Dropshipping From Aliexpress To Ebay

Aliexpress to eBay Dropshipping Step by Step Guide

Over the years, e-commerce has experienced explosive growth. A growing number of internet business models are emerging–you can sell goods directly to customers or on behalf of electronic commerce brokers. In our research, we discovered that nearly all well-known producers and distributors have their websites, where we can read about their products and make purchases. Every one of us has almost certainly been informed of the most popular online shops–from designer clothes to brawn to automobiles–such as Aliexpress or Ebay.com. But did you know that these specific online shoppers rely on a retail compliance model known as Dropshipping to fulfill their orders?
Before we get into the specifics of dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay, let us first explain how dropshipping works. As a general rule, a seller acts as a sort of intermediary between a customer and a manufacturer or supplier. As a result, the client orders a product through the website, and the selling entity notifies the selected supplier that the product must be delivered directly to the customer. A seller does not even see the goods that are traded. What does it look like on Aliexpress, exactly?

Dropshipping on eBay from Ali express

Many eBay users have chosen the drop ship method–the purchase and sale of aliExpress products on eBay are increasing as a result of the fact that it operates at a low cost, as evidenced by the relatively low prices of AliExpress products and the absence of storage-related payments. Furthermore, not all logistics processes are burdensome to the Seller, allowing him or her to devote more time to marketing and promotional items. This does not imply that AliExpress suppliers can exert influence over the actions of eBay sellers; after all, they are the ones who design, price, and advertise their products.

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How to sell on Ali express?

According to what we know, many eBay companies are now selling aliExpress’goods, but there is a further flaw—how do you sell on Ali express?
If you want to become an aliExpress seller, you must go through a specific process that must be followed.

To begin, you must first create an Alipay account. First and foremost. At this point, you must demonstrate that you are employed by legitimate businesses and that all necessary documentation has been obtained. If you do not have a valid license, you will not be permitted to sell on the express website. It may be necessary to obtain special certification to ensure the authenticity of a brand whose service is being provided.
In addition, a one-time fee is charged, the amount of which is determined by the category of a company to which you belong. This payment is a critical component that involves all sellers and suppliers in the transaction. It is then possible to name your shop after receiving approval from your company and sending in the necessary funds. If you operate under the official brand, you are required to provide a brief description of the mark in your application.

Finally, you can create your website on Aliexpress and upload products, photographs, data, and other information to sell. It is important to note that it has been used as an international electronic trading platform by thousands of consumers and sellers. Check out products that are similar to yours for the best chance of making a sale—the Aliexpress catalog contains a large number of products, and you might just happen to come across the same item you have here. In addition, please read What are the issues with dropshipping on Amazon and eBay, and how can they be resolved?

Does AliExpress dropship?

The answer to this question has already been provided. AliExpress is a fantastic resource for finding products in a variety of categories. There are certainly cases where people order articles for their personal use, but there are also instances where a client is a reseller and we are dealing with dropshipping.

In general, AliExpress works with a variety of carriers, such as Singapore Post, China Post Registered Air Mail, or Correos–using a variety of carriers, rather than just one or two, can be more cost-effective than using standard options. In addition, we usually have two shipping options to choose from:

AliExpress Standard Shipping – It may take between 15 and 45 days for AliExpress shipping to arrive. We can, however, track the progress of our order on our website. AliExpress Premium Shipping– There is a type of transportation available for 183 countries, and this method is significantly faster than AliExpress Standard Shipping when compared to the latter. You can expect to receive your package within 8–15 days.

How to dropship from AliExpress to eBay?

AliExpress best buy – find your products now

What would dropshipping be if there were no products to sell? First and foremost, conduct research, identify appropriate products, and consider your target market—might you prefer to deal with children’s products, mobile phones, or intelligent accessories?

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Customers have expressed their opinions about AliExpress users’ accounts on the website. Please pay close attention and only collaborate with qualified individuals. Furthermore, the high standard attests to the fact that your bestseller response to the product description is on par with the industry standard.

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Many knowledgeable resellers recommend that branded products be avoided at all costs. The problem with fake articles is that they have the potential to harm people. By purchasing only branded goods, you eliminate the possibility of dealing with counterfeits. If you have any questions, you can always contact AliExpress vendors, who may be able to provide you with some useful information.

Article in stock

We have an AliExpress product, and we need to include it in our eBay listing as soon as possible. This section contains descriptions, photographs, and competitive offers, and in some ways, it is critical to the success of the business. Examine the product price and submit your payment proposal for that product, or make every effort to provide all of the necessary information, such as delivery terms and estimated delivery times.

