games market’s market analysis, the global games market has tremendous potential for future development, and its size will reach US$ 108 billion by 2020, with mobile accounting for 42% of total market revenue.

As a result of the rapid development of virtual reality and augmented reality technology, it is possible that mobile gaming has evolved at an alarming rate in recent years. Arena of Valor, for example, is one of the most popular mobile games in China right now, and it was developed by Tencent.

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A total of 3 billion RMB has been earned by Arena of Valor, which is equivalent to a flow of 48 million US dollars to Tencent in a single month.
Mobile games have also surpassed 35 billion US dollars in worldwide sales, according to the latest figures. It can be seen that video games are not the only way to make money; the business of mobile gaming drop shipping is also a viable option.

Now that I’m in the dropshipping business, I’d like to draw a quick distinction between video gaming and smartphone gaming.
As the table above illustrates, mobile gaming is quite similar to the video gaming drop shipping business in terms of the size of the market and the number of accessories available for purchase.

It’s a completely different experience from video gaming. Mobile gaming, on the other hand, does not release physical disc games, instead only selling digital copies. As a result, selling video games in the dropshipping market is difficult, but you can make money selling mobile gaming accessories if you are in the dropshipping business.

Controllers, cables, screen protectors, and other mobile gaming accessories are available on the market in a plethora of designs. For example, a controller is now one of the most widely used mobile gaming accessories available on the market.
Customers can connect their smartphones and controllers via USB wires or Bluetooth, and then play most mobile games with controllers without having to touch the devices themselves.

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Videogame peripherals are devices that allow you to play video games.
In this section, I will provide some examples of popular video game items and game peripherals available on Chinabrands that can be used to incorporate gaming peripherals into your game.

Peripherals for Videogames

The JXD S192 K is one of the most popular game consoles sold by Chinabrands on Android operating systems. It has a quad-core processor with high speed and 64 GB of storage for Android 5.1 with EMMC. It is ideal for people who like to kill time outside when they have a few minutes to spare on their commute to or from work or school. It also supports more than ten different languages within the systems, including English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and other languages.
Miniature mobile arcade on wheels. The portable mini arcade will transport you back to the 1990s, where you can enjoy playing 300 built-in games for entertainment. It is only 4.33 inches high and 2.36 inches wide, which is ideal for achieving natural outdoor effects. The mini portable arcade allows you to take hours of gaming enjoyment with you wherever you go.

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Cable and mobile phone holders

Many different holders and cables are now available on Chinabrands, and there is now an adjustable phone holder available on Chinabrands that is very popular.

Many people may become fatigued after holding a phone for an extended period, and customers are encouraged to use their phones hands-free by placing them on the tables. Because the holders on Chinabrands are so inexpensive, the mobile phone gaming accessories are a worthwhile addition to the dropshipping enterprise.

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Do Your Research

As previously stated, the gaming controller can be clearly understood to be one of the most popular products for customers when playing mobile games, as demonstrated in the preceding section.

IPEGA Dark Fighter is a wireless gaming controller for mobile phones that works with both Android and iOS devices. It can be connected to a Bluetooth device, and customers can use it to play the majority of mobile games with the help of these gaming controllers.

Where to get your video gaming items

If you’re looking into how to start an online computer game store, the chances are good that you’re already a player, which is a huge advantage.

You’ll have a much better sense of which classics are worth seeking out and which brand-new releases are generating the most excitement in the industry. You’ll also be in a better position to assist your customers in locating what they’re looking for, which will significantly improve their overall experience with your store.

Individual understanding, on the other hand, will only take you up to this point. A keyword research study can be a very effective method of discovering what customers are currently looking for on the internet. It can also assist you in gaining an understanding of what is important to customers. Tools such as Ahrefs and Moz are excellent for forming your item listings and content to include to gain attention in search engine results pages.

Try to find partners

Another consideration is how your independent video game store will obtain its inventory. Because the profit margins on brand new video games can be razor-thin, you’ll need to have a solid strategy in place. Consider purchasing only a couple of copies of some brand-new releases and bundling them with an upsell at the time of purchase.

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Used video games, retro video games, and reconditioned equipment are likely to have a higher profit margin than new video games. You’ll need to determine your basic mark-up based on the price you paid for them and incorporate an acquisition procedure into your business strategy.

Make an effort to find partners.

Another point to mention is that there are a plethora of indie advancements available. You may find that collaborating with these smaller sized (or solo) designers helps you to grow your target audience more effectively.

