Dropshipping AD Examples

11 Best Facebook Ad Examples for Dropshipping

How to get the best from your advertisement

Commerce is a form of advertising. These are very true words, and there is sociological proof to back them up as well. It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of the correct ad formats in terms of increasing your brand recognition. They can do miracles.

Old Spice’s ad campaign, “The man your guy might point like,” is an excellent illustration of this.

At the time of its publication, Old Spice was in a precarious financial situation. This company has a storied and illustrious history. However, the influx of new clients has brought with it a slew of new issues.

Success for the corporation hinged on capturing the hearts and minds of millennials, which was no easy task. The situation was exacerbated by the entry of competitors such as Nivea, Dove, and Axe into the market.

These businesses began to outsource Old Spice’s grooming business for men as a result of the outsourcing. The products made by Old Spice were considered out of date. All attempts to resurrect Old Spice’s popularity were unsuccessful.

This is because women, particularly those who have male relations, always choose to purchase grooming goods. This advertisement was directed towards women who were interested in purchasing Old Spice items. It was one of the most effective public relations projects in the history of advertising.

Terrific! Fantastic! But…..

This was not only crucial in saving Old Spice, but it also set the standard for the industry.

This was possible because they were able to target the appropriate population while still providing interesting content. It’s the same type of content that Facebook requires to function.

In contrast to Old Spice, you won’t have to spend a lot of money. Facebook ads and Google ads are much less expensive than traditional broadcast television advertisements. Through the network, you may also get a closer look at other people who are involved in your product or service.

You must come up with intriguing material for your advertisements. For guidance on what will work for you, it’s worthwhile to look at some of the most successful examples of Facebook advertising to see what works for them.

Let’s get this done, shall we?

We’ve all done it: clicked on a YouTube video or a Facebook commercial, almost completely unaware of what we’re doing. As we go through our newsfeeds throughout the evening, it appears that we are all drawn to the stuff that is posted on Facebook. We are flooded with Facebook stuff before we are even aware that it is happening. This includes getting agitated over similar causes with other individuals, slipping in our card subtleties to obtain a free example, or having a late-night talk with a virtual assistant (bot).

Facebook’s global reach is inconceivable, which is why Facebook advertising is a must-have for every eCommerce business looking to expand its reach. Facebook has a tremendously huge and devoted audience, and it is constantly growing. They have made extensive use of client information to publicize. Promoters on Facebook have the potential to be highly particular about what they are focusing their efforts on. The return on investment (ROI) for successful Facebook battles can be staggering. It makes no difference if you are working on a large-scale endeavor or a small-scale project. Getting in touch with the Facebook advertising alternate is far too simple. It simply takes one lift to notice what happens very instantly.

In a variety of ways, Facebook promotions are an excellent tool for effectively burdening e-commerce businesses. There are no clear distinctions between advertising and content in today’s world. These distinctions are becoming increasingly blurred as time goes on. The promotional material might be in the form of creative recordings that boost product awareness, smart substance, or it can be entirely focused on guiding consumers to deals and offer pages. These are eight suggestions to help you stay motivated.

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Dollar Shave Club — Subscribe to the most recent issue.

Dollar Shave Club has been one of the most successful Facebook advertising Dropshipping, with over a million subscribers. Their 2012 video served as both an inspiration and a catalyst for change in the shaver industry.

This company came up with the slogan “Our Blades Are Great,” which quickly grew in popularity among consumers.

Rather than wasting money on substandard razors, DSC encourages consumers to sign up for a membership package that requires the least amount of work and contains value razors. This will ensure that they are never out of stock. They have gotten a great deal of good press attention for their bold and original brand voice, which has helped them to establish themselves as a renowned brand from the start.

A lesson in how to be simultaneously troublesome and on-brand, their most recent Facebook promotion is a must-see.

They are particularly concerned with females (verifiably a smaller client group for DSC). The funny opening line, “Don’t Overpay for Pink,” is a reference to the recent media frenzy over pink things perceived as feminine by women and girls. DSC is addressing a relevant topic by encouraging women to abandon their pink razors in favor of the “Club,” which is an amazing use of terminology that suggests selectiveness and hidden purpose, among other things.

It appears that this advertisement is offering an incredible deal: the underlying cost and duty are both under one dollar. You won’t be able to find anything for less than $1 anyplace else! This is a straightforward conclusion, especially when you consider that unstable female razors can cost as much as $25 in some retailers. The promotional image must be as close to reality as possible without being vulgar or alienating.

Keep these Things in Mind:

  • Facebook advertising can be employed to target a different statistic or customer group — make use of Facebook’s concentrating gear to get in front of a different group with an incredible promotion.
  • You can contribute to discussions and debates by expressing your thoughts on current subjects.
  • Do not be intimidated.
  • Make a statement with your image voice by being bold and unique.

These suggestions will help to ensure that your ad stands out from the crowd on the internet.

The North Face – inspiring content

Even though The North Face is a well-known brand in the outdoors and sports, its advertising approach is usually easygoing and uncomplicated.

In addition to releasing images of the main features and advantages of their current jacket, they are also developing a complete universe around it through their social media platforms.

Together with Maggie Rogers, a vocalist who is known for her folky and natural tunes, they create new music. This brand is a fantastic illustration of the relationship that exists between nature, motivation, and imaginative thinking.

Ventrix’s new product announcement is straightforward and basic. The brand is only boosted as a result of the affiliation.

Keep these things in mind:

  • A testimonial advertisement can be an excellent tool for helping your customers visualize themselves using your product.
  • It is possible to be discrete and unobtrusive in some situations.
  • Consider what your clients will think of you when they meet you. An excellent recommendation is to have a branding agency monitor the business card company’s operations.

Moo — The testimonial ad

Sometimes the most effective advertising for your brand comes from what your customers have previously said about it, rather than what your marketing department wants them to say. Moo.com, a company that transports business cards that are distinguished by their distinctive shape, chose to feature one of their delighted customers in their current marketing campaign.

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Merri and Adam’s business cards, which are composed of calm, measured sentences, are an effective approach to demonstrate this. The tone of the advertisement, on the other hand, is quite rational and non-sales. The commercial appears to be more measured than “in your face” because of the lovely background and quiet tone used in it. This advertisement is all about quality and taste — the testimonial is allowed to showcase their work.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Collaborate with a performer or artisan to create content that is both entertaining and educational.
  • Consider who you would wish to be affiliated with in the future.
  • It is not permissible to attempt to damage an original piece of art by being excessive. When it comes to your message, it is best to be relaxed.

Penguin Books – The seasonal quote

This quotation from Nathaniel Hawthorne serves as the appropriate introduction to Penguin’s umbrella campaign. The statement is beautiful, expressive and appropriate for the season. The two autumnal emoticons are the perfect finishing touch. We’re looking forward to hearing the rest of Penguin’s opening statements at this point.

Afterward, the sales duplicate is delivered with a straightforward assurance of a 30 percent reduction. Because they are penguins, the umbrellas are only available during certain seasons. It doesn’t bother us that they’re referred to as “brollies.”

Every aspect of the advertisement is straightforward and logical, and it serves as a masterclass in generating an extension between your goods and the greater context of the universe.

Keep these things in mind:

Collaborate with a performer or artisan to create content that is both entertaining and educational.

Consider who you would wish to be affiliated with in the future.
It is not permissible to attempt to damage an original piece of art by being excessive. When it comes to your message, it is best to be relaxed.

Make it cute

If you’re intending to dropship baby clothes, it’ll be easy to come up with appealing content for Facebook advertisements.

Children are very sweet!

Take a look at the image on the right. When you’re scrolling through your Facebook News Feed, you can’t help but notice this image. It is not only appealing to the sight, but it also piques your interest and elicits intense feelings. This Facebook ad text has been shared by 7300 people and has had over 571k views and 4k comments.

The succinct wording in the photo urges people to buy. This advertisement is an excellent example of Facebook marketing.

Another example, almost identical to the one above, exemplifies the preceding.

Isn’t it fantastic?

This is a service provided by the blog’s author.

The endearing Facebook ad isn’t just about baby clothes.

Yes, indeed! A dog is wearing the hat, which has had 432k views, 2.8k tweets, and 6.2k comments. It’s far too cute to pass up. The emojis over the photo creates the idea that it is being looked at.

Cats and dogs, for example, can be just as effective at drawing people’s attention as children. If you’re selling baby or animal-related things, these examples can help you make your Facebook advertising more appealing.

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Make a background that goes with your theme.

Plato, a Greek philosopher, proposed that beauty produces harmony and symmetry.

This Facebook advertisement provides the opportunity to purchase. Because the foreground complements the context, this post is appealing. The water is ideal for the ring on the wave’s side.

The commercial received 503k views, 1.7k Twitter followers, and 2.1 shares, as well as a 20% discount. Isn’t that good?

The color of the backdrop is the same as the color of the cardigan. This attracts customers’ attention. Client attention is piqued as a result of this.

On Facebook, 815k people liked the page, 2.1k people commented, and 1.3k people shared the item.

Make it appealing.

Isn’t it true that everyone wishes to be more attractive? They do, of course. Take a look at the image on the right.

This cardigan Facebook ad has 654k likes and 2.2k comments. It also has 2.2 percent of the market. What makes this article so compelling?

Flash Sale for 24 hours

It’s fantastic, but the slender model wearing a cardigan makes all the difference. Clients can expect to look as stunning as the model in the photograph.

In the Facebook Ad Campaign example, the same method is employed.

Because of the significant discount, this ad has even more advantages.


Taking close-ups of any jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, or watches, can help you sell them.

You might be interested in the graphic above. By glancing at this snapshot in its original format, customers can see the necklace’s detail. This allows customers to see the full piece up close and personal, which is important when selling jewelry. This story has received 160 thousand shares, 918 thousand likes, and 76 thousand comments.

The example below, as you can see, depicts timepieces in close-up and produces excellent results.

Produce video advertisements

The most entertaining material is video. Take a look at the image below.

It only takes a quick peek through Facebook advertising to see that they were successful. Its popularity is best illustrated by the 35 million views and 389 000 tweets it has received. 646k likes and 39k tweets are only two examples of the numerous.

People are more likely to pay attention to your Facebook ad and buy your products if it includes videos that demonstrate the benefits of your products.

Take a look at the example below. This video demonstrates how buying a bracelet can help conserve the ocean. The state of the globe is causing anxiety among many individuals. Many people are concerned about the world’s current status.

This is a service provided by the blog’s author.

Use a hazy background.

Dropshipping decor products like the one shown above is a terrific method to highlight the product’s best characteristics and attract customers’ attention.

There have been tens of thousands of views, mentions, shares, and shares for this commercial. With the help of the sights in this bottle, customers can concentrate on the wine while getting a better impression of their home.

Another example of employing a hazy environment to create an amusing Facebook advertisement.

Customers have a variety of options.

For various people, different strokes are used.

When it comes to apparel, this adage is true. While some people favor pink, others may prefer grey.

Clients should be able to realize that there are numerous solutions available to them. The graphic demonstrates this. The graphic above exemplifies this point.

The image below depicts a broader range of possibilities. One of the most efficient instances of Facebook Advertising is this method, which encourages consumers to participate in all advertising. Carousel advertising can accomplish the same goal.