Sell the product by dropshipping

Our product has been purchased by the customer, and the payment has been received on our bank account. What happens next? You purchase this product from AliExpress, enter your name and shipping address, and the rest of the logistics process is handled by your customers and the delivery group.

An AliExpress seller should be informed that the purchase is a form of dropshipping before proceeding with the transaction. The AliExpress user would not be able to add a promotion to a package as a result of this.
Following the completion of the sales process, you will be provided with a special link containing your tracking number. Take into consideration that eBay emphasizes that you are responsible for ensuring that your package is delivered securely within the timeframe you specified in your offer. If you receive a package from a client, AliExpress will send you a message asking you to confirm that the package was successfully delivered.

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Returns and refunds

Of course, there are a variety of scenarios–for example, if the commanded product does not fit a customer, the customer is entitled to a refund. As a result, if you do not specify the terms of your auction in the first place, eBay will use default terms in your place. You have the responsibility of determining the conditions of the auction’s return. If the article is damaged, you should request a photograph of the damage, send it to the seller on AliExpress, and then return it.

Oberlo and AliExpress

Additionally, Oberlo is in charge of the sale to the final customer in this establishment. In addition, the company is in charge of the importation of drop shipped goods into the seller’s store. The market is available in each country, and if you want to take advantage of its services, you must first register with the Shopify e-commerce platform. The service Oberlo provides is completely free if you receive at least 50 orders per month. Here’s a question: is Oberlo exclusively collaborating with AliExpress? Because it is only available on Shopify, you can use it to run any dropshipping business you want as long as you are a subscriber to this platform.

Additional considerations are made by Oberlo when it comes to suppliers-a special checking process is in place to ensure that you are working with professionals who deliver on time.

Factors to Succeed in Aliexpress to eBay Dropshipping

A growing number of people are realizing that doing business with Chinese suppliers can be profitable and rewarding.
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You have two options to choose from: a single dropshipping supplier on AliExpress or several dropshipping suppliers on eBay.

No matter which method you use to dropship AliExpress, the most important thing is to use a dependable dropshipping tool to facilitate the process.

When selecting a dropshipping tool that will work with AliExpress, there are some considerations to keep in mind.

We want to make as much money as possible while keeping risk to a bare minimum. When working with Chinese suppliers, there is a possibility of being exposed to risk. This could have an impact on our dropshipping business on eBay.
We must choose the most appropriate drop shipping software, which will simplify processes while also reducing risks.

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All products must be supported by the dropshipping tool on AliExpress

The API is the method by which the majority of tools communicate with AliExpress. It is the user interface through which the software retrieves all of its information.

The API does not support all of the products available.

Many profitable products are not supported by certain tools, which results in sales being missed regularly.
We must ensure that the dropshipping software we choose supports all AliExpress items, not just those that can be obtained through the API. This is critical, and it is highly recommended.

Stock and prices must be kept up to date.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “When working with China, there is no need to monitor inventory or prices because they have large inventories.” This is true.

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It is only partially correct.

Although China has a large amount of inventory, the most popular products are constantly out of stock. In a matter of days, the suppliers will resume stocking their shelves, but you may discover a defect on eBay during this period, which could result in your account being suspended.

Prices can also fluctuate significantly depending on demand. The greater the popularity of a product, the greater its sales volume. The item’s price will eventually be raised by the manufacturer.
Dropshipping monitors are essential for keeping track of inventory and pricing in a timely and frequent manner (maximum 1 hour).

Once a day, dropshipping tools scan stock and prices for changes. We need to know how often our products are being scanned for price changes by dropshipping tools, so we can plan accordingly.

Because the AutoDS Drop shipping Platform monitors stock and prices on a very frequent basis (every hour), it reduces risk while simultaneously increasing credibility. It is critical to keep track of inventory and prices regularly and over a short period. For your eBay dropshipping business to be successful, it must be given top priority.

Items can be uploaded using Chinese templates.
In contrast to shipping terms in the United States, China has its own set of rules. As a result, it is necessary to use an eBay template that is appropriate for use in China.
Check to see if your drop shipping software includes the templates mentioned above. If you don’t have any, you can either make them yourself with a paver or look for software that includes Chinese templates.

Chinese templates to upload items

Keep the customer in mind at all times to increase positive feedback by approximately 60% and to sell more items!
Given the length of time it takes to ship items to China, the customer may forget who we are by the time he receives the item. He’ll also forget to give us positive feedback, which is unfortunate. The shipping process is simple and takes only a few days for customers who purchase from the United States. The customer will recall the experience, return, and leave a positive review on the website. Alternatively, he may decide to purchase additional items.

Using AliExpress to drop ship to China is a smart move. Maintain open lines of communication with your customer. Here’s how to go about it. First and foremost, we send a thank-you note to the customer. Once the order has been shipped, we send a thank you note to the customer to express our appreciation. We also update the tracking number, which allows the customer to follow the progress of their order. It is critical to follow up with him one month later and inquire as to his satisfaction. Using this message, we will request that he provide positive feedback. This will result in a significant increase in the rate at which we receive feedback. We need to build a relationship with our customers. This gives them the impression that we are always available to them. We work with him to ensure that he is more satisfied with the product and the store.

To use this feature, it needs to be enabled in AutoDS under the Orders Processor tab. These messages will be sent to your customers automatically, and they will feel valued as a result of this.

Keep the customer in your mind to increase positive feedback by around 60% and to sell more items!

There are numerous variations of most items available on AliExpress, such as purses available in a variety of colors.

This is particularly advantageous for us because eBay allows us to upload multiple product variations. Each variation has the potential to be a one-of-a-kind item. We are compensated by eBay for each listing, regardless of how many variations there are.
Uploading variations to AliExpress is a fantastic option. This feature will need to be included in the dropshipping monitoring system that we will be implementing.

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AliExpress may have the same prices for all variations. For example, you might see the same item in six different colors for the same cost. We can still take advantage of this advantage by uploading the item to eBay at a different cost for each variation that we have created. This will enable us to raise the prices for specific variations as a result of this.

This is a fantastic way to earn a little extra money on every sale. The customer will only pay for a specific color if it is available. It comes out the same. As a result, profit margins are higher.

It is possible that dropshipping software does not support variations, or that it only partially supports them. In other words, variations of the same item cannot be uploaded on eBay at different prices. If the monitor does not support this feature, it will hurt our profitability.

Upload the items to eBay and include as many details as possible about the items.
Vendors on AliExpress place a high value on item specifics. As a result, it is highly recommended that you copy them into your items. This assists eBay in promoting our listings more effectively.

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AutoDS is unique in that we can automatically upload all AliExpress items, complete with all of their specifications, to our system. Because of this, you will be able to save countless hours of work and time in front of the computer screen.

Upload the items to eBay with as many details as possible

Because of the low level of competition and reasonable prices, AliExpress orders can number in the hundreds per day.

Throughout the day, we will be able to update tracking numbers continuously. Using dropshipping software that allows for the automatic updating of tracking numbers is highly recommended. Customers will receive tracking numbers as soon as possible after placing an order.

Automatic updating of tracking numbers

It is possible to place an order for an item at any time of day or night. When you wake up the next morning, the item’s price may have increased.
As previously stated, it can take us several hours to ship a large number of orders at the same time.

It is recommended that we use automatic order systems while we are sleeping to avoid these problems and to ensure that your orders are fulfilled.

The cost of auto orders can vary depending on the tools that are available to the customer. They have a starting price of 0.16 cents. It is worthwhile to put forth the effort and spend the money that may be required if the price rises. You must ensure that the dropshipping software you choose fully supports AliExpress auto orders before making your final decision.

AliExpress orders can be placed and tracked using AutoDS’s automated ordering and tracking number updates.

Shipments as fast as possible

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Amazon and AliExpress are two of the most profitable marketplaces to sell your products. This is due to the low level of competition and the fact that we were able to obtain all of the item details we discussed.

Your dropshipping software must allow you to upload products in bulk to AliExpress. It is critical that the software uploads all possible variations of the item. Otherwise, we will lose a significant amount of money in commissions to eBay. It is also possible to overlook popular items that are not included in the various variations.


Many eBay users can benefit from the sale of AliExpress items to distinguish themselves from their competitors. When it comes to e-commerce, the issues being discussed are becoming an increasingly important aspect, and they are becoming an even more important aspect of some literature, such as Andrew Youderian and Mark Hayes’ “The ultimate guide to dropshipping.”

Dropshipping is a convenient way to sell goods without having to worry about storage or shipping. It is becoming increasingly popular. Simply conduct a search on AliExpress for the items and reputable sellers (check top one of AliExpress products). Pay close attention to the promotion of sales, and write descriptions and prices that are appealing. Allow your company to thrive while delegating logistical concerns to qualified professionals.

If you want to sell on AliExpress, dropshipping tools are a must-have. You should incorporate all of the characteristics that we have discussed.

Every one of these features is available through the AutoDS dropshipping platform. In addition to these, there are numerous other benefits to using AutoDS.