It is unlikely that a smaller-sized video game company will have the same name recognition or reach as a triple-A developer like Ubisoft or Electronic Arts. Having said that, they may be more than willing to allow you to host some of their video games as digital downloads from your website if you ask nicely. These collaborations have the potential to drive traffic to your website and establish your service as a trusted resource among customers in your specific niche.

Discover Your Niche

However, even though the computer game market is large, a small number of significant gamers control the vast majority of the action. Gamestop is in charge of physical stores, Steam is in charge of digital downloads, and the majority of online sales are handled by large retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. It is critical to developing strategies for distinguishing oneself from the crowd.

Offering products and services online has several significant advantages right out of the gate. However, while you will still require physical space to store your inventory, you will save a significant amount of money on rent, energy, and all of the other expenses that come with running a physical store.

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When you first start, you’ll most likely want to offer more than just video games and gaming consoles. Those who currently operates a service (such as an online electronic devices shop) that provides products that are complementary to the video game market will find this to be fantastic news.

Hardcore players and fond memories of playing computer games

Toys, souvenirs, antiques, parlour games, and other tangible items can help you reach a wider audience. They also make excellent upsell and package deals at the point of sale. You have a fantastic opportunity to fill a need for products associated with happy memories right here. Is there anyone who does not appreciate a well-designed tee shirt or phone case?

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The majority of the time, you’ll find that hardcore players are a much easier market to take advantage of than you anticipated.

The reason for this is that they are more immersed in the online world of video games and approach purchasing in a slightly different way than the general public. Casual customers are more likely to go directly to a website such as Amazon, whereas hardcore players are more likely to support smaller-scale services. When it comes to finding the specific niche products that they desire, they are also willing to put in the extra effort.

Video Game Dropshippers in the United Kingdom

Take advantage of over 3000 UK games and music at unbelievable prices.

If you want to supplement your income, you can start selling your titles online from our massive inventory. It is very simple to get started.

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You will have access to our members-only area, where you will be able to sell our large selection of music, games, and DVDs.

Forematt.co.uk, the leading dropshipping company in the United Kingdom, is a well-known brand. We are experts in back-catalogue dropshipping of video games for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U consoles.

Our titles all include the original title from each platform, which is a nice touch. Each title is thoroughly inspected before it is released from our warehouse. We want our customers to be satisfied, and we want to be satisfied ourselves!

Video Game Dropshippers UK

Our entertainment titles are all available to members of Forematt.co.uk at no additional cost. The knowledge that our products are 100 per cent guaranteed allows you to sell the entire range or just a few titles. We also guarantee the satisfaction of your customers. There is nothing to lose, and there are numerous opportunities to make money as a result of participating.

Unless otherwise stated, all of our titles are legal commercial releases from reputable UK publishers. We promise that we will not let our customers down!

Create content that is focused on your niche.

If you are currently a computer game enthusiast, you will find this to be of great benefit. There are countless opportunities to create amazing content, as well as a plethora of different methods to connect that content to your specific niche.

Evaluations play an important role in the culture of video gaming. You can earn currency within the community by participating in discussions if you are interested in learning how to start an online computer game store.

Develop Content Around Your Niche

Consider compiling a “best of” list for the current year based on your observations. Make sure to include links to your item pages that are easy to find. Another method of increasing traffic is to publish retrospectives on the best video games from various console generations or categories (for example, The 10 Best Adventure Games of All Time).

Many players find video game walkthroughs, speed runs, and employer guides to be both convenient and enjoyable, and they can help you build an audience by posting them.

In a similar vein, Let’s Play videos and live streaming on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch are other ways to connect with the video gaming community.

The video appears to have the advantage of allowing you to display real-time gameplay video footage, which is an obvious advantage. However, keep in mind that well-written material will rank higher on Google when searching for specific keywords.

Spend a significant amount of time determining the very best technique for your skillset and your group.


The video game drop shipping business is worthwhile because of the tremendous potential for future growth on a global scale. There are a large number of video gaming products available for purchase, and the market should be profitable in the long run.

Since the beginning of the decade, mobile gaming has grown at an exponential rate, and it is expected to have a greater potential for growth than the video game drop shipping business in the future.

In conclusion, because of the potential for future development, it is worthwhile to pursue both video games and mobile games while abandoning the shipping business.

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Additionally, collaboration with a reputable dropshipping supplier is required, and the dropshipping supplier will assist you in generating profits from your dropshipping